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Airsoft pomegranate for ten minutes do it yourself

So, dear lovers of airsoft, I suggest your version of the airsoft grenade. Its an indisputable advantage of it in front of most of the other self-made products of this kind is the trouble-free initiation system with grinding. You do not need to climb into your teeth drive to adjust the grenade with a lighter or match as an ancient Grenader, with a simple rings pulling the ring, you initiate a grenade and throw without losing time.

And also without losing time we turn to the manufacture of grenades:

Required materials for the manufacture of garnets:

We need:

  1. Desktop, or work stool, as in my case.
  2. Knife
  3. Scotch pulley paper
  4. Scotch polymer, wide
  5. Scotch narrow
  6. Peas or explosive balls (for official games).
  7. Rope
  8. Pomegranate housing. I have, as you see, it is a spool from the roll of toilet paper, a very comfortable, cheap and practical billet for grenades.
  9. Matchboxes (1 pomegranate - 1 boxes)
  10. Stapler
  11. Heart of grenade-petard. IMPORTANT : Petardes "Corsair-4" showed themselves extremely unreliable as sunk, often the grain head is destroyed and the gunpowder is poured. I use more expensive and high-quality firefights. I recommend experimenting.
  12. Some time and desire.

Let's start, perhaps

Cut from the box the grater, neatly and smooth.

We make out of them the wicker grater as shown in the photo:

The most complicated is to make the right grater correctly. To do this, we apply the graters to each other by non-working parties, insert two fragments of matches and the rope and the stapler fix the design, as shown in the figure. It is extremely important to repeat the position of the clips!

In the figure above, the existence is visible as arranged match debris in the grater.

We take Petard and wind by one narrow scotch clutch:

Then, continuing to wind up the tape, we open the head of the fire with matches as shown in the following figure:

The next step is to make the grater to the matches and on the reverse side we put it even one next to the match-firmly pressing grater to the first row. Scotch should not touch and stick to the grater - only to matches, so the matches on the second row it is necessary with the calculation so that they overlap the width of the grater.

Next, we take the garnet housing and wind one end with a painted tape with an indent from the edge of 1/3 of the scotch width.

Cut tape for strips,

Bend strips and create a bottom We cover the bottom of the polymer scotch, complete sealing is necessary. Sealedness is checked simply tightly sprinkling an open end to his mouth. Further we put our focus on the bottom of the cylinder, raising the rope over the cut case and fall asleep the striking item:

PE should be covered and talked tightly, should not prevent the cutting of the grater.

Sealing the upper end in the same way as the bottom but leave the slot to exit the grater: Now you have become the happy garnet owner. Consider the grenade breaks there where the casing cardboard is free from Scotch! Therefore, do not soak it with tape all.

Pleasant fights.


All of you have ever heard about such a wonderful thing as airsoft / paintball pomegranate. The main disadvantages is the small radius of scattering of fragments (balls with paint). I want to offer you a homemade analogue. The principle of his action. When you twist the ring, matches light up and ignite the ignition of the petarda. Petard explodes and scatters flour and peas. The resulting cloud of flour flammifies and explodes. Complete explosion, which makes itching peas in different directions.

For the manufacture of grenades, you will need the following components:

1. Dense paper.

2. Cardboard mugs (the diameter depends on what size of the garnet you choose).

3. Glue PVA / Pencil.

4. Powerful Petard (preferably "Corsair 4").

5. Plastic from the bottle.

6. Matches.

7. The curtain surface of the matchbox.

8. Rubber for money.

9. Wat.

10. Wire or clip for the manufacture of ring.

11. Flour.

12. Peas or balls with paint (like fragments).

13 Scotch (narrow).


We choose the diameter of the grenades. Cut from cardboard mugs selected diameter.

Glue from dense landscape paper cylinder (equal diameter of the circle). We glue one circle at the base of the cylinder.


We glue to the firing match with a tape at her ignition.


We mock. Cut out a rectangle from plastic corresponding to the dimensions of the outer surface. Attach it with a stapler to the outer surface. Make from wire or paper clips. We do from one edge of plastic hole. We produce a wire / straightened paper clips and connect the two ends, fasten. (See photo)


Surrive fed to the ame surface to matches fixed on the pen. Attach the fed to the fireplace using a gum for money.


Lubricate the bottom of the petarda with glue and glue the bottom of the cylinder (inserting inside). I fall asleep to the remaining space, alternating layer, flour and peas. Do not trambet! Leave from above 1 cm free space. Top insert the second circle into the cylinder. In the center it is cut through the hole for the smelled. Mocked must perform over a circle.


We make around smelting a layer 0.5 cm from cotton. Cut in 3 and 4 circles the same holes. Mugs close half of the ignition of the petarde from above. The hole should be of this size so that it might be freely extracted. We glue the two of these mug to the walls of the Celunder. Grenade is ready.



