How to unlock the iPhone: via iTunes if you forgot the screen lock password

Apple has taken care of the users of "apple" devices by offering reliable methods of blocking information. The password installed on the lock screen protects the smartphone with unauthorized penetration. This method of protection saves, but there are situations where the device owner forgets or cannot enter the password. Most often, this happens in families with young children - kids love to play with parents' smartphones. To avoid such situations, it is important to know how to unlock an iPhone if you forgot the screen lock password.

Unlock iPhone.

Main ways unlocking

We will analyze the most popular and effective methods. The meaning of such a variety of approaches is to ensure that there remained options for unlocking the device. "Apple" products beats the buyers' pocket, people are not ready just throw out an iPhone to purchase an updated model. For each incorrect attempt to enter the password, the counter is up to the next time, and is capable of year. The main thing is to remember that custom files to save does not always work, so do not forget to make backups in iCloud, in order to quickly restore photos, music, other files, applications and settings.

Unlock iPhone when forgot password

Reset the counter of incorrect input attempts

If the iPhone is synchronized with the computer, the user will be able to unlock the iPhone by resetting the counter of incorrect input attempts. The method is suitable if you managed to recall the password, and the counter until the next attempt shows not a minute, but hours and days.

  1. Connect the machine to the computer via the USB cable from the delivery kit.
  2. Open iTunes and find the "Device" item. In a new window, click Sync.
  3. After synchronizing the iPhone with a computer, the temporary lock will turn off, the user will be able to enter a password.

If the phone was not synchronized earlier with the computer, then reset the counter will not exit - the PC requires access to the contents of the smartphone you want to confirm. This is done on a mobile device, and if the smartphone is blocked, then it will not be possible to provide access.

How to reset the counter of incorrect input attempts

Recovery mode

In Recovery mode, the smartphone settings are reset, and an iPhone unlocks. The file system is checked, the smartphone rolls back to the recovery point. To transfer the device to mode, you will need:

  • Turn off the iPhone using the Power button;
  • Connect a USB cable to a computer without a smartphone;
  • hold the "Home" button and connect the smartphone to the PC;
  • Run iTunes, select the connected iPhone in the list;
  • Select "Restore", and then wait for the completion of the process.

For iPhone models, starting from 8, the recovery mode starts differently - to start the smartphone you need to turn off and connect to the computer. Then quickly clamp and release the audio add button, the same operation is done with the volume key. Hold the "Power" button until the iTunes logo appears.

Recovery Mode in iPhone

Update firmware

Now let's talk about how to unlock an iPhone using firmware update. To do this, you will need a computer connected to the Internet, a USB cable, as well as the current version of the iTunes program.

  1. Connect an iPhone to a PC through the cable.
  2. Run iTunes. In the list of devices, choose a connected smartphone.
  3. Go to "Overview", in the program window that opens, click on the "Update" button.
  4. Confirm the selection by clicking "Download and Refresh".

The nuance is that the program sometimes requires the password input, which is irrelevant if the digital code is forgotten by the user. Remember that it is not recommended to disconnect an iPhone during the update so as not to turn the device into a useless piece of plastic with chips.

How to unlock iphone

Unlock through iTunes.

The iTunes program is an indispensable assistant to Apple's products owner. Simply controlling files is not limited to, the application helps in errors of the operating platform, hangs and problems with the battery. In the case of a forgotten password, this program will also become the main tool for solving the problem. The advantage of using the program is that the instructions are extremely simple, so it is possible to use this method at home, without hiking to the service center. And you should not be afraid of errors, because the manufacturers of Apple smartphones have provided opportunities to roll back the device to the recovery point or the factory state.

Password recovery through Aytyuns

With user saving files

Let's talk about how to unlock an iTunes with iTunes with saving user information. If the screen is locked, then the hard reset and the simple restart of the device will not help, the counter will remain in place. To save the information, it is worth using the recovery mode. Recovery Mode does not affect files, only rolls back the smartphone to the last successful launch, but the password will be reset. It is important that the smartphone before it is synchronized with the computer so that the iTunes program will not have requested the input of the password. The iPhone will not be able to connect to the new computer, since a unlocked smartphone is required for pairing.

Methods unlocking Aytyuns

Through previous synchronization

The method of unlocking the smartphone through the previous synchronization of the device with a personal computer is considered priority because it does not affect the files and user settings. For this:

  • Connect an iPhone to PCs through the cable;
  • Open the iTunes application and wait for the conjugation completion - the computer will need to read the files;
  • Select the Connected Device in the list and click the Synchronize button;
  • Wait - the process lasts with a pair of minutes to a couple of hours;
  • After the conjugation is complete, click on the "Restore Data Restore from the iTunes backup";
  • In the list, select a suitable backup by date - it is recommended to choose a fresh option.

It will be left to wait for the process completion, the screen lock will be reset - the user will receive access to the device.

Methods unlock iPhone

With full cleaning

If the synchronization with the computer was not made, or the information is not valuable for the owner of the iPhone, then you should use the DFU mode. In this case, the phone will return to the state of the factory, the information will have to be restored from scratch. This will require:

  • turn off the iPhone;
  • clamp and hold the "food" and "home" buttons;
  • let go of "food", and keeping the "home" to connect a smartphone to a PC using a cable;
  • wait for the iTunes logo appearing on the iPhone display and run the program on the computer;
  • A message appears on the screen that the phone has connected in the recovery mode, you must click on the "OK" button;
  • Confirm the selection by clicking "Restore iPhone".

According to the result, the iPhone will reset, the files will disappear, and the settings will return to the factory state.

Cleaning Unlock iPhone

Unlock via icloud

If the ICLOUD utility is installed on the smartphone and the transfer of a wireless network is included, the owner will be able to restore the device using a personal account.

  1. 1. Open the ICloud website in the browser and log in.
  2. 2. Click the "Find iPhone" tab.
  3. 3. Find the image of the locked device.
  4. 4. Click on the "Erase" link.
  5. 5. Confirm the selection by specifying in the proposed Password to Apple ID and click Finish.

Wait for the end of the process, the settings are completely reset. After that, the smartphone will reset the password, the device is ready to use. For convenience, it is recommended to set another password, which is difficult to forget.

