All important differences.

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Fish fat and Omega 3 - What is the difference?


Both of these substances we need

To properly work internal processes, a person needs energy in the form of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Most of them, the body is able to produce independently, providing all its needs. But there are also certain compounds that must come from outside, as they are considered indispensable and independently cells cannot be synthesized: it includes polyunsaturated Omega-3 acids.

In pharmacies, these compounds are sold both in a pure concentrated form and in the form of fish oil. They are similar among themselves in composition and appearance of the capsule, so many are interested in it is better to buy - omega-3 or fish oil? How to choose a drug and what is the difference between them?

What is common between omega 3 and fish fat?

Polyunsaturated acids (PNCC) are contained as in ω-3 (in essence, it is both) and fish oil, therefore their impact on their body is similar. They perform the following roles in the body:

  • promote accelerated tissue regeneration during injuries and inflammation;
  • improve the work of the heart and blood vessels, reducing cholesterol;
  • normalize the work of the immune system and prevent the spread of inflammation;
  • Participate in the regulation of the nervous system.

Both are an excellent source of polyunsaturated fatty acids. They are recommended to take leading doctors all over the world as an additive, since it is not always possible to get a daily rate of food.


Differences of fish oil

Fish fat contains a large number of useful fatty acids, including omega-3. It is obtained from the liver cod and other types of fatty fish.

His dignity

The benefits of regular reception of fish oil:

  • The vascular tone and blood pressure are normalized;
  • has some painkillers;
  • normalizes the metabolism;
  • strengthens hair and nails;
  • improves the color of the skin, prevents the exacerbation of skin diseases;
  • regulates carbohydrate exchange (which is especially important for people suffering from diabetes);
  • eliminates the lack of vitamin A and D.

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Fatty acids when entering air, they have an oxidic property, as a result of which their value is lost. Therefore, manufacturers produce fish oil in special capsules - thus the drug is better absorbed by the body and retains all its healing properties.

The most important difference between fish oil from Omega-3 is his more diverse composition. : It also contains orega 6 and 9, fat-soluble vitamins A and D. It is difficult to find a similar substance that has such an integrated effect on the human body system.

Disadvantages of fish oil

On the pharmacy shelf you can meet fish oil and for 30 and 300 rubles: these two drugs will differ significantly. It is necessary to pay attention to the concentration of ω-3-fatty acids: a tangible benefit can bring the drug, as part of which their number of at least 30%. If this data on the package is not spelled out, this may indicate the extremely small amount of fatty acids, or about their absence. Such a drug is not worth choosing, since the benefits will not be.

You ask how the fish oil may appear completely without PPGK? Everything is very simple: the fish either do not produce these acids themselves, but they get and accumulate from marine microalgae. Fish grown artificially, usually has limited access to such food and does not get this useful connection. The unscrupulous manufacturer may not pay attention to this fact, facry and sell such a depleted product.

Fish fat, which is sold in a pharmacy, usually has a high degree of cleaning. But in some cases, it may contain harmful impurities that are toxic to the body: for example, mercury, ammonia, etc. This is due to poor fish habitat, of which raw materials were mined, as well as poorly performed cleaning. A high-quality additive can be found in color: it has amber-yellow color, while a bad preparation has a dark brown color.

The obvious minus of traditional fish fat is its unpleasant smell and taste. Not everyone can put up with these factors.

In order to level the disadvantages described, manufacturers use several degrees of cleaning raw materials. In the online store presents just such drugs - a pharmacological degree of cleaning, and even with a pleasant smell! Buy fish oil on

Advantages and disadvantages of fish fat

Differences Omega-3

Polyunsaturated fatty acids are essential nutrients that use almost all human body systems. Their quantity in the daily diet must be maintained at a normal level. This will help prevent a wide range of diseases.


Omega-3 is part of fish fat, but with a separate method, the concentration of fatty acids increases in the diet - therefore their effects will be more pronounced. The influence of OMEGA on the body:

  • The number of triglycerides and cholesterol - excellent prevention of atherosclerosis;
  • normalize kidney function;
  • Improve the immune response - as a result, a person is less susceptible to various diseases;
  • In childhood, the child's growth is promoted;
  • Improve the quality of the skin: therefore, fatty acids primarily acquire women;
  • increase mental endurance, effective in the fight against stress;
  • accelerate wound healing;
  • Reduce the risk of depression and some other mental illness.

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A large amount of concentrated Omega-3 is made from marine and ocean fish of fatty varieties: mackerel, herring, cod. Also, fatty acids are contained in vegetable oils, chia and seaweed seeds. The daily rate for reception is one gram. The difference between fish oil and omega is that the latter are extrusion of fatty acids, so the drug does not contain toxic impurities .


Most often, the capsule from Omega-3 in its composition contains only three main types of fatty acids - alpha-linolen, docosahexaen and eikapentainene. The difference with fish fat is that in this case the drug does not contain vitamins and other beneficial substances.

If you get enough vitamins from other sources, then this minus is not terrible for you. All in the same can find excellent options for additives with the desired dosage for the convenience of use - one or two capsules per day. Buy fish oil on

Fish fat or Omega-3, what is better?

If you buy high-quality fish oil, then due to its rich composition, it is a more preferred additive. But it does not contain fatty acids of plant origin, so to replenish their deficit, you need to additionally take oils, flax seeds or chia. Ω-3-acids are good with their quality: less risk to purchase crude goods with harmful connections - in the production of raw materials passed thorough filtering.

The habitat of fish, which is used in the future for the manufacture of fish oil, is not always environmentally friendly, so the quality remains in question - it is necessary to find out whether it has passed additional cleaning. Take both additives immediately not needed: it is better to go to the choice with the mind to bring ourselves solely.

We have a separate article on how to choose the addition of an additive from Omega-3: Rating fish oil and omega-3 what better to buy.

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About the author:

Natalia Alexandrovna Lukina Pediatrician, Tyumen State Medical University

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We are accustomed to hearing that fish fat is very useful because it contains essential omega-3 fatty acids. But modern studies show that the benefit brings only correctly processed and carefully peeled fish oil. Let's figure out: what is the quality sources of Omega-3, how to choose them correctly and why the safety of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PNCH) is so important.

Pros and cons of drugs with Omega-3

How to find the best product and be confident in its security, benefits and efficiency? When the choice is too large, it becomes even more difficult to determine it. What, for example, the difference between fish oil from Omega-3 PPGK? What oil is more Omega-3? Where is omega-3? Why are some manufacturers offer omega-3 acids for 50 rubles, and others for several thousand? Who can believe and how to recognize among the whole manifold really high-quality PPGK?

It is time to figure out this question from and to - that your choice is competent and deliberate.

Omega-3 PPGK helps to form muscles, reduce weight and stabilize it, strengthen the nerves, protect the vessels and heart, improve vision and mental abilities, support the health of the reproductive system, and still perfectly affect the condition of hair, skin and nails. But all this is true only if we are talking about clean and high-quality omega-3.

Rely on the facts (and no marketing!)

