How to enlarge sexual member - top20 safe and efficient ways

The problem of the size of the penis overturned legends and is clearly exaggerated. It truly concerns only a narrow circle of persons with congenital anomalies. But some men feel incomplete due to the fact that their member is less than a friend, and try to increase it with any available ways. Very often it ends with injuries and potency violation.

How to increase member, without hurting yourself, you will learn from this article.

Or whether to increase

The quality of sexual life does not always depends on the size of the phallus. The fact is that the erogenous zones of women are mainly in the field of entering the vagina and only in some women they are located deeper, in the region of the cervix. Normally, the length (depth) of the female vagina is 7-9 cm. In terms of excitation, it increases to 13-19 cm. This fully corresponds to the average sizes of the penis.

In addition, the woman is so arranged that an emotional attitude, sexy games, caress, all kinds of sensations (visual, hearing, tactile) are of great importance, which are preceding direct sexual contact. Therefore, a man with different sizes of a member can be more successful than one that is proud of its anatomical data.

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Any increase in the member is associated with its injury, as this is a very "gentle" and sensitive body, the mechanism of action of which depends on the correct blood flow. Associated with independent means of increasing a member of the injury often lead to the development of irreversible changes in it. So is it worth risking, maybe it's better to learn how to correctly use what is given by nature?

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What size is normal

The normal length of the male genital body in the erected state is 11-19 cm. Member less than 9 cm is considered small. Pathology requiring surgical correction is a micro-size 2 or less cm. Most men average size 13 and a little more see. This is significantly less than 18 - 19 maximal, so some men comparing their sizes with a friend's size, begin to complex.

In fact, even the minimum genital size of 11 cm may well satisfy a woman if you need the necessary preliminary preparation and choose the right posture.

Is it necessary to increase in adolescence

Especially acute the question of the size of the penis and its increase is in adolescence, when the boys compare themselves with friends and adult men. If the dimensions correspond to the age norm, then nothing to worry about. To make sure this, you need to refer to the doctor a urologist-andrologist or an endocrinologist. If necessary, if a teenager will be revealed by some pathology, a hormonal correction is prescribed or a surgical operation.

It is very dangerous to apply the handicraft methods for an increase in phallus. This may lead to severe violations that in the Delnah negatively affects the sex life of an adult man.

Is it really to increase

Most conservative ways to increase the member are ineffective. Specialists have come to this conclusion after a thorough study of the problem. As a rule, after long-term efforts, they only lead to a temporary increase in the male genital organ for 1 to 2 cm, which disappears with time.

A number of specialists believe that exception is only a long-term stretching of a member with the help of extender. This method leads to an increase in the penis of only 1 - 3 cm, but for life.

Surgical methods for increasing the member are more effective, but they are fraught with complications. Therefore, if a doctor believes that the penis is sufficient and does not recommend its increase, it is worth listening to such advice.

Is it possible to increase with masturbation

Ordinary masturbation gives a temporary stretching of the muscles of the penis, which disappears very quickly. Complications from such methods are greater than good. First of all, it is paraphomy - infringement of the phallus head. This is an extremely painful state requiring emergency care, which often occurs in adolescents when masturbation.

Is it possible to quickly increase

How to increase member per week? No, such methods simply do not exist. There are different methods of increasing a member. It is possible to quickly increase its length only in a surgical way. If there is no complications, in a month you can return to normal sexual life with new sizes.

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With the help of the extender, the results can be achieved in a few months, and the efforts will not be in vain: the length of the member will occur by 1 - 3 cm. Kegel exercises will not increase the length of the penis, but will increase the potency and improve the quality of intimate contacts.

All about how to increase the potency in men after 40, read in this article.

All types of POMP will bring more harm than good, but at the same time specialists note that the hydropomemps act softer and more efficiently. For a short time, they will increase the dimensions of the phallus (more than the length than the length), but after the termination of the procedures, the sizes will become former. Long-term use of pump is fraught with the reincarnation of tissues and a reduction in potency.

The use of any external means of creams, ointments, sprays) also provides a temporary effect. They can be applied together with extenders - this will increase the effectiveness of both means.

Exercises and massage

How to increase member with exercises, it is better to consult with a doctor. To increase the penis, a number of complexes of exercise are developed, which are simultaneously and massage movements. The principle of their action is:

  • improving blood circulation in a small pelvis and genital organs, an increase in blood flow to them, stimulation of testosterone secretion;
  • Tensile fabrics of the penis.

Exercises really benefit, improving potency. As for the increase in penis, most experts converge on the fact that the penis can increase, but over time this effect disappears.


From this section, you can learn about the increase in the penis using Dzhelking - the systems of massage movements and exercises that came to us from the Arab East. Myths that the Arab boys from 8 to 10 years old are engaged in drug, with the result that all men have impressive penis sizes, non-scientific research is confirmed. Moreover, many specialists believe that Dzhelking brings more harm than good.

How to increase the size of a member with the help of Dzhelking should tell the coach. The system is based on a systematic pulling (milking) of the penis on a special technique.

Execution of Dzhelkin
In the picture: Execution of Dzhelking

Eliminate wet and dry type of exercise. Wet begins with applying a special cream or gel to the sexual member, reinforcing the effect (phalloston, titanium gel, etc.). Then you need to make a number of follow-up actions, trying not to cause ejaculation:

  • Squeeze half-eregular penis at the base between the big and index panels of the hands (the pain should not!) And slowly, sliding along the surface to move towards the head (not touching the head!); do 5 times;
  • Turning the head in different directions (up, down, right, left), each time holding it in the desired position for a few seconds (there should be no pain!);
  • Squeeze re-phallus at the base and very slowly, in a few minutes squeezing it and holding back ejaculation, slide towards the head; If it is difficult to restrain it, you can pause, and then again continue milking.

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Pluses of Dzelking: blood circulation activates, the secretion of testosterone increases, the phallus increases in length and volume. With the right, the potency does not increase the exercise.

