How to connect the modem Yota: visual instructions

In this article, we will analyze how to connect the Yota modem to a computer and laptop. According to reading, you will have experience not only the physical connection of the modem to the laptop, but also advanced settings in the graphic shell of this device.

Types of modms from Yota

The modem series Yota is presented in two versions of the devices.

  • "4G LTE modem Yota." Modem based on LTE technology (LONG-TERM EVOLUTION), which means that the communication channel supports the fourth generation of wireless communication (4G) with a transmission rate up to 325 MB / s and the rate of return to 170 MB / s. Another indisputable plus is PNP technology (Plug & Play), which allows you not to install drivers to the device for the device.
  • "4G LTE Wi-Fi Yota modem". It will be able to provide high-speed Internet not only a connected device, but also create a Wi-Fi network with a connection to 8 third-party devices. Supports operating systems: Windows (entire line with the exception of "XP SP2"), Mac OS, Linux.

Step-by-step instructions for connecting to laptop and computer

The instruction for connecting to a laptop and computer is almost identical, so it will be written in parallels (I will note the differences).

Installing / charging a modem into a USB port (disassemble for different modem species - USB and WiFi)

Installing the Modems Computer will be the same for both models, they are identically connected, the difference is only that the model with Wi-Fi will need to configure the wireless network.

  • First, make sure the computer is turned on and ready for operation, the laptop is charged or connected to the charger.
  • It will be necessary to find a free and efficient USB port.
  • Open protection (it is a USB plug) and insert according to the key to the prepared connector.

Installation of drivers

You do not need to install on a laptop or computer driver.

  • After physical connection, the Yota Access program launches. It will automatically start installing the device driver and special software.
  • If for some reason the automatic installation did not start, go to "my computer" and go to the modem folder, start the file "autorun.exe"

Modem Registration and Activation

The iota modem is activated automatically after registration. Registration itself does not differ special: it will be necessary to answer a number of simple questions. Among other things, be prepared to enter the working has the phone number, this is important because this data will be checked (SMS phone with a confirmation, mailbox letter with a reference to activation). I also want to warn to avoid unnecessary problems, enter a valid surname and name.

At the end of registration, you will be provided 24 hours of free Internet, to select the desired model of connection and payment.

Settings on PC

  • In the case of LTE modem without supporting the WiFi module, no settings will be required, after the installation is completed, a new active yot network will appear, then you can use the Internet.
  • In a model that supports distribution of wireless networks, after installation, you will need to configure your access point. You will need to select the network name, password to it and the type of encryption.

Login to the web interface

  • Log in to the Yota web interface is simple enough, enter any browser "" in the address bar.

  • If it does not work out in this way, you need to go through the IP address of the modem "".

  • After that, the web interface shell menu opens.

General settings

The general settings of the Yota modem contain only four items.

  1. Enable / disable Wi-Fi network. The mode switch in which the Internet will only be available to the user of the device with a physically connected modem and opening your Internet coverage in the area.
  2. Automatic Wi-Fi shutdown. When the mode is enabled, after a certain time of inaction, the modem will disable the Internet. Useful function when you have little traffic left.
  3. Network name. The name that will be displayed in the search for wifi networks.
  4. Type of protection.

Modem and Wi-Fi password

To install a password on the Internet we go into the settings, looking for the "Protection Type" item. In case you select the Open tab, your network will be publicly available (without password). In other tabs, you will need to enter the network security key (users will enable users to connect to the Internet).

Open ports

To configure ports, you will need to go to additional parameters.

  1. In the address bar, you must enter "" or "".
  2. Go to the "Ports" menu and configure the following parameters in turn.
    1. Public, enter the external port.
    2. Private, fit internal port.
    3. Select the necessary UDP / TCP / UDP, TCP protocol.
    4. The IP address of the device for which you make the port.
  3. We live the "Add" button and the port is ready.

Possible malfunctions and ways to eliminate them

The only malfunction when connected to a computer is expressed in one symptom: it does not work. The reasons for this can be two.

  1. The device has a physical defect (factory marriage), it is not recommended to eliminate such a malfunction in the home conditions. Take the instrument to the service center, it will eliminate the malfunction or give you a new device model.
  2. No connection to the network. In this case, it is necessary to check whether in principle, in your area, the coating of the mobile operator Yota. You can find it on the link or typing in the search engine "Card Coating Iot". If the map is covered on your site use destination, and the device cannot connect to the network, carry to the service center.

