How to post a video in YouTube (download, add, insert) and how to delete video from YouTube

There are many sites where you can add a video and conduct a personal video blog. The most popular such site is YouTube. The video on this site has good quality, fast loading, convenient search and many other advantages. On the server you can track all the musical innovations of your favorite artists, because the set of them has its own stream.


How to post a video in YouTube (download, add, paste)

The service is the property of Google. If you decide to add a video to this portal, first need to register. To register, you need to have mail to Google (this account will be universal for all services from Google's company), the registration on which is not difficult. You can see how to register mail here. Just perform step-by-step instructions that are given during registration. You need to come up with a name for yourself, select the floor and confirm or prohibit the participation of your channel in search by other users.

The next step goes to YouTube through Google (, without leaving your post. If you have not entered your account Google Mail, you will be offered to log in. Enter login and password (1).

How to lay out video in youtub

How to lay out video in youtub

After the correct input, we fall into your account on YouTube. We are looking for the desired "Add" button, click, a window appears on the screen where you want to select the downloadable file.

How to add video to youtub

How to add video to youtub

As a downloaded video can be: the video that you write from the camcorder directly during the download (for this, click link 1), the slide show that will be created by the service from several Washing Images (link 2) and your file that is stored on the computer (To download it, click on the link 3).

After clicking on the link 3, a window will appear with a standard Windows conductor in which you want to select a video file.

Add video on YouTube

Add video on YouTube

If you have not yet created channels for download, YouTube will offer to create a channel:


After that, a window will be displayed with the video download process (1), at this time fill the fields with the name and description of the video (3). These fields are very important for the search and promotion of the video. It is from the filling of these fields that will depend how many people will see a roller, typing in the search for the corresponding phrase. For example, if your video shows the funny moments from football matches, I would recommend fill out as follows:

  1. Title: A selection of the best funny moments from football matches
  2. Description: Recruitment records that took place on football matches of the national teams of Germany and France. The best goals for the period of the 2014 football fights.
  3. Tags: football, jokes, funny moments, goal, Germany, France, 2014

Thanks to this filling, your video will fall into the top positions on search phrases type: the best goals, funny moments of football, football Germany France, etc. Dandy this will attract the largest number of views.


Also on the service there is the opportunity to hide the video from unwanted guests, you can limit the circle of persons who will be available to view the downloaded video. To do this, confidential confidential configuration will appear on the screen, which provide for the ability to view the video:

  • for all;
  • users who have a link to video (for this you send a link (2) to users and in the search for your video will be absent);
  • or only selected You use users (you choose what users are available to your video, in the search will also be absent).

It is necessary to determine which category your video refers: humor, politics, beauty, animals, and so on, after all, after the privacy window, the program will ask you about it. It must be done in order for users to quickly and without even effort to find the desired video.


About the downloaded video service will notify you, showing a green tick. Next, choose the "cover of the downloaded video", which visitors to the site will see when searching for videos in this category (1). And click the "Publish" button (2).


After successful publication, go to the category "My channel" where now and in the future use will be displayed by your videos. Near each video there is a drop-down menu that will allow you to change or add the information you made before.



That's all, now you can share your unique video rollers, or add your favorite videos on your personal account on YouTube. Video owners who are typing a lot of views and beat ratings among users, can work well on this.

How to remove video from yout

To remove previously downloaded videos, go to the YouTube site. If you did not leave your mail account mail, you automatically fall into your account on YouTube.

In the upper right corner, press on the wheel (parameters) (1) and in the drop-down menu select "Video Manager" (2)

How to remove video from yout

How to remove video from yout

In the Video Manager window, find a file to remove and near the icon next to the "Change" inscription click Triangles (1). In the drop-down menu, select "Delete".

Choose video to removeConfirm the deletion of the video file.


And in the case of successful removal, we observe the green inscription "Video Removed"


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Hello everyone, dear blog readers Iklayf.Ru. Today we will discern how to lay out the video in YouTube. I made a simple step-by-step instruction for beginners and those who are going to professionally engage in your youtube-channel, download rollers to it constantly and earn.

We also look at how to upload video to YouTube not only from a computer, but also from the phone or tablet.

Full Youtube Guide 

We will immediately turn on the case without unnecessary words.

How to put video on YouTube?

I understand that the article will read people who have never been done yet, so I will start for beginners from the very beginning. If you already have your own channel, then go immediately to step No. 3-4, there is the most important and interesting.

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Step 1. Registration or authorization in Google

YouTube is a service application from Google, so to upload a video to it, you need to have your account in Google. The article about registration on Youtube will help create it.

Step 2. Creating your YouTube Channel

The second thing that YouTube will ask you to do is create a new channel, without it you can not pour video.

If you want to download a video longer than 15 minutes, then after you create your channel, you need to confirm it by phone number. Without confirmation, it turns out to download the video only to a duration of up to 15 minutes.

Step 3. Download video file

Now that everything is ready for us, go to YouTube and press the "Add Video" button in the upper right corner.

A window opens in which we offer:

  • Download file from video.
  • Run live broadcast (stream).
  • Create a slideshow from pictures or photos.
  • Start the online video editor for mounting.

In this case, we are interested in the main window, where it is written "Select Files to download", you can click on this gray button and select the desired file on the computer. Either just drag it here.

Before dragging, do not forget about the first video optimization rule - rename the downloadable file correctly.

Step 4. Setting video

Next, the video load begins, during which you can configure it.

At the top we see 4 tabs that need to be configured:

  1. Basic information (most importantly).
  2. Transfer.
  3. Monetization.
  4. Advanced settings.

Let's wonder what you need to do.