Cons Methods: a high risk of injury to a member followed by its deformation, with long-term execution of these exercises, a persistent disturbance of potency is possible. With a real increase in male dignity, it has not yet been confirmed by research.

Exercises of Kegel

Kegel has developed special exercises to strengthen the pubic-coccular muscle (LKM), through which blood vessels and nerves are suitable for a gender member. Strengthening this muscle improves blood circulation in the field of small pelvis, activates the synthesis and secretion of testosterone, as a result of which the penis can slightly increase in length and in volume.

Finding the LKM is simple: you need to interrupt urination (LKM closes urethra) and remember this feeling. The ability to compress the LKM will need to be used when performing the following exercises:

Exercises of Kegel
In the picture: Instructions, how to do Kegel's exercises

The advantages of Kegel's exercises is to strengthen the pelvic dna muscles, improving blood circulation, hormonal background and potency as a whole. The method is completely safe.

Minus - it is doubtful that it will be possible to increase the member.

Men's reviews about the benefits of exercises

On the Internet you can meet both positive and negative feedback on Dzhelkin and the exercises of Kegel:

Reviews of the exercises of Kegel:
In the picture: Reviews of the exercises of Kegel:

Serge 11 on the exercises of Kegel responds, as a method that improves the potency, but the action of the penis does not provide.

Happy Man, on the contrary, believes that if you perform the exercises of Kegel regularly, then the member can be increased, just not everyone has proper persistence.

Reviews of Dzhelkin
In the picture: Reviews of Jelking

Rezik writes that after performing the Dzhelking, the term did not increase in the amount, but first appeared swelling of tissues, and then the resistant curvature of the phallus.

External means - creams, gels, ointments

How to increase the sexual member using means for outdoor use in creams, gels and ointments? The mechanism of their action is based on the expansion of blood vessels and bonding blood to the cavernous bodies of the penis. At the same time, a member increases due to the tide of blood and tissue edema - with increasing blood pressure in the vessels, its liquid part seeps through the walls into the surrounding tissues, causing edema.

Pros: This kind of funds can support the erection and call a temporary increase (during the erection) of the penis. Often they are used together with hardware methods, reinforcing their action.

Top 5 most popular outdoor

Detonator - gel for men

Detonator gel packaging
Gel detonator

Gel is registered in the territory of the Russian Federation as a means of intimate hygiene. It is used as a means for increasing the member and improve the erectile function. The cream includes petrolatum, vaseline oil, cinnamon oil, benzylnicalinath, improving blood tide to a small pelvis and a sexual member, which results in an increase in its volume during sexual contact, after which the penis returns to its former sizes.

  • Mode of application : From the tube squeeze 2 cm cream and apply it to the penis before intimate contact.
  • Manufacturer - Milan Arzneimittel GmbH, Germany.
  • How to buy: in online stores.

Consultation of a specialist in the use of gel, payment and delivery issues in Russia and the CIS countries can be here. Bonus is a special discount from our magazine.

Intimate gel getsize, plus massager

Intimate gel getsize
Massager and Gel Getsize

According to the manufacturer, an intimate gel will increase the length of a member for 5 cm for a month, and the thickness is 3 cm. The gel includes: the Penis of the Royal Cobra (normalizes the hormonal background), snake fat (natural antibiotic), Puguan Maki Extract, Expands blood vessels).

  • Mode of application : It is recommended to apply to the sexual dick and rub with the use of a massager daily within a month.
  • Manufacturer - Sasher-honey, USA;
  • How to buy: In online stores.

Information about the use, acquisition, anonymous delivery from company employees can be obtained here.

Intimate gel titanium

Titanium gel packaging
Gel Titan

Gel lubricant (lubricant) Titan does not promise an instant increase in the member after the course of use. The manufacturer more adequately describes the moisturizing, which provides sliding and activating blood circulation. As part of the gel hyaluronic and succinic acid, as well as venee oil, strawberry extract, menthol.

  • Mode of application : It is recommended to apply for a penis or on a condom before intimate proximity. You can combine the use of gel with hardware methods for an increase in penis.
  • Manufacturer - LLC Hendel, Russia. Gel is not registered in the territory of the Russian Federation.
  • How to buy: in online stores. Tube price 50 ml about 600 rubles.

Cream selazeen.

SELAZEEN cream packaging
Cream selazeen.

Another means for a significant increase in the length and volume of the member. It consists of horse chestnut, ginseng, ginger, contributing to the tide of the blood to a member and stimulation of an erectile function.

  • Mode of application: The cream is applied to the penis before intimate proximity and according to the manufacturer's assertion contributes to the stretching of its tissues and increasing the size.
  • How to buy: in online stores.

Buy a discount cream, as well as to consult a payment specialist, anonymous delivery can be here.

MARAL GEL Special Gel for Men

Gel Maral Gel

The gel is advertised, as a means to increase the member and strengthening potency. It consists of extract of the gross root (levses safloride) and amber acid, which improves the tide of the blood to a small pelvis and penis.

  • Mode of application : The tool is applied to the sexual member immediately before sexual contact. The manufacturer guarantees an increase in a member of 5 cm for a month during the daily application, which, of course, is completely unrealistic.
  • Manufacturer - LLC Hendel, Russia. Not registered in the territory of the Russian Federation.
  • How to buy: in online stores. Tube price 50 ml about 600 rubles.

Conclusions: creams, gels and ointments to increase the member are best operated during sexual contact. Also, these tools can be used to moisture, improve slipping and tide of blood to a member during training with extender.

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Hardware methods for increasing the penis

Currently, a number of special devices are produced to increase male dignity. Hardware methods for increasing a member include pumps, extenders, stretchs, hatgers, erection rings.


This is a simple device consisting of a transparent flask with an open one end and a device (pear) on the other end, creating a negative pressure in the flask. The sexual member is placed in the cylinder and create a vacuum in it, which leads to a sharp expansion of small blood vessels and blood flow. Today, hydropompa are produced, in which not air is used, but water. They act softer and more efficient.

With the right, in accordance with the instructions, the use of pumps it can help improve the erectile function. At the same time, the volume and length of the phallus may increase. This is due to the tide of the blood and swelling of the fabric. But this effect quickly passes.