From general tips, the modem may incorrectly work on Windows XP SP2 operating systems and below. If you are trying to use a gadget in the basement, or above you are a lot of reinforced concrete floors, try to go out.

Connecting the modem to the router

To get started, you will need a router with support for 4G iota modems.

  • Connect LTE modem iota to the router via a USB interface.
  • We go into the web interface shell of the router and find the USB menu.
  • Select the "Modem" tab.
  • Fill out: APN - "", number for dialing - * 99 #, the username does not fill, password - leave empty.

  • Save the settings and reboot the router. The setting is over.

Connecting the Yota modem to a computer or laptop

Today to use the Internet, which provides a mobile operator, is possible not only on the smartphone, but also on the tablet, laptop and computer. In the last two cases, special modems are used for desktop devices in which the SIM card is inserted. Some operators, such as iota, produce their devices and cards for each specific type of devices. Connect the modem not to all under the power, and especially configure it to receive Internet traffic. Especially for this, the relevant instructions were prepared. In this material it will be told how to install iota modem on a laptop, how to connect the Yota modem for detailed instructions and get the input to Yota modem.


At the moment, the operator provides its customers with only two types of modem from iota:

  • 4G LTE. The device operating on the basis of 4G technology. This means that the connected channel works with the fourth generation of the wireless mobile protocol. The signal transmission rate reaches 325 MB / s, and returns - 170 MB / s. Its advantage over some other models is to use PNP technology, allowing you to not resort to installing drivers when you first use the device via USB PC port or laptop;

The network may not be determined due to interference from the room and weather

  • 4G LTE Wi-Fi. It has all the same characteristics as the first option, but may, in addition to providing the Internet to the target device, create a Wi-Fi network and distribute the wireless network to the apartment. At the same time, you can connect up to 8 devices. The device supports the entire line of Windows operating systems, except Windows XP SP2, Mac OS, Linux.

You can reflash the Yota device, but it is not recommended to do this.

How to find out the model modem Yota 4G LTE

On a box with a device, it will be written on the box, whether it is only intended for receiving the network and returning it to one device to which it is connected or also to distribute Wai-fi to wireless devices. In general, when buying it is not necessary to deal with this, since it is necessary to just understand what option will be enough, and the specialist will find him for the buyer

Important! When buying an apparatus of any kind of hand, you need to be extremely neat. Low cost can not speak about generosity of the seller, but about malfunctions in the operation of the device.

The device may turn off due to poor contact with the port.

Step-by-step instructions for connecting to laptop and computer

This section provides a detailed step-by-step instruction for connecting a modem from iota to a personal computer or laptop. The differences between these devices are minimal and will be indicated.

Installing / Charging the modem into a USB port (disassembled for different types of modems - USB and Wi-Fi)

The router models are almost identical and installed absolutely the same, despite their differences in the functionality. The nuance is that to configure a model with a built-in Wi-Fi module, you must additionally configure the wireless network. Next actions are:

  • Enable your computer or laptop and make sure that the operating system boot and it is ready for operation. For a laptop, it is important that he was at least a bit charged. To do this, it must connect to the network at the installation time;
  • Find a free and efficient USB interface port;
  • Remove the router's protective cap (USB plug) and connect it into the connector according to the rules of operation with USB devices.

Installation of drivers

Make any additional actions associated with installing drivers on the modem are not necessary in any cases, since the device will independently download and install all the necessary parameters for its work. This is done thanks to the Plug and Play technology. After the direct connection of the device to the computer will start a program, thanks to which the drivers must be installed. It is not necessary to install anything. Also, the program will put additional software required for the operation of the device.

Important! Sometimes it can happen that for unknown reasons, installation in automatic mode has not begun. To run the process manually, you need to go to the modem directory in the disk list and run the file "autorun.exe". It happens often if the computer is not allowed to automatically launch executable files when connecting the sighted media.

A few minutes after installing the device, you can connect to the Internet

Registration and activation

The device itself is activated after the registration act. The registration process is simple and requires only answers to a few questions. In addition, you will need to enter the email address for communication, the phone number. It is important to enter correct data, as this will be checked by email activation letter and SMS with a confirmation code to the specified number.

In order to avoid misunderstandings, the name and surname is also better to use real. After a successful connection, the user will receive a day of free Internet to select the desired model of the router and payment services.

Yota modem management program

No control programs for YOTA modems are needed, since all devices of this cellular operator work on their drivers and do not use foreign software. You can manage and configure the modem as a connected adapter only in the "Network and Shared Access Center", where the new device will appear as a Wi-Fi or 4G modem.