German "Molotov Cocktail" Cocktail Molotova, War, Germany, Armament, Manual Pomegranate, Interesting, Chemical Weapons, Video, Long

Most of the compatriots know what Molotov's cocktail is and how it was used during the Second World War. At the same time, few people at least heard about such a German thing as "BlendKorper", which was used in the German army. This adaptation has something in common with the Soviet bottle with an incendiary mixture, although it is used completely differently.

What is it needed for?

German "Molotov Cocktail" Cocktail Molotova, War, Germany, Armament, Manual Pomegranate, Interesting, Chemical Weapons, Video, Long

In terms of the economy, before the Second World War, Germany was known as a country that had the strongest chemical industry. The achievements of the Germans in this area were huge: new types of rubber, numerous fuel surrogates and explosives. Alas, in the 1920s and 1930s all this scientific magnificence has already worked for a coming war. In 1942, a new item of equipment for the Wehrmacht soldier appeared in Rehehe - the Blendkorper chemical grenade.

German "Molotov Cocktail" Cocktail Molotova, War, Germany, Armament, Manual Pomegranate, Interesting, Chemical Weapons, Video, Long

According to its principle, BlendKorper looks like a Molotov cocktail. In glass container is a chemically active substance. The bottle should be thrown into the enemy tank so that it crashes and its contents entered into contact with the air, after which the chemical reaction began, which caused the strongest smoke for 15-20 seconds. To catch up "BlendKorper" was not needed. Fragile glass containers in a special granite bag were transferred.

German "Molotov Cocktail" Cocktail Molotova, War, Germany, Armament, Manual Pomegranate, Interesting, Chemical Weapons, Video, Long

The first version of the BlendKorper smoke grenade had the designation H1. However, it turned out to be not too comfortable, as a result of which the Germans had to modify the chemical reagent, as well as the glass container itself. As a result, grenade H2 appeared. They were refilled with calcium chloride, titanium tetrachloride and silicon tetrachloride. When all three liquids were mixed and a smoke curtain appeared in contact with air, the effectiveness of which was quite comparable to conventional smoke raids.

German "Molotov Cocktail" Cocktail Molotova, War, Germany, Armament, Manual Pomegranate, Interesting, Chemical Weapons, Video, Long

At the same time, no ignition chemical grenades were caused, however, the smoke was very caustic and sometimes even could force the crew of the tank to leave his car if the bottle was broken about the armor next to the technical or viewing holes.


To ensure greater realism of airsoft measures, as well as for more opportunities during battles, grenades are often used. At the same time, not always airsoft grenades can be found in ordinary stores with similar weapons for a variety of reasons. This is due to the fact that such consumables are entirely disposable, have not a very low cost, as well as a number of restrictions and difficulties on sale, despite the fact that all non-exclusion grenades are not weapons without exception. In addition, from the very appearance of airsoft movement in the Russian territory, the tradition of making such accessories has historically developed independently - it may turn out to be in a person who has never worked as hands, and the complexity of manufacture and the necessary tools do not differ from children's amateurs when creating crafts in kindergarten .

What is needed to create airsoft grenades at home?

It should be noted that the overwhelming majority of airsoft grenades are created using ready-made pyrotechnic products, most often - Petard. Their cost is available for everyone, they are very easy to find, and efficiency is much higher than in the independent manufacture of explosives, which can be associated with the danger and complexity of finding the necessary chemical compounds on sale.


A pea is almost universally used as an affecting element for the grenade. First of all, its use is due to the fact that it is much cheaper than airsoft balls, secondly - its heat resistance will not allow him to glue with each other because of the explosion of the Petard and Third - it has a little more mass and allows you to create a convenient and natural The lesion zone in which the grenade explosion will be tangible but not dangerous. Also, sometimes instead of pea, beans are used - in larger ammunition, where the large size and weight of the beaholine provide safety when the explosion.

The fuse for such grenades and a jack is most often made of matches, various mechanisms rigidly fixed near the petard head together with a piece of match essay. The matches duplicate each other, and in general, such a mechanism allows you to start the process of the ignition of the firing directly by pulling the checks, which ensures a high level of realism.


The garnet housings are made of a variety of materials, but the most popular is a thin cardboard, since its use provides sufficient expansion of the striking elements and does not extinguish the blow, simultaneously providing sufficient strength and aesthetics of the grenade body. It is easiest to use toilet paper cylinders for the cylinder body, or - trimming the tube. Such application makes it easy to simulate modern Western versions of offensive grenades. To simulate more popular in the post-Soviet space, the Grenate RSD-5 and F-1 will have to, of course, try, however, it is unlikely that someone will hardly appreciate your efforts, since grenades are consumables. That is why most of the arsicball players prefer a variant with pomegranates of a strictly cylindrical form, as an ideal compromise between the speed of manufacture and aesthetics. The cardboard cylinder is enough only to wind with a black tape or film, or paint silver or metal paint to give the product a realistic look.