Contraindications for the use of pump: increased bleeding, varicose veins of small pelvis, tumors, severe cardiovascular diseases, sex infections. Currently there are pumps of different species, they can be freely buying in a pharmacy.

Plus the use of pump is the stimulation of blood circulation. Minuses:

  • permanent penis swelling;
  • breaking small blood vessels;
  • Tissue injury.

As a result of long-term use of fabric pumps can be reborn and connective tissue will be brought instead of blood vessels. Penis loses its shape, twisted and partially or completely loses its function.

Therefore, before applying the pump, you must consult with a urologist to solve the question of the feasibility of such an impact.

Top 3 Popular Pumps for Enlargement

Pomp Beginners Power Pump
Vacuum manual pump
Pomp Power Pump

Universal vacuum manual pump with a transparent flask and pear. To drop out of excess pressure there is a button. Product length 19 cm, diameter - 5.9 cm. The advantage of this model is simplicity in circulation. Manufacturer - Pipedream, USA. Price about 2 thousand rubles.

Bathmate Hydropomepa Hydromax
Bathmate Hydropomepa Hydromax
Bathmate Hydropomepa Hydromax

Powerful hydropompa to increase the phallus with a transparent impermeable flask. Long holds the desired pressure without a break for pumping. Length 25 cm. Advantage - high power in reliability and complete painless impact. Released low power models (for beginners), classical and elevated. It is believed that the hydropompa has a minimum of side effects. The manufacturer is Bathmate, United Kingdom, the price of about 14 thousand rubles.

Pomp Toy Joy Power Auto-Suck Pump
Pomp Toy Joy Power Auto-Suck Pump

Vacuum pump for increasing the penis with pressure gauge and automatic vacuum creation. Length 22 cm. Advantages: easy to use, as it is enough to click on the button. Manufacturer - Toy Joy, Netherlands. Price - about 8 thousand rubles.

Read more about the preparation


How to increase the male member with the help of an extender and whether it is worth doing this, a urologist will tell. This is an orthopedic device, with a regular wearing of which a slow physiological stretching of the penis tissues and an increase in its size occurs. When wearing extender 3-6 hours per day for several months, a member is increased by 1 - 3 cm long and 0.5 - 1.5 to the width. These changes are saved forever.

You can wear an extender at work and at home, but only in the afternoon, it needs to be removed on the night, it will interfere with nightly offions (ejaculation in a dream), which means to disturb the sexual function of a man. You need to start from an hour a day, gradually (once a week) adds 30 minutes and bringing the total time to 6 or more hours.

The device consists of a ring covering the base of the member, fasteners, with the help of which the strength of the stretch and one more ring fixing the head head is adjusted. The harness is produced (element of stretching is harness), strap (stretching with a strap) and vacuum (stretching with a vacuum) of extender models. According to consumer reviews, vacuum models are the best.

Pluses of extenders:

  • Slow physiological tensile tissue with the ability to dosing stretching;
  • stimulation of tissue growth;
  • improving blood circulation;
  • increase potency;
  • An increase in the size of the male genital organ.

By cons of this device, there is a need for a long wearing.

The use of extender is contraindicated in varicose veins of a small pelvic, high bleeding, genital infections.

Top 3 extenders models

Exender MALE EDGE Kit for increasing penis 1 (basic)
Extander Male Edge.
Set to enlarge the penis with extender Male Edge

Relatively inexpensive strap extender to increase the penis. Easy and convenient, from leading manufacturers of this product with a good reputation. Advantages: Easy to wear, immested under clothing. When wearing within 3 - 6 months, the penis is guaranteed to increase several centimeters. Manufacturer - MALE EDGE, Denmark. Price about 6 thousand rubles.

Extander Penimaster Pro.
Extander Penimaster Pro.
Extander Penimaster Pro.

The most popular modern vacuum model for increasing the phallus with the possibility of additional configuration. Fast painless fixation, nothing prevents to wear a device for several hours without feeling discomfort. If you are looking for a way to really increase member, then this is the most efficient model. After 3 - 4 months, a good effect is visible. You can combine with the use of strictleers and hangers. Manufacturer - Renimaster, Germany. The price is about 23 thousand rubles.

Strap Extander Jes-Extender
Strap Extander Jes-Extender

High-quality strap machine from a well-known manufacturer. Painlessly lengthens and increases penis in diameter. Wearing does not cause discomfort. The time-tested model, invisible when wearing, effectively extends a member under systematic wearing. Manufacturer - Danamedic, Denmark. Price about 10 thousand rubles.

Read more about the preparation


It is also a device for increasing (stretching) phallus, but lighter and primitive. Stretcher (stretcher) consists of an element that addresses the head of a member and a tensile belt. The stretching belt is attached to the body of a man (up or sides). Two vita of such devices are available:

  • loopers - The loop clings the head and pulls the dick;
  • Vacuum - Vacuum cap is embarrassed to the head and also pulls a dick.

The device is easy, it is easier to carry it on one side than an extender, and on the other hand, it can cause a number of serious complications, as it squeezes the head. With long-term wearing, this can lead to a violation of blood circulation and tissue necrosis, as well as to the appearance of a long painful erection. Therefore, experts are not recommended to use stiths. But sometimes, under the control of the urologist, a member stretching is carried out with the help of the extender and the stricther alternately.

The main advantage of Strickers is their simplicity and ease of use. Minus - squeezing a member head.

Top 3 Popular Straverse Models

Stallosan Forte Stranetcher
Stallosan Forte Stranetcher
Stallosan Forte Stranetcher

Modern Vacuum Stretcher. Easy, easy to use, according to consumer reviews. It has all the advantages of this type of devices, but requires applying under the control of a doctor-urologist. Contraindicated with increased bleeding and availability of any urological disease. In the instructions there are clear instructions, how can I zoom in with this device. Manufacturer - Orbisan Ltd, Germany. Price - about 10 thousand rubles.