How to check the signal level

As a rule, the speed of the Internet in the device has an almost constant value. Sometimes there are situations when there is a failure from the operator or other foreign factors affect the connection to the network. This affects the network coverage area, which is not in all cases can provide a stable connection. Therefore, you need to check the signal level from the modem yourself.

It is worth noting that the Specialists of Yota all the time follow the speed characteristics and control them. Check them at any time can each subscriber. To do this, in any browser in the address bar, you need to write the address "". After switching on it, a formed table will appear. Its content and display depends on the device platform and its characteristics. With the help of the table, you can find the following data:

  • The overall quality of the Internet speed at the base station;
  • Stability of communication and interference;
  • Their ratio.

Important! If the ratio is zero, the interference is approximately equal to speed. The greater the value goes in plus, the better and faster there will be the Internet.

Blue screen of death - sometimes the error occurs when connected

Possible malfunctions and ways to eliminate them

Many are faced with problems and ask the question: how to check the iota modem for good condition. One single possible problem that appears when connecting the modem, indicates that it does not work. Perhaps this is in two cases:

  • The device has a defect or marriage of a physical plan. Not all modems can be checked for performance in production. As a result, the device can warm or the computer can simply not see it and connections to it. The disassembly of such a device should not be made at home, as you can finally learn it.
  • The device has no connection to the network. First of all, you need to check the availability of a coating in which a person lives. If it is, you should attribute a modem to the service center.

As already mentioned, the gadget may incorrectly work on Windows XP Service Pack 2 and versions below. Also, if the premises are very thick walls or PCs in the basement, it will prevent interference.

For a long time I did not use the Yota modem: how to restore

The company allows you to not pay for the account, do not make calls and use the Internet within three months. After this period, the number of 150 rubles will be charged for each month of maintaining the number until the money is terminated. As soon as it happens, the contract will automatically be terminated. That is why you need to do at least one action once in 90 days otherwise you have to buy a new number.

Connecting the modem to the router

Connection is performed in the most common way. The only feature of the process is that the router must support the connection of the modem, that is, have a USB port. If it is, it is required to do the following:

  1. Connect devices;
  2. Go to the router web settings and find the "USB" tab;
  3. Choose "modem";
  4. The name is filled as "", and the number * 99 #. All the rest leave empty;
  5. Save settings and restart the router.

Yota 4G LTE modem update

The modem firmware is made automatically and not required almost never. You can flash the device for use with all kinds of SIM cards, but it can spoil it. It's never necessary to repair and reflash this kind of equipment yourself.

Modem ETA 4G LTE, the connection of which is performed very simply, allows you to access the Internet

Thus, it was disassembled how to connect Yota to a computer via a USB modem and why the modem Yota 4G LTE is constantly disconnected. You can activate the device immediately after it is connected to the PC running Windows.

Technical expertPodgornov Ilya Vladimirovich All articles of our site are undergoing an audit of the technical consultant. If you have any questions, you can always set them on his page.

How to connect iota modem to laptop without unnecessary problems? We have prepared detailed instructions for connecting the Yota modem to any laptop!

The operator is actively developing and rightly can be called one of the most promising on the market. Having own needles, the provider provides high-quality mobile communications and access to the Internet at the expense of contracts with a large four.


Before installing ETU to your laptop, you should decide how to connect it. Connect is carried out via USB - port. The modem is designed for port 2.0. More modern (3.0) do not work correctly, and in the outdated 1.0 there will be problems with the connect. You can connect to any USB-port device - a laptop or personal computer.


Connection procedure

Even absolutely not sophisticated in the technique, users will easily figure out how to install iota modem on a computer. You must perform several actions:

  • Connect the device to the PC port or laptop. If your computer does not see the modem Yota, read the article on how to eliminate this problem;
  • The process of installing the drivers will begin. The developers fully automated the process, the user intervention is not required. After the process is completed, you will see a message;
  • After completing the list of networks in the notification area, a new entry will appear;
  • It can also be seen in Windows at "Control Panel" - "Network and Internet" - "Network Connections" or "Network Management Center and Common Access" - depending on the version of Windows;
  • To complete the installation and configure network settings, open the browser and enter the address bar URL of any site ;
  • Instead, it will open the main page of the Gadget Management Web interface ( );
  • Specify the surname, name, come up with a login and password. Show creative for this data, but moderate, because you will have to remember them. Of course, you can always find out the password from the router and the modem, but the recovery process still takes you for a few minutes. You will also need to select a controlback, add an answer, enter the phone and email address.