Tab 1. Basic information

Here you definitely configure the following parameters:

  1. Video name (instructions: how to name video on YouTube).
  2. Description (instructions: how to make a description to video).
  3. Tags (instructions: how to pick up video tags and what it is).
  4. Select the icon or installation of your own (instructions: how to make your icon).
  5. Choosing a playlist or creating a new (instruction: what is a playlist on YouTube and how to create it).
  6. Setting the accessibility of the roller.

There are 4 access options:

  • Open - video will see everything.
  • According to the link, they will be able to see those who have a link to it.
  • Limited - you see only you.
  • On schedule - You can download the video and it will appear in the open access at a specified time.

Tab 2. Translation

If you want your video to watch in other languages, for example, in English, then you can download the translation or order it for a fee.

Tab 3. Monetization

If you have already connected monetization, you can choose how to display advertising. For novice channels, this feature will be unavailable.

Tab 4. Extended settings

Here, too, there is a lot of interesting things.

Left Column Settings:

  1. On / off comments for video.
  2. On / off rating (Likes and Dyslaika).
  3. License Selection (Standard - Video cannot be pereped, Creative Commons - You can perespamp on other channels indicating the author).
  4. Distribution (everywhere - this means if this video is divided, for example, on social networks, it will be reproduced; on commercial platforms - it can be seen only on the channel in YouTube and applications for Android and iOS).
  5. On / off embedding video on sites.
  6. On / off Channel subscribers notifications (if you remove a checkbox, the downloaded video will appear on the channel, but the subscribers will not see it in the news).
  7. On / off restrictions on age.

Right column settings:

  1. Select video category.
  2. The place of shooting (geotag, according to which your video can find users YouTube).
  3. Select video language.
  4. On / off access to subtitles and metadata.
  5. Setting the record date.
  6. Show statistics video.
  7. 3D - If the video is shot in 3D format.
  8. Statement about direct advertising.

All settings for this tab can be left standard. If any questions arose on them, you can ask them in the comments.

Also, to facilitate the settings when downloading the video, there is a special function in YouTube, which allows you to specify the default parameter template. I recommend to take advantage of it.

Step 5. Publication

As soon as you configure everything and wait until the video is loaded and processed, click the "Save" button.

After that, the video will immediately appear on the channel, and you can already share them with friends.

Step 6. Editing all settings after downloading

In the case when you forgot or did not have time to configure something, you can always go to the editing section of this video and change the parameters.

The first way:

  1. Come on your channel. At the top (immediately above the Channel Cap) click "Video Manager".
  2. Choose the desired video and click "Change".

Here you can remove it.

Second option: Go to editing when viewing the roller, there is a menu immediately below it.

Step 7. Adding additional parameters

Finding into the video manager, except for changing standard parameters, you can configure such functions as:

  • Annotations.
  • Finite screensaver.
  • Subtitles.
  • Tips.
  • Make the color correction and trimming roller.

Problems that may arise

Honestly, if you do everything according to the instructions and with a stable Internet, then there should be no problems. The only video that you post on your channel should not violate the basic rules of YouTube.

With a question where to take music for video, we will figure out a little later.

If you still have any problems, you can always write in the comments to this article, and we will help them solve.

How to upload video via phone and tablet

Layout video in YouTube from the phone or tablet can be 2 ways.

Method 1. Through Mobile Browser

Just go to the YouTube website, the mobile version opens. Log in in your account.

After authorization, go to the tab of your channel and click on the red boot icon.

After that, you perform the usual layout procedure, starting from step No. 3 in the instructions above.

Method 2. Through your YouTube mobile application

Come to the application store of your operating system, find the application there and install it.

Since I have only iPhone, show on his example. In Android, everything is exactly the same and looks like a mobile version of the site, only the "Download video" button is in the lower right corner.

Go to your Google account, select the channel and click on the video button. Choose from the video gallery video or turn on the recording from the camera.

Immediately in the application you can trim, impose filters and music. Next, let him name and write a description.

Click "Download" and your video on the channel. Just and quickly. After downloading from the phone, I recommend going through the computer and to doopamize it.


I have everything on this. I hope nothing missed.

In the following articles, we will analyze each video parameter (title, description, tags, etc.) separately, because it depends on them in the promotion and development of the channel.

Subscribe to blog news and wish you good luck. 

Add video to YouTube Channel via phone or PC

18:00, April 20, 2019 How to work Posted by Amelie.

Each in my surroundings uses YouTube video hosting. Each of them came the idea that it was not so interesting to watch other people's video, I want to do something my own. Someone is interested in Rytp videos, someone wants to create training materials, and some - just want to translate the content of foreign bloggers and take their place in the Utub community. A huge number of material varieties allows you to become popular and without equipment for many thousands of rubles or dollars. From this follows the era of the internet and video hosting, in particular. However, it is self-expression, and regardless of the quality of your production and material you have the full right to show yourself. Therefore, I will tell you how to add a video to YouTube Channel, insert a logo and subtitles.

Instructions, how to add video to the canal in YouTube

So, you are sure that what you want to show people is really worth downloading to the world-famous hosting. I hope you objectively appreciated yourself, because the piles of third-rate bloggers are enough for the globe. Before the instructions, I want to give advice: the download is to exercise from the computer, because so you can see all the cons of the created.