Stretcher Turbo Leg Stretch
Turbo Leg Stretch
Stretcher Turbo Leg Stretch

Vacuum Stretcher of the new generation to increase the penis. It is convenient for use, but, like all kinds of stretcher, has drawbacks in the form of risk injury to the penis. It is securely attached to the body, with proper use it can stimulate an erectile function. Manufacturers guarantee an increase in a member of several cm with long-term use with the extender of the same company. The manufacturer is a company from the Netherlands, the price of about 10 thousand rubles.

Stranetcher Penimaster Pro Belt
Stranetcher Penimaster Pro Belt
Stranetcher Penimaster Pro Belt

Vacuum Stretcher, a distinctive feature of which is his perfect combination with extender and Hungry of the same manufacturer. The famous brand recommends to acquire all three devices and alternate their use under the control of the urologist. Manufacturer - Renimaster, Germany. The price of a complete set (Extander + Stretcher + Hungger) is about 23 thousand rubles.

Read more about the preparation


This is a cargo hanger that joins the phallus head to increase it and pulls it down. Manufacturers believe that this is the most physiological type of stretching, but not all experts agree with them. Everything is good in moderation and strictly under the control of the doctor. In this case, you can combine the use of extenders, strictleers and hangers. At home 2-3 hours a day, you can impose an extender, going to work, change it to the Stretcher, and in the evening again use the extender, attaching Hungger to it. It is impossible to hang Hungger if the member is in the erection state.

Plus, Henger is a dosage increase in the load, minus - squeezing a member head.

Top 3 Henger


Model with a vacuum cap with double protection for the head of the fusion of high comfort. Made from silicone components of increased wear resistance. Does not injure the head of a member, does not lead to a change in its color.

  • Manufacturer - Company UVIPE, USA.
  • Price - About 5 thousand rubles.
Turbo Hanger.
Hengher Turbo Hanger.
Hengher Turbo Hanger.

Vacuum Hungal with an air pumping valve, easy to use, with a concise design and thoughtful design, allowing to use considerable weight without any unpleasant sensations. It gives a rapid increase in length and at the same time increases potency.

  • Manufacturer - Brand from the Netherlands.
  • Price - About 4.5 thousand rubles.
Henger Penimaster Pro.
Application of Hender
Figure: Left - Use Henger; On the right - the use of extender + Stretcher + Henger for a comprehensive increase in the size of the penis.

Hungger with a vacuum cap can be bought both separately and in a complex with extender and a stelech. Last more expensive, but more efficiently with proper use. Information on how to increase the member can be in the instructions. It should be started with a small load of 200 g within an hour and gradually bring up to 1 kg within a few hours a day.

  • Manufacturer - Renimaster, Germany.
  • Full set price (extender + Stretcher + Hungger) - About 23 thousand rubles.

It is undesirable to use this device independently - you can rearrange and cause harm to the body, so start with the consultation of the doctor.

Eresection rings

This is a special device in the form of a ring, which is put on the root of the penis. Rings perform several functions at once. They improve the quality of sex at the expense of:

  • increasing the sensitivity of the head of the penis;
  • filling the member of blood and increase in size;
  • Increase the duration of the erection and suppressing premature ejaculation (seeds).

Thus, rings contribute to an increase in the penis during sexual contact. After its end, the magnitude of the member returns to its original position.

This type of devices are known since ancient times. Many centuries ago rings were made from live animals. Today, various types of metal, synthetic materials, leather, etc. are used for the manufacture of erection rings.

The appearance of the rings can also be different: simple smooth rings, rings with spikes, in the form of loops, etc. It is important to correctly use such devices: they wear no more than 30 minutes, after that the risk of persistent circulatory circulation and tissue necrosis appears.

The ring put on a member before the start of the erection, pre-applying lubricant - lubricant. After the start of the erection, the ring squeezes the member, increasing its volume due to the violation of the outflow of venous blood. After the end of the sex contact is removed.

The plus of the erection rings is a positive effect on potency, minus - squeezing blood vessels and the risk of tissue necrosis.

Consumer reviews for the use of hardware enlargement of a member

On the Internet you can find many reviews about the use of various methods for increasing the penis. Positive feedback mainly about extenders.

Reviews on the forum about the hardware ways to increase
Reviews on the forum about the hardware ways to increase

User Razervv writes: "I want to increase the member length with the help of an extender, the first result from the use of this device appeared after 1.5 months of systematic training, which significantly added me enthusiasm."

Real opinions of users
Real opinions of users

The user TUNED marks a negative result after applying the pump: there was an increase in the penis in volume, but the erection was not, and then the dimensions became the same. The user vlad1309 is concerned about changing the color of the member after using the pump.

It can be concluded that the correct systematic use of the extender gives a slow but the correct increase in the member, while the use of pumps gives only an illusion of an increase, which is accompanied by a number of unpleasant symptoms.


Another type of external means to increase the member is sprays. Manufacturers advertise them as an effective means, some sprays can increase the length of the penis to 5 - 7 cm. Such advertising fully complies with consumer requests: "I want to increase a member." In fact, sprays, like ointments (gels, creams) cause the extension of the vessels, the tide of the blood to the penis and the stretching of its tissues, which persists only during the erection.

Combating manufacturers recommend applying sprays with different types of stretching, mainly with the most efficient - Estender. This combination is really effectively, since under the action of the spray of tissue is better stretched. The pros and cons of the sprays are exactly the same as the creams, gels and ointments.

Top 3 Popular Sprays

Spray Dominator to increase member

Spray Dominator
Spray Dominator

Spray is advertised as a natural facility: increases the member, improves the erectile function, increases sensitivity. The manufacturer believes that with regular use during the month, the member will increase by 5 cm. The composition includes: natural essential oils (patchouli, nutmeg, chamomile) performing the role of in approxodiats, expanding blood vessels that increase the sexual attraction. Organic pectins improve the elasticity of the member tissues and contribute to its stretching.

  • Mode of application: Spray is applied to a penis 5 - 7 minutes before the start of sexual contact.
  • Manufacturer - LLC Global, Russia. Spray is not registered in the territory of the Russian Federation.
  • How to buy: in online stores. Price - bottle of 990 rubles.