Useful article if you still decided to take the case "5 ways to manufacture airsoft pomegranate"

Best of all, if you make grenades by parties, and not ply - it will greatly simplify the whole process and save your time.

The article was prepared with the support of the store " Overtyun - Airsoft Equipment and Weapon ".





How to make airsoft pomegranate from the fire

Instructions for the manufacture: (I am writing as stupid, I apologize in advance in advance) Consumables: 1. PETARDA 2. Pea 3. Stationery Glue 4. Office paper 5. Glue "Moment" 6. Threads 7. Matches 8. Plastic bottle 9. Grater for ignition of matches 10. Wrinking ring 11. Green paint (Auto Enamel in Bone) 12. TV or radio, etc., it simply does not prevent Beer, everything is simple! 1. Preparation of the igniter of a gravy type a) Production of checks on a plastic strip from a bottle of 8 mm long 70 mm glue "moment" striped grater, so that the free space remains on the plastic plate for fastening the rings. Shell do a hole in the free space of plastic plate and insert a wreck ring. Note: Before gluing, read the instructions on the package. b) With the help of threads, fasten 3-6 matches along the Petard, so that the heads of the matches were in close proximity to each other and from the color head of the Petard. Note: If the distance from the matchheads to the color head of the firehead seems large for the flame jump, then you can or reduce the thickness of the wall walls in this place or fill the space between the heads of the matches and the fireplace with a mixture of sulfur with matches and varnish, etc. c) I fix the check on the fireholder, for this we press the check with a graking to match heads, turn into one layer with a strip of office paper for the entire length of the firefight and wind by threads, along the entire length of the firefight, not much and not much, and the heads of matches are rolling. Note: Fasten the check with a tape (not adhesive side inside) I do not recommend further to understand (probably) why. In our performance, the reliability of this smelled is very high (according to my calculations more than 96%) if you don't think so, with experience will come ... 2. Production of the case (although I would not call it) from the office paper, the strip is cut out a width of equal length of the fire, and the length-dependent pharynd (this determines the diameter of the case). Strip the strip so that the cylinder is obtained (equal to about 10 mm). Put the cylinder on the sheet of office paper. 3. Correction a) in the cylinder otdarda (ring up), holding the stamp in the center of the cylinder inside the pea cylinder. Give the right cylindrical shape, check, is exactly located in the petard. b) The most important thing to take a hard-handed a bottle with the stationery glue and without pouring into the grated igniter, dropped drops, soak all the grenade until the bottom of the glue starts slightly. The flowing glue is evenly smeared with a tassel around the bottom of the grenade, it sticks it to that office paper on which it costs (from the same purpose you can turn a grenade several times without leaving the sheet on which it stands). Check all the peas glued on top. Turn off the music (TV) and go to bed. The next evening (this does not mean that this adhesive will dry so long, just in the evening it is usually time for it) to cut grenades from the sheet to which they are glued and painted. Note: To give a larger aesthetic species, you can cut out of the same paper a circle on a radius equal to a grenade and glue it from above, so the pea will not be visible at all. When cloaming is better, so that the whole pea is bound by glue, but if in the middle of the grenades something did not chat - neither what is terrible. It is better to make parties, and not piece, performing everything that has been listed in stages immediately for the desired number of grenades. Balls glue does not glue. The fear of large not broken pieces - it is not dangerous, they are very small and they are not dangerous, often remains the Donets of Grenades (where the alabaster is from Petard), so it does not fly anyway. There is a bunch of other ways to manufacture a grenade with a pea gluing. Stationery glue, you can fall asleep peas in any forms, you can make them the same cylindrical, but to attach a handle ("beater" M-24), in this type of check is in the cavity of the handle and the pomegranate becomes almost hermetic - all the words have been tested by practice, more precisely, it And there is a description of practical experience. TTD: You will enjoy not recommended for use in the grass, and in buildings and in the open area - just a fairy tale. All creative success. And so our pea, airsoft babakhpka looks like this: It's about it is about what she is trying to be similar. Production of the product should be started from the most important thing: with the purchase of the Petard (Corsair No. 6) to the Petard, it is necessary to fasten the heels of matches, and it is necessary to pull the gravo from the matchbox for money (!) The grain bilateral tape is glued to the strip of a plastic bottle (for example). For an antines on a strip it is necessary to stick a black film (better matte). Now ATTENTION! For the body it is best to use Babin, from under toilet paper (internal diameter 45mm). There is a technology for manufacturing a hull body from cardboard for drawing and bilateral scotch. But the "factory" body is better. From the drawing cardboard you need to cut the circles with a slot for the grater. The housing should be decorated with adhesive film, it also performs the mounting function. It turns out the cardboard cup. Now you can insert a pen Turn over the resulting ... ... and raw the peas. Almost ready. Several final strokes ... And you can fight!
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