Through PC

Many are watching content without creating an account. But this is terribly uncomfortable - its own page provides many advantages and comfortable chips. However, if viewing is possible "without obligations", the loading of the material without them is unrealized. But it is very cool that for Google services you do not need to memorize a thousand logins and passwords - just use the Gmail profile. Then, following simple and understandable instructions, you can easily create and place your channel, but this article about a friend, so let's turn to the point.

  • On the main page of the site, click on the icon with your avatar or, as in my case, with the first letter of your mail.
  • Click on "My Channel".

    Add video to YouTube Channel via phone or PC

  • We look at the right upper corner again. There will be an icon icon with a plus. Click on it.
  • Select "Add video". If you want to broadcast or streams, you will need to go to the second option. Add video to YouTube Channel via phone or PC
  • You will open a large window in which you will need to click on a huge icon. Everything is very simple, you will not be mistaken. Already at this stage, you can configure privacy parameters.
  • Then we specify the basic information: name and description. Pay this special attention, because the name and brief description directly affect the number of views and on the likelihood of stumble upon your material among billion others. In addition, it is worth making changes in the "Advanced Settings" tab - select category and language. Otherwise, the checkbox can be left unchanged. I can describe all the possibilities provided here, but it will be much more useful to deal with it.

    Add video to YouTube Channel via phone or PC

  • Click "Ready" to complete the download.

Via phone

We will not again touch the topic with registration and entrance to your account. Immediately to the network.

  • Open the application.

    Add video to YouTube Channel via phone or PC

  • You can go to your channel or do everything directly from the main page - in the upper right corner we find the icon of the camcorder.

    Add video to YouTube Channel via phone or PC

  • Here you can immediately choose the finished material, start the broadcast or write the material from the gadget camera.

    Add video to YouTube Channel via phone or PC

  • The content settings steps are similar to what you will see from the computer.

And on how to delete video from YouTube quickly and forever, read in the appropriate article.

Instructions for adding video from someone else's channel to your

Now let's talk about how to add someone else's video on your channel in YouTube. Options can be a lot, but I will give you two easiest in my opinion.

  1. Add to playlist
  • Open the roller.
  • Click on "Save" under the lower right corner of the material.

    Add video to YouTube Channel via phone or PC

  • Select the playlist in which the content will be stored. Thus, you can not disrupt the copyright and not get a strike. But viewing even from your profile will not go to you, but the author of the video.
  1. Download and download
  • Open the roller.
  • We add to the address bar before the word "YouTube" SS so that the address acquires approximately the following form: you can also use different plugins if they are installed.

    Add video to YouTube Channel via phone or PC

  • Next we will reinforce us to the page with a proposal to install software for convenience of constant jump. If you do not need it, scroll down below and find the words "download without installation", click and swing.
  • Next, simply load the material. But remember that this is a direct violation of copyright, and be prepared to suffer punishment. If you liked someone else's content, better create your own on its base, recycle ideas and chips, and show something new.

P.S. YouTube punishes the copyright infringement when using more than 30 seconds of video from another channel.

How to add subtitles on video

You downloaded the material and wondered: "But how can I understand abroad?". We will lower the discussion of whether you will look at London or New York, let's go to practice and answer the question "How to add subtitles to the video on YouTube?".

  1. Go to the creative studio. To do this, click on your avatar and choose the corresponding item.

    Add video to YouTube Channel via phone or PC

  2. Go to the classic interface, because the updated at the moment does not support the functional you need.

    Add video to YouTube Channel via phone or PC

  3. In the left menu, choose "Video Manager".
  4. A list of rollers opens. Click on "Change" next to the desired.

    Add video to YouTube Channel via phone or PC

  5. We find the Subtitle tab. First you need to choose the language of the roller itself.
  6. Click on "Add new subtitles".
  7. In the search bar, you need to find the language of those added sub.

    Add video to YouTube Channel via phone or PC

  8. After that, two possible solution solutions will be offered - loading a file with sabami or manual input. And that and that, I think you understand.

    Add video to YouTube Channel via phone or PC

In more detail, how to enable and turn off subtitles on YouTube, look in our material.

How to add a logo on video

And now a couple of words about the logo. You can insert it into the roller in two ways:

  1. In the editor. This method is not the best, because such a logo will not carry practical benefits - it will be unclocked.
  2. On video hosting. For this:
  • Go to the creative studio to the classic interface.
  • In the left menu, we find and click on the "Channel" tab,
  • Choosing a "corporate identity".
  • And that is logical, the next our item is the "Add Channel Logo" button.
  • Select the file and save the changes. Ready, you are beautiful. Add video to YouTube Channel via phone or PC

We recommend to read the article "The way quickly and just add a video to classmates."


So how to add video to youtube Channel? Very and very simple. But when working with a new, yet unexplored interface, some difficulties may arise. Now, I hope you can easily cope with all the tasks for loading and designing the material. And remember: violation of copyright is terrible. Do not want to catch a strike - do not violate the rules of video hosting and legislation of the country.

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If you are a beginner video unit, then the instruction, how to add video to YouTube channel will be useful for you. In this article we will talk about what methods can be loaded by rollers. We will also tell us about the main features and intricacies of the process of design of the content in the creative studio YouTube.

Useful links: How to monetize YouTube Channel in 2020: Top 4 ways, how to promote video on YouTube: Step-by-step instructions for beginners.


Loading rollers from the work computer

Many after shooting download video to the hard disk of the computer. Others even make screenshots. Then, if necessary, mounted and get ready for positioning content. To add a video to your Youtube channel by means of a PC, act according to the following algorithm.