Penilux spray

Penilux spray
Penilux spray

The Internet is filled with advertising this spray. Everything can be found about it: the composition (horse chestnut, ginger root, IIVA Japanese, Muir Puama), mechanism of action (aphrodisiac, stimulator, vasodilator), as far as the penis increases (no less than 5 cm per month). But nowhere else is not indicated, who (company, country) is the manufacturer of this miracle spray. On the territory of the Russian Federation, he, of course, is not registered. Price - about 990 rubles. Should I use this means?

XL Sperm Spray.

Spray XL Sperm Spray
Spray for increasing the penis XL Sperm Spray

Another intimate spray from an anonymous manufacturer, who promises: an increase in a member of 7 cm, improving the quality of sperm and increase potency. The declared composition of good (cordicepine, chipped flowers, yochimbin, zinc), but where is the guarantee that in the bottle what is written on the package, because in the territory of the Russian Federation spray is not registered and the manufacturer is unknown! Flat price - 990 rubles.

Reviews for increasing sprays

Forum reviews about the use of sprays a little, but almost all of them are negative (except for custom-made, of course).

Reviews for increasing sprays
Reviews for increasing sprays from the forum

User Temalek, based on your own experience, writes that you should not believe advertising, all external means for increasing the member (creams, gels, sprays) do not help, they are absolutely useless.

Increased member medical methods

There are different methods for increasing the penis: the introduction of fillers, the reception of drugs (including hormones) and biders, surgical operations. Which method to choose will help determine the urologist.

Introduction of fillers

"Pricks of beauty" make not only to get rid of wrinkles on the face. This technique is used to increase the member. Fillers are medicinal preparations for injections that are entered subcutaneously to fill small defects.

Fillers based on synthetic hyaluronic acid are used in urology. As a filler, the patient's own fatty tissue is also used, taken from some other area. The procedure is not easy, it requires the right choice of the drug and good training of a specialist.

Fillers are injected to increase the head or penis head. The procedure is carried out by a urologist under local anesthesia and takes a little time. The filler is introduced under the skin, increasing the volume of the head or the barrel of the penis. With a proper procedure, the recovery process takes about a week, a man can live in sexual life after 3 - 4 weeks. Over time, the filler is absorbed. In the area of ​​the head, this occurs after 7 - 12 months, in the area of ​​the barrel - after 1.5 - 2 years (the trunk is worse in blood).

Indications to increase the member by the method of filling are:

  • Small head volume, less than the volume of the barrel;
  • Increased head sensitivity, leading to premature ejaculation;
  • insufficient volume of the penis barrel;
  • curvature of the penis;
  • The insufficient length of the penis - after the introduction of the filler, it is significantly increased in volume and a little - in length.


  • sex infections;
  • benign and malignant tumors;
  • a tendency to the formation of keloid (enlarged in the amount of smaller) scars;
  • Allergy to entered Fillers.

The plus of this technique is the relative simplicity, minus - possible complications, so it is very important to choose a good clinic and an experienced specialist.

Only a urologist or plastic surgeon can conduct the filling procedure!

Read more about an increase in the genuronic acid of a hyaluronic acid in this article.

Medicinal preparations and dietary supplements

Reception of drugs or bids will not give an increase in the penis in size. Including the reception of hormones. Hormones appoints only a doctor with a violation of a hormonal background. This increases the sexual attraction, improves potency, but does not affect the magnitude of the penis of an adult man. In children's and adolescence, with a significant age lag behind the size of a member, hormonal therapy are prescribed: it is effective against the background of the overall growth of the body.

The advantage is that the use of drugs and dietary supplies is not always useless, they can perform auxiliary role when appointing a set of procedures for increasing the member volume. Minus - the absence of direct impact on the amount of the member.

Top 5 preparations and biodeadows for auxiliary therapy

For auxiliary drugs and badges include means that improve:

  • circulation;
  • metabolism;
  • Elasticity of fabrics.


Packaging Impaza
Tablets Impaza

A drug that improves the blood supply to the penis by relaxing the walls of blood vessels. Improved erectile function and operation of the entire reproductive system. This contributes to the restoration of tissues, improving their elasticity. Therefore, the course reception of the impisence against the background of using the extender will accelerate the process of tensile tissues. Assign 2 tablets for resorption per day for 3 months. There are no side effects and contraindications for use.

  • Manufacturer - Mothers Medica Holding, Russia.
  • Packaging price 20 pcs. - about 450 rubles

Tenteks Forte

Packaging tintex forte
Phytopreparat tenttex forte

The vegetable combined drug, improves libido, tones, protects against stresses, improves blood circulation. Contains 14 plant extracts. Especially suitable for men suffering from neurosis against the background of a small penis. The restoration of mental equilibrium and blood circulation in the field of small pelvis will contribute to the rapid restoration of tissues, for example, after a member elongation surgery. Contraindicated in arterial hypertension, severe heart and kidney disease. Appoint a course for 2 tablets 2 times a day for a month.

  • Manufacturer - Himalaya, India.
  • Packing price 100 pcs. - About 600 rubles.


Packaging drug Rielis
Tablets Rielis

Another combined vegetable preparation with toning, restoring immunity and sexual function. Suitable for coaching with various methods of pulling the phallus and in the postoperative period after its increase. Contraindicated with high blood pressure, insomnia, convulsive readiness. Assign 2 capsules per day by a course of 12 weeks.

  • Manufacturer - Miracle Pharma, Britain.
  • Packaging price 28 capsules - About 2.5 thousand rubles.

Wood Vuka

Wood Wood Packaging, 60 Capsules

BAA, which has an active impact on sexual function. It contains a rare mixture of South African herbs, improves the hormonal background, expands the vessels of the phallus, activates the metabolism and erectile function. There are no side effects and contraindications for reception. Assign 1 tablet 2 times a day for half an hour before meals for a month. Can be combined with any methods of increasing the penis.

