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Freedom - free shopping for Android in games and applications!

Freedom program on AndroidGood day, visitors to! Want to buy full versions of applications on Android, make the purchase of resources in mobile android games and at the same time do not pay anything? Then you need to take advantage of the function of such a program as Freedom which allows:

  • Emulate the purchase of full versions of android programs - free
  • Remove the limit of Lite versions of applications, thereby removing advertisements or expand their functions
  • Implement a free purchase of the necessary resources (money, gold, life ...) inside the application or game (in-app Billing)

Freedom (Frido) will bypass Market license check (LVL)! However, root rights are needed to function this application (superuser rights). Freedom works on Android devices from version 2.2.

How to use Freedom?

Freedom's use is quite simple to use:

  1. Download Freedom
  2. Install on android and run First launch program
  3. Provide root rights Providing root rights program by Frido
  4. Click "Menu" and click the Start button Start of the Freedom application
  5. Choose the necessary application or game from the list;
  6. We are waiting for a while Running the desired program via FreedomAnd in the already open appendix you can make purchases for free!
  7. After completing all purchased actions, you need to return to Frido and click the "Stop" button Stop app

The last item is obligatory when you need to go to PlayMarket!

That's all the instructions for working with the Freedom program, as you can see - nothing is difficult.

How to delete Freedom application?

Mandatory conditions for the safe removal of the program "Fridom" are:

  1. Go to the program and using the "Menu" button - click the "Stop" button; Stop app
  2. Go to "Settings? Applications? Downloadable? Find Freedom? Stop (forcibly) "; Freedom stop and painless removal from the device
  3. "Delete Freedom";
  4. Finish, the application is painlessly removed.

If you do not fulfill the last condition before removing the application, you will not work the Play Market application store, do not forget about it! On this today, everything, if questions arise - write, we will understand!

Freedom 1.0.7j free download

Freedom 1.8.4 free download


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You can bypass this restriction, if you use on the device running Android Payment emulator - Freedom program. It will help to bypass licenses, allowing you to enroll in the account of the in-game currency - gold, bonuses and their equivalents invented by developers. And also be able to emulate the purchase of full versions, remove the limitations of Lite versions, expand the functionality and remove advertising.

Features of the program

Such a program gives almost unlimited possibilities in the development and passage of the game. But for this you need to observe a number of conditions:

  • The android version must be above 2.2;
  • provide root rights;
  • You need to have an open account on Google Play and Google Service Framework.

Also worth considering, on different versions of the device, the Freedom will be different. It can be blocked antivirus applications. And after the wrong closure, the market or other applications that are not closed at the time of removal will be able to stop working.

Among the advantages is a small size, the downloaded file weighs near the megabyte.

Screenshot number 1.

Program installation

In order to install the program, you need to download the utility and run it. To do this, click on the file with the extension .ark. When starting, the following features may appear:

  • Installation takes quite a long time, 10-15 minutes, as it goes through all the installed programs and applications;
  • At the login, a request for root access will appear, it is necessary to provide it;
  • When the installations end, click "Start".

How to use Freedom

Use the application is simple, it does not require a special setup.

  1. From the list of applications already installed on the phone, choose the desired one.
  2. We are waiting for the completion of emulation.
  3. After the end of this process, a list of applications will appear in which it is possible to use the program.
  4. In the open window, go to the game shop and perform an action - buying or making funds.
  5. To confirm the card, I introduce the FREECARD XXX-XXXX (its appearance means that the program is ready to work).
  6. Having finished the purchase, return to Freedom;
  7. Returning to the program, click the "Stop" item.

You need to pay special attention to the next item, as the subsequent correct operation of PlayMarket depends on this.

Screenshot number 1.

How to delete the program

If you are tired of using free services, you can remove Freedom. You need to perform this process correctly that fails do not occur during subsequent operations of the services and even entering the network. Removal procedure Next:

  • enter the program;
  • Press "stop" ";
  • Go to the "Setup" section;
  • Go to "Applications" - "downloaded" - "Frido" and stop the work forcibly;
  • After that, delete the program.

Pay special attention to the forced stopping of the application before removing. Otherwise, applications (especially Market) may not work correctly.

Screenshot number 2.

Possible problems

For the program, it is necessary that all Google applications are installed on the smartphone. Only so will be able to make a purchase.

It should be borne in mind that it works not on all games and it is worth making sure that the necessary game is included in the list of listed. Otherwise, emulation will occur, but the purchase will not be done.

With offline games and services, the program works by 99%. But in some cases, the purchase is possible in online games for acquiring the game currency and internal upgrades.

How to use Freedom on "Android"? What are the features? You will find answers to these and other questions by reading our article. Freedom is a program that allows you to download paid versions of applications (games), absolutely free. With it, you can also purchase paid extensions on already available applications (games), without making purchases so such.

