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Employee Day of the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation

The day of the employee of the prosecutor's office in Russia is celebrated on January 12. In the solemn part, all employees of the prosecutor's office will be involved, as well as students and teachers of law faculties.

By decree Boris Yeltsin in 1995, the employees of the prosecutor's office were awarded a professional holiday. The President sought to emphasize the importance of their profession and demonstrate respect for their work, therefore the day of the prosecutor was appointed.

Какие праздники 12 января 2020 года в России и мире

In the selected date, a certain symbolism is viewed. It was January 12 in 1722 the first institute of the prosecutor's office in Russia was opened. Peter the Great introduced new positions for the Senate. So the rank of general prosecutor and the Ober-Prosecutor appeared.

On the day of the employee of the prosecutor's office, it is customary to increase in positions and titles. Of course, outstanding merits should be preceded. The best workers are honored for good job awards. Employees can receive letters, material promotions. Some are honored by bad signs of the "Honorary Worker of the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation". If the authorities are quite work, you can get the "for impeccable service" icon. The media on January 12 congratulate the prosecutor's office with thematic programs, films, songs.

To take its place in the prosecutor's office and in the future, to celebrate the day of the prosecutor, you will have to get a higher education. To do this, go to the legal admission. When the device, the device will need to pass attestation.

The prosecutor's office is the autonomous branch of state power. Employees of this sphere are engaged in the implementation of the implementation by law, including the country provided for by the Constitution.

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Anician Day

Orthodox Christians in the church calendar 2019 on January 12 (December 30 - on the old style) accounts for the Day of Metting Saint Annia Solunskaya. In Russia, he is known as Ansin Day. At this time, as a rule, heard pigs and stuffed their stomachs (Kenduh), so the Anice Winter received also the penetration of the gastroinant.

Anise was born in the third century. Her parents were Christians from the Greek city of Soluni. Mother and Father died early, and the orphan anxia got a huge inheritance after them. At that time, the rules of Emperor Maximian, who subjected to believers in Jesus Christ the persecution, torture and executions. Knowing that wealth is not allowed to get to the kingdom of heaven, the anxia distributed inherited money and gave the will to his slaves. The girl sent her strength to help poor and orphans, as well as enclosed in custody Christians.

Какие праздники 12 января 2020 года в России и мире

In one day, the anxia went to the church to pray. She was surrounded by pagans, hurrying to their temple. After waiting until they pass, she was going to go further, but one of the guards drew attention to her. The girl frankly told him that he was heading to the Christian temple. He wanted to deliver it to the pagan church by force and forced there to commit the sacrifice. But the girl with the name of Christ on the mouth was able to escape. The angry warrior grabbed the sword and pierced the Christian. The dying anxia fell to the ground.

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Kidnaughter Day

This very unusual holiday in the Slavic pagan tradition is celebrated every year. The specific date may vary, but in the coming, 2019 (in 2020 and 2021 too) the kidnapped day is celebrated January 12. . He is dedicated to those who are ready to overcome any obstacles for the sake of love.

The pagan gods (which is characteristic not only for the Slavic tradition) possessed all human traits, were subject to passions and vices to the same degree as mortals. They happened both happy and not divided love, the gods often changed their wives, and the goddesses were husbands. The abduction of brides (or other people's wives) occurred in their environment, it happened that and right from the wedding celebration.

Какие праздники 12 января 2020 года в России и мире

The Slavs have the most famous and popular two legends associated with the abduction by God of their beloved.

In the first speech there is a love triangle, which arose in the era of the Kupala, which led to the conflict between Veles (patron of wisdom) and the Slavic Throughcomes Perun. Both of these God sought the favor of diwa-dodol, which was responsible in the Slavic Pantheon for fertility and precipitation (including thunderstorms).

The goddess chose Perun, but rejected Veles did not accept this choice. He managed to seduce Divou-Dodol and kidnap her. The result of their bond was the birth of the God of the Sun Yarilo, who daily makes the flying of the Necksery on a fiery chariot. Yarilo-Sun is considered a patron of youth and power.

Another legend who has become a reason for the annual celebration Kidnaughter Day , explains and change the seasons.

In the era of Lada, the grandson of Veles Jalbog loved the beautiful goddess Morane and married her.

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The Royal Astronomical Society is founded in England

From time immemorial, the consciousness of a man excited the night sky. The first prepositions of modern observatories appeared for many millennia BC. But professional observation and detailed study of the stroke of heavenly spheres became possible only after the scientific and technological revolution of the 18th and 19th centuries.