  • Manufacturer : LLC Vitamemer, Russia.
  • Packaging price 60 tablets - About 1300 rubles.

Tongkat Ali Premium

Preparation Tongkat Ali Premium
Preparation Tongkat Ali Premium

Bad with a pronounced action on potency. It has in herbs, improving blood circulation, metabolism and hormonal men background. Contraindicated in insomnia and high blood pressure. As an additional means, it can be assigned to any method of elongation of the penis. Assign long-term courses for a capsule once every 3 days for 6 months with breaks for 2 weeks every month.

  • Manufacturer - in Min, Russia.
  • Packaging price 10 capsules - About 1700 rubles.

Surgical methods

Any surgical intervention always carries the risk of complications. Therefore, before carrying out the operation, the attending physician together with the patient weigh all over and against this type of intervention.

If the doctor believes that the dizes of the member do not go beyond the limits of the norm, he can dissuade a man from the operation.

Indications for an increase in a member increase are:

  • Small member value - less than 9 cm;
  • insufficient thickness of the barrel of the member;
  • Small (less volume of the barrel) head volume;
  • Curvating a member.

Operation is contraindicated in the presence:

  • damage to the skin of the penis;
  • genital infections;
  • blood clotting disorders;
  • diabetes - high risk of developing complications;
  • tumors;
  • Mental disorders.

The following types of operations are performed:

  1. Lipolifting. - an increase in the volume and partially member length by administering under the skin of the patient's adipose tissue taken from another area (for example, from the bottom of the abdomen). This is one of the types of filling, is carried out under local anesthesia. As a result, the penis girth can increase by 1 - 1.5 cm, length - no more than 0.5 - 1 cm. The effect is not permanent: after half a year, fat will be released and a new operation will be required.
  2. Ligamotomy - Member Extension Operation. It is carried out under the spinal anesthesia and lies in the dissection of ligaments attaching penis to the pubic bone. After the dissection of the ligaments, the possibility of promoting the inner region of the penis to outward and fix it in this position appears. The operation gives an elongation of a member for 2 - 3 cm. After surgery, it is possible to continue extending using the extender for 3 to 6 months.
  3. Internal skin transplant - Operation to increase the girth of a member. It is carried out on general anesthesia. An incision is made on the skin of a member, it wraps in the form of a stocking, and the naked penis wraul the skin flap taken from the axillary region. Then the skin "stocking" is worn and seams are superimposed. The surround operation and traumatic operation, but it can be increased by 2 to 3 cm.
  4. Falloprotezing - Introduction of artificial implants that allow sexual function.

Possible complications of surgical treatment can be early and late. Early (these complications are easily treated) include:

  • bleeding;
  • Attachment infections.

Late complications are not so easy to treat. It:

  • The appearance of coarse scars with a member's curvature; Very often, this is due to the individual characteristics of the patient's body;
  • The appearance of a member of the member after lipolifting associated with uneven resorption of adipose tissue;
  • painful sensations during the erection;
  • Reducing the sensitivity of the head of the member.

Pros: The surgical method is the most effective, minuses - risky, so it makes sense to thoroughly think about, before you decide to surgery.

Reviews for increasing medical methods

Most patients consider medical methods for increasing the size of male dignity with the most effective. Especially effective combination of ligamotomy with the extrusion of a member with the help of an estander.

Reviews for increasing medical methods
Reviews for increasing penis medical methods from the forum

The HOTABIH user writes that a good effect gives a combination of surgical intervention with conservative treatment - taking tablets to improve the overall state of the reproductive system.

Folk remedies used at home

Some folk remedies for increasing male dignity published on the Internet are not very adequate, therefore, before it is to increase the member at home, it is worth consulting with the doctor. Below you can familiarize yourself with the most popular recipes.

The advantage of people's methods is accessibility, minus - ineffectiveness.

Weight and suspension

The danger of such methods for increasing the penis is that during the attachment to male dignity, the weightlifiers are squeezed, breaking blood circulation. In addition, the load on such domestic devices is difficult to dose, so it is better to refuse this technique: it will bring more harm than good.


Soda in folk medicine is used as inside and externally:

  • A quarter of a teaspoon of soda stir in a glass of water and drink an empty stomach in the morning for a month, gradually increasing the dose to a teaspoon; Harm, of course, will not (if there is no reduced gastric acid), but also the benefits of dubious;
  • Divide the soda half water and the resulting cleaner apply to a member, pre-lubricated with vegetable oil; Lightly label and hold 15 - 20 minutes; This causes irritation, swelling of the tissue and a tide of blood to the penis, which continue 1 - 2 hours; no longer effect; Caution: Soda can cause significant irritation of gentle tissues of a member with the appearance of rashes and yasels on it; Prolonged use of soda causes dry skin and the appearance of microcracks on it.

Balsam Golden Star

The balsam contains a large number of essential oils, so it has an annoying, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory effect, causes a tide of blood to the place of application. In folk medicine to increase the phallus, it is used with soda:

  • teaspoon of food soda to dissolve water to the state of the cassel and add balm with a pea size; Apply a mixture on the crotch area and lightly label; wash off in 15 - 20 minutes; It is better not to apply such a mixture to a member: it will cause strong irritation; A blood tide to the perineum will increase the member for 1 - 2 hours, there will be no longer action.

Bee bites

The bee poison has an annoying and improving blood circulation by action. But, like all other folk methods, this action is temporary. Potency can be improved in this way, and a member can hardly be increased.

After taking the soul, the member is placed in a small polyethylene package in the bee. After sting, the sting is removed. The procedure is repeated 2 - 3 times a week for 8 - 12 weeks.


Folk Medicine proposes to increase the penis to mix honey with food soda in a 2: 1 ratio, apply the resulting pasta to a member, put in a small polyethylene package for 10 minutes, and then wash off. Procedures to repeat every other day. Member certainly will not grow, but potency can improve.


