How to stop there is a lot of: Secrets and effective ways

11. Crane with taste

Food is not only a vital necessity, but also pleasure. Many eat not from what is hungry, but because tasty. And do not notice that they consume more products than the body required. The result is known - overweight, dissatisfaction with itself, bad mood. And this is not the most serious consequences - permanent overeating negatively affects all systems and organs.

How to stop a lot there, if it brings pleasure? Read about it in our article. You will learn how to determine that you consume too much food, and what ways to stop overeating the most effective.

How to understand what you turn?

Unmistakable indicator that you eat more than necessary - weight set. Although other reasons can lead to excess weight, but we will talk about them later.

Overbinding several signs at once:

  • You eat faster than your friends and relatives with normal weight;
  • You experience unpleasant feelings because of the food eaten in a large number;
  • Your night's sleep is broken;
  • You are feeling failing after eaten;
  • often eat when there is no feeling of hunger;
  • eat a lot when you feel stress or joy;
  • Often experience the decline, the lack of positive emotions;
  • Digure weight.

Overtake - not just a bad habit. This is a pathology. To begin with, it is necessary to understand the cause of this state, then as soon as possible take measures. The consequences of overeating are expressed not only in violation of digestion, all systems suffer - from cardiovascular to nervous. Excessive food consumption leads to obesity and premature aging.

Ways to start less

It is believed that for normal saturation it is enough for food with your fist size. Approximately this volume should be a single portion. It should not be thoughtlessly rushing in extremes and is even less or hitting hungry diets. On the contrary, it is necessary to have more often, most importantly - do not overeat. And to take control of your irrepressible appetite, there are several tricks.

Drink water

Water is also to some kind of food, but digested much faster, cleans, saturates, helps metabolism. Therefore, nutritionist doctors advise people before eating a glass or two ordinary clean water. It will fill the stomach and leave less for food. It is enough to eat a small portion, the size of two palms to make a sense of saturation. It is only necessary to gain patience and proceed to food after half an hour after drilled water.

Non-stop spa treatments - the pleasure is not for ordinary mortals. Study, work, you know. Another thing is delicious cosmetics! Have you heard about American hygiene lipsmacker? Here you and M & M's, and Vanilla Coca-Cola, and Berry Fantas - the limit of dreams of such sweets and beauty boutics like me. I do not promise the faudment, but how many pleasant sensations! Another favorite for home use is a sugar scrub for lush. Someone was lucky to choke a New Year's limit with a cherry coland and an exploding caramel, and I am pleased with the Zhwakhkov Mast Hweh, which is always a little bit.

Dishes must be satisfied, but low-calorie (refusal of oily, sweet, harmful)

Just in case we will remind the first principle of healthy nutrition: fat, sweet, harmful in the form of smoked salons, Fastfud is the best excluded from the diet. But there is a pleasant news: it is not necessary to categorically abandon such food. In the first half of the day, up to 12 hours you can pamper yourself with a piece of cake, eat a piece of pizza or pancakes with honey. During the rest of the day, eat low-calorie dishes, but satisfying.

It is impossible to refuse complex carbohydrates that are contained in rzhan bread, pasta and croups. The diet of a healthy nutrition consists of 20/50/30 proportions, where the first is proteins, the second - fats, third carbohydrates.

Learn to immediately understand what you were saturated.

It is easy to understand that you are satisfied, but at the same time do not do without special techniques. As medical research is confirmed, the brain gives the team "Stop, I fed!" With a delay of 15-20 minutes. During this time, a person is able to eat several times more than you need, and do not feel saturation.

There are simple ways to stop moving:

  • It is necessary to slowly, chewing every piece;
  • put in a plate intentionally half the norm that you usually eat and go to the living room away from the kitchen and pan;
  • Do not think while eating about food, do not even keep a spoon and fork in your hand, when chewing;
  • To be distracted by watching TV or reading a book.

Important! Note: who is overweight, eats much faster than others. The slower there is, the faster the harness will return.