  1. Complete the authorization procedure through Google services, then click on the account icon in the upper right corner. To add video to YouTube Channel, pass authorization
  2. In the list that appears, go to the "Creative Studio YouTube" section. Go to Creative Studio YouTube
  3. Further wait for the transition to the administrative panel and click on the "Home" item on the left. Click on the item Home
  4. After moving to this page at the top, the Add Video button will appear. Click on it. Click Add Video
  5. The following window "Loading Video" opens. Here, click "Select Files". You can also clasp directly on the boot button (icon with an arrow up in the center of the window) or simply drag the video here. The system will move you to the computer directories. Find the folder in which the desired content is stored. Click the Select file button

Wait until the video is loaded. Next, work with empty fields. We will analyze each of them in detail.

Title, Description

In fact, the name you should already be invented. If not, do it now. If you plan to promote a channel by SEO, then you need the key requests in the title and description. How to find them?

  • Go to the Yandex.Sordstat service.
  • Drive the intended topic that corresponds to the video.
  • We are looking for queries that have frequency below 1,000 shots per month.
  • Go to the Mutagen service (you need to register).
  • Insert a search query and check its competition.
  • We are interested in such phrases that have an indicator below 5.
  • Now boldly insert the key in the title.

The title to the roller is prescribed in the "Title" field. Remember that the number of characters should not exceed 100.

When adding a description, the key request is used in diluted form. That is, change the case.

Enter video information to add channel to YouTube

In the field we tell, what will be discussed in our video. The number of characters here is limited to 5 thousand signs without gaps.

Icon, playlists

Sunday below. There are two more "icon" and "playlists". To create a badge, we can use a fragment from the video or download the symbol on the video hosting yourself.

Choose or load icon

In each rectangle, to which the arrow indicates in the screenshot will be present an image. It appears as soon as the full roller processing occurs.

In the Playlist Point, you are invited to choose a playlist in which the video will be shown. Since we have this first load, then this item can be skipped. Then press the "Next" button.

Click the button Next


At the next stage of downloading video, we can make some adjustments. For example, install a finite screensaver. At the same time, it is allowed to import from other video (will be available when loaded on YouTube the second and subsequent rollers).

Add the desired fragments in additions

Add the desired fragments and click the Next button to go to the next step.

Note! Add a finite screensaver and tips can only be completed after the end of the roller processing.

Access parameters

This is the next step that needs to be held when publishing a video. Here in each field we put markers at your own discretion. It is permissible to publish immediately, to hold the premiere or even schedule the publication time.

In the "Save or Publish" field, we will deliver a tick opposite one of the three items shown in the screenshot. We check whether everything was done correctly and click "Publish".

Add video access parameters on YouTube Channel

On a note! For publishing on YouTube, the channels are suitable rollers in MP4, MPEG, WAV and others.

Loading through the Gmail service

You can download a video without a mandatory youtube. To do this, just log in to your Gmail account. Then click on the menu in the upper right corner, click on the YouTube icon.

The system will automatically redirect you to YouTube. Here at the top of the screen, click "Create". Select "Add video" or "Start Broadcast". Next, everything is performed, as in the previous section.

Add video via Google Drive

This is another simple way to add a video to Hosting YouTube. We suggest familiarizing yourself with its features.

  1. We pass the authorization procedure in Google services using your email. Followed by click "Menu" and then "Disc".
  2. In the upper left corner, click "Create".
  3. In the menu that opens, click on "Upload Files".
  4. In the folder that opens with files on the computer, we are looking for the desired option and click "Open". Further waiting for the video on the service.
  5. We make the click on the downloaded roller, choose the item "Open with the help".
  6. Here you choose the Youtube Uploader extension, as shown in the screenshot.
  7. In the next window, click "Login and Authorization".
  8. Next, click on that account YouTube in which we plan to download content.

We just have to choose a service through which video download will be performed. In our case, this is Google Drive. After that, the video is successfully published on video hosting.

Options Adding video from a mobile phone

In order to download the content of the content on YouTube from the iPhone or Android phone, you can use one of two methods. Each we consider in detail in this section.

Through Mobile Browser

  • Open a web browser, which is constantly using your mobile phone.
  • In the search bar or in the express panel, select YouTube.
  • Click on the profile icon at the top of the screen.
  • Go through the authorization procedure on your channel through a smartphone browser.
  • Next, follow the prompts and to further use it is the browser.
  • Click on the icon of your channel, after which you move to the menu.
  • Here will immediately appear round up button, press it.
  • You will be prompted to move to the app, but you must choose to "continue in the browser."
  • Next, adding video will be the same as in the first method from the computer.

As you can see, the process of adding a video is practically no different from the method that is used through a PC browser. Rationally use the boot from the phone if important videos are located in its repository.

YouTube Mobile App

In order to use this method, you must first download the application from Google Play YouTube. Next remains according to the instructions.

  1. Go to the program on the smartphone, switch to the account, which is created for the YouTube channel manual.
  2. Then on the master screen of video hosting in the smartphone, click the Add Video button. Located at the top.
  3. Select a suitable way to download "Record" or "Start Broadcast". Confirm the request for permission to access the application to the smartphone data.
  4. If there are already recorded rollers on the phone, select the desired list. Add information about it and click the Upload button in the upper right corner of the application.

Nevertheless, if possible, we recommend to download video through a computer or using a mobile browser. So you can easily rename and add a description to the roller.

On a note! After loading the roller from the smartphone, you can go to your channel from the computer and make the necessary adjustments and edit the publication.

Video download settings

Before adding a roller to open access to view, we recommend you to familiarize yourself with some settings and, if necessary, use them.

