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We often use words - the true meaning of which we can not know. All familiar with the word "dude", and even the definition of this word from Wikipedia:

Dude - Jargon (argotically painted) Synonym Words "Guy". Perhaps as an appeal and as a name instead of the name. Applicable to any man's man


dudeIn the search for Yandex pictures - this picture is one of the first ... But recently I learned that the word "dude" means a neutered ram ... and you knew? Versions of the origin of the word dude

According to some data, the word Dude appeared in the mid-sixties of the twentieth century. And it happened from the Gypsy language from the word Čavo, which is translated as "his boyfriend". In addition, the Gypsy has been distributed not only among the Russian population, but also English, Spanish, etc. It is determined by the fact that there are more than a thousand words that came from the Gypsy and spreading in the lower social circles. So, for example, in the English-gypsy language the word "chav" means a guy from the street. If you turn to the translator, then literally chav will be translated literally as "Gopnik". And already in Spanish, "Chaval" means a boy (son).

One of the no less important and attention is the version of Pro, the fact that maybe the word dude has happened from the English word "CHEW" in the Hippie environment, which in turn translates how to chew. In this case, it is meant to chew a chewing gum. Moreover, in the mid-1960s, this lesson among young people was very popular.

Perhaps the word dudes arose from the word Chuvashi, i.e. residents of the Chuvash Republic. But again, what does the word Chuvash in Turkic mean?

It remains a very interesting fact, the fact that the versions of the origin of the word of the dude can be analyzed a lot, but not understandable then becomes, then why settlements (for example, the village of dude) are named precisely that, which in turn is formed in the 17th century, and the origin of the word Dude refers at least 20 century.

A couple of interesting facts about the word dude

1. By the way, the initial concept of the dude was inherent in the castrated booze.

2. In prosecable youth, the word dude has a decoding of the following content: "A person who respes high American culture"

Currently, the concept of the dude is applicable to any man of male. And before calling a man with a dude, it is necessary to know in what values ​​this word can be used. And even more so, if this word is used to the female sex (chuvich).

After all, the word chuvich, it is no longer an argotically painted name of the girl!

In general, we follow the words - friends!


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The origin of the word "dude".

The word "dude" is currently not as common as it was before. Mostly widespread dissemination, it acquired in the seventies of the last century. In this article we will talk about the origin of this word.

What does the word "dude" mean?

It is worth noting that in the seventies of the last century, they tried to fight with this expression, and in the late eighties, the Word went into a passive stock of young people. They began to use much less frequently. Despite the fact that this word has arisen quite a long time, it is not known about its origin. There are several versions, none of which is not confirmed at the moment.

Options for the origin of the word "dude":

  1. Perhaps from the Gypsy "FAQ", this is translated from the Gypsy language means a guy, respectively, Chouvich is a gypsian wife or a guy's wife. Although it used to be believed that Chouvich meant a prostitute.
  2. Another option for the appearance of the word is a jargon, which was distributed among the musicians. It is said that people who have been playing a long period of time on a pipe or brass tools, first time is quite difficult to corrupt words. Accordingly, instead of a person, "Chevek" turned out, then respectively decreased to the "dude". Thus, the dude simply means a person.
  3. With this, some scientists do not quite agree, they suggest that the word "dude" could have occurred since the time of the medium, which was common among the thieves, and then passed gradually into the youth slang in the fifties. Meant the word "girlfriend thief."
  4. Popular word was among the styles, people who appreciated all the American and West. The word meant "Man Resperating Great American Culture." It was a kind of decryption of the word.
  5. It is also an opinion that the word "dude" means a neutered camel or ram. But confirming that at the moment, no. Where did this version come from, unknown. Now it means just a person or as a conversational: "Hey, come here, a steep guy or a man", "Come here." Used to attract the attention of men and call him to themselves.
  6. The most interesting thing is that many generally associate the word "dude" with Changaki - these are deep galoshes that help climb the mountains. Comes from Kabardino-Balkar. But at the moment it is not known how mountain galoshes belong to a person or a man. Therefore, this option in Wikipedia is not.
  7. There is an option that the rural "chuvich" means a straw that is under pets. Perhaps therefore the word once meant the litter or prostitute. Many believe that the word "dude" was not initial. Initially, the word "Chuvich" originated, and the "dude" was derived, that is, a friend of a prostitute or a thief.
Village dude
Village dude

We advise not to use this word in colloquial speech, because it relates to excessive expressionism. The word is quite sharp, not every person will like that it is called it. As for distribution in culture, as well as in music, then, since the seventies, this word is constantly appearing in the songs.

In the nineties, this word is also often found in films and is used when translating from English. What does a friend or buddy mean. In the seventies, this word was also used in several art films, it was impossible not to note the film "Operation s", where the word "Chuvich" is used. This is an episode on learning English among prisoners.

Video: The origin of the word "dude"

Evaluate Article.

Often I hear how many people use the trendy sign "Dude" and many more different "fashionable" words, the value of which people do not even know. And mean what is the true meaning of the word "dude"? Let's turn to the ubiquitous WikiPidia.

Material from Wikipedia
Dude - Jargon synonym for the words "guy", "Young man", " the male " Perhaps as an appeal and as a name instead of the name. Applicable to anyone man of male floor . It has Argotic Color.
The word went into use in the youth environment since the 1960s during the growth of the youth subculture «Bitnikov " The corresponding form of female kind is Chuvich (But as an appeal to a woman is rude).

Oh, it is cleverly written! Okay! And what did this word mean to the 60s? And meanwhile Dude is a neutered ram or camel.

True word meaning. Or what does dude mean.

Khach. (Khachik and TD) Khach is a cross . In Starin, Hacha Azerbaijanis (Muslims) called Armenians, because the Armenians were Christians and wore the Khach, which means the cross. Nyasha - Il, dirt with a trinical, liquid, dirty bottom of the lake, viscous, liquid hide.

Specifically for girls who call themselves branches Bitch - corpse of the nearby animal, livestock; Padal, dead, dukhlyatin. Notify yourself better than queens, mistress and princesses))

We all studied at school, someone a little more, someone a little less, and it was there that we were taught Russian language, great and mighty! And this words did not teach us in our schools! Yes, many other words, many people do not understand the true meaning, use to look cool)) Let's love yourself, love your loved ones, relatives and friends, let's just love your tongue. And I wish you a good mood and good luck. Let the dudes come across on your way less)) Subscribe to my channel "Notes" What would not miss new articles.

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