Unlock iPhone through Aikeood

Unlock when ICloud Activation Lock

Users are interested in how to recover an iPhone if it is blocked and issues an activation blocking message. Such a message means that the phone is locked on Apple servers. To unlock the phone, you will need to enter into the User Name and Digital Apple ID formation form. The user needs to contact Apple's technical support - the smartphone and the account will restore if the owner proves the legality of the ownership of the smartphone, presents documents to the device and describes in detail the situation. If the smartphone is translated into the loss or theft mode, then restore the device will not be able to obtain a consultation, Apple's service center is recommended.

Ways unlocking iphone

Unlock after jailbreak

Official methods are almost not suitable for users, on the iPhone of which jailbreak is installed. Installation of the official firmware will lead to the loss of the smartphone, therefore, third-party programs will have to unlock. Consider the process on the example of the semirestore utility you want to download and put on a computer.

  1. Connect an iPhone to a PC using a cable.
  2. Open the semirestore application and wait for the smartphone recognition.
  3. After pairing devices, click the "Semirestore" link in the side of the screen.
  4. Wait for cleaning completion.

While the device is restored, the iPhone screen will go out and turn on - this is a normal process. But the setting will have to be done again, although the jailbreak from the smartphone will not disappear.

Unlock iPhone after jailbreak

Unlock account

If the user incorrectly enjoys the password, incorrectly responds to test questions and suspiciously behaves, Apple leaves the right to block the account. This occurs everywhere if the device owner has forgotten the username or account password. To restore it is worth moving to the password reset page. We will have to confirm the identity of the owner, the easiest way to do this using two-factor authentication is an email letter or request code to a personal phone number. Also, the user will be able to restore the password by requesting identification by answering the test questions. To do this, you also need to go to the password recovery page - in the authorization form, click the link "Forgot your Apple ID or Password?". Select "Password Reset" and check the box on the appropriate version.

How to unlock iPhone / iPad if you forgot the password
How to unlock iPhone / iPad if you forgot the password

One of the frequent problems of the owners is not only iPhone, but also any other phones - forgetting the password. In this regard, Apple lovers are lucky more. IPhone and iPad have several ways to reset the password. Let's look at some of them.

How to unlock iPhone / ipad using iTunes

How to unlock iPhone / ipad using iTunes
How to unlock iPhone / ipad using iTunes

One of the ways to reset the password of the device is through Aytyuns. To unlock the iPhone in this way, follow the simple steps:

  • Use the cable to connect the phone to the computer or laptop;
  • Run iTunes program. It is important that the iPhone is already synchronized earlier with this computer, otherwise iTunes can request a password input;
  • If everything was done correctly, the phone synchronization will begin to synchronize with the computer, wait for it and proceed to the next step. If synchronization has not started automatically, then select devices from the list and click the Synchronize button.
  • Next, click "Restore from the copy" and select the latest backup;
  • After that, the recovery process will start upon completion of which you will get access to your smartphone.

Restoring iPhone / iPad without information saving - flashing

If there is no backup and the phone has never been synchronized with the computer used before, then you have to restore a device with full cleaning.

To do this, do the following:

  • Turn off the device;
  • In the off state, clamp the "Turn on / off" and "home" button;
  • After a few seconds, release the "Turning on / off" button, and hold the "home" button. Connect an iPhone to a PC using a cable;
  • As soon as the iTunes logo appears on the smartphone, run the iTunes program on the PC.
  • The display shows the recovery mode, confirm this action and click the Restore button.
  • A few minutes later the phone will reset to the status of factory settings.

Unlock iPhone / iPad through support service

Unlock iPhone / iPad through support service
Unlock iPhone / iPad through support service

The password is more or less figured out, but after that there is another complexity of Apple ID. If you do not have a password for him, it will be impossible to use the device. To return access to your smartphone, you can use Apple Support Service.

Go to the page: And describe your problem. In this case, you will need to make some evidence that your phone is really yours. If everything goes well, you will send instructions for recovering the smartphone.

How to reset the counter of incorrect attempts on the iPhone

How to reset the counter of incorrect attempts on the iPhone
How to reset the counter of incorrect attempts on the iPhone

If you entered the wrong password many times, the iPhone automatically blocks entering a new password for a certain time. To reset the counter of incorrect attempts, you will need a PC, which previously synchronized this device and iTunes.

  • Connect the device to the computer;
  • Then select Devices → Synchronize.
  • After clicking on the Synchronize button, the attempt counter will be successfully reset.

Removing Activation Lock.

Activation Lock. - This is a state at which you cannot turn on, do not turn off the device. The blocking is carried out at the server level, and therefore it is impossible to get around it without the help of the support service. Typically, this happens if the phone is lost or stolen.

Activation Lock.
Activation Lock.

On the Internet there are many dubious services that offer you bypass blocking for 300-600 rubles. Do not be fooled! The only way to remove the Activation Lock is an appeal to technical support.

To do this, you must have all the necessary evidence that the device you are trying to unlock your.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it possible to unlock an iPhone if it is locked in the disappearance mode?

You can unlock the device in the disappearance mode only if you are a real phone owner. To unlock, you should write to technical support, after which, you will have to show evidence that your phone is. If everything is fine, you will be given instructions for further actions for Annock Iphon.

Is it possible to unlock the found iphone?

No more than yes. The iPhone constantly improves its protection systems, so most of the new versions unlock will definitely fail. If we are talking about any early versions, then something can work out.


Apple is doing everything to make its products most protected from the hands of intruders. Sometimes, even the owners of such phones, it is difficult to restore access to the device, but if you are a real owner, then it is quite possible.

A source:

How to unlock iPhone. if you forgot the password ? How often can you see such questions in various forums. The terrible message "iPhone is disabled" - few pleases.

Many of the passwords are negligious, they say, what to protect me. Other users install it on all devices, including the smartphone, thus ensuring the safety of its data. Despite the appearance of fingerprint scanners ( Touch Id у iPhone. starting from 5), the usual passwords are not going to leave anywhere. We decided to help the poor, who, forgetting the password, fall into panic. Especially for you, we have compiled instructions for unlocking iPhone. .

Remember the password

We are all people, we all tend to forget, even seemingly simple combinations that have already had to enter into memory. Try to remember the password to unlock iPhone. . Perhaps he is recorded somewhere, see.

Consider, you have 10 attempts, after which the smartphone will be finally blocked. Therefore, do not attempt to enter the password once at once in the hope that one of the combinations will be true.