And do not impose a large portion so as not to provoke ourselves. Take the food for at least 20 minutes, do not eat "on the go."

12. Go to sleep

Do not eat boredom

Often the food becomes a means of leisure. "What would like to do? Seagull with buns. " Stop! Take yourself a useful thing that will absorb you with your head. Someone sews, someone draws someone walking with friends. And best of all - to do sports or just dancing for nice music at home. Moderate physical activity will pull out the muscles and depress excess fat.

But remember one important point: Even if the passion distracted you from food, and the feeling of hunger did not appear and after 4-5 hours, it is still necessary to eat. Overeating often happens to those who for a while "forgot" about food, and then remembered and pounced on her with a wolf appetite.

Stop eating stress

There are two types of people: the first when stressing are not eaten at all, the second "hire" it. Scientists have proven that any physical action takes off the nervous state, be it eating food or running, walking, charging, dancing, swimming, beating dishes. It is better to do something useful - cleaning, washing, ironing.

How to stop nervous and there is a lot of food? Message of food during stress is the need of the body in Hormones "Happiness" (Dopamine and Serotonin). And it is produced by drinking sweet and some other products. But the same hormones are produced in such physical actions as dancing, swimming, charging, yoga and just a walk.

Communication with nature also contributes to the production of hormone "Happiness" and removes the nervous tension. Park, river, sea or just communication with pets much more efficiently than eating buns and chocolate.

Eat more often, but small portions

An excellent way to get rid of overeating is more often, but small portions. To begin with, simply reduce the usual portion. Immediately put a portion less than usual: do not try to eat half, the rest is left. It is unlikely to have enough willpow for this. Take into account the reasonable argument: the food will not run away anywhere. There are no saturation now, after 2 hours you can eat yet.

The surest way to drive an unpleasant feeling of hunger is to go to bed. If you are lucky, a cake with whipped cream will dine.

What happens during this power mode:

  • The stomach decreases after a week in size and acquires the previous form equal to two our palms, folded together by the boat;
  • Regular meal contributes to the acceleration of metabolism;
  • This mode allows you to implement more and separate meals, in which proteins are not mixed with carbohydrates.

Important! The saturation sense comes faster when the stomach becomes a normal size. Now the main thing is not to stretch it again.

But even if you move again, do not despair, start first. Periodic breakdowns are peculiar to all, such is the psychology of a person. And hungry diets from overeating will not get rid. The body will begin to panic and postpone about the stock of fats even from the one minimum that she listened to himself. Moreover, the "hungry" attacks are not excluded when a person is experiencing a wild appetite after two or three days a tough diet and rushes to food. Such breakdowns are doubly returning what managed to reset during the hunger strike.

Eat out of smaller dishes

In the fight against overeating, everything matters, even dishes. Psychologically, a large plate calls for big portions. Even if we put a big piece on it, it seems that there is little food. And on the contrary, the small dishes filled to the edges creates the impression of a huge portion.

Hence the conclusion: Start eating out of smaller dishes. Of course, it is necessary to add the other rules for meals listed above.

Get the Diary of Nutrition

Some believe that they eat little, but for some reason they get fat. The case in the erroneous perception of the number of food. For the day, we do not even notice how much I actually eat. If all this is still recalculated on calories, the real picture will be released.

Take the right course to combat overeating and excess weight will help the diary of the food diary. It looks like this:

We wish everyone and not get fat! And from realistic - good attitude towards yourself and the Will's Rail Force. We are strong, we will handle 🙂

You can also download and print the Diary Template in Excel Format by reference.

An important point is calorie food. Every person has its own norm. It depends on age, growth, weight, lifestyle. There is an equation for which you can calculate how many calories you need in a state of moderate rest, in the absence of physical exertion.

It is simply calculated (for women):

  • Your weight in kilograms must be multiplied by 10;
  • growth in centimeters multiply by 6.25;
  • age multiply by 5;
  • To the first number to add the second, and then subtract the third;
  • From the resulting amount to take away 161.