If you just sort out and compare products with omega from different manufacturers, you can get confused in the abundance of information: each brand leads its arguments and convinces that its fish oil or Omega-3 concentrate is useful and worthy of choice.

The study of feedback on sites and forums is not helped: any product can be found both very positive and extremely negative responses. How then choose and from what to repel?

Everything is simple: We will rely on objective criteria and real facts . After all, no matter how promised advertising, and general quality standards exist for any product and are available in open information space. Go!

Proper Raw Materials - Wild Sea Fish

Omega-3 selection

One of the main issues that can be found on the forums: What is the difference between fish oil, linen oil and concentrate of the Omega-3 PNGK? True, on the packages of different dietary supplements you can see any of these wording - and all this seems to be the most polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids.

Reply immediately that really The high-quality source of Omega-3 can be considered only highly purified PNCH concentrates obtained from wilderly fish (preferably from northern latitudes) or deep sea algae .

Even fish from farms cannot be called a good source of Omega-3, since it feeds on a feed - and it not only includes fewer omega-3, but may also contain extremely harmful impurities: pesticides, heavy metals, antibiotics and hormones.

An interesting fact: Omega-3 PNCC is not produced in the organism of sea fish, it gets them with food - smaller fish, kille, etc., which, in turn, receive omega-3 from algae. Therefore, in the artificially grown fish, the maintenance of marine PPGK is much smaller.

But what did not fall flaxseed oil or ordinary food fish oil?

Although linseed oil is a very useful healing product, it does not contain two fatty acids for human health - DGK (docosahexaenic acid) and EPC (eikapentamentic acid). These acids play a crucial role in maintaining our health: view, brain, hormonal and cardiovascular systems. Without DGK and EPA, Omega-3 acceptance cannot be considered complete. Often, the producers of the dietary supplements write that linseed oil contains Alc (alpha-linolenic acid), from which our organism itself can synthesize the two Omega-3 acids mentioned above. However, it is worth considering an important nuance: our body and the truth can produce DGK and EPC from the Alc, but not more than 4-5% of the total number of Alc. It does not satisfy our daily need for these acids. That is why it is so important to get DGK and EPA with food or dietary supplements.

What will happen if taking Omega-3 based on linseed oil, without maritime PPGK? Nothing wrong. Only here the deficit of DGK and EPA will not be filled. You as did not receive, and you will not get enough of these acids - except that you begin there is a lot of wild sea fish and seafood.

As for fish oil, it's not enough to extract it from caught fish. Indeed, in fact, the fat of marine fish consists not only from Omega-3 PPGK: it needs to be cleaned of heavy metals and other harmful impurities accumulated by fish during life. It is also important to analyze the composition of raw materials to understand what useful substances and in what proportions it contains. Otherwise, it will be unknown, how much in the obtained alk, DGK, EPC, and generally omega-3 acids, and is also dangerous to such a hood.

In addition, it should be understood that in the usual fish oil, the concentration of omega-3 is not so high. To obtain a quantity that meets the daily human needs, it is necessary to allocate a clean concentrate of PNCC from the source raw materials.

What will happen if you take just a purified fish oil, and not a concentrate of PNCH omega-3? Perhaps you will not close your need for PUGC, because it will be unknown how many of these acids you use together with fish fat. Less pleasant option - you will receive extra calories and overdose of vitamins A, E, D, or other substances contained in fish oil, since the manufacturer does not indicate which proportions there are those or other components there.

Understanding this most important difference leads us to the following criteria: The origin of the sea fish and the degree of cleaning of fish fat (And this is a very important safety indicator). Moving on!

Security - health basis

Of great importance for the quality of BAA from Omega-3 has not only the marine origin of fatty acids, but also the purity of the final product.

Alas, but not only fish from unscrupulous farms is dangerous. Many species of wild fish today accumulate in the tissues of very harmful substances, entering small marine inhabitants and aquatic plants that have entered, in turn, toxic compounds from the environment.

Therefore, two factors are of particular importance in the production of food fish oil: the origin of the fish and the methods of cleaning and controlling the quality of raw materials. The safest is the most secure and middle fish and a curl of northern latitudes.

Sea fish

World manufacturers of fish fat concentrates carefully select the zealous fish suppliers. In addition, in production, they use multi-stage fatty cleaning technologies and safety checks. Also, the "correct" manufacturer in obtaining concentrates clearly complies with the proportions of essential PNGK - DGK and EPA - and openly reports how many milligrams contain every capsule.

Thus, when choosing concentrates, and not just fish oil, we get two very important advantages: product safety and standardized content of useful components.

You know the concentration - control the effect!

An adult person who eats wild maritime fish or seafood twice a week and more, it is necessary to receive daily 1000 mg Omega-3 acids.

Consisting of fish or seafood less often two times a week - about 2000 mg .

Athlete with constant intensive loads - no less 3000 mg. .

From these exemplary benchmarks, another important requirement for high-quality biodeadow is followed: the concentration of PNCC in each capsule should be optimal from the point of view of the price - quality, and for you personally.

So, the athlete is not very suitable for the low content of omega-3 acids - because to cover the daily need, it will have to take a large number of capsules daily. Especially if you consider the fact that in many products there are additional ingredients (for example, vitamin E or a), overdose of which is undesirable. Conversely, the usual consumer may not be expensive to come down by expensive ultraconcentrators, because such doses of omega-3 acids are simply not needed.

Omega-3 safety

On average, a good manufacturer dispensers his product so that an adult can take 3-4 capsules per day .

From this follows another important conclusion: On the packaging of the product should be reflected the number of PPGK that you will receive per day . It is also very desirable that the label reports the amount and DGK, and the EPA. If this information is not on the package, it should be reflected at least on the manufacturer's website.

Who produced, he answers

If the raw materials for their products almost all brands are purchased from suppliers of different levels of quality, the BAA itself must be made directly by the company. It forms a higher responsibility for the manufacturer: for the choice of supplier, for additional cleaning and concentration of raw materials, for the introduction of additional components and a dose of acids in each capsule. If the additive is simply made by order, it leads to an increase in the final cost and to the weakening of quality control from the brand.

Honest fishing

If you care about ecology, the environmental policy of the providers with which the manufacturer collaborates.

Omega-3 dosage

There are suppliers that catch fish strictly by ecoconormors, within the framework of controlled volumes that do not threaten the number of fish. As a rule, information about this is on the websites of companies, they can also confirm this with certificates.

But there are commercial companies whose principles of work do not comply with the standards of environmental organizations. In fact, this means that their activities threaten the population of certain species of fish, disturbing the balance of water ecosystems. To choose whether the Bad, the manufacturer of which collaborates with such suppliers - to solve you.

Profitable - does not mean cheap

Of all that we just found out, follows a logical thought: Profitable product with Omega-3 - does not mean just the cheapest . The manufacturer who purchases quality, safe raw materials, collaborates and conscientious suppliers and uses the optimal dosages of the PNCH, cannot make the cost of its database minimum on the market.