  1. Go to your channel, then at the bottom of the left, click on the "Settings" section. Click on the Settings sectionSelect the Edit Video header, click "Basic Information". Click on the main information
  2. Here, review each item, select the type of access to view, add tags corresponding to the topic of the roller. Then click on the "Advanced Settings" item. Go to the Advanced Settings section
  3. Look at the fields highlighted in red. Make the necessary settings. Then click "Save" to confirm the selected actions.

Tips for bloggers when downloading video on YouTube

In the previous sections, we dealt with the possible options for the correct download of the rollers to your YouTube channel. Now we offer to familiarize yourself with the basic recommendations that your content will make even better.

Preliminary preparation

This is an important stage. It is extremely undesirable to add video on the channel without preceding it processing and mounting. It is important here to ensure that the quality is appropriate, the effects of transitions from one plot to another have been added if possible.

Do not forget about the overlapping of the text on the roller. You can do this work in the Special Camtasia program. After mounting, insert the final screensaver. The duration of its show should not be less than 20 seconds.

Extended description

When drawing up a description to each roller, it is also necessary to add links to existing profiles on social networks. If, in addition to the ownership of Yutub, the channel, you also have a personal site or blog, then specify its domain name (address). This will lead to the resource of new visitors, and will also improve its indexation.

In no case, do not put a list of keywords for which promoting a roller. They need to be diluted with text.

Creating an icon

The video icon makes it recognizable among the others. You can draw such a special editors: Paint, Fast Stone. Supported format of such graphics: PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF. The file size should not exceed 2 MB. It is desirable that the icon displays the whole essence of the video.

Becoming comment initiator

After loading the roller and run it into open access, you can write a comment under it. It is not prohibited. In it, attract attention to the content on your channel, call the audience to the dialogue.

Do not forget to ask subscribe and evaluate the publication. If convenient, make these requests directly at the end of the video.

To not get confused ...

If you first download the video on YouTube Channel, you can forget something. Therefore, we recommend creating a folder that will allow you to perform all steps to steps. The following components must be included in it:

  • video (roller from the camera Screenst, video with music and photos);
  • file in Word format (here is prescribed the name of the video, keywords for promotion, description for video);
  • picture for preview or video icon;
  • Another Word file in which links must be spelled to add them after the description. These are links to adjacent accounts with YouTube Channel.

On a note! The most important rule - video needs to be added only in good quality, without outsiders, screen distortions and unnecessary elements. The video should say strictly what is said in the title and description. No water!

Let's summarize

Recommending how to add a video to your YouTube channel, you can be sure that success is inevitable. Perform all actions step by step and already in the first hours of the roller will start typing good revs.

It is important to take into account even small nuances when publishing. Usually the success of the promotion is hiding in them. Therefore, do not ignore any setting specified in our article.

Sincerely, Victoria Chernyshenko Especially for the project PROUDALENKU.RU

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Introducing step-by-step instructions for downloading video on YouTube.

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You can also start your own channel and make money on it. Then you need to download video on YouTube regularly. And this article will help you do it for the first time. It is designed for newbies and tell about the basic points of the publication of the video.

Technical requirements

The roller must be approached under certain technical requirements:

  • Format. Downloading on video flash stroke Materials of different formats: MP4, FLV, Webm, AVI, WMV, MPEG-1,2, 3GP, MOV .
  • Frame frequency. The initial frame rate per second must be 24 or 25.
  • Aspect ratio. 16: 9, but if you download a roller with other parameters, it will be added, black stripes will simply appear.
  • Resolution. In order for the video to be fully shown, it should be with such parameters: 2160p: 3840 × 2160, 1440p: 2560 × 144, 1080p: 1920 × 1080, 720p: 1280 × 720, 480p: 854 × 480, 360p: 640 × 360, 240p: 426 × 240.
  • The size. The video size can be any, but if the file is more than 2 mg, it is worth making a compression in advance so that the video is unloaded not so long.
  • Length. The minimum duration of the audios-response fragment should be at least 33 seconds.

How to add video on YouTube from a computer

If you are loading the video for the first time, then you do not have an account in Google (we will tell you how to start it). If you are already authorized, then go to step 3.

Step 1. Registration or authorization in Google. Click on the Create Account button and pass a simple registration.

Registration or authorization in Google

Step 2. Adding your channel. It is necessary to click on the icon on a blue background with a silhouette of a person, then on the gear and in the window that appears, select "Create Channel". In more detail in the article: How to make your jutup channel .

Adding your canal

Step 3. Loading. Click on the image of the camcorder and select the "Add Video" button.

How to add video on YouTube from a computer

Then go to the gray button with the arrow, after which it will light up red and you need to download the roller from your computer. You can also drag the file to this window.

We ship video

Step 4. Customize video. After it starts to boot your video, and you can configure it at this time. To do this, in the YouTube manager there are several tabs.

Customize video.

  • Tab "Basic Information". Here it is necessary to register the name, choose tags and add a description. Also at this stage you need to select the icon or download. You can add video to playlists or create them. In the same graph, privacy is selected (an outdoor video, access by reference, limited, which can only see you and publish on a schedule). Tab "Basic Information"
  • Translation tab. You can broadcast the name of the name and video description. To do this, choose the original language and the one to which it will be translated. It is allowed to choose several languages. Tab "Translation"
  • Tab "Monetization". This feature is available to channels on which there are already views and subscribers.
  • The "Advanced Settings" tab. Here you can resolve or reject comments to the video, allow or disable downloads of likes and dysletes, set the age limit, specify the video heading and other. Tab "Advanced Settings"

Step 5. Publication. After the processing is completed, click "Save".