Connect to iTunes.

How to unlock iPhone

If the password fails to be remembered, then you need to move to more radical measures. To begin with, we turn to the standard tools that the company itself offers Apple. iTunes. . In this case, the situation can develop in two scenarios:

  • IPhone is unlocked, the data is saved
  • IPhone is unlocked, but the data could not be saved

With a second scenario, which is rare, but it happens, an iPhone cannot connect to a computer in normal mode, various errors that prevent successful synchronization are displayed on the screen. A more frequent reason is that the user has never connected the smartphone to the computer and, accordingly, did not enter the password in iTunes. . In this case, your data is most likely to save will not succeed. Well, if you are from those users who constantly make backup copies of important files and settings.

How to unlock iPhone. With data saving?

How to unlock iPhone

So, for a start, we will analyze a more pleasant situation, in which the iPhone has connected without problems to the computer, and was also defined in iTunes. . This manual works if you have already been synchronized earlier. Otherwise, when coupled iTunes. Requests the password that you unfortunately forgotten.

  • Launch iTunes. , Connect the iPhone.
  • Wait for the end of synchronization (the program creates backups).
  • From the list of devices, select the connected one.
  • On the left there will be a list in which possible actions are listed with iPhone. . To unlock the device, select "Overview".
  • A new tab will appear, in which information is indicated about iPhone. (serial number, model, software version). Just below you will see the "Update" and "Restore" buttons. For unlocking we need the second.
  • We click on the button and wait until the password reset is completed. During the operation, a window may appear in which you want to click "Restore from the backup iTunes. "

At the end of the opening, you can enter a new password, all data will be saved.

How to restore access with data loss?
How to unlock iPhone

Now about a more unpleasant outcome, in which you will not be able to save the information on the iPhone. So events are developing, as a rule, for the reason that the user has never been synchronized with a computer with a computer. therefore iTunes. Simply does not know that the device is connected, and even more so does not have its backup copies. In fact, we will reflash the device.

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To unlock an iPhone without a password in this way, follow the instructions:

  • Connect iPhone. Competitive cable to the computer on which iTunes. .
  • Turn off the device. Make sure it is disabled.
  • Now we will translate the device in DFu. (firmware update mode). This is done by simultaneously clamping the buttons " Power "(Nutrition, in the upper end) and" HOME. "(" Home ", on the facial part)
  • After counting 10 seconds, release the key Power By continuing to hold HOME. . Keep down while iTunes. Does not determine the new device (about 10-20 seconds).
  • In the list of devices iTunes. Your iPhone will appear, from which you forget the password.
  • As in the previous instructions on unlocking, go to the "review", click "Restore".
  • We are waiting for the completion of the process (the firmware is loaded from the Internet, which may take a long time).

As a result, the iPhone will be unlocked, but absolutely removed.

In order not to encounter a similar problem, we recommend regularly synchronizing the iPhone with iTunes. It will not be superfluous to store important data not only on the smartphone.

We put a new firmware
How to unlock iPhone

Not every user will be unlocking iPhone. described by just above: iTunes. During the recovery, it starts uploading a firmware for the device from the company servers, and this process must be said, not from rapid. Therefore, users found an alternative - download the firmware separately.

  1. By itself, download the firmware. It has an extension .IPSW. The network is full of resources on which various versions for all models are presented. Do not forget to install iTunes. If you have not done this yet.
  2. I copy the firmware on the next way : C: \ Documents and Settings \ Username \ APPLICATION DATA \ Apple Computer \ iTunes \ iPhone Software Updates.
  3. Match iPhone. with a computer.
  4. Go to the "Devices" section, then "Review", then click the "Restore iPhone. "
  5. A window appears in which you want to specify the path to the firmware by selecting a file with the .IPSW extension.
  6. We wait for the end.

Because iTunes. No longer need to download the firmware on your own, the password reset (and the rest) occurs at times faster.

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How to unlock iPhone. through icloud. ?

How to unlock iPhone

There is another way to restore access to iPhone if you forgot your password. However, it is necessary to fulfill some requirements for its implementation. First, the Smartphone should be active "Find iPhone. "(Activated in the device settings). Secondly, the iPhone must be connected to a mobile network or Wi Fi .

Again, all your data will be removed as a result.

So, instructions:

  • For unlocking iPhone. Follow the link: A window will open in which you want to enter account data Apple. Id .
  • A card will be loaded on which you will see the location of your device.
  • At the top of the "List of Devices" select the name of your iPhone. From which do not remember the password.
  • A window appears on the right, which displays information about the device and the available actions.
  • Choose the item "Erase iPhone. "
  • To confirm the action, enter the password again. Apple. Id .
  • The process of resetting the settings and delete data will begin, which is accompanied by an image of a thumbnail apple and a loading band on iPhone. , on the computer screen - "the erasure procedure is running."

It will take some time after which the password will be reset - iPhone. Unlocked. As already noted, all data is deleted. They can be tried to restore them using backup copies and "setup assistant", but as you could guess, the success of the operation is not guaranteed.

How to unlock an iPhone if you have a jailbreak?

how to unlock the iPhone using semirestore
Photo: Semirestore.

Not every owner of "jailbroken" iPhone. Will go to the password reset with the loss of all the features that the option gives. In addition, users whose devices received a jailbreak, another way of unlocking is available.

The procedure is doomed to fail if the iPhone does not host a special set of OpenSSH, which downloads from Cydia (Alternative to the App Store).

So, go to the password relief, which forgot:

  • Swing the Semirestore program, which is also available on Windows , and on Linux , I. OS. X(Note, you need a 64-bit version of the operating system). Install it and run.
  • Connect your smartphone to the computer. Wait until the program recognizes it.
  • You must click the "Semirestore" button. Do not worry, you will find it quickly - the program interface is element.
  • We observe a strip that shows the execution process.

During purification iPhone. can reboot several times, do not worry, it is in order of things. As a result, you will receive a "clean" system, but the jailbreak will not disappear anywhere. It remains only to come up with a new password and restore backup copies.

Unlocking the service center

Despite the fact that ways to reset the password on the iPhone, considered in the article, can be called simple, many users will prefer to impose this task on professionals. Specialist help can be useful indeed those who have very important information on the smartphone, otherwise you can cope and yourself.