The most barbaric method capable of leading a set of complications. Liquid petroleum is administered under the skin of a member and are distributed over its surface. The member is thickened and lengthened, but it is not for long: over time it is absorbed and excreted from the body. Effects:

  • Vaseline is distributed unevenly and a member is deformed;
  • Due to the squeezing of tissues, sexual function is disturbed;
  • It is easy to make an infection - the consequences of it are unpredictable, up to the removal of a member.

Conclusion: a purely decorative and very dangerous method, an increase in the penis can occur, but it will be worse.


Application of a tincture of iodine on a delicate sensitive skin of a member is a dangerous and useless method. Even if it does not cause the burn, the tide of blood to the phallus will last long. With daily use, the risk of injury increases many times, which cannot be said about the benefits: an increase in the member will always be temporary.

Reviews of those who used folk methods

Reviews about the effectiveness of folk methods to increase the member on the forums are small. Most users discuss the benefit of exercise and hardware methods.

Reviews of folk methods
Reviews about folk methods on the forum

User Olesya writes that her boyfriend tried to lengthen a member with the help of Cashitz from soda, but he did not work except irritation.

It turns out that advanced Internet users are not so easy to inflate. They are little discussing folk ways to increase male dignity, widely advertised ointments, gels and sprays, considering them not worthy of attention.


Full nutrition - one of the necessary components to increase the penis:

  • For growth of tissues, low-fat meat, dairy products, eggs, marine fish, seafood should be present in the diet;
  • To activate metabolism, vitamins and minerals are needed, it is contained in fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • To improve blood circulation in the diet, it is necessary to include horseradish, radish, radish, onions, garlic, sharp seasonings.

Food should not be high-calorie, better if it is diverse. It is worth reduce the use of sweets, drift, alcoholic beverages - all this interferes with the normal exchange of substances and reduces the possibility of achieving the goal - an increase in the penis.

You can read a man here about how to prolong sexual intercourse.


How to increase the length?

How to increase the length?

Effective ways two: stretching with the help of extender and operation.

How to increase member diameter?

How to increase member diameter?

With the introduction of filler or operation. All other ways give a short-term effect.

How to increase the head of the penis?

How to increase the head of the penis?

Introduction of fillers or operation.

If you decide to increase the penis, you need to start with the consultation of the urologist. Perhaps your member is not so small, does not need to be magnified, and the urologist will be able to convince you of it. If you really lack several centimeters for the comfort of comfort, the specialist will tell you what kind of magnification is suitable for you.


  1. Molokov, Yu.M. Surgical treatment of small penis syndrome and its prevention with reconstructive operations. / Yu.M. Molokov // Abstract of the dissertation for the degree of candidate of medical sciences. - Tyumen. 2006.
  2. Shplev, P.A. Small penis. Methods of correction. / P.A.Shppelev, DG Kurbatov .// M.: LLC Publishing House Rosman-Press, 2002, 192c.
  3. Subrini, L. Flexible Penile Implants in The Restoration of Erctile Function. / L.subini // Ann. Urol. (Paris) - 1993. - Vol.27. - P.183-191.

The most expensive, painful, method of increasing the penis -


. Stable growth provide less radical methods: vacuum, orthopedic devices,

Exercises - trainings

. Many simple, efficient and do not require professional

Medical intervention


Shake the internal reserves of the body, launch the increase in the girth, the length of the penis will help our detailed recommendations. They will help to increase the phallus of the house, without fears for health and threatening measures.

In contact with



My world

How much change the size of the penis do it yourself

The reality of the member modification is confirmed by surgeons, urologists and androids. Doctors note that men risk for magnification and in a rush cause serious harm to health. To avoid this, practicing proven, approved by doctors methods.

With daily practice, progressive techniques are given from 2 cm in plus . This is a mean value, some get + 3.5-5 cm long, confident growth in gripping. Increased libido, rapid excitation, strong erection add to the new size.


Normal penis

It can be perceived small due to a psychiatric diagnosis. Reality distorts a dysfast disorder. Something similar happens to women with anorexia

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Methods for increasing the member of the house itself

Practical growth techniques work solo and in the complex. Each is a workout program based on the features of its own body.


How to enlarge the head of the member of the house

Penis is not biceps, but has a high growth potential. An increase in length occurs due to an increase in the elasticity of the skin, connective tissue, the protein shell, the endothelium of the cavern of the cavernous bodies. The physical activity stretches the fabric, provokes an increase in length and in the girth. Regular approach will give +2 cm and above.

Male dzhelking

Jelk - Powerful pulling, milking manipulations . They are based on ancient methods common in men of the Middle East. The training is dry, wet (with lubricant), with squeezing (advanced option).

At the start, pulling out on a dick at rest. The erection will reduce the progress of the newcomer to a minimum. Blaring of cavernous bodies affects flexibility. The lesson will lose intensity and sense.

Strong excitement (erection above 75%) is dangerous, as the tissues are not ready for serious loads. Training is better to spend behind the closed door. By time, each approach takes an hour. The basis of success is a powerful self-discipline.

how to increase member at home for 5 cmBasic technique:

  • Treat skin with lubrication;
  • Make the shaft shaft;
  • Tightly fix on the basis of a member, as close as possible to the pubis;
  • With a delicate pressure, lead your hand to the head. Keep pressure, do not pause;
  • Make traction by another hand;
  • The approach time is up to 10 minutes (about 250 iterations).

Hold the middle pace, rhythm. Do not allow painful sensations. Basic Jelk make 2 months (2-3 times a week). With experience, the level of erection is safely raised to 40-75%. When the fabrics are trained, go to dry dug. It does not require lubrication.

Mood friendly Stretching .To increase the length to the limit of the capacity of the body, delicately, gently jerk the trunk after the jelly. Combo is a confident answer to the question of how to really increase member at home.

And how many centimeters do you have?

Less than 15cm More 15cm


Powerfully affects progress, tissue availability to stretching. Houses have successfully practiced numerous massage techniques. The method is always available, successfully combined with heating, appliqués, baths. Procedures are enhanced by creams, gels, sprays designed to grow penis.