    Let's summarize the first part of our study. Quality dietary supplements based on Omega-3 PPGK is:
  • Natural raw materials from wild fish or deep-water algae
  • High degree of cleaning and safety of raw materials
  • Concentrate shape with a standardized number of PPGK on the capsule
  • Optimal dosage product for consumer
  • Own final product production
  • The optimum ratio of price and quality
  • Suppliers that comply with the extraction of international ecostandarts

We formulate desires correctly!

Now that we have dealt with the general criteria, we turn to another important part of the choice - individual needs and tasks.

Since omega-3 acids have a positive effect on many organism systems, it is possible to include them in dietary supplements with different focus, at different concentrations and proportions. Therefore, before purchasing the product, it is necessary to understand what you decide to take Omega-3.

We will analyze the most common types of dietary supplements with sea PPGK.

I'm just for health

Caring for ecology

The most common category of additives with Omega-3 is a lining complexes. Usually, these are products with a concentration of PNCH about 50% of the daily rate, i.e. approximately 900-1000 mg per 3-4 capsules. Complexes of good quality help Reduce blood sugar levels, normalize pressure, reduce fatigue, improve skin quality, nails and hair . Sometimes in such additives may include vitamin E, omega-6, omega-9 and other useful intake components (there is nothing wrong with their presence, unless you do not have individual intolerance). However, often such dietary supplies consist simply from high-quality refined Omega-3 concentrates.

For severe heart and pure vessels

Omega-3 for health

If the product with Omega-3 create for these purposes, then, in addition to PUFA, it may contain Q10, magnesium and potassium, herbal extracts and other active substances that improve the activity of the heart and vessels that protect veins and capillaries. The concentration of PNCH here already depends on the specific ratio of components.

Often in narrow-controlled products do not introduce a complete daily rate of PNCH, since it is taken into account that a person can take some other additives containing omega-3. Therefore, here your choice may depend on this aspect: if you Already accept Bad with Omega-3 acids But you want to protect the heart to additionally - choose products with a smaller concentration of marine PPGC. If Bud is needed as the only source of omega-3 Acid, stop on the product with a higher concentration.

And eye like an eagle

Omega-3 for heart and vessels

Yes, Omega-3 acids should be taken to improve the quality of view. Often the products created for these purposes contain only one indispensable acid - DGK. It is considered the most valuable and indeed very important for sight (as well as for reproductive and nervous systems). DGK is contained in the outer shells of visual cells (up to 50%). It provides elasticity, permeability and high bandwidth of cell walls for visual pulses. When DGK deficiency in the diet of the visual cells is filled with other, more viscous fats, and our vision deteriorates.

High-content database DHAs can help help in protecting vision, as well as (Lifehak note!) In improving reproductive function when planning pregnancy.

However, the product in which from the whole range of PNCC is contained only DGK, it is impossible to be considered the source of all Omega-3.

For clear thoughts and strong nerves

Omega-3 for good vision

Often in such additives we can meet not all types of omega-3 acids, but only DGK and additional components that improve the work of the brain and the nervous system. However, it happens that all gamma is also present in the product.

At the same time, the concentration of PNCH in such biodevices can be different - from rather low to covering 50% daily need. When choosing here again stands Focus on your diet and other bad If you take them.

Athletes need more

Omega-3 for clear thoughts and strong nerves

But the database for athletes may contain quite high doses of PNCC, from 50% and higher - we have already mentioned this in the first part of the article. As a rule, there are all essential acids in them: DGK, EPK, Alc and others.

You can also meet the market Concentrate products containing 90-100% And even more than the daily need of PPGK, since these acids are very useful for the restoration of muscles and protect the cardiovascular system during the period of intensive physical exertion.

However, caution should be taken here: If you do not engage in intense loads or have insufficient blood clotting, it is better to avoid similar products - a person leading the usual way of life, such doses of omega-3 acids are not required daily and can even lead to undesirable consequences.

If you are not sure what kind of dose will be optimal for you, consult your doctor.

Eat and lose weight

Omega-3 for athletes

Omega-3 really help control the weight and normalize metabolism. As a rule, such dietary supplies contain all the necessary PPGK, and their concentration is about 50% of the daily norm. These products may contain other additives - accelerating metabolism, protecting vessels from cholesterol sediments, etc.

Choosing among the products of this species, it is worth paying attention not only to the quality of omega-3 acids, but also on the associated components: how much they are suitable for you and what result you would like to get.

Future parents

Omega-3 for a slim figure

Omega-3 PPGK helps to prepare for conception, and it concerns both women and men. Therefore, in the period of pregnancy planning, many doctors recommend the future parents of Omega-3.

Especially needed at this time docosahexaenic acid. However, if before the pregnancy planning, you for a long time (or never) did not take Omega-3, it will be more useful to choose a secrets of the PNCC, which would contain all the necessary omega-acids. And perhaps, it will not hurt to acquire a couple of additives at the same time: a common course and additionally - the DGK concentrate, since this acid is not so much in most complexes.

Parents in action

Omega-3 for future parents

Often omega-3 acids add to complexes to maintain active lifestyle and reduce fatigue - Including for young parents. As a rule, in such bad things you can find a high concentration of omega-3 and the range of the most important vitamins and minerals.

These are usually multifunctional products that are suitable for maintaining cheerfulness and activity not only to parents of small children, but also just people with increased energy consumption.



There are also combined dietary supplements directed immediately into several tasks: for example, to maintain vision and mental activity or heart and nervous system. However, such products cannot be called comprehensive, since they are designed not for the general strengthening of the body.

What will happen if you choose a product that does not meet your needs? At first You can get too little or too much omega-3 acids. And considering that the naval PNGC reduce blood viscosity, their large doses are also good for everyone. Secondly In your body, additional active substances that are included in the biodevote for solving specific problems can be enabled. Therefore, choose a product thoughtlessly and with any doubt consult with a specialist.

Let's summarize the second part.

Omega-3 acids in combination with different components can affect the various functions of the body - therefore products containing Omega-3 PPGC, a lot. However, not all dietary supplements from Omega-3 are suitable for general health promotion, and vice versa - not all unforgettable PPGC complexes can solve a more serious local problem. Therefore, choosing a product, focus not only on its quality, but also on the tasks that it must accomplish.

It remains to compare and choose

Omega-3 for parents

Now that we have the main tools of choice - facts, criteria and understanding of their goals, we turn to the survey of products and see what of them can be trusted, and which questions cause.

Sources of Omega-3 from Siberian Wellness

In the high quality of omega-3 fatty acids, which are part of any complex from Siberian Wellness, can not be doubted. All raw materials We buy from world leaders of the industry - international DSM Nutrition companies (Concentrates Meg-3 and Life's DHA ™), BASF (PRONOVAPURE ™ Concentrate) and Croda. These manufacturers guarantee security and multistage cleaning of fish oil from harmful impurities, achieve a high concentration of omega-3 acids and collaborate only with conscientious fishing companies, which, when catching environmental norms.

From the comparative table of Siberian Wellness products it is clear that the company openly provides information on fish oil suppliers and degree of cleaning. Also, the buyer can see the concentration of PPGK in each capsule - it is always indicated on the package - and calculate the individual daily dose if its needs above or lower than the recommended norm.