Example: 30 years, height 170, weight 65. We compile formula 65x10 + 170x6.25-30x5-161 = 1401.5. Exactly so much calories need to keep the old figure. For men, the pains are similar, only at the end do not need to minus 161, but on the contrary - add 5.


You can fight overeating and overweight. To do this, you need to radically revise your own eating habits. It is important to learn how to make the right and focus to pay the choice of products.

Minimize useless or harmful to the body products - animal fats and simple carbohydrates in the form of sugar, honey, other sweets. And fill the portions with useful products - vegetables, fruits, cereals, fish and meat of non-fatty rocks, milk products with reduced fatness. Site without sacrifice! Sharp weight relief is also harmful. The optimal amount is 1.5-2 kg per week.

3 dinner for two with free

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The problem of obesity is becoming increasingly acute in the modern world. On the shelves of shops are offered a huge amount of delicious, high-calorie and fragrant products that attract gourmets and sweets.

People do not notice that they consume much more products than their body need, so they do not think about how to stop there is a lot. Permanent overeating leads to excess weight and health problems. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with the reasons for increased appetite and how to reduce it, as well as in methods that allow you to stop cracking.

  • How to understand what you overeat
  • It is quite simple to understand that a person consumes more than food. The easiest way is to calculate the calorie norm, after which the amount of food eaten is estimated.
  • Attention!
  • Overbinding for holidays is an increasing situation, but if a person consumes a lot of food on weekdays, it is an alarming symptom.
  • Signs of overeating
  • The main symptoms of such an unpleasant state include:
  • heaviness in the stomach;
  • reluctance to move, so after making food, people usually prefer to sleep or sit on the sofa;
  • increased gas formation;
  • disorders associated with the digestive system, for example, diarrhea, heartburn, nausea or vomiting;
  • abdominal pain;
  • weight gain;

insomnia, leading to drowsy and sluggish state;

Frequent meal, and a person eats even in the absence of hunger;

increasing portions;

C 2019 CROSS.EXPERT Scientific Consultant. lack of control over their own appetite;

uncontrolled meals, for example, while watching TV, computer games or other routine action;

Depression associated with a sense of guilt from consumption of a large number of food.

Such symptoms can not be ignored, so the cause of the problem is initially determined. If you cannot cope with your own, you have to contact the doctors to stop cracking a lot of harmful products.

Calorie consumption rate Overiction is easily detected by calculating calories. Based on human activity, it is determined how many calories need to be consumed during the day to preserve their body weight, lose weight or straw. For this, every meal is recorded.
Special counters installed on the calorie are used to count the calorie or computer, and you can also count the indicator manually on paper.
  • If a person exceeds its norm, then this suggests serious problems. To stop burning a lot of food, you will have to increase activity or constantly count calories.
  • Frequent causes of gluttony
  • Certain with uncontrolled overeating is possible only after determining the reason for the appearance of such a state. They are presented in several species.
  • Classification
  • The reasons
  • Serious diseases, such as diabetes mellitus.
  • Lack of vitamins, causing a false feeling of hunger.
  • Food disorders, which are a consequence of incorrect weight loss in the past.
  • Dependence on food, which is similar to the need for drugs or nicotine.
  • Problems with serotonin production.
  • Social
  • The presence of numerous food shops and catering establishments.
Desire to try harmful and advertised products.
  • The cult of food, produced from childhood with improper upbringing from parents.
  • Unwillingness to offend the owner, covered by a festive table for guests.
  • Greed, forcing a person to eat all the portion in the restaurant or sweep the products in the refrigerator so that they do not spoil.
  • The constant use of rigid diets, in which the meager amount of calories is consumed, but such behavior leads to breakdowns and overeating.

Refusal to strict power regime, so in the morning people refuse breakfast, but for dinner eat a lot of food.


Lack of confidence in its attractiveness due to existence of excess weight.