We publish video

Article in the topic: SEO-optimization video on YouTube

How to lay out video on YouTube from phone on Android platform

To download the video, download and install the latest version application. To do this, go to Play Market and enter YouTube in the line. After it is established, it is necessary to use the following algorithm:

  1. Enter Google Account (if you do not have it, then you need to register by filling out all the fields as when entering through the computer).
  2. To download the roller, click on the elder pointing upwards. Depending on your version, a video camera is a pictogram. How to lay out video on YouTube from phone on Android platform
  3. If you download the video for the first time, the application may require permission to the chamber or gallery. You must click on the confirmation button. To open access
  4. Select video from saved on your phone or use the camera. Choose video
  5. Fill in all the information and click on the elder. In some versions, to save the video, you must click on the "Download" key. We add information

How to lay out video on YouTube with iPhone

If you decide to download a video from iPhone, then in App Store Download the app and follow the instructions:

  1. Open the photo application.
  2. In the right corner, click on the "Select" button, and the video is highlighted by a check mark. How to lay out video on YouTube with iPhone
  3. In the upper right corner, press the send button (square with an arrow pointing up). In the window that appears, select the desired option - YouTube.
  4. Log in to the service and fill out important information.
  5. Press the "Publish" key.

Why the video on YouTube is not loaded

If you clearly follow the instructions and your content is not prohibited, there should be no problems. But in practice it often happens that hosting rejects the appropriate content at first glance. Consider the most common situations by which the video is not loaded to the platform:

  • Video duration exceeds 15 minutes. In order for the site administration to allow you to publish such a video, you must specify the parameter in the settings. Click on the Main page "Video Manager" key. Why the video on YouTube is not loadedOn the left, click on the "Channel" field, go to "Status and Functions", activate the loading of long rollers. Why the video on YouTube is not loaded
  • "Breakdown" file. Recover the downloadable file may not work the audio track or in some places the picture freezes. In this case, you must download another file or try it to fix it.
  • Incorrect format. Above the valid formats for downloading video were listed. But if you still can't add a video, you need to convert it, for this you can use the Special Site, download the program is not necessary.

What to do next

To see your video, share the video. Open the video itself and at the bottom you will see the "Share" button with the arrow on which you want to click.

After that, a menu will appear where it is necessary to choose social. The network where you want to place a posted video. On the left and right there are arrows, clicking on which you will open and other ways to broadcast video.

Share video in social networks

You can publish videos on different social networks by reference. If you want the broadcast starts not from the beginning, for example, from the first minute you need to check the box in front of the "Start" key and close in the window to enter the time from which the video will open.

If you want to add a video to the site, you must click on the "Built" window, on the icon of which two arrows looking at different directions, the menu will open where you need to copy the HTML code. There you can change the settings and set the time from which the display will begin if necessary.

Well, here we learned how to upload a video on YouTube. At first glance, it may seem that it is difficult and takes a lot of time. But when you add 5-10 video to the platform, you can do everything on the machine.

Add video on YouTube simply, but the order of action on the computer and the mobile device is slightly different.

Note. This feature may not be available in the Parental Control mode on YouTube. Read more ...

How to upload a video in a new creative studio

  1. Enter the account and open the creative studio.
  2. In the upper right corner of the page, click Create then add video .
  3. Select a download file.

Note. You can download no more than 15 video. To set the settings of each roller, click on the icon Change video Next to him.

If you close the download tool before you do all the necessary actions, your roller will be saved on the content page as a draft.

Basic information about the video

Specify general information about your video.

Name It must be specified for each roller.
Description Information that will be displayed under the video.
Icon An image that will give users an idea of ​​your roller.
Playlists Video can be added to a new or already existing playlist.
Lecture hall In accordance with the US Law on the Protection of Personal Information of Children on the Internet, you must indicate whether your rollers for children are intended.
Age restrictions If the video is not suitable for juvenile viewers, select the appropriate option.

To set additional settings, click Others options On the page with video information.

Direct Advertising and Product Playment Specify whether there are direct advertising and product plasters in your content.

Select keywords so that your content is easier to find.

We recommend adding tags if, when searching for video, the audience often make mistakes. In other cases, this is not necessary.

Language and subtitles Select the language on which they say in the video. If there are no subtitles in the video, indicate the reason for this.
Date and place of shooting Specify when and where the video was shot.
License and distribution

Select a license type and set the distribution settings.

Specify whether it will be possible to embed a roller on third-party sites. You can also choose whether you need to send your subscribers about a new video.

Category Give the audience to know what type of video. Examples: humor, education, games.
Comments and evaluations Set the comments settings, and also specify whether users can see the number of "Like" and "Like".


Compliance with the requirements of advertisers


In such elements, you can place links to sites and similar videos, as well as appeals to action.

Finite screensavers After the roller processing is over, you can add visual elements with references and calls to viewers. You can only place them in a video longer than 25 seconds.
Tips These interactive elements can be added if the roller processing is already completed.
Check video

Access parameters

In chapter

Access parameters

You can ask

Confidentiality settings

And choose the time to publish the roller. You can also download video with limited access.

  • For immediate publication of the roller Click "Save or Publish" and specify the appropriate access parameters.
  • To appear on the site later, Click "Plan a Publish" and specify the desired time. Until the publication, access to video will be limited.
    • To draw attention to your video, select the Select Prime Minister check box. This can only be done for open access rollers.

Before publishing, check all the parameters and make sure that the specified roller information corresponds to the YouTube rules.