Siberian Wellness offers its consumers a wide selection of bioactive additives. or completely based on omega-3 PNCH, or containing PPGK as one of the components. This approach allows everyone to choose its orega - in accordance with the goals and financial capabilities.

    In stress and increased anxiety:
  • Pulse Box.
    To protect the vessels and prevention of varicose disease:
  • Lite Step Box.

Can I see everything?

If you analyze the products of other manufacturers, you can easily notice: not all of them correspond to the criteria that we disassembled in detail above.

Carefully examining the figures presented in the comparative table, you can see several typical shortcomings, which are sinned by some brands.

  • The amount and ratio of fatty acids is not indicated. Many manufacturers are trite not written on the packaging, nor on the site, how much PNGC contains their products, or indicate this value as a percentage of the daily rate. Neither one nor another option can be called correct. In the first case, we simply do not understand how much PPGK in the product (including EPK and DGK), and in the second there is no sufficient confidence in doses, because everyone's understanding of the daily norm is different. Someone takes for the daily rate of 2000 or 1000 mg, and someone is only 350, 500 or 900 mg.
  • Not specified supplier or the origin of fish oil. Considering that the ecological situation in the World Ocean is becoming less favorable, to know about the origin of fish oil in the biodeadow, it is very important. The supplier of raw materials, the supplier of raw materials should be specified on the supplier of the producer of the manufacturer's website, the supplier of raw materials, even better - if there is information about the types of fish used and the catch areas.
  • The degree of cleaning is not specified. How well the fish oil is cleared - one of the most important factors when choosing. As we have already spoken, just fat allocated from fish (most often from the liver) is a mixture, consisting not only of vitamins and useful omega-3 acids; Together with them, heavy metals, pesticides and other harmful substances may contain. In addition to this, PNCHs strive for oxidation, and that this does not happen, they need to concentrate. But not any degree of cleaning makes it possible to achieve high quality raw materials. It is best if there are formulations such as "multistage purification", "high degree of cleaning" or "molecular distillation" in the product description. This information needs to be searched for either on the package, or on the website of the supplier who purchased raw materials for a biodendage (and for this it must be specified).
  • The daily rate of consumption is underestimated. Some manufacturers are prescribed to take 1-2 capsules of their product per day, however, the daily dosage of omega-3 acids in their additives can be 350, 500 or 600 mg instead of 1000. Such a complex is definitely cheaper, but the consumer does not receive The real daily rate of PNCH, for which he actually bought a bioodade. Recall that even 1000 mg of omega-3 per day is just 50% of the need for our body. This dosage is advised if, in addition to additives, a person regularly eats sea fish. If the fish appears on your table once a month, then the PNGC dose should be 1,500-2000 mg per day - 350 mg per day will not bring the expected effect. So it is more correct: spend less and get a zero result or put enough and see a real positive effect?
  • The product contains vegetable omega-3, and not fish oil. As we have already found out, omega-3 of flaxseed oil cannot be considered a full-fledged replacement for the sea PPGK. Therefore, before buying, it is necessary to check the information on the package or in the manual: where are Omega-3 taken from this product? It happens that dietary supplements based on fish oil is enriched with vegetable omega-3, -6 and -9 acids from linen, cedar or other oil. There is nothing wrong with that, because the plant and naval PNCC effectively complement each other. But when the manufacturer offers a product from vegetable oils as a full source of all Omega-3, he misleads you.
Omega-3 for parents

In our comparative table, it is certainly possible to see products that are fully relevant quality standards. But at this stage, the selection becomes obvious that many good biodendages are too expensive for everyday consumption. Is it necessary to overpay for the brand? Here we will again help the objective criteria: If one manufacturer has a high level of quality without critical shortcomings, and even at a comfortable price, buying another brand at the overestimated value of sense .

Another lifehak: Choosing a bad phone, see not only for the price, but also how much capsules will have to use . Some bioduds at first glance seem very affordable at cost, but in terms of the daily rate of consumption, it turns out that you will need 3-4 packaging per month (and sometimes more).


Not all products containing fish oil can be called truly useful. Choosing a biodeadow based on marine PPGK, it is worth considering the search very carefully : Regular use of poorly purified omega-3 can not only do not benefit, but also cause health problems.

To choose a really high-quality and suitable complex of omega-3 acids, clearly define for yourself which result you need, and then carefully examine information about products and manufacturers. Take a decision by comparing facts, not promises.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to find a high-quality complex with the marine omega-3 acids to find a high-quality complex: Safe and really useful product can not cost a penny . But comforting the other side of the question: there is a commodity opinion that the quality concentrates of Omega-3 are fabricated money, also does not have grounds.

Truth, as always, in the middle: find products that meet all the requirements, and at the reason at a reasonable price, quite real. The main thing is not to be lazy to compare and choose thoughtful.

How to choose omega-3?

Omega-3 from Siberian Wellness

Today, each of us may encounter a huge selection of drugs from Omega-3. Indeed, you can get confused. How to make the right choice? What to pay attention to? This will be discussed in our article.

A bit of theory

Polyunsaturated fatty acids . In official world science, polyunsaturated fatty acids (PNCC) are known as extremely necessary for health since 1930 these are acids that have a special form and are contained in fats, oils and waxes of plant and animal origin.

PNCC is divided into 4th grade: Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-7 and Omega-9.

However, Omega-3 represents the greatest interest and the greatest importance. Omega-3 is a group of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which includes 11 varieties, but the most important of them are eikapentaenoy (EPC) and decoshyxaine (DGK) acid. Why? Unlike others, they are indispensable, that is, they are not reproduced in the body in the desired volume. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure their arrival from the outside.

EPK and DGK can be obtained both with food and with the help of additives. That is why, when buying a drug, pay attention whether omega contains these acids. They are indicated: EPA (or EPA) and DGK (or DHA). Other varieties are not required, but these should be certainly. therefore Choose such preparations whose manufacturers are painted on a pack. The presence of these acids: so you will be sure that you really get exactly what you need

Fish or vegetable?

By the origin of omega-3, fatty acids can be divided into two groups: "vegetable" and "maritime". To the "maritime" primarily applies to DGK. It is mainly contained in fish, shrimp, crabs and marine animal fabrics. Plants, both terrestrial and aquatic, almost do not synthesize the "marine" forms of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and cannot serve as their source.

In this regard, vegetable oils containing Omega PNCC, of ​​course, should be in the diet. However, it is not necessary to refuse fish fat.

Dosage matters

Recommendations of the Food Research Institute of the Russian Federation provide daily use in food 0.8-1.6 g of omega-3 fatty acids (800 mg - 1600 mg). This is the level that will help support the health of the body.

Now it is enough to apply simple arithmetic:

If we take the drug with a dosage of 10 mg - it turns out that it is necessary to take it by hand. Several grinds several times a day.

If you take a drug with a dosage of about 300 mg - a handful will be less, but still you will have to take at least three capsules per day. So, and a cheaper pack will end three times faster. And additional spending will be required.

But if you appreciate the convenience of reception and prefer to save a family budget, the optimal option will be the choice of a high dosage preparation - from 950 mg. Only 1 capsule per day - no extra capsules and excess consumption of auxiliary fats and components from which the capsules and their shell are consisting.