If you still decided to go to the service center, do not forget to grae a corporate box and a cash check. Oh yeah, and, of course, money. The cost of unlocking depends on the specific model iPhone. , starts with 1000-1500 rubles for 4 S.

The longer and more complex password, the more reliably your iPhone is protected from unwanted access. But such protection can work against you if you once forget the password.

What if it happened? The main thing is not to give in to a panic: you can easily unlock an iPhone if you know how it is done.

Unlock through iTunes.

Unlock an iPhone with the help of ITYUNS, as with data saving, and without.

The first way is possible when iPhone. It is normally loaded and connected to the service through a computer, and the second - if certain problems arose when loading.

For example, the device is hung on the screensaver or on the screen only the cable is displayed. iTunes. .

Restore with data saving

To reset the password while saving all other information, open the "Devices" section in iTunes and find your iPhone on the list.

Next, deploy in the right half of the Overview tab and click the Restore button.

The password will be reset, and all other information will remain in place.

To further save in iTunes a backup of settings and other data from your device, click the "Copy" button.

Restoration without information saving

If the first method ended in failure or the iPhone is not fully loaded, the personal data will have to donate - the settings of the device will be reset to the state, as after purchase.


  • Download iTunes on your computer and update it to the latest version.
  • Enter iPhone to DFU mode: Connect the device using a USB cable to a PC and turn off the simultaneous pressing and holding the "Home" and "Power" buttons. After disconnecting the screen, release the "POWER" button by continuing to hold "Home". There must be a few seconds before in the iTunes window a message will appear that the connected iPhone is in the recovery mode. The smartphone screen will still be turned off.
  • Click the "Restore" button in iTunes. The program is downloaded by the latest firmware version and restore the iPhone. During the restoration, the logo and the download band will be displayed on the machine screen.

When recovery is over, the iPhone can be downloaded without a password.

If you have previously saved a copy of the settings and personal data in iTunes, you will have the opportunity to transfer them to the phone.

This way you can unlock an iPhone of any version - 4, 4s, 5 and the rest.

Unlock via icloud

The following method also erases all user data from the smartphone. You can restore them only if you have not forgotten to pre-save a backup in Icould or iTunes.

To have the ability to unlock an iPhone via aiklaud, you need to install the program to "find the iPhone" in advance.

Directly to remove the lock you will need access to the Internet - on the device itself (via a SIM card or Wi-Fi) or on the computer to which it is connected.


  • Make sure the locked iPhone has access to the Internet.
  • Go from any device connected to the network to the "Find iPhone" application on the ICloud website and make sure that the service "sees" your device and in the "Online" status (on the Status of the iPhone model in the "All Devices" section should stand green circle).

  • Click on the icon of the locked phone and select the "Erase iPhone" option in the opened menu.
  • In the confirmation window, again click the "Erase" button.

  • In the next window, enter your Apple ID password and click "Finish."

After that, the process of erasing the settings will begin. On the iPhone screen at this time will be displayed the loading band and apple.

Important! When the erasure is completed, you can restore personal information from the backup. This will assist the setup assistant.

The program "Find iPhone" will help unlock as Iphone 6. and older models.

Unlock iPhone after jailbreak

Both of the above methods are most likely not to suit the owners of "jailbroken" smartphones, since they are associated with the installation of the official firmware.

And this leads to the impossibility of connecting the device to its cellular operator and loss of other advantages of the jailbreak.

Fortunately, it is possible to unlock an iOS 5 version and above without firmware updates using the Semirestore free app.

At the same time, the OpenSSH component must be installed on the iPhone, which can be downloaded from the Cydia store.

The semirestore utility is installed on the computer (the manufacturer contains support for Linux operating systems, OS X and Windows XP (SP3) -8.1).

In the process of resetting the settings, it removes all the personal data of the iPhone owner without loss of jailbreak.

Unlock order:

  • Download Semirestore from the official site and install on PC.
  • Using a USB cable, connect the iPhone to the computer.
  • Run Semirestore and wait for it to recognize your smartphone.
  • If the recognition has passed correctly, press the "Semirestore" button in the main window of the utility window - it will start the data cleaning process on the iPhone.

During the restoration, the iPhone screen can turn on and off several times - this is a normal phenomenon.

After a few minutes, when the smartphone is loaded completely, you will see a clean desktop and initial settings.

However, Cydia application will not disappear anywhere - according to its presence, as well as if possible, use it, you will make sure that the jailbreak is preserved.

After that, you can set a new password and move the settings and data from the iTunes backup to the iPhone.

Now you know how to unlock an iPhone if you forgot your password, using three free tools.

The instructions turned out to be laconic, but in fact, reset and restore all settings can take decent time.

Therefore, when installing on devices of long and complex passwords, you should not hope for memory - it is better to write them somewhere and store these records in a safe place.

How to unlock the iPhone without a password

How to unlock iPhone (iPhone): 4 simple ways

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Causes of error appearance: "iPhone is blocked, connect to iTunes"

Before deciding what to do next, you need to deal with the reason for the message that the iPhone is disabled, so connect to the iytyuns. This situation can easily occur as a consequence of the multiple input of the wrong password, for example, if:

  • You yourself forgot or changed it;
  • Someone from your family or friends confused the smartphone and tried to unlock it with his password;
  • To the device in your absence, I wanted to access some other outsider.

How to unlock the iPhone without a password

To make the device not blocked, you need to try correctly enter the password and not exceed the limit of attempts. And of course, do not let it with strangers and children who may accidentally block access.

Accordingly, options to solve the problem how to unlock it if the software fill says that the iPhone is disabled, connect to the aytyuns, depend on the knowledge of the current password. Also matters, whether you performed a backup procedure before the problem occurs. If in both cases the answer is negative, then with data on the smartphone you can say goodbye - the use of the method recommended by the manufacturer will result in a complete erasing of the device's memory content. This is done for security reasons so that random faces cannot view personal information on an arbitrary device.

A more sparing option to unlock the iPhone if it is disabled and writes, they say, connect to iTunes, available in the presence of a backup. In this case, you can restore important data.

What if you forgot the password from iPhone

Situations when a person forgets the password from the smartphone, is not uncommon, although they may seem a little funny. But this problem happens, and therefore the question is how to unlock an iPhone if you forgot the password remains relevant for millions of users. You can try to reset the codes with different methods: enter the code through the counter of incorrect attempts, restore the gadget via blocking or aytyuns. You can make it yourself either to refer to the paid help of professionals.