  • Regular nervous breakdowns or stress.
  • Food acts as a reward for any achievement.
  • Any reason requires competent and timely treatment. Otherwise, a person will not be able to cope with appetite, which leads to a significant increase in weight, deterioration of self-esteem and depression. Therefore, the recommendations of psychologists, coaches and nutritionists are taken into account, thanks to which you can stop there.
  • How to stop a lot there
  • Overbinding is a common problem with which you can cope with your own at the first stage.

C 2019 CROSS.EXPERT Scientific Consultant. For this, the rules are taken into account:

It is impossible to eat before bedtime, so it is desirable to eat 3 hours before sleep;

During meals, it is necessary to concentrate on dinner or dinner, so it is forbidden to watch TV or read;

delivery for 1990 rubles.

unnecessary snacks are eliminated;

  • Food should not act a reward or incentive;
  • Refusal to receive fast food or semi-finished products, as the food prepared by its own does not contain harmful additives that enhance appetite.
  • It is desirable not to eat in the first 15 minutes after returning home, because fatigue is often the cause of increment.
  • How to stop eat sweets

The main reason for the extension set is to use high-calorie products. These include different sweets represented by chocolates, ice cream, cakes, cakes and other similar goods. They are sold in each store, and also affect the variety of tastes and colors. Some people cannot imagine life without sweet, and they use it literally every day.

To stop a lot there and gradually refuse sweets, you can adhere to the recommendations:

Sugar added to tea or coffee is replaced by a small amount of honey;

Instead of sweets, dried fruits or ordinary fruits are purchased;

  • In modern stores there are whole departments dedicated to diet products that have a pleasant taste and aroma, but do not contain as part of sugar or other harmful components; When visiting the movie, popcorn is replaced with a small pack of nuts.
  • Over time, dependence on sugar will be held, so people will be able to abandon the use of high-calorie and sweet products. How to stop eat and start lose weight
  • There are many opportunities to improve physical form, make meals and abandon harmful products. These include:
  • Phytotherapy . It lies in the use of special networks and seas based on plants. They reduce appetite, so regular overeating is prevented. These infusions include flax, alha, dill and cumin.
  • Aromatherapy . If in the apartment to create an optimal atmosphere and take advantage of aromatic mixtures, then they will act soothing. This reduces the appetite and forget about food.
  • Massage . It can be done independently, affecting special points on the face or other parts of the body. Effectively use the circular movements above the upper lip.

Psychological self-confederation

. This method allows you to cope with excessive food intake. For this you have to use self-deception and imaginary restrictions.

Slow Beeing Foods

How to start less

. If a person will use a small portion for a long time, he will simply be bored, so he will refuse additive. But during meals it is impossible to read the book, watch TV or sit at the computer.

  • Establishing a power system . You need to eat strictly on schedule. It is advisable to abandon harmful snacks or feeding snacks on the go. In order not to feel a feeling of hunger, you have to eat about 6 times a day.
  • Such methods are well suited for people who realize their problem, trying to cope with her on their own. Tips of nutritionists and psychologists
  • If independently a person cannot cope with overeating, then he has to use the help of doctors. Psychologists advise:
  • Psychotherapeutic Food Correction It is proposed to people suffering from overeating and bulimia when a person cannot control the amount of food eaten. Therapy is carried out only by a psychologist who helps to adjust the installation, correct thinking and refer to the process of eating the food process, eliminating food cult.
  • Art therapy . It allows you to visually show people what is happening with their organism as a result of overeating and increasing the mass. It causes disgust and disappointment, so people think about the need to change food behavior.

Gestalt therapy

. Presented by a comprehensive treatment procedure, which consists in solving problems in many ways, but not overheating. People must accept that solving different difficulties in life with food is simply impossible.