If we consider the issue of the price of such capsules, then the most profitable omega-3 at the pharmacy market in the dosage of 950 mg is Triple Omega 3 950 mg "From Evalar. It is 50% profitable at a price compared to its imported analogue1. With high quality world level (at the expense of first-class raw materials), it benefits at the same time (due to the lack of surcharges for imports).

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Purity of raw materials - the main condition

In Soviet times, everyone knew the taste of fish oil. It was given everywhere all and necessarily. Reception - a few drops deposited on a piece of bread. In those days, fish oil could be consumed without much concerns. It was quite clean and safe. But gradually, with the development of the industry, the pollution of water bodies increased. Often, fish is often observed in potentially hazardous products, such as salts of heavy metals, dioxins, methyl, and polychlorinated biphenyls. Heavy metals in the body hit can lead to a violation of the function of the central nervous system and other violations. In addition, pesticides may be present in crude fish fat.

Therefore, it is recommended to use highly purified Omega-3 PNCC. Choose Omega-3 preparations from manufacturers who work according to international GMP quality standards. Only high-level production and high quality raw materials can provide a truly high-quality and clean product.

Therefore, always pay attention to the GMP sign on the pack.

It was also indicated by the country-supplier of fish oil: Norway or Germany. They are considered one of the best suppliers of Omega-3 in the world.

It was also indicated by the country-supplier of fish oil: Norway or Germany. They are considered one of the best suppliers of Omega-3 in the world.

So, for example, the raw material of the high degree of cleaning contains capsules " Triple Omega-3 Evalar " As part of these capsules, fish oil from the body of Sardin, Hams and Mackerel. This is the highest quality raw material from Norway, purchased from a company with a world name BASF (PRONOVA PURE), with the highest degree of purification, exceeding the demand of even European pharmacopoeia.

Each capsule " Triple Omega-3 Evalar "Contains 950 mg of omega-3, including: EPK - 500 mg, DGK - 230 mg (total 730 mg).

Thus, taking only 1 capsule per day 950 mg instead of 300 mg (the most common dosage), you will get three times more benefits for one reception 2. It will suit everyone who appreciates the quality, ease of reception and its budget.

Let's summarize: how to choose omega-3

  1. Dosage matters . If you appreciate the convenience of reception and prefer to save a personal or family budget, then the optimal option will be the choice of a high dosage preparation - from 950 mg. This will save on the number of capsules for the reception course.

  2. Nothing extra . Only 1 capsule per day (by 950) will make it possible to do without excessive consumption of a large number of capsules per day and will save from the excess consumption of auxiliary components from which capsules and their shell consist.

  3. The organism needs EPK and DGK . Choose such drugs whose manufacturers are painted on a pack. The presence of these acids: so you will be sure that you really get exactly what you need.

  4. According to some healthy nutrition professionals, it is important that the total dosage of EPK and DGCs amounted to at least 700. Purity of raw materials

. Choose Omega-3 preparations from manufacturers who work according to international GMP quality standards. Only high-level production and high-quality raw materials can provide a truly high-quality and impeccable clean product. Therefore, always pay attention to the GMP sign on the pack. As well as the country supplier of fish oil: Norway or Germany is one of the best Omega-3 suppliers in the world. 1Bad. Is not a drug 2According to CJSC "DSM Group" (DSM Group) for 2018, the weighted average retail price for 1 capsule of the biologically active additive "Triple Omega 3,950" manufactured by Evalar is more profitable than that of analogue 1.6 times (by 50%). Analogue for comparison is selected by the active substance and dosage. Prices in specific pharmacies may vary.



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If you were posed in childhood fish oil from a teaspoon - you can easily remember his taste, smell and color. He improved immunity, filmed inflammatory manifestations, helped to recover. Today, a very popular trend in athletes is to receive omega capsules 3. According to one sources, it is the same, only in a more convenient form of reception. But the doctors say that it is not quite so. We understand what is contained in capsules from the jar, where to take useful acids and is the usual fish fat are effective today?

The difference between fish oil and omega-3 Fish fat

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mining from the liver cod. Buy fish oil, the price of which is not so high, it is necessary for those who need a strengthened admission to their organism of vitamins A and D. These 2 substances are contained in it in maximum concentration. None of the product does not find this amount. The product, according to some data, improves vision, increases the resistance to infections, helps to cope with intoxication, depression, protects against early dementia. It has a positive effect on the skin - struggles with rashes, improves elasticity, accelerates hair growth and nails. Magnificent product. However, in the presence of pancreatitis, stones in the kidneys and a bile bubble, not specified data on sufficient quantities in their body, it is not recommended to begin to take it on their own. Be sure to hand over the necessary analyzes, consult your doctor. Omega 3 capsules. So called fatty acids that are obtained from marine inhabitants and vegetable food. main feature Omega-3 Now Foods

The fact that it is not produced by the body independently and should be obtained from the outside. Taking it in capsules you reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, thrombosis, heart attacks and strokes. You increase the elasticity of vessels, the skin becomes smooth, the external manifestations of psoriasis are reduced. Omega 3, the price of which is absolutely justified by its action, and also available in the Biofam store, helps burn fat, increases the rate of metabolism, normalizes hormonal background and blood pressure.

  • To buy Omega 3 is necessary at:
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome, depression
  • atherosclerosis
  • Dysbacteriosis
  • Skin diseases
  • Heart Violations
  • Varicose

Heavy exercise Now it is clear that Omega 3 is part of fish fat

Omega 3 and fish oil - the same thing? Image 1.

. As a polyunsaturated fatty acid, it is also contained in rapeseed oil, flax seeds, oysters, shrimp, brussels, pumpkin, spinach, parsley.

Brief certificate about the history of the opening of the beneficial properties of fish oil.

According to some sources, such propagation of fish fat occurred due to the active sale of the Norwegian pharmacist retro Mieler bottles with this fluid liquid. He advised it as a means of gout. And she helped. And for the content in it vitamin D, he soon became even more valuable.

Our days.

It is impossible to give fish oil without consulting a specialist. The dosage is selected individually and does not boil down to the enhanced selection of children with spoons of this poorly smelling fluid. Use his athletes to restore muscles. He also controls the level of insulin in the blood, and also helps to lose weight - improves metabolism, provokes the selection of bile. In liquid form it takes 20 ml per day.

Omega 3 fatty acids in capsules in Yekaterinburg are in demand. They allow you to maintain your body in shape, charge energy, become more hardy and physically, and mentally.

Additional Information.

And it will be interesting to figure out what the difference between Omega 3 and Omega 6. Do you know?

Their ratio in the diet should be 1: 2. And at the average person, this balance is 1:10. It is extremely not desirable to allow.

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What is the difference between omega-3 from fish oil

December 13, 2018.

The market of pharmaceuticals can be seen as natural fish oil and omega-3 capsules.

Not all people understand - the difference between Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil and believe that this is the same product for treatment and prevention, healthy adults and children.