Reset attempt counter

In some cases, when the device tells you to connect to iTunes to unlock an iPhone, just follow this advice. If a simple connection to the computer from Aytyuns is not enough, try to start the synchronization procedure. To the end, this process is not necessary, you can stop it with a cross or arrow if this appears. After that, try entering the password from the device.

Important! Before connecting to Aytyuns, if the iPhone is blocked, make sure that this same PC has already been connected. Otherwise, the program will request confirmation from the device.

Reset IPhone Lock Password

Another situation may be the question of how to remove the blocking from iPhone. This can be a complete unlock password reset or sending a backup code specified when settings. In the case of full reset, initially you need to transfer all the information from the device to the backup option or back up. You can try to manually move the combination of numbers, but for this it must be included in the "Find iPhone" on the gadget, and the prosperity itself will take a lot of time. Information, how to reset the password on iPhone, can be verified by the following data:

  1. Make sure the activation block function activity.
  2. The presence of a synchronized computer, authorization with iTunes.
  3. Enter Apple ID data, code.
  4. Phone translation to DFU mode: Turn off the phone, simultaneously clamp the "Home" button and "Turn off", hold them from 10 to 20 seconds, after 10 seconds, the "Turn off" button will be released, and keep the "Home" button until the computer sees the device in Selected mode.

How to restore iPhone if it is blocked

How to unlock the iPhone through iTunes with the preservation of information?

To unlock an iPhone and save data, you need to act as follows:

Step 1. Open iTunes and connect a blocked gadget with a USB cable PC. Automatic synchronization starts, upon completion of which iTunes will create a backup copy of all data. Important moment: If after connecting the gadget to iTunes PC requires you to enter the password, it means that before synchronization was not carried out and you can not read this instruction in this case - in this case it is not applicable.

Step 2. Click on the device button at the top panel of the iTunes program, and you will find yourself in the "Overview" tab:

Step 3. Click the "Restore iPhone ..." button and in the window that appears, select "Create backup":

Step 4. In the process of recovery on the gadget, a setup screen will appear - you need to select "Restore from iTunes copy".

Next, it remains to wait for the completion of the procedure, after which you can install a new password. All information will remain in place.

Unlock iPhone via iTunes with loss of data

If synchronization via iTunes has not been previously conducted, then the personal data will have to donate. Act like this:

Step 1. Enter iPhone to DFU mode: simultaneously press "HOME" and "POWER" and hold this combination within 10 seconds. A "Non-Country Apple" will appear on the gadget screen - this suggests that the operation was carried out successfully.

Step 2. Connect the smartphone to the PC and run iTunes. If this program is not, it is recommended to download and install the iTunes-last version.

Step 3. In the list of devices, select your gadget and in the Overview section, click "Restore iPhone ..." (by analogy with the previous instruction).

A download band appears on the screen of the smartphone - when it comes to the end, it will mean that the latest IOS version is installed on the iPhone. Personal data after such unlocking are not saved - the user receives an "empty" iPhone.

How to unlock iPhone via icloud?

There is a different way to reset the password - through the ICloud service - however, for this it is necessary that the "Find iPhone" function is pre-activated on the gadget, which allows you to remotely delete all the data from the gadget and detect it in case of loss. You can enable this function as follows: go on the smartphone by the "settings" "icloud" path and switch the toggle in front of the "Find iPhone" item (located at the bottom).

If you forgot the password from the iPhone and the data stored on it, do not bear much importance for you, follow this instruction:

Step 1. Follow the link - you will see such a window: the service will ask you to enter the password from the account.

Step 2. Enter the password, and the card will appear in front of which you can see where the device is located.

Step 3. Select your gadget in the All Devices menu.

Step 4. The phone control menu appears on the right - select "Erase iPhone".

Step 5. Enter the password from AppleID again. After that, the process of deleting settings and data starts - the "Apple" and the download band will appear on the screen. The message of such a content will appear in ICloud: "The erase procedure is running."

After unlocking and initial adjustment of the gadget, you can try to restore personal data from the backup using the "setup assistant", however, the guarantees that this attempt is crowned with success, alas, no. Reset the password through the icloud you can both with iPhone 6 and with less modern models.

How to unlock an iPhone if you forgot your password: put a new firmware

The recovery of the iPhone via Aytyuns is not suitable for everyone: during the procedure, the firmware will be loaded, the weight of which reaches almost a half gigabyte. When using a slow Internet (for example, when connecting via a modem), the unlock procedure is stretched for hours. The unfortunate owners of such a leisurely connection is recommended another method:

Step 1. Download the iPhone firmware in .IPSW format on any high-speed connection (for example, use the Internet café services).

Step 2. Copy the firmware in the PC memory to the folder located in the C: Documents and Settings directories Application Data Apple Computer iTunes iPhone Software Updates.

Step 3. Connect the iPhone with a computer USB cable and run iTunes. Go to Device section.

Step 4. Hold the Ctrl and at the same time press the "Restore iPhone ..." button.

A window will appear where you can select the firmware to restore manually. By selecting the appropriate .IPSW file, click Open.

Next, just expect the completion of the procedure. At the end of the recovery, you will receive a "clean" iPhone and can set the password again.

How to get into the locked iPhone through Siri

Siri - voice virtual assistant on the iPhone. Users found that there is a SIRI error that can be used to lock the iPhone. This method only works with iOS 8.0 to iOS 10.1. Therefore, if your iPhone 6 or system of other devices work in these versions, you can simply bypass the iPhone password using Siri. Just look at how to block the iPhone using Siri, as shown below.

Step 1: Hold the "Home" button at the bottom of the iPhone device until Siri appears. If you are using iPhone 6, click the "Side" button to activate the Siri on the lock screen. And you can use Siri without pressing the "Home" or "side" button if you set up "Hi, Siri". (Siri does not work?)

Activate Siri.

Step 2. Ask Siri: how much time or open the application with the clock. When the time is offered, tap the clock. You will get on the screen "World Time / Alarm clock / Stopwatch / Timer". Then click on the clock icon. And on the world clock interface, you need to add another clock.

Siri questions

Step 3: You need to choose a location by typing something on the search tab and select it to get different options. Then select "Select All".