  • Discussions
  • . They are held in a group where people are divided by their problems, achievements and desires. Due to feedback and socialization, the process of improving food behavior is accelerated.
  • Cognitive, provocative, rational or explanatory psychotherapy
  • . These methods allow you to form a right attitude towards weight loss and food intake.
  • If therapy does not cope with the problem, medication treatment is appointed.
  • Nutritionists advise adhere to recommendations:
  • adoption of special natural additives that reduce appetite, such as bitter chocolate, salmon or cottage cheese;
  • Replacing sweetness dry fruits or honey;

an increase in physical activity;


movement after each adoption;

adopting enzyme additives;

an increase in the amount of water driving;

eating only eating their own preparation;

Refusal of fatty or fried dishes.

If you follow the advice of specialists, any person can get rid of the increasingness, to establish food, increase activity and increase self-esteem.

Overeating is a serious problem of modern people associated with the availability of harmful food, as well as with social or mental problems. To stop much there, you have to use the help of not only nutritionists or sports coaches, but also psychologists.

1. Eat alone

If a person is distracted while eating and does not pay attention to his portion, he eats more. During the viewing of the television, the servings increase, on average, by 14%, and when communicating with friends - by 18%.

To be satisfied, it is not enough to put food into the stomach, the process itself is important. You must see food, feel her smell and taste. When you eat behind the wheel, while reading or conversation, the brain is busy with these tasks and does not receive food data. As a result, the appetite is maintained much longer.

Eat alone, set aside your smartphone, turn off the TV. Concentrate on food and your feelings from it, and you will feel the saturation much earlier.

2. Find your portion

If you can't concentrate each time on food, try to find your portion and focus on it.

Highlight the time and arrange the intake of food. Watch your feelings during meals and stop there, as soon as you feel saturation. Remember how a suitable portion looks like, and use it as a reference.

3. Do not refuse immediately from all your favorite food.

To do this, the Will iron is needed. But even it does not help if the external circumstances are against you. Stress and fatigue can destroy your self-control, you will blend and act according to the principle: "Burnt the shed, burn and hut."

Shoot the focus on consuming healthy food, but sometimes let yourself have delicious high-calorie products.

There is nothing wrong with eat a piece of pizza, ice cream or chocolate, if the rest of the day you eat healthy food. It will help you to stay from breakdowns at first and get used to the right nutrition.

Change the food habits gradually. Sometimes let yourself be delicious high-calorie food so as not to break.

4. Eat more fiber

Add to the diet more non-housing vegetables and fruits rich in fiber: grapefruit, lettuce leaves, cabbage, broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell pepper.

Water and dietary fibers will ensure a sense of saturation, and low calorie will not give you to go for its norm. In addition, all listed fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins.

5. Do not eat factory packaging

We decided to pamper themselves with chips - pour into the bowl exactly as much as you want to eat, and the package will be removed away. Bought a bucket of ice cream - lay out 100-150 grams into a vase, and send the rest to the freezer. So you will be easier not to lose control.

6. Reduce stress

Prolonged stress increases appetite and craving for high-calorie food. Under the action of stress hormones rapidly increases fat in the waist area, and weight loss becomes a difficult task.

We can not always affect external events, but in our power to change their reaction to them. Try relaxation and respiratory techniques to combat short-term stress. Redighten the brain with meditation, get positive emotions from exercise.

Stress leads to overeating and preserving fat. Burn with stress with the help of various techniques and exercise.

7. Enter the Magazine

3. Do not refuse immediately from all your favorite food.

Record everything you ate during the day: Basic meals, snacks, drinks.

To keep a diary food, you will have to control your portions. This control will not allow you to mindlessly unite, even if you are not going to revise your diet. In addition, the magazine will show which moments you are prone to overeat, and what products make up most of your diet.

8. Do not eat with those who commemorate

If you can't get there alone, at least choose people with useful food habits.

People tend to make harmful food "for the company". If your interlocutor eats two bigmaks with a liter of cola, you are more likely to let yourself eat anymore and also order anything harmful.

9. Add more protein

High flow food helps to control appetite. Cook breakfast with a high protein content, and you do not remember food to the lunch itself.

Turn on the protein to each food reception, add eggs, chicken, milk and cottage cheese, red fish, tuna, legumes to your diet. In addition to the main techniques, you can prepare high-facular snacks.