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Differences of fish oil and Bada Omega-3

Natural fish fat

It is not a filtered substance of a specific taste and odor containing in addition to fatty acids, some other substances. Fish fat has a fairly unpleasant smell and taste (if it is presented not in capsules), in some cases it is more difficult to absorb the body.

Omega-3 biodow

Diet pharmacy additive from a reliable Omega-3 manufacturer - a substance that has been cleaned from not too pleasant to taste and the smell of ingredients. It has no unnecessary organism of additional components that it can get with other, more attractive food in the organoleptic sense.

Omega-3 in capsules is a convenient product for use (in capsules / tablets) with the optimal content of polyunsaturated fatty acids. The additive is purified fatty acids, including maximum useful substances, including trace elements, as well as minimum of unnecessary organism, heavy and / or unpleasant specific components. This is entirely the useful components that have passed the necessary cleaning and addly hermetically quashasulated. Bud is perfectly absorbed by the body, practically does not have side effects and contraindications to use.

Of course, ordinary fish fat has its advantages, and if necessary, it can be appointed by a doctor. Such a product has a more affordable price in comparison with high-quality biologically active additive omega-3. Both drugs are very similar, have a practically identical therapeutic effect.

Omega 3 and fish oil - the same thing? Image 2.

In the pharmacy network, the tables for you are available to the necessary high-quality products for treatment and prevention at affordable prices.

What is the difference between fish oil from Omega-3: the advantages and disadvantages of each

December 18, 2019.

People whose childhood passed in the USSR, the drug "Fish oil" is well remembered. One teaspoon every day ... young fans of this procedure had a bit - too specific taste had an oily liquid in pharmacaric bottles. However, the benefits turned out of inconvenience, because even then everyone knew that in fish oil contained an important omega-3-polyunsaturated fatty acids for humans.

The very "fish oil" can be bought and now, but modern drugs have appeared with Omega-3-PPGC. What is the difference between them, what is better and why is it all necessary?

For what apply Omega-3-PKGK

Omega-3-PPGK (Omega-3 Fatty Acids) refer to indispensable substances - that is, the fact that our body is needed, but they themselves are not produced. These acids are an important building material of cells and serve to prevent a number of diseases, heart disease to asthma and depression.

  1. Modern studies reveal all new aspects of the beneficial effects of Omega-3-PPGK on human health.
  2. Fudan University Study confirmed that Omega-3-PPGC support the cardiovascular system and reduce health risks in areas with a high level of air pollution.
  3. Doctors from the hospital University of Jiangsus found out: The combination of Omega-3-PPGC with sterols can correct glucose metabolic disorders and thereby helps to fight diabetes.

Employees of the University of Aarhus in Denmark found that Omega-3-PNCC can improve the quality of sperm quality during men's infertility.

An article on the additional benefits, which Omega-3-PPGC bring women. Spoiler: The effect is impressive.

What is used fish oil

  • The class of omega-3-PNCC is quite extensive, but for a person three of them are most important:
  • Alpha Linolen (Alc);


Alpha Linolenic acid is rich in some terrestrial plants - for example, flax or chia. But only seafood can boast the high concentration of other other other seafood. True, the human body knows how to produce EPAs and DGK from the Alc, but with low efficiency - no more than 5%. Therefore, it is important to receive them already ready in the daily diet.

The main source of the most useful for the human omega-3-polyunsaturated fatty acids EPK and DGK is a marine fish. By the way, the fish, too,, like us, does not produce Omega-3-PPGC, but only accumulates this substance when eating algae, mollusks and their less successful fellows. Stocks of EPK and DGK in fish are concentrated in fat.

Thus, the best biologically active additives with Omega-3-PPGC are made of fish oil, such as Nutrilite ™ Omega-3 complex. Effective vegan preparations based on seaweed. But the dietary supplements, where the source of Omega-3-PPCK serve vegetable oils (linen, sea buckthorn, mustard), contain only alpha linolenic acid and are much less effective.

Thus, the best biologically active additives with Omega-3-PPGC are made of fish oil, such as Nutrilite ™ Omega-3 complex. Effective vegan preparations based on seaweed. But the dietary supplements, where the source of Omega-3-PPCK serve vegetable oils (linen, sea buckthorn, mustard), contain only alpha linolenic acid and are much less effective.

What is the difference between fish oil from Omega-3-PKGK

Fat is obtained from fish tissues. The best raw material for production - types of fish with a short life cycle, in the body of which toxins do not have time to accumulate. Most often, the future drug "Fish oil" passes only minimal cleaning, while there is a low content of Omega-3-PNGC and a high concentration of impurities.

For modern drugs based on Omega-3-PPGK, fish oil is further recycling, as a result of which is cleared of a large proportion of impurities. The output is a concentrate with a high EPA and DGK content. Sometimes it is additionally enriched with vitamins and microelements. The active substance is packaged in a container convenient for reception - as a rule, these are capsules in a solid shell.

What is better: Complexes of Omega-3-PPGK or fish oil

Comparative characteristics of drugs from omega-3-PSHNA and "fish oil" can be seen in the table. Drugs based on Omega-3-PNCC
"Fish fat" Only the necessary components are contained. In Bad Nutrilite ™ Omega-3 Complex is Omega-3-PNCC and Vitamin E.
Many unnecessary ballast substances, in particular saturated fats and impurities. It may contain toxins if produced from cheap raw materials. Capsules are hermetically sealed, their contents are not oxidized and retains freshness and quality longer.
When contacting air, liquid fish fat is gradually oxidized and loses its useful properties. Capsules are distinguished by a tasteless shell dissolving only in the stomach.
It has a specific fish smell and taste that you like not all. Convenient dosage: Just accept the number of capsules recommended by the manufacturer or doctor every day.
It is necessary to have a measuring spoon, you can shed when used, it is difficult to get rid of smell on the dishes and the table. The cost is average and high.
Low cost. Availability: You can purchase in a pharmacy or an online store.

Availability: You can buy on any pharmacy.

It is easy to see that modern drugs and advantages are more, and the advantages themselves are more significant. In addition, unlike the "fish oil", the content of Omega-3-PPGC in good additives is balanced. In the daemary Norma Nutrilite ™ daema-3 complex, which consists of 2 capsules, contains 240 mg of DGK and 360 mg EPC.


Learn also:

What is polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3, why they are indispensable and how to fill their flaw in the body. 1The company "DSM Nutrishnl Products" acted as a co-author of a new structured review published in the "Progress in Lipid Research" journal

which states that in the adult population of most regions of the world there is a low or extremely low content of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PNCH), especially eikapentaenic acid (EPC) and docosagseanic acid (DGK).

The low content of PNCH in the blood leads to an increase in the risk of chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes.

This world map is first of its kind: such a detailed view of the PNCH content has not yet been created.

The document provides an analysis of 298 studies in order to create a world map demonstrating the level of EPK and DGC in the blood of a healthy adult in various countries of the world, indicating in which regions there are a higher risk of chronic diseases. Regions whose population has the lowest level of EPA and DGK in the blood (<4%), are recognized as North, South and Central America, Central and Southern Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa. The population of the countries of the Japanese Sea, Scandinavian countries, the regions in which the indigenous population or the population lives, which have not reached Western European food culture, the EPC content and DGK high (> 8%).