City search

Step 4: Next, several added options will be shown, and you need to choose Share. When you see all the parameters that you can use to share this text, you need to select the message "Messages".

Step 5: Now you can enter the iPhone with a new interface where you can write a new message. Enter anything in the "Who" field and click the Return button. After your text is highlighted, click on the add icon.


Step 6: Another interface will open where you can click on creating a new contact. Next you need to click on the photo icon and select the photo selection option.

new contact

Step 7: Then you will move to the "Photos" application. You can simply visit the album or wait a minute. Then press the "Home" button again. If nothing goes wrong, you will be blocked by the iPhone.

In addition, you can also click "timer" after step 2, and then select "when the timer end" and click "Buy more tones" on the call ringtone list. Next will open the application store. Click the "Home" button to go to the home screen. For iPhone 6, tap the thin long strip at the bottom of the screen to return to the main screen. Now you got into a blocked iPhone without a password.

How to unlock the iPhone after jailbreak?

Obviously, none of the listed ways does not suit the owners of hacked iPhones, because all of them are associated with the download of the official Apple firmware, and therefore entail the loss of the advantages that jailbreak gives.

Owners of hacked gadgets are recommended to contact the Semirestore program. You can download it on the official website by selecting a partition corresponding to the PC operating system:

Please note: Semirestore works only on 64-bit operating systems.

There is another condition: the component called OpenSSH should be installed on the iPhone, which can be found in Cydia - without it, it will not be possible to reset the settings.

Unlock the "jailbreak" smartphone is needed according to the following algorithm:

Step 1. Install and run Semirestore.

Step 2. Connect the iPhone cable to the computer and wait for Semirestore recognizes it .

Step 3. After recognition in the main program window, click the "Semirestore" button. It is impossible to make a mistake here: the utility is so simple that the button is only one.

The process of "cleansing" is reflected in the loading band.

During the recovery process, the gadget can turn on and turn off several times - this is a normal phenomenon, and not a sign of breakage at all. When the loading band "will finger" to the end, you will receive a gadget with initial settings and built-in applications. However, the store Cydia It will not disappear - on this basis, you can judge that the jailbreak is preserved.

How to bypass the lock screen to get into the iPhone

IKEYMONITOR KEYLOGGER is a hacker application for the iPhone, which can detect and record all keystrokes and steps on the screen. If you installed the program on the iPhone, you can easily complete the IPhone hacking process.

Step 1: Jailbreak your iPhone to install IKEYMONITOR KEYLOGGER. But before making the iPhone jailbreak, first make a backup of all files for the iPhone. It should be important to get into the locked iPhone.

Step 2: Configure this software by clicking HTTP: // Localhost: 8888 in your Safari. Then restart your iPhone and set some IKEYMONITOR KEYLOGGER settings.

Step 3: After completing the IKEYMONITOR setting, you will follow the keystrokes and other actions on the screen. After that you can easily receive all messages from the iPhone.


How the password protection system is in iOS, briefly

How to unlock the iPhone without a password

If you enter the wrong password 10 times, the device will be blocked. After the first 5 attempts will have to wait 1 minute, then the time until the next input attempt will increase.

If you understand that the password is no longer remember, Apple offers to erase all data from the device. It is quite ok if you have a backup. About three simple ways to save the data read here.

Delete a password with an iPhone or iPad can only with a computer. Instructions on Apple. If there is no PC, you can contact an authorized service center or a retail store, there will be provided.

Best Methods for Unlocking iPhone / iPad

  • Method 1. Bypassing the password lock on the iPhone via iCloud
  • Method 2. How to remove password with iPhone using Tenorshare 4ukey
  • Method 3. Restore the iPhone through the tool if the iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes

1. How to around Face ID

How to unlock the iPhone without a password

When Face ID appeared in the iPhone X, it was full of holes. Apple argued that the system of recognition of persons would not even force twins.

But something went wrong. Face ID sometimes took children for their parents. And one buyer twice returned the smartphone to the store - he stubbornly poured it with a colleague. In general, the system was uncomfortable and unsafe.

Vietnamese company BKAV spent only 150 dollars to create a face mask for Face ID. The basis was printed on a 3D printer, nose made of silicone, eyes and mouth printed and stuck on the layout.

Face ID accepted mask for the owner:

Soon it fixed. But in August 2019, they found an even more fun way to unlock. TENCENT researchers have shown how to fool Face ID using conventional glasses and tapes.

How to unlock the iPhone without a password

If the recognition function is activated on your iPhone, the smartphone checks the smartphone, you watch the screen. But if you have points on you, Face ID will not read 3D information in the eye area. The system believes that there are black zones with white dots.

So, if you sleep or lost consciousness, your smartphone will easily unlock. Experts simply pasted the squares of the tape with dots-slots in the middle of the glasses and put them on the "sleeping" colleague. And his iPhone was successfully unlocked.

2. How to fake fingerprints

How to unlock the iPhone without a password

The Touch ID system has digital scans of prints and saves heachs in the secure enclave protected area separated from the main storage.

When you try to block the iPhone using the print, the touch ID is taspting a new code with data from Secure Enclave. A fingerprint decoding is stored in RAM and only immediately after scanning.

Of course, it is much cooler than scans-pictures in certain folders (some Chinese devices sinned). But ... Touch ID of the first generation could be deceived using a paper sheet with a print-off in the resolution of 2400 DPI prints. If you have iPhone 5S, try, can work.

Moreover: the imprint can be removed directly from the screen. And not only unlock the iPhone with the old scanner, but also to ban the present owner to erase data from it.

With newer models more difficult. You need a 3D printer and material that the smartphone will take for human skin. And a fairly accurate 3D finger layout. And limited number of attempts.

Expert on biometric identification Anil Jane and his colleagues from the University of Michigan developed the technology of producing such "fake fingers" from the conductive electric current of silicone composition and pigments. The fakes possessed the same mechanical, optical and electrical properties as the fingers of real people.

Formally, the technology should have improved the reliability of the scanners. But it all depends on whose hands it would be.

Other researchers, having only a good photo of the finger of the German defense minister Ursula von der Lyien, made it 3D model. It was not filmed separately - the imprint was crushed with a picture of a high resolution.

The minister agreed to participate in the experiment. The result - she herself proved that the method really works.