10. Choose low-glycemic index products

When you eat food with the content of carbohydrates, the level of sugar is increased in the blood - glucose. The greater the level of glucose after receiving food, the higher the glycemic product index (GI).

Products with high gi reduction saturation, causing you to eat more. In addition, carbohydrates from such products are quickly absorbed, so you will soon want to eat again.

The highest mean values ​​of white bread and baking, sugar and sweets, starchy vegetables: potatoes and corn (popcorn, cornflakes).

11. Replace sweet drinks on water

Sweet soda is not for nothing for sale in fast food networks: it increases appetite. If we replace the usual water to sweet drinks, you risk eating 7.8% more. In addition, sweet drinks increase the day consumption of calories, create a risk of type 2 diabetes, excess weight and obesity.

12. Understand what is renewable

Overeating is characteristic of people after stress, in a state of anxiety, longing and boredom. Poor mood makes people choose a calorie delicious food to distract from negative experiences and improve psychological state.

3. Do not refuse immediately from all your favorite food.

Awareness of the problem is the first step towards its solution. When you again pulls me to eat after stress or boredom, try to improve the mood differently: go for a walk, arrange a homework, call a friend.

Find out whether your overeating is connected with a boredom and bad mood. Find a way to improve your mood without food.

13. Replace bad habits for useful

Check if you have habits that provoke overeating. Maybe you are accustomed to eat ice cream in front of the TV or a long time to sit at the table, communicating with the family and pass the sandwiches and sweetness.

It is not necessary to abandon your habits if they give you pleasure. Try a bit to change them: replace ice cream on delicious tea, and sweets and sandwiches - on fruit slicing.

14. Replace part of carbohydrates for fats

Food rich in fats longer maintains a sense of saturation compared to high-body food.

If you are prone to atherosclerosis, do not get carried away by saturated fats from butter and sala. Add more products with unsaturated fats: nuts, fatty fish, avocado. In any case, avoid transgins from the purchase of baking and fastofud.

Reduce the number of rapid carbohydrates, replacing them with fats. So you will continue the satiety longer and you will not have a snack before the next eating.

Psychological15. Consider your weaknesses

Some are put on the sweet, others cannot live without baking or potatoes fr. Think what kind of calorie products make you lose your head, and do not keep them at home anymore. To fill the gap in the snacks, make sandwiches with a tuna, fruit cutting, banana dessert, white yogurt and nuts and other useful dishes. If you cannot live without sweets and chips, at least remove them from the table in the closet, to pass by by automatically not to hook a handful of harmful meals. 16. Call for help If you can not cope with overheating on your own, lose control, eat without feeling hunger and eat up to the dump, contact a psychiatrist for help. Timely treatment will help you avoid excess weight and do not reach Bulimia.

If stress is associated with traumatic events in the past, seek help to a psychotherapist - it will help find out the roots of the problem and cope with it. 9 ways to reduce the amount of food consumed "How to force yourself to stop there a lot?"

- This question may seem unusual. However, it is he who worries many women with overweight (moreover, the formulation of the issue may be more categorical, for example,

"How to stop cracking?"

  • ).
  • According to the Center for the Control and Prevention of Diseases, in recent years there has been an increase in the number of people suffering from obesity. The reasons for this disease can be different, but in many cases the usual leads to it
  • overeating

. Instead of eating food when a man is hungry, he eats and for any other "reasons" - he could not pass by a tasty smelling baking, ate a hamburger from boredom, ice cream from stress, chocolate from depression (if interesting, there is an answer to the question, Why we want chocolate) ... and women have another "excuse" to overeat that they enjoy once a month, "PMS (just sometimes he is" delayed ").