"According to the World Health Organization, approximately 38 million people all over the world die from chronic diseases," says Dr. Manfred Eggersdorfer, the first vice president, a DSM research and lobbying department, a professor in the field of healthy aging. Groningen Medical Center. "It has long been considered that PNCH, especially EPA and DGK, help reduce the risk of mortality from cardiovascular diseases and the risk of deterioration of cognitive abilities. The conclusion of this document is: a significant part of the population of the world is subject to increased risk of occurrence of chronic diseases due to the lack of Omega-3 PNGK. "

Omega-3 PNCC is considered indispensable nutrients, as they needed a person, but cannot be synthesized by the body. A person should receive these fatty acids with food. A sufficient admission of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids plays an important role in the following processes:

• development and support of the brain function;

• implementation of the visual process;

• response of the immune system;

• Participation in the synthesis of hormones. 2European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

Reaffirmed the fact of improving the state of health against the background of adequate consumption of PUGC omega-3 DGK and EPA, with food at the expense of the following:

• preservation of normal blood pressure (3 g per day);

• maintaining the normal concentration of triglycerides in the blood (2 g per day);

• Normalization of the heart function (250 mg per day).

As knowledge gains about the benefits of EPK and DGK for health, there are more and more food and dietary supplies on the market, enriched with these Omega-3 PNCC to ensure the needs of the body, such products are fish fats

from Ruscaps, manufactured in two versions:

• Bad "Fish oil" with a content of omega-3 PNCHK at least 35%;

• Bad "Fishe Fat Omega-3 Concentrate" with an omega-3 PNGC content of at least 60%. ®They use only natural fish oil meg-3 ®The production of the Swiss company DSM Nutritional Products is the leading supplier in the production of vitamins, carotenoids and PNGC. MEG-3® is obtained in commercial, sustainably developing fisheries with the strictest compliance with the rules of government organizations. In the production process, more than 200 quality inspections are held, due to which MEG-3 brands

Fully comply with international industrial standards in the field of hygiene, quality and purity. ®Meg-3.

It is a trademark DSM.

Ruscaps guarantees the use of only DSM production in its fish fats and fully verifies its quality and quality of the finished product.

Bad. Not a drug. ®- The source of omega-3 EPK and DGK from fish oil, without fish smell and taste, which is trusted. Logo MEG-3

or the name on the label of the most beloved family product or bad (

Russia, 115230, Moscow, the passage of electrolytic, d. 3, p. 2, tel. +7 (495) 989-87-84, site:


LLC "DSM Eastern Europe", 129226, Moscow, ul. Dokokin, house 16, p. 1, tel.: +7 (495) 980-60-60.

"Progress in Lipid Studies" Volume 63, July 2016, p. 132-152.

People born in the USSR are well remembered by the drug "Fish Fat". One teaspoon every day. Fans of this procedure were a bit - too specific taste had an oily liquid in pharmaceutical bottles. However, not everyone knows that the "experienced" fish oil is not modern Omega-3. What is the difference and more useful? Katerina Nikitin, nutritionist:

The fish oil is a vitaminized product, its composition includes not only omega-3, as well as omega-6 and omega-9 and vitamins A, E, D, and K. If you want to fully enrich your body with vitamins, it is worth a preference to fish fat .

Many mistakenly believe that Omega-3 is contained only in red fish or oysters. Fortunately, today the necessary fatty acids can be obtained from both expensive and more affordable products. Katerina Nikitina:

Fish fat, as you understand, is found in fish oil, and the worst choice of fish oil is a cod liver, because the liver is a cleansing body and all sorts of toxic substances are collected there. Omega-3 is vegetable and animal origin. Animal is a fish, it is preferable to give its choice with varieties of cold oceanic rocks: salmon, trout, Salaka, herring.

It also happens vegetable origin, it is found in flax seeds, in flaxseed oil, in cannabis seeds and walnuts.

Many mistakenly believe that Omega-3 is contained only in red fish or oysters. Fortunately, today the necessary fatty acids can be obtained from both expensive and more affordable products. To get a daily amount of fatty acids, you need to eat correctly or add special nutritional supplements. If there is no marine fish, seafood, caviar, I need to know about additional reception of fish oil and omega-3

If you use 50 g of walnuts or flaxseed oil of good quality, then you will be enough Omega-3. But still very often fish on our table is not enough, and it, as a rule, we have no cold ocean waters, but artificially grown or river, in this fish Omega-3 is actually completely absent, therefore, in this case, it is better to give preference to vitaminized additives To food. 1000 international units per day are recommended. There are 2 options for duration: either we accept every day for 365 days a year, or we can use another scheme - we accept 3 months, a month break.

Many mistakenly believe that Omega-3 is contained only in red fish or oysters. Fortunately, today the necessary fatty acids can be obtained from both expensive and more affordable products. Normalizes the work of the circulatory system, helps to fight chronic fatigue, increases the concentration of attention and mental abilities - this is not a complete list of its useful properties for the body. But despite the benefit of fish fat, contraindications for his reception are still available.

Omega-3 is very good for people who have increased cholesterol, it helps to reduce cholesterol, it helps to lose weight, and also regenerates vision. If you are pregnant or breastfeed, if you have serious pathological diseases of the stomach, liver, kidneys, then in this case it is necessary to refuse to receive fish oil or omega-3. Also, if you have allergic reactions to vitamin A, D or seafood.

The benefits of fatty acids are indisputable. They improve the condition of the skin, hair, nails. Accelerate metabolism and have a beneficial effect on the body as a whole. However, one should not rely on the magic "pill". Do not forget about exercise and competent mode of operation and recreation. Then the benefits of vitamins will be much more.   Created: 07.06.2019

Updated: 01/29/2021 13:31:20

The human body constantly needs beneficial substances. Vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins, carbohydrates - all this comes together with food and finds its place in metabolism. However, not all food contains a sufficient amount of useful substances - and not all useful substances are represented in the everyday human diet.

Take, for example, the so-called "substantial fatty acids". From their presence in the diet depends on the growth of children, blood cholesterol in adults, skin condition, kidney function, immunity and general health. But there is one problem - these essential fatty acids are found only in some products.

The most of them are contained in oily sea fish and some untreated vegetable oils (hemp, flax, mustard, rape). These products are not included in the daily diet. In contrast, vegetable oils with a content of substantial fatty acids in food are practically not used, and ocean fish like a mackerel is rather a delicacy.

As a result, the body tritely lacks saturated fatty acids, and you have to use them in the form of food additives. And most often for these purposes used "Omega-3" and fish oil. That's just more effectively.

In this material we will deal with omega-3 from fish oil, and what is better to accept.

In this material we will deal with omega-3 from fish oil, and what is better to accept.


Omega-3-polyunsaturated fatty acids - and it is so completely called this group of substances - these are the most important nutrients that are used by the body in almost all their systems.

