Sildenafil: side effects, contraindications

Sildenafil: side effects, contraindications

Sildenafil is an inexpensive drug to increase and extend potency. Applied 1 tablet per hour before sexual contact. Side effects are minimal, while receiving can lead to a minor change in pressure, dizziness, tide of blood.


Description and main characteristics

Sildenafil is a drug used by men to increase potency. Contains the same-name substance, produced in the form of granules with different dosage of the main component - from 35 to 140.5 mg in 1 pc. The most famous brand of the drug, which also includes Sildenafil - "Viagra".

The remedy is released from pharmacies only if there is a recipe. The shelf life is 3 years from the date of production. It is necessary to store under standard conditions - a dark place, temperatures up to 25 degrees.

Indications for the use of Sildenafil tablets

The tool is applied by coordination with the doctor if there are problems with the erection (complete absence or short potency). Using effectively only in the presence of sexual stimulation. Therefore, reception outside of sexual contact will not give the result.


The use of "Silentiff" has a rather wide list of contraindications:

  • increased sensitivity to the active ingredient or auxiliary components of the drug;

  • severe violations in the liver;

  • reduced pressure (less than 90/50);

  • Recently transferred pathologies associated with impaired blood circulation of the brain;

  • recently suffered myocardial infarction;

  • Phenylkeneurium;

  • loss of vision on one eye;

  • Hereditary retinal dystrophy;

  • simultaneous reception with "amylnitrite", nitrates and other nitrogen oxide donators;

  • Simultaneous use with Ritonavir preparation;

  • Children under 18.

There are other contraindications. For example, the drug is not recommended for the use of men who should not lead an active sexual life due to severe heart failure.

With caution of funds, hypertensive with pressure above 170/100, as well as in the presence of:

  • strong arrhythmia that threatens life;

  • Left ventricular obstruction;

  • states that predispose to the prit;

  • Ischemic neuropathy of the optic nerve;

  • Anatomical deviations of penis (deformation, disease Peyroni and others).

Side effects

In some cases (often on the background of overdose), minor side effects are possible:

  • dyspepsia;

  • dizziness;

  • headache;

  • feeling of nasal congestion;

  • blood tides;

  • temporary vision problems;

  • noise in ears;

  • Hypersensitivity reactions.

In rare cases, observed:

"Sildenafil": instructions for use

The drug is taken inside and pick up a small amount of water. Standard single dosage - 50 mg per hour before sexual contact. With an insufficient effect, the dosage of mono increases 2 times (provided that normal tolerability and the absence of contraindications). The maximum number per day is 100 mg, the frequency of use is 1 time per day.

For elderly people installed the same dosages. At the same time, the daily rate of reception can be adjusted in the presence of individual diseases:

  1. Disorders of kidney functions - 25 mg.

  2. Violations of liver functions - 25 mg.

  3. Simultaneous reception with other means of a series of "ketoconazole", "Cimetidin" (except Ritonavir), Eritoromycin - up to 25 mg.

These limitations are not "tough". In case of insufficient effect, the daily dosage can be gradually increased to 50 mg, then up to 100 mg.

Cases overdose

Reception in the amount of up to 200 mg per day did not cause an overdose. However, on the background of overdose (more than 100 mg), temporary problems with vision, feeling of stagnation in the nose, dizziness, blood tides, head pain and dyspepsia are possible.

If necessary, symptomatic treatment is prescribed, in extreme cases it is recommended to consult a doctor. At the same time, the conduct of hemodialysis in the event of an overdose does not result in the result, since Sildenafil cannot be removed by the kidneys.

Medicinal interaction

Sildenafil is contraindicated to simultaneously use with the Ritonavir means. When used in combination with ketoconazole, "erythromycin", "cimetidine" and other CYP3A4 enzyme inhibitors, it is necessary to reduce the daily dosage of Sildenafil to 25 mg.

special instructions

One-time applications are allowed without consulting a doctor with the exception of cases associated with severe pathologies of the cardiovascular system, kidneys or liver. With long-term use, the preliminary consultation of the specialist is shown.

In extremely rare cases, manifestations of cardiac instability are possible. In terms of overdose, myocardial infarction is not excluded, including with a fatal outcome. Complications may develop during sexual contact, after and even in the absence of it.

Sildenafil leads to the expansion of blood vessels, which implies a slight, reversible decrease in blood pressure. Therefore, on the eve of the reception, the doctor must estimate the possible risks associated with a decrease in pressure.

Sildenafil: price, analogues, reviews

The drug is distinguished by affordable - it stands several times cheaper "Viagra". Cost of packaging with granules 10 pcs. It is 200-400 rubles. The analogues include such funds:

  • "Viagra";

  • "Viatayl";

  • "Vivera";

  • "Vizarsin";

  • "VILDEG";

  • "Dynamic";

  • "Camastyl";

  • "Maxigra";

  • Olmaks Strong;

  • "Silden" and others.

The drug enjoys a certain popularity - there are mainly positive feedback in the network (they recommend about 64% of patients). From the advantages of buyers note the affordable price, fast and stable effect.

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