How to doubt the unreasonable desire to eat something tasty not for the sake of the sink of hunger, but just for the sake of pleasure? Or just not to eat "superfluous"? What do you need to cope with this fucking: Willpower

Small plates

Useful habits

Water will help less

Rules of moderate nutrition 1. During the day Drink simple water

Learn to understand what you are

. It will fill the stomach and you will feel the satiety much faster. 2. Include feed dishes in the menu, but not those that simply contain many calories. Eat less oily, sweet food, refuse fast food / semi-finished products. No matter how banal it sounds, but the rule really works. Instead of dense, calorie food, choose dishes that contain vegetable fibers and proteins in large quantities. So you will faster that the stomach is filled. As for the addiction to sweet, this is a separate and very important conversation. For many sweet teeth, this is a real problem. Read how to overcome the dependence on the sweet, we will cope together!

3. Stop there, as soon as you felt The first signs of satiety . Watch it towards identifying "signals" that gives your body when the stomach is full (usually, it is an emerging severity in the stomach and the dullness of food receptors - the federated food person seems less appetizing than hungry). As soon as you recognized them - throw away the rest on the plate and exit from the table.

4. Start something to do if you eat from

boredom . For example, instead of eating a pack of chips in front of the TV, agree on a meeting with the girlfriend, visit the pool or just go for a walk in the nearest park. Any active actions will distract you from a false feeling of hunger. 5. And if it is not boredom to the refrigerator, but

Stress or experience ? Here will help the realization that food - will not solve the problem. The cake is not a way out, it will not bring you absolutely no benefit. Get the habit or ritual that will help you relax. For example, when you can't find yourself places, do what time you could not allocate time, - do wellness procedures, make a mask, aromatherapy session, take a relaxing bath (by the way, you can combine pleasant with useful: for example, a bath with Soda not only calms, but also promotes weight loss). As an option - you can try to take your hands with "metia" of a stressbole or make self-massage with a special anti-stress ring sold in a pharmacy.

6. Another effective way to protect yourself from the temptation to eat is superfluous -

eliminate these temptations

. Do not hold in the refrigerator a lot of "delicious". After all, even simply the appearance of some snacks can easily reduce all the power of will. In the same point, the rule: do not go to the shop hungry so as not to buy extra. 7. Eat more often, but smaller portions

. This is also a capital truth for all losing weight. But for some reason, the knowledge before this rule is observed. Small - and healthy! - The snacks will allow you to feel energy all day. While a dense dinner can cause drowsiness, and then also require "continuing a banquet."

Breaks between meals pick up individually under your own body. As a rule, it is 2-3 hours.

8. Reduce the size of the portion cuts. A peculiar trick: the brain will "think" that you ate the usual steak, and in fact you prepared his grams for 30-50 smaller.

9. Caunt

Diary in which you are taken into account eaten. It will help to evaluate your menu and find those places in which your food is far from rational. According to the results of the analysis of records, conduct "work on errors". It seems that too many rules and prohibitions? But believe me, excellent well-being, vigor and good mood that will give you a healthy diet, cost that! Start executing the rules right now and the results will not wait to wait.

Try to eat small portions

And it can also be useful to find like-minded people. Understand that this problem is not only you. Create or enter the motivational group in VKontakte or Facebook, give public promise in social networks and publish reports on its observance: another will be interested in watching your "marathon", and you yourself will receive an additional stimulus not to open the fridge once again.

The book is how to start to eat right and not to overeat

And once again about motivation. Here I know everything in theory, all rules can retell all the rules, but the invisible switch works in the head and I go beyond the cookie to coffee. When I catch myself on this several times in a couple of days, I understand that the time came to take the book. In my case, this "Manual" is the same name "How is less. We overcome the food dependence "Gillian Riley (you can buy it on the site of the Myth publishing house, in a labyrinth, in ozone).

I do not know how to others, but it acts perfectly on me: it charges with enthusiasm, fills patience, awakens


(Namely awareness helps us to see the triggers provoking the immeasurable consumption of calories). Look, maybe she will help you take control of your food habits. True, for me, reading only works with paper, in electronic form you tried to read - not at all.

Good luck! You are on the right track!