  1. So, the positive effect of omega-3 is manifested in the following:

  2. Affect the normal growth of the child. With a lack of omega-3, a lack of growth may be observed. Before dwarfishness, of course, it does not "reach", but the lowestness is "provided";

  3. Normalize the level of triglycerides in the blood. This is very important for the prevention and treatment of certain diseases;

  4. Improve the kidney function, reduce the risk of renal failure and other systemic problems of this body;

  5. Improve local skin immunity, make it softer and more elastic. Reduce the risk of developing mimic and similar wrinkles. Help to cope with inflammation, including acne, and accelerate wound healing;

  6. Keep and restore telomers in DNA molecules, thereby extending life;

  7. Greatly improve the work of the brain, reduce the risk of the appearance of depressed and depressive states, reduce the risk of treating depression or a bipolar affective disorder;

Improve local immunity respiratory system, reduce the risk of "picking up" colds.

In addition, Omega-3 reduces the level of stress and improves the overall psycho-emotional state, while at the same time increasing mental endurance. So this biologically active additive is really useful.

Most of all omega-3 is contained in the marine and ocean fish, especially small rocks like mackerel, Anchovs and herring. It can also be found in some vegetable oils - flax, rhyger, rape, hemp and mustard. Many Omega-3 contain spinach, seaweed and chia seeds.

Omega-3 is part of fish fat, because it is obtained from fish of marine rocks.

  1. Despite the fact that plant sources contain Omega-3, for the usefulness of the diet should not be limited to them. The fact is that there are 2 types of omega-3:

  2. Ala (ELK). Presented mainly in vegetable oils;

EPA (EPK) and DHA (DGK). Presented mainly in fish oil.

All these acids - ELK, EPK and DGK are part of the complex with the general name of Omega-3. They have a similar action, but to obtain the most vivid positive effect should not be limited to the admission of only one one.

As a result, if you want to purchase Omega-3 in the form of a food additive, it is necessary to make sure that the complex contains all these acids - and Ala, and EPA, and DHA. The latter, for example, is strongly recommended for receiving children during the intensive learning of new information - training or exam preparation. It improves the development of the brain and protects against the emergence of mental fatigue.

Despite a variety of useful effects, Omega-3 is still not too well investigated by scientists. In particular, it is not very clear which dosages should use these substances. From the point of view of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, adequate rate of reception is about 1 gram per day. But the American FDA regulator says that you should not use more than 2-3 grams of omega-3 of the dietary supplements or fish oil per day.

So, let's sum up.

  • Dignity

  • Has a comprehensive useful effect that extends to all organs and body systems;

  • Vital for babies and children during development;

It is found in everyday food, albeit in limited quantities.

The difference between fish oil and omega-3

The difference between fish oil and omega-3

In general, Omega-3 is better to apply in the form of food additives. It is very difficult to use a sufficient amount of sea fish, algae, chia seeds and other mustard oils to provide the necessary dosage.

Fish oil is a complex food supplement that contains a huge amount of useful substances. Get it mainly from the liver cod. In addition, it is contained in the meat of some oceanic fish breeds - mackerel, herring and so on.

Fish fat consists of a set of glycerides - mainly fatty acids. Most of all in it Oleinova and Palmitic. And Omega-3 and Omega-6 are responsible for the useful effect, which is about 5% of the total volume. In addition, fish oil contains vitamins A and D.

Initially, fish oil was used in medicine due to the content of rare vitamin D. It practically does not occur in other products. But at the same time, vitamin D is vital for the normal development of the musculoskeletal system in children. Therefore, fish oil was prescribed to prevent Rakit and similar diseases.

Vitamin A, in turn, is necessary for skin and vision. In addition, it improves immunity and provides normal growth in children. But the main thing is that it is used in biochemical processes that determine human vision. With a lack of vitamin A, not only astigmatism or such violations can be observed, but also the deterioration of flower perception, as well as the so-called "chicken blindness" (the deterioration of the ability to distinguish objects at dusk).

In addition, fish oil positively affects the state of the digestive system - except when a person has catarp (viral inflammation of mucous tissues).

However, fish fat has disadvantages. So, in some cases it contains heavy metals that are not derived from the body, especially mercury. This is due to the insufficient purity of the fish habitat, of which this nutritional supplement is produced. In addition, it may contain ammonia and other nitrogen derivatives, including Ptomaine.

Especially many harmful substances are contained in fish oil, which has passed insufficient cleaning. It has a dark brown. Medical fish fat, which has passed all the steps of cleaning and therefore practically devoid of harmful substances, has a characteristic yellowish-amber tint, is transparent and does not grit in the water in the water. Such a dietary supplement is recommended and allowed for reception.

Despite a variety of useful effects, Omega-3 is still not too well investigated by scientists. In particular, it is not very clear which dosages should use these substances. From the point of view of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, adequate rate of reception is about 1 gram per day. But the American FDA regulator says that you should not use more than 2-3 grams of omega-3 of the dietary supplements or fish oil per day.

So, let's sum up.

  • The dosage of fish fat varies depending on the degree of cleaning and preparation. But it is usually recommended to take at least a few of its capsules per day - that is, about 3-5 grams. Specific recommended dosage is indicated on the package. Negative phenomena under excessive reception is not observed, fish oil is calmly excreted from the body in a natural way.

  • The source of rare and valuable vitamin D, which is necessary for the operation of the connecting, cartilage tissue, has a positive effect on the "Fortress" of bones and muscle tissue;

  • A source of vitamin A, which is important for vision and is used to prevent multiple diseases of the organs of vision;

Contains polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6.

  • disadvantages

In case of insufficient purification, it may contain mercury and other heavy metals, as well as other malicious substances.

Purchase is recommended medical fish oil. Only he passes with sufficient cleaning, which makes it safe and helpful. But the presented in the form of dietary supplements may contain harmful and hazardous substances, since no one guarantees sufficient quality processing.

It is also worth considering that fishery fat is not a medicine. Therefore, it is used for prophylaxis, not treatment.


So, fish oil is a complex of beneficial substances, which includes omega-3, omega-6, vitamins A and D. And directly omega-3 is a set of polyunsaturated fatty acids necessary for the normal development of the body. But this difference between these substances is limited.



Fish fat

Useful effect

Affect the state of the cardiovascular system, skin, brain, nervous system and almost all other parts of the body

It has all the advantages of Omega-3, but additionally positively affects the vision, stomach, bones and muscles.



EPA, DGA, Omega-6, Other Fatty Acids, Vitamins A and D, Iodine and other trace elements

Does harmful substances contain?


Maybe if not passed enough cleaning

In general, the usual fish fat is more useful. However, there is a pair of "but". Firstly, it does not contain fatty acids of omega-3 plant origin (Ala), so that it is recommended to complement its use of the appropriate oils or flax seeds or chia. Secondly, it is very important to correctly calculate the dosage of fish oil, drinking it as much as indicated on the package.

Omega-3 is a biological supplement mainly for adults who are capable of correctly controlling their diet. In addition, it is absolutely safe. Due to the set of degrees and methods of cleaning from it, harmful substances are removed like the same heavy metals.

It makes no sense to take both the other at the same time. It is possible to confine ourselves to simply medical fish fat.

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