What makes Freedom?

Before talking about how to use Freedom, it is worth considering cases when this program is required.

How to use Freedom Program for Android

The utility is used when:

  1. It is necessary to create an emulation of the acquisition of full versions of applications (games) for "Android" on a fee, free of charge.
  2. Get rid of advertising and other restrictions by removing the application (game) with Lite version, free.
  3. Make purchases inside the application (games), free.

The principle of Freedom is such that the program allows us to bypass the licensed use of paid software and games. It should be borne in mind that in order to work with this application, the superuser rights are needed (root-right).

Working with the program

How to use Freedom on "Android"? Instructions for using this application:

  1. Go to Play Market.
  2. Find the Freedom application.
  3. Download and install this application.
  4. Confirm the provision of root rights (superuser).
  5. After downloading, click Select Freedom application.
  6. Click on the menu.
  7. Select "Start".
  8. From the list to select the application you need for free licensing (game).
  9. Wait until Freedom processes the data of the selected application (games).
  10. After processing, the full version of the selected application (games) is loaded.
  11. Once all the necessary actions have been completed, you must again open the Freedom application and click on the "Stop".

While the last item is not executed, it will be impossible to go to Play Market.

Features of this utility

How to use Freedom utility for android

We have already found out how to use Freedom. This application is perfect for avoy players. Through Freedom, you can pump your character, increase the amount of gold and other necessary resources. You can open hidden paid locations, to acquire temporary goods (for a certain time) and not pay.

This program is completely free. You can also remove advertising during the game or using the application, just running it parallel to Freedom.

Do not forget to leave this application, at the end of use. Since finding the Freedom does not allow to run stores, including on Android in Play Market.

This application is currently the only one of its kind and is official. All that is needed is to confirm the provision of data of the root user (superuser) and enjoy free paid applications and paid features of free applications.

How to use Freedom

This program is not particularly known in view of what is well advertised. Therefore, many users simply do not know about its existence, as well as on the possibility of free to launch paid versions of games.

Nuances of use on "Android"

This application works far from each version of Android. It runs on versions above Android 2.2. The version of the operating system of your smartphone can be viewed in the settings in the "Device Information" tab.

Lovers play on the devices under the control of the green robot android and not only, well know how to use Freedom and in-game shopping. Killing the hordes of zombies, you are offered to buy glasses or excellent M16 for your blood. The trend of conditionally free games actively offers you bonuses, at the expense, which publishers receive their profits.

Freedom program review

The use of such programs as: Gamekiller, Gamecih, Game Guardian and Freedom on Android will help to bypass the Market's license and with the help of an in-game purchase emulation will credit you for free gold, silver, valuable items and other gaming good. By deceiving the system, you will not have to spend honestly earned money.

Features of utilities and problems of use

  • For the functioning of the Freedom application on Android, you must have a user's root right, without root of rights, the successful use of Frida is impossible.
  • In addition, you must have Google Service Framework, the Google Play Store itself. The project is actively developing, but bugs are possible on some models of smartphones.
  • If you have any questions and problems in using Freedom, you can contact the support log file in the Sappport. The log file will help figure out the essence of the problem and correct the bug in the next version of the program.
  • When working, such a problem may appear as not a work market or the impossibility of connecting to the network. This problem may occur due to incorrect (hard, via processes manager) closing the application, also when the market is installed on the memory card, or when it is installed as a system supplement.
  • Antiviruses and Firewalls can also block the normal operation of the program, so they should be checked right away. For the proper functioning of Freedom, you must only be installed original .apk.
  • The market is also needed original, otherwise the performance of the application is not guaranteed.
  • When removing a program from your smartphone, it is necessary to make STOP in the processes, otherwise different errors may occur in the work of the market and the device as a whole.

Free shopping in games using Freedom

Interface Frido

  • Download our utility called Freedom and install it on your smartphone.
  • The first launch can take from the pair to 10-15 minutes. The program is looking for suitable applications on your device.
  • After completing the scanning, we will see a list of installed games where it is possible to make the emulation of this purchase.
  • Select the desired game from the list and go to launch. Freecard should appear, which marks the possibility of using the Freedom utility.
  • It is in the game that freecard will appear, with which we will buy things. Freedom will deceive the system and will allow to receive items completely free.

In 99% of cases, our program only works with offline games and services, but extremely rarely rolls with online services and games. Once again I would like to remind you that the program does not allow free purchase of games, only in-game free purchase of items and the game currency are possible.

How to use Freedom Program We have disassembled, it will help you enjoy games for all 100%, without spending extra money. The passage will be more interesting, and the gameplay is cooler and more dynamic. The main thing when installing and removing clearly follow the instruction to work as follows.

If you can't do anything yourself, we advise you to contact an ambulance computer assistance -, reasonable prices, experienced specialists, free challenge and diagnostics.

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