Love for delicious food is normal. But it happens that edible joy becomes the main sense of life, and attacks of hunger literally drive away. We tell how to stop depending on the meal - and keep your body in shape. Note: We are not about diet - we are about female lifehaki and a healthy lifestyle.

1. Drinking water

Would you like to eat again? Or maybe still drinking? Often, our brain takes dehydration for hunger. Drink clean water. They say if pouring it into a beautiful glass - will be tastier. Personally, the water does not get into me even from the Golden Cup, so I add a mint twig or lemon slice into drink.

Editor's Council:

Ginger root accelerates metabolism and will not be superfluous in your cup.

2. Clean your teeth

Yes, right in the mid day. I have four types of toothpaste for such cases: chocolate mint, with strawberries, jasmine and - the most beloved - nursery, with the taste of Coca-Cola. Even if you are at work: do not care that the ladies will think in the restroom. But you will not make you grow up from the ramp of the rolls inadvertently. And another bonus is a snow-white smile.

3. Always breakfast

In the morning cook laziness. But, skipping the morning reception of food, you risks move at lunch and dinner. Breakfast charges energy and improves performance by 30%! Especially such an appetizing, as in the chefmarket 😉

Editor's experience:

Taking advantage of the advice above, I would grow up. It's a shame! Only then understood what's the matter. Eating rather satisfying, but honestly, boring empty porridge and coming to work in an hour and a half after breakfast, I snapped with something helpful. But even dietary food is calories, and daily double breakfasts affected by my scales. Now I live differently: to "turn on" the body, immediately after awakening I drink a glass of water, and about half an hour my little morning joy happens - sooo delicious breakfast. Hunger does not attack the lunch itself!

4. Stop staring at # Cooking

Instagram is picked by images of appetizing dishes. Pictures are such bright, delicious, filtered ten editors - why ice cream glitters still creamy, and fried potatoes already crouch in your thoughts. Stop! Out of sight, out of mind. Look better on yourself in the mirror.

5. Reduce fast carbohydrates

You can fit into your daily calorieness, but if your diet for the most part consisted of chocolates, marmalands, flour and other quick carbohydrates - wait for troubles. Sweet provokes an insulin flash, and after 30 minutes a wild need to eat even appears. Getting used to get fast sugar, the body enters the strongest dependence - and no willing power will help here. Therefore, replace fast carbohydrates with fiber: it is in almond, apples, muesli, carrots, grapefruit is so tasty.

6. There are right sweets

Oh yes, cookies, candy and other insidious delicacies turn us into zombies. Unlike quick carbohydrates, the protein suppresses appetite and saturates for a larger period. Of course, chewing at the computer chicken breasts and eggs - the idea is not very. But there is a way out: from proteins and low-fat milk, you can make it possible to make various desserts, even ice cream. Google.

7. Stretch

You may have just frozen - and the body requires calories for warming. Get lost to warmer, drink a cup of hot tea. You can add a frozen strawberry: there are very few calories in it, and the aroma is mmm! And the joyful conclusion of tea drinking is a berry to shove.

Editor's Council:

If one tea drinks is completely sad and tastefully, bite it with a little Irisa. Well, so be - two iris. In one thing - only 20 kcal: do not make up.

8. Play sports

Sad? Boring? Jort? All problems will solve the sport. Get on yoga or power exercises, or run on a bike, or go to the gym and run on an ellipsoid (it, unlike the treadmill, is harmless to the back). During the sport, there is no time to fiercely desire deals, nor even think about food.

9. Chew slower

They say, because of the table you need to get up with a light feeling of hunger. All because saturation comes only 30 minutes after meals. Why hurry? Chew carefully, feel the taste, enjoy the meal. So you eat less, but the pleasure will get much more. Ideally, you need to eat every 3-4 hours in small portions to keep the feeling of satiety all day.

10. Take a shower


Chocolate mousse, fruit jelly, melon sorbet ... This is not food - and incredible cosmetic products with captivating flavors and tasty consistency, which you can try without harm for the figure. My last find is a cream soap scrub with a taste of ginger cookies. Seriously like in paradise!

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