3. How to access through the only message

How to unlock the iPhone without a password

Cyberkersperts Natalie Silvanovich and Samuel Gross from Google Project Zero showed how the CVE-2019-8641 vulnerability provides access to passwords, messages and e-mail. And also allows you to turn on the camera and the microphone on the iPhone.

Project Zero has been searching for vulnerabilities in Google and its competitors. Experts said: If you know the Apple Victim ID, it is enough to send the victim a message configured by a special way.

IOS built-in ASLR technology, which complicates the operation of some vulnerabilities. It changes the location of important data structures in the address space of the system: for example, stack, heaps, loaded libraries, images of executable files.

Silvanovich and Gross found a way to bypass ASLR. Using this and other five vulnerabilities found, experts achieved an arbitrary code on the iPhone. About 10 million dollars will be paid in the black market for information about these baggs.

Good news: The main and most difficult vulnerability of the CVE-2019-8641 was closed in iOS 12.4.2 in September 2019. Bad: how much there are similar holes, no one knows. But statistics do not please.

4. How to get around the blocking using voice commands

How to unlock the iPhone without a password

If you have not yet been updated with iOS 12, we have bad news. Siri "will help" unlock your iPhone.

It is enough to call a voice assistant from the lock screen and ask you to activate the VoiceOver service. After that, the fraudster will be able to call your iPhone, at the time of call, select the response to the message on its screen and click on the "+" key.

The next step is to send a special message to the sacrifice smartphone. If the VoiceOver service is active, it causes a system error and opens access to the message interface and the list of recent contacts, including full information about them.

To protect yourself from this, prohibit Siri from a locked screen: This is done in the "Settings" menu - "Touch ID and Password" - "Access with the screen lock".

5. How to grab smartphones ultrasound

Specialists from the University of Washington in St. Louis, the University of Michigan and the Chinese Academy of Sciences proved that it is even an ultrasound to activate assistants.

Scientists used a piezoelectric converter that transmitted voice commands using ultrasonic waves. The signal was heading through solid surfaces - for example, through the table on which the smartphone was lying.

Human ear ultrasound does not hear, and the smartphone reacts to such frequencies. A solid cover is not a hindrance: even on the contrary, than it is thicker and denser, the better the signal transmits.

Using ultrasound, scientists managed to send SMS, make calls and access the main functions. The method worked not only for the iPhone - attacked also models Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei.

But if you put a smartphone on something soft, the method will not work. Yes, and the full unlock does not give it. In addition, Siri and other assistants can be made to identify the owner so that they do not react to other people's voices.

6. How to use CelleBrite technique

How to unlock the iPhone without a password

Motherboard journalists collected materials for 516 orders for data from the iPhone for 2019. In 295 cases, information managed to extract.

The point here is rather not in the technical difficulties, but in budgets on hacking and seriousness of the situation. Who has access to Cellebrite and GrayKey, he is much closer to success.

How to unlock the iPhone without a password

Experts of the Israeli company Cellebrite are ready to hack the iPhone password per day. But only if the smartphone itself will be received directly. What will be done with him and how to extract information, experts do not apply.

In addition, they sell Ufed (Universal Forensic Extraction Device - a universal device for extracting data by court decision) and other similar products, equipment, software, cloud solutions, cyberkiosks.

The technique only works with a direct connection to the manufacturer's server. Formally, it is necessary to verify the license and control the legality of the use of the solution for hacking.

CelleBrite devices are relatively free. The price tag for "Hard + Soft" starts from 15 thousand dollars. But on eBay and other auctions you can take an outdated model for funny money - it would still not cope with new iPhone, and the license can be overdue.

How to unlock the iPhone without a password

For information: In 2016, Cellebrite received 1 million dollars behind breaking the iPhone 5C Arrow from San Bernardino. Then the encryption was not even applied to iOS, and the smartphone did not complete the fingerprint scanner.

And as if Apple did not protect the device, shortly after the release of the new firmware CelleBrite picks up the knee to it. It takes it from a few days before a pair of months.

Data merge from the memory of the smartphone, SIM cards, memory cards.

How to unlock the iPhone without a password

How does CelleBrite find holes in the protection of the iPhone? Employees of the company, like hackers, are constantly hunting for dev-fused versions - work prototypes of smartphones.

In Dev-Fused, as a rule, the OS is not installed, there is only a Switchboard engineering menu and individual components. Either manufacturers left in various loopholes for testing. This facilitates reverse engineering and search for vulnerabilities of the 0th day, which developers do not know.

Apple's laboratories extend the prototypes unreal. It is easier to get them from the factories of contract collectors like Foxconn.

Employees sell components, often without presenting their real price. They can be understood - collectors at best earn a couple of dozen dollars for an abnormal working day.

7. How does GrayKey work

How to unlock the iPhone without a password

GrayKey is the development of Greyshift from Atlanta, USA. She was founded by the former Apple security engineer.

Greyshift delivers its solutions to only the law enforcement agencies of the United States and Canada. No exceptions.

The device may select the unlock code on the iPhone. With it, for example, in January, IPhone 11 Pro Max hacked.

How to unlock the iPhone without a password

GrayKey's speed is approximately like CelleBrite. The code of 4 digits is worst in 11 minutes, out of 6 digits - in 11 hours, out of 10 digits - over decades (but who uses them?!).

By the way, at the end of 2019, GrayKey went up. Increase prices explained by the emergence of new IOS protection technologies from hacking and, accordingly, the new revision of the device - GrayKey Revc.

How to unlock the iPhone without a password

For a license to the online version of the tool, 18 thousand US dollars for 300 burglars per year are asked, before it cost 15 thousand. And the offline version still costs 30 thousand dollars, there are no restrictions on the time limits.

8. How does Magicube work, who purchased the Investigation Committee

How to unlock the iPhone without a password

Two years ago, the Air Force wrote about Magicube mysterious gadgets from China. Experts stated: if GrayKey and Cellebrite will need a day on the breaking of the iPhone, then Chinese magic will cope in just 9 minutes.

"Suitcases" IDC-8811 Forensic Magicube in July 2018 has developed Xiamen Meiya Pico Information. It was also reported that Magicube is "sharpened" to receive data from messengers. Say, the most valuable information is there.

How to unlock the iPhone without a password

For analysis, IPC-4501 was purchased for analysis to analyze data from mobile devices and IFM-2008 Forensics Master for data from a PC.