On this connection will be Completed . Install the usual iota modem, as you can see, it does not work.

To talk about how to connect 4G LTE iota modem to a computer, we will not, since the actions are absolutely similar. The difference begins at the moment of configuration, because this device allows you to distribute the Wi-Fi network.

To connect and configure, go to Wi-Fi settings and enter the network name, password and protection level. Save and later you can specify Extended configuration : number of devices, setting the start page, etc.

How to connect a fusion modem (router) Many More details you can read here.

Understand how in the future to go to the Yota modem, the same installation will help us. When you first enter the site opens automatically. Remember its address. You can get into the settings interface, typing in the address of the address or . You can change the standard password and login to enter your own. This is done for security purposes.

Yota is truly a unique cellular operator, which offers all unlimited access to the Internet at a cheap price. Subscribers can use 4G modem from the company completely free. This facilitates the use of a virtual network throughout the coverage area. To work uninterrupted the Internet, you need to connect and configure the modem.

How to connect to PC?

The operator is not in vain in demand in consumers in different regions of Russia. After all, in addition to high-speed data transfer, it simplified work with its equipment as much as possible. To connect iota modem to laptop, stick to step by step instructions.

At the beginning, you must connect the device to a computer or laptop via the USB port. The installation wizard will start automatically. You only need one to agree with the terms of the provider to use the data.

On the modern PC, the installation process is secretly held, upon completion, the appropriate notification appears on the screen. By downloading all the software, the computer "will say" that a new RNDIS device is attached to the USB port. No additional manipulations should be carried out, you can immediately go online. The only thing that the user can adjust is information about Wi-Fi.

If you can not cope with the connection, it is better to apply to technical support. Experienced employees will prompt a sequence of actions, how to connect the Yota modem.

Additional settings - Disable the router to specific hours, login and password for authorization. This will protect against unauthorized penetration to your network.

Connecting the Yota modem to the router

If you follow the instructions, you will not have problems. Properly entered data will provide uninterrupted access to the Internet.

Through the free port, connect the router to the PC. Then in the control panel, find the "Network Setup" label, then the Network Management Center and Common Access Center item. You will need to correct the device data, for this in the menu on the right, select "Changing the parameters of the adapter" and locate your Yota Many router icon. In "Properties", set the Internet 4 protocol and check the checkboxes to automatically receive IP / DNS. Then specify the following information:

  • APN -
  • Access - * 99 #

Fields with login and password remain empty.

In this case, not all routers need this setting. Some models after self-installing are starting to function smoothly.

Similarly, connecting to the tablet.

Beginning of work

Even in the absence of hacker and programmer skills, any user can install network equipment. Step-by-step launch of the modem looks like this:

  1. After connecting using the USB port, the process of installing drivers will start. The developers took care of the procedure to be automatically. From the user no action is required, just get patience and wait for 2-3 minutes. After the installation is completed, the screen will appear asking that the device is ready to use.
  2. A new line will appear in the list of available networks: Yota is connected.
  3. Such information is reflected in the "Network" folder or the Network Management Center. It depends on the version of Windows.
  4. To complete the process, configure network settings. To do this, launch the browser, enter the address of any site in the search string. Instead, it will appear the main web interface page If it did not work, go to the Router's office and write in the address line , then Status Yota. . You will open a system web page. Here are displayed information about the quality of the signal and data rate.
  5. Fill in your profile details. Specify the surname and name, identification data, your mobile phone number and e-mail, select the Check Question / Answer.

If the signal is weak and the network is badly caught, acquire an external antenna. She will solve the problem, because of which Yota does not connect to the Internet.

What if the modem does not work?

In 99 out of 100 cases, activation and first launch are undergoing without problems. However, sometimes subscribers face difficulties. The most common errors when connecting iota devices:

  • The router is incorrectly attached to the modem. In such situations, the blue light lights up on the last gadget. This signals that the Wi-Fi network is not created. Most often, the reason is hidden in the inaccessibility of the signal in this place or emergency interruption.
  • The modem eet does not see the computer. Usually, such complexity occurs due to the obsolete version of Windows. To establish communication, you will need to update the system or download and install fresh drivers for your version of the OS from the mobile operator portal.

Yota Corporation offers different tariff plans for calls, and for the Internet. This allows subscribers to choose a package that will mostly satisfy their needs. Before you independently install the Yota modem, we advise you to visit the official website and get acquainted with the recommendations so that the procedure goes smoothly.

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