How to upload video

To learn more about how to upload a video, look at the video with detailed instructions on the YouTube Creators channel.

How to Upload Videos with YouTube Studio

Tips for downloading video

How many videos can be downloaded per day

YouTube has a limit on the number of video that can be downloaded for one day. If you exceed it, an error message will appear. In this case, try adding a video again after 24 hours.

Limits to download video may vary in different regions. They also depend on whether the author received a warning against copyright and community rules.

How to add an audio file

This type of files cannot be downloaded to YouTube. List of valid formats can be viewed in

This article


Try converting an audio file in the video by adding an image to it. Examples of applications in which it can be done is given



What is the difference between the download from the publication

Uploading video, you just add His YouTube.

To the roller can watch other users, it is necessary Publish By specifying suitable access settings.

How to publish video with non-standard aspect ratio

The player size adjusts to the video to videos - whether it is vertical, horizontal or square - occupied as much of the screen as possible. Do not add black stripes on the sides: it makes the video less attractive.

Why the download date and the date of the publication do not coincide

  • date of download - This is the date when you added video on YouTube. It is displayed next to the roller on the video tab in the creative studio.
  • Publication date - This is the date when the video has become available for viewing to other users. It is indicated by the player on the view page and is always displayed on the Pacific standard time.

Dates differ if:

  1. First, you downloaded video with limited access or access by reference, and then changed access to open.
  2. You downloaded the video in the time zone, the time in which is ahead of the Pacific.

How to set up video quality

Immediately after loading, the content is usually available only in low resolution.

The ability to choose when viewing a higher quality, for example, 4K or 1080 PKS, it appears later - within a few hours after loading. This is due to the fact that the video processing in high resolution requires more time. Learn more about downloading rollers and their quality can

This article


Articles on the topic

Hello, dear readers of my blog! Want to spend a few hours to shoot a video, then as much as the installation, render, download, and eventually get five views? You do not want! Therefore, today I will tell you how to lay out a video in YouTube correctly, to immediately start getting watchwear and bring you money!

Preliminary preparation

So, you have a ready video file that you have processed and prepared for download. Or just a roller you removed for the phone. It would seem that time to upload, but wait! It is necessary to conduct an initial setting:

● First of all change the name. Please note, I do not mean not title, that is, not that all users see, but the name of the file. Yes, the name affects the ranking of the video, that is, at how much Youtube search traffic will be subsequently sent to it.

Call a file once, and you get the benefit of this every day. How to correctly call the video? First, select multiple keywords.

● Go to Yandex.WordStat service and enter the main key request that concerns your video. On it, select multiple other key queries, save them all.

● Now add all these key requests in the video. Get a big and awkward name. But this is what we need. You are not going to send him friends through social media. This information is not for the audience, but for search algorithms YouTube. It is noticed more than once that the key words are not unnecessary.

You can add them not only in the title, description and tags, but also in the name. You can, by the way, use in the name of the file and Russian characters, and Latin.

How exactly upload video?

The process of loading from a laptop, from a tablet or from iPhone is very simple, but it is not obvious for the one who does it for the first time. Therefore I give you a step-by-step instruction:

● Log in YouTube. Someone may be interested in the question of how to pour a roller from the phone without registration, alas, it is impossible. Each video should have the author. YouTube is an ordinary social network. You cannot write messages in Vkontakte or Facebook without registration.

How exactly upload video?

● Go to the main page and in the upper right corner, near your avatar you will see the image of the camcorder with a plus card. Click on it, the drop-down list will open, one of whose items will "add video".

● Boldly press "Add Video", and you immediately get to the download page.

● Here you choose how it is more convenient for you: you can simply drag a file from another window here, and you can click on the screen center and select location. Do not be afraid, technically there is no difference. In any case, you download the video to your channel in good quality.

● Now you have to choose video access level. They are three. If you want to download the roller so that it is all seen, then do not change anything, the default is the level of access "Open access". This means that immediately after the publication, your subscribers will see what a new video appeared on the channel. Moreover, visitors entering requests in the search string will be able to fall.

And how to save traffic?

For some strange reason, some users believe that downloading video from the phone requires less traffic. Not at all: the video file has an absolutely identical size, and there is no difference for YouTube, where you download it. But there is a difference for you.

Good Tone rule: Do not download video from Android, if you use mobile Internet. A small roller, just 10 minutes as 1080p, can occupy 1 gigabyte. Load a couple of these rollers - and "Eat" your monthly tariff.

Use only WiFi connection, or always upload from a computer.

All popular bloggers handle their filmed video in fixed programs on fixed computers or laptops. Therefore, they do not even have the need to upload them using the mobile Internet.

On the other hand, if you shoot instagram rollers (that is, small in size, it may also be, and as worse than 1080p, that I would not recommend to do), then you can download directly from the smartphone.

And what about monetization?

If your task is to download the video and earn money on it, then take care so that the monetization function is turned on in advance. In this case, all the rollers that you download will accompany advertising.

I will also share with you a few tips, how to increase your income (after all, you know that shooting and loading is just the first step, that is, percentage of 20 success):

● Create a specific ritual. Slow out a clear sequence of actions that you take after the video turns out to be on your channel. For example, immediately use the buttons of the social sharing - they are placed under each video. With their help, it is easy to solve the video in VC and a dozen other social networks.

● Determine which social network is working for you better and concentrate your efforts on it. For example, if your videos for the youth audience, there are many jokes, fun, special effects, then, probably, most of your potential subscribers live in Vkontakte.

On the other hand, if you take off for a more educational and solvent audience, pay attention to Facebook.