5 million rubles were spent on hacking tools. These are two states purchases: by 2 million rubles - for the military investigative department of the RF SC in the Central Federal District, another 3 million for military SC on the East FD.

Xiamen Meiya Pico Information is not another noner. The company is indeed one of the leaders of the device segment for forensic electronics examination in China, more than 20 years at the local and about 10 years in the international market.

But there are inconsistencies. First, IDC-8811 Forensic Magicube is just a duplicator of hard drives that runs running Windows 7. It can copy data and explore them. And only if the carrier is physically connected to "Cuba". Remote to your smartphone the solution will not be able to climb.

How to unlock the iPhone without a password

IDC-4501 at the time of purchase (in July 2018) could work with iPhone only with iOS 10.0-11.1.2. That is, without the latest updates (iOS 11.1.2 came out in November 2017).

And most importantly: this system does not pick up the password from the iPhone. So, it will still have to receive GrayKey or Cellebrite tools.

Actually, Ufed 4PC Ultimate from Cellebrite also had to buy. It includes everything you need, including UFED PHYSICAL ANALYZER for deep decoding information from mobile devices.

3 ways to hack the password on iPhone

  • Method 1. How to enter the iPhone if I forgot all passwords through iTunes
  • Method 2. How to unlock iPhone 6/6 Plus using Tenorshare 4UKey
  • Method 3. Unlock the iPhone without blocking code using iCloud

Method 1. How to enter the iPhone if I forgot all passwords through iTunes

We can use iTunes to unlock the iPhone when the password is forgotten. There are two scenarios to remove password in iTunes:

Scenario A: If synchronization was performed using iTunes:

  1. Connect the iPhone via USB to a computer.
  2. Open iTunes on your computer.
  3. iTunes synchronizes your iPhone and automatically creates a backup of all data.
  4. Upon completion of synchronization and backup creation, click Restore iPhone. This will remove access code on your iPhone.
  5. Click "Restore Backup" in iTunes and select the latest backup to recover data on your device. Now you can unlock your iPhone without access code.

Scenario B: If your iPhone is not yet synchronized with iTunes, you can use the recovery mode to unlock the iPhone without a password:

  1. Use free ReiBoot To unlock your iPhone / iPad without a password with disabilities in recovery mode. If you successfully enter the recovery mode, you will see the connection to the iTunes icon on the screen of your device.
  2. If you have never been synchronized with iTunes to restore the device, you will need to use the recovery mode. In this case, the data on the device and its password will be erased. Open iTunes> Make a compulsory restart> Select Restore.

Method 2. How to unlock iPhone 6/6 Plus using Tenorshare 4UKey

Forgotten the iPhone password or the device is disabled, you want to read the code of the password on the iPhone, the article also presents one of the easiest and most quick ways to solve your problem. Tenorshare 4UKey is an iPhone unlocking tool that allows you to unlock the iPhone without a password. Software is also available in Russian.

Download and install the PC / Mac program before we start.

Step 1. Run the program and connect the iPhone to a computer via USB cable. Hasha 2. After the tool recognizes your device, you can click "Start" to remove the iPhone access code.

Step 3. Before unlocking the iPhone password, download the latest IOS firmware version via the Internet.

Step 4. When the software boots to the computer, you can click "Open Now" to start recovering the iPhone without access code.

Step 5. The whole process takes a few minutes. Please keep the device connected to the system recovery process.

Step 6. When the iPhone Access Code is successfully removed, you can configure your iPhone as a new, including access code, touch identifier.

Method 3. Unlock the iPhone without blocking code using iCloud

This method works only with the condition that you have configured and activated the "Find iphone" option to bypass the iphone password.

  1. You need to follow the link
  2. Go through the authorization procedure using the Apple ID and password.
  3. At the top of the screen, you will see the list of "All Devices". Click on it and select the device you want if there are several.
  4. Click "Erase (device name)", so you will erase all phone data along with its password.
  5. Now take your iPhone and configure as a new one. If you previously made data backup, then recover from the backup file.

How to reset the password for Apple ID?

If you do not have a password to an Apple ID account you will not be able to enter iTunes or icloud and reset. All the ways to restore the password on the iPhone will not work. Therefore, you will first need to restore the Apple ID password. Most often, the account identifier is your Mail.

Go to!&page=signin and click "Forget Apple ID or Password?".

Reset Password Apple ID

2. Enter your identifier and click on "continue."

3. Now you can reset the password four ways. If you remember the answer to the control question, select the first way, enter the answer and you will get the ability to enter a new password. You can also receive an email to reset the password on the main or backup mail mail. If you have another Apple device, you can restore the password using it. In case you have connected a two-step test, you will also need to enter a password that will come to your phone.

4. After you reset the password by any of these ways, you will need to update it in other Apple services.

How to reset the iPhone settings if you forgot the password

If you never synchronized your iPhone with iTunes, you have no backup and not activated "Find iPhone" function in iCloud, only a way of recovery mode remains to delete the password. I will note that this method is always working, but it will be erased not only password, but all media infals and information.

Step 1. To start the iPhone, you need to enter into the recovery mode (Recovery Mode)

To enter the recovery mode: Turn off the iPhone, now the journal "Home" button and not releasing it, insert the USB cable must, the iTunes icon with a lace will appear.

Step 2. If the iTunes program has not automatically opened, open it. Immediately an offer to update or restore the iPhone will appear.

Step 3. Select "Restore" and wait until the recovery end. At the end of the process, the iPhone will be "clean" from the store and without passwords. Use!

Possible problems

If the iPhone is disabled, writes to connect to Aytyuns, but when connecting to a PC only vibrates 3 or more times - you probably have problems with a cable or computer. Check it on another PC, another cord or try to restart the smartphone. If these measures do not help, you should contact the service.

If you cannot connect to Aytyuns Store - check the connection, service, date and time, and follow these instructions as under the article


Use iTunes is the easiest and most convenient way to reset the iPhone security password. Moreover, only this method allows you to count on the fact that personal data will be stored in the device's memory. The remaining of the described options is needed only in specific situations, for example, when the user is devoid of access to high-speed Internet or if a jailbreak is on the iPhone.

All users of "apple" gadgets are recommended to make backups through iTunes Then the forgetfulness and absentness will definitely not jeopardize the safety of important information.



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