A special date on the way of becoming astronomy as a modern scientific discipline is January 12. 1820, when the Royal Astronomical Society was founded in England.

Какие праздники 12 января 2020 года в России и мире

The British Astronomical Community has become the 1st scientific and public organization in the walls that, both astronomers, specialists and lovers from most developed countries at the same time could share with their developments and hypotheses.

The public institute was created not only for scientific research, but also put the goal of promoting astronomy among young people, developing new and further improvement of existing instruments for opening, observing and identifying high-quality and quantitative characteristics of various celestial bodies.

The initiator of the organization was the famous British astronomer John Herschel.

In October 1819, he received a personal audience from George 3, convincing the monarch to reconcile her creation from the state treasury.

In 1820, the throne of Georg 4 initially wanted to stop government financing and even close the organization.

But at that time, astronomy was already too popular among the English aristocracy (even his son, the future emperor Wilhelm 4 often spent evenings from the telescope) and the attention of the monarch went to more urgent things.

In 1831

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Based voluntary sports society "Lokomotiv"

In 1918, the decision of the country's executive committee began to be implemented by the system of training the RSFSR citizens to the military craft. The purpose of the innovation was to create a single reserve, mobile and the most prepared capable of ensuring the replenishment of the series of the Red Army in the future. Within the framework of the "Community" (as in common, universal military training and sports training) were created circles of employment of the population based on the cult of health and physical education. The first of them were "Spartak", "Ant", "Komsomol Sports Fleet"; Already by the 30s and the number reached several dozen. Communities were enlarged, merging together to create a strong and ordered structure, and then again disintegrated into smaller independent formations. According to this principle, the voluntary sports society "Lokomotiv" January 12. 1936.

The idea of ​​creating a "locomotive" railroad workers were voiced in November 1835. The initiative to lightningly was picked up by workers, and after a month they approved the charter of the community and signed the documentation that establishes the Day of Communion on January 12 next year. The emblem was chosen appropriate - the large letter "L" and a traction locomotive, which looks out due to the letter.

Какие праздники 12 января 2020 года в России и мире

Interesting! Details, drawing and other logo strokes have undergone many changes over the year of the club's existence, but he himself remained in general, dozens of years, to this day, using the same name hockey and football formations.

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In Paris, signed a protocol on the ban of human cloning

Modern technologies allow growing genetically identical organisms (clones) on an industrial scale. Today, no one is surprised by "newly recreated" pets and rare plants. But the issue of human cloning is in a qualitatively different plane, as it affects many problems of an ethical, legal and religious nature.

For this reason January 12. In 1998, a protocol was signed in Paris about the ban of human cloning.

Какие праздники 12 января 2020 года в России и мире

The first successful experiments on identical technical reproduction (cloning) of individual cells of plant and animal organisms in laboratory conditions were recorded in the mid-70s of the 20th century.

But since most of these exquisitions were associated with the development of military technologies, the facts of successful cloning became a general public only after two decades.

By the mid-1990s, the British scientist managed to successfully reproduce the first mammal body, which was the sheep of the Scottish breed named Dolly.

Despite the early aging, Dolly lived 6 years (with the average life expectancy of the breed without a violent death in 20-25 years), so the experiment as a whole was considered successful.

Cloning dolly showed that without serious restrictions, artificial reproduction of a person from a plot for fantastic works can quickly become a reality.

Among the world community began active ideological debates.

Many countries held the corresponding social.

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Baptism of the Lord in Western Christians

In Orthodoxy, there are 12 church holidays dedicated to the Savior's Earth Life. One of them is baptism. This is an important event for humanity - after him, the Son of God began his missionary activity. Orthodox marks it on January 19, but the date of the celebration of the Baptism of the Lord from Western Christians is different.

Religious scientists and followers of the Orthodox Church exists the term "Western Christianity". It applies to the denominations arising in Western Europe: Roman Catholics, Protestants of different directions and older-liters. These religious currents can be found on all the most populated in the earth's mortgaths.

The Baptism of the Lord is connected with the ancient holiday of the Epiphany, which arose at the turn of the II and III, but was widely widespread in the east at the beginning of the IV century, and in the West a little later. It combined three facts from the life of Jesus: the birth, the worship of the priests, baptism and everywhere celebrated on January 6th. Soon, in the same age, there were changes - the Christmas of Christ became an independent celebration, celebrated on December 25th. The meaning of the Epiphany has changed: now he was associated with the worship of Magi and the sacrament, perfect by John the Baptist in the waters of Jordan. But it was not everywhere: in Egypt, they continued to celebrate these events as a single holiday.

What holidays on January 12, 2020 in Russia and the world

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