● Do not limit yourself to social networks. Do not forget that other social networks are successfully operating in the Russian-speaking social Internet, which are very early written off. For example, "Live Journal". He collects millions of readers daily.

Try to negotiate with popular bloggers that they insert your videos into our posts.

Use the power of instagram

Previously, I would advise you to create your own website, and add rollers to the site. But textual information is gradually goes into the past, so if you do not have your blog, it is not worth winning, use instagram strength!

It develops faster than YouTube. If someone does not know, the main difference of instagram from YouTube is the length of the rollers. If youtube users come to spend time clock, then instagram are mostly used quickly.

Therefore, the logic is as follows. If you shot a long video, try to make a cut from it up to one minute.

Use the power of instagram

It can be useful for users who are busy and have no opportunity to view your video to the end. Note that in this way, you will significantly expand the audience girth:

● On the one hand, everything will be fine with the "Holding Audience" indicator. After all, users will know that there is a scratched trimmed version of your roller.

● On the other hand, you will attract to YouTube and encourage to view a longer version of the instagram users who like the brief version of your video.

If YouTube is your priority at the end of 2018 and the whole 2019 year, I recommend going through the practical intensive " YouTube Specialist " The author of him is Alexander Novikov. This is if not the best in RuNet, then one of the best experts. Behind his shoulders are a huge experience, so coaching is suitable for all - and beginners, and owners of more or less popular channels.

Finally, another advice is to attract freelancers. In RuNet there was an interesting situation: you can easily buy thousands of views or likes for very little money. Yes, I know what you say! And yes, not always these views from living people.

But do not forget that youTube requires 4000 hours of general visual views in order to connect to monetization.

On such purchased views this is quite easy to achieve. Moreover, users are more willing watching videos who have several thousand views than a few hundred or not at all.

But in general, these services need to be used carefully, because if you are improperly used, they can really harm.

I will say goodbye to you. Do not forget to send your friends a link to this post, if there is something to add, be sure to add. Do you have a certain ritual? What do you do after loading, or provide all the work of YouTube and do not take any attempt to promote third-party services?


In this category, it is described in detail how to correct the video on the YouTube channel using a computer, a mobile device or tablet. And also give advice on installing extended settings.

How to pour video on YouTube: Overview of popular ways

How to pour video on the youtuba canal from a computer, phone, tablet

YouTube video hosting has millions of users. People constantly browse the worst rollers, leave comments and share them in social networks. Accordingly, a lot of those who create their own channels in order to earn money. The beginners will be interested to learn how to pour video on YouTube. This is described in detail in our article.

Loading roller with pc

Despite the fact that the "travel" on the World Wide Web can be through mobile phones and tablets, many people prefer to act "in the old manner" and use computers and laptops for these purposes. By downloading your or someone else's video on YouTube, you can use two methods that we now consider.

Method 1: Profile Gmail.

To fill the roller, you will need to log into your account on Gmail, and if it is not, then pre-create a profile. After that, you need to click on the icon located at the top of the monitor on the right. He depicts an arrow. This action will help get to the download page. Now you need to drag the video directly to the window that opened, and it will start booting.

But this does not end. You will need to enter additional parameters. As soon as the download goes, you need to act in this order:

  • In the Add a window that appears, add a description and tags so that the video is easier to find.
  • Select the cover and set video access options.
  • Move into the Translation tab. Here you can specify a condition that the video description is translated into several languages.
  • In the Advanced Settings menu, set additional parameters. For example, permission or ban on leaving comments and much more. They are filled at will. If something is not needed, the field is simply left blank. At any time, the parameters can be changed if there is a need.
  • After the settings entered, you need to click on the corresponding button to publish, and after a few moments, the video will appear on the channel.

It is worth a separately say about the access settings. There are several options:

  • the ability to view a video for all users;
  • access for people who have been issued link;
  • Limited viewing of the chosen owner of the channel of the audience;
  • Deferred publication when the video becomes available in the designated time.

Attention! It is important not only to know how to pour 4k video on YouTube and in which format the video should be represented. We will optionally familiarize yourself with the video storage policy to understand what materials can be laid out, and what is prohibition. Otherwise, there is a risk that the video will be "banned."

Method 2: Pour through Google Disk

Strangely enough, but this pretty convenient way is very rarely used to pour video on YouTube. Need to do the following:

  • Log in Google Disk and click on the Create Team on the main page of the profile.
  • In the drop-down menu, select a line for downloading files.
  • Find the desired material and click on it, and then click "Open".
  • Wait for downloading a file, then click on it with right mouse button and enter advanced settings.

After the desired parameters are set, it will only remain to save the changes, and the video will be published.

How to download from phone and tablet?

To fill the material from a mobile device or tablet, you can use two ways:

  • Loading through a mobile Internet browser. It will be necessary to simply open the mobile version of the video hosting on the device and log in in your account. In the Channel tab, click on the download icon marked in red. After that, the procedure will be the same as in the instructions for fill with PC.
  • Placement of materials through the YouTube application for mobile. This resource works on Android, iOS, iPad and iPhone. It can be downloaded for free from any Internet market. The interface is the same as on the mobile version of YouTube, the difference is only that the video download command is at the bottom right. The procedure will look as well as in the previous case.
After loading the material, it is better to perform its advanced settings and editing by opening YouTube on the computer monitor.

From this article, you learned how to correctly pour the video on the YouTube channel. As can be seen from the above, it is quite simple to do it. Even newcomer is able to cope with such a task that does not have special skills in part of the publication of the rollers.

Oreopal of this article is posted on our blog:

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