Discharge by masturbation develops smooth muscle tissue endothelium affects


Backless, middle part of the trunk. Member gradually

grows in length

Thick. The complex takes at least 5 months. Periodicity - 6 times a week.

Middle Progress: + 1.5-2.5 cm to Length, 0.5 cm for thickness


The training session is started after a hot soul. Lubricant is applied with a growth factor (Titan Gel, Rasputin). You can take a convenient posture, enable relaxing video or music. The task is to engage all the muscles of the crotch. Masturbation is carried out smoothly, with moderate pressure, until complete discharge.

Kegel complex

Training stimulates deep muscles of smoking, pubic zones. To feel them, hold the urination for 2-3 seconds.


  • Alternately reduce, relax the muscles. Continue 30 seconds, keeping fast paced;
  • Strain the muscles stepped, bottom-up. On each "step", do a pause for 2-4 seconds. Gradually bring the time of pause to 6 seconds;
  • strain the muscles slowly. After maximum efforts, we go to relax.



- Progressive manual technique for increasing the head at home. The method is suitable for growth



Girth of trunk

. Exercises are performed by hand, with the involvement of auxiliary accessories and without.

Carefully approach the load strength. Remember Each set is not tugging the rope. The goal is a moderate, but constant tissue adaptation to stretching . The penile structures react negatively to sharp movements. Start of training is weak, slow efforts.

Gay - stretching:

  • Start with 20 repetitions on Erection 0-40%;
  • stretch the trunk up, the pressure is weakened every 2 seconds;
  • Continue workout 5 minutes or up to 40-50 approaches;
  • Combine jay with breathing practices.

Before the set, take a hot shower. It will warm up the tissue, will lower the risk of injury. In the starting position stand or sit. Save erected position at level - 0-40%

Main complex (A, v, reverse V stretching):

  • Capture the trunk on any site besides the head;
  • Mildly pull forward, hold 30 seconds;
  • Restore the bloodstream, slightly pounding a phallus on the leg or pumping the cue;
  • Duplicate 1.2 steps;
  • Continue stretching to the stomach, on the sides, down. Take 30 seconds for each direction.

Have you tried to increase member?

Yes No

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Instruments and devices to increase

Those who decided to seriously upgrade the phallus, need devices.


how to increase penis at home extender

In case of increasing penis, the extender has an orthopedic effect. The design consists of a stubborn ring, retainer, metal rods. Wearing period - 6-12 months. During this time, the device will add from 3 cm or more.


  • Mechanical - the head holds the strap or loop;
  • Vacuum - fixes a vacuum cap. Option is more comfortable, safer mechanics. Well behaves in public places.

The increase is based on the periodic build-up of the length of the rod. Tension, stretching stimulates fabrics to divide, growth. Result Constantly tied to the duration of extender's extension per day . Optimally time - 6 hours.


In the segment of instruments for upgrading a member of the pumps belong to the classics. With their help, basic vascular techniques are carried out. Stretching of the penny tissues occurs with the help of a flask. According to urologists, therapy with local negative pressure increases not only size, but also potency.

how to increase men's member at home

The barrel is placed in a cylinder with air pump, create a vacuum. It quickly gets blood flow, erected, becomes more. So that the blood does not leave back, the base is pinned with a ring resembling harness.

The method successfully operates in sexual dysfunction therapy, propagates stagnant phenomena. Vacuum launches previously inactive capillary networks, improves lymph, blood circulation. The brain receives impulses, the nervous system reacts with reinforced erection and bright orgasms

Using Pump solo gives a short-term effect. After removing the ring, the penis will return to The usual sizes. The clamp is set a maximum of 20-25 minutes. Long-term contact will hurt the fabric, vessels, leaves bruises, naryvy. If you break the safety rules, temporary impotence will arise, the skin will swell and lose natural color.

Pumps are:

  • air - "Dry" method in which the trunk is placed in an air medium with negative pressure;
  • Water - The flask is added warm water for a more gentle workout.

The method will be worked if the size of the flask is properly selected. The experience of Nuperers shows that more efficient air samples. They give a guaranteed growth - from +2 cm long.


Increased Member of the House by Stretcher

The belt orthopedic system consists of a head lock, a stubborn ring, a flexible belt.


  • mechanical - Fastening the loop. It is inconvenient, there is no possibility of "secret" wearing for a long time;
  • vacuum - With a nozzle adapted for daily use. Suitable for wearing in any places.

On the base of the member put on the ring. On the thighs start the tape, put on the head fastener. The stretching effort is asked by a buckle, "so the stroke is adapted to itself.

Belt vacuum system - direct analog



Hanging is a progressive method of nonupers, spied by Africans. The cargo is clinging, it gives stretching to a member, a ligator.

The method is not similar to other pulling techniques. The cargo launches the serious operation of the supporting bundle (the one that is cut under the leagueotomy).

There is a high load on the butter. The accented force causes the trunk to grip and length.

Types of hangers:

  • Mechanical - crimping the head of the fastening;
  • Vacuum - Fixed with a vacuum nozzle.

Hanging spend sitting, less often standing. The load guides the penis down at an angle of 90 degrees . In this position, the hanger is actively pulling the league. Daily workouts will provide + 2-3 cm.


The device stretches the cavernous, spongy bodies, dense fibrous eelastic fabrics of the penis, enhances blood flow. First progress comes after 2 months of exercise. Newbies reaches an elongation by 0.5-1 cm. Additional increase comes with time (6-12 months). C content ↑


Hardware techniques successfully operate funds to increase the penis.

Cream, gels and sprays

We will not cut, cream, powders that give a constant increase in the amount, not yet invented. All sprays, gels work as an effective accessory.

Cream, gels and sprays

Task of drugs:

  • improvement of plasticity fabrics;
  • restoration of complete blood flow;
  • Protection of capillaries, vessels that feed member from thrombov, injuries;
  • Treatment of wounds.

Without Mazi training, cream serve as a lubricant, potency amplifier. Working solo, they increase member only for sexual intercourse.

Titan gel

Titan gel

The formula is assembled by a cunning vegetable complex. The composition is clinically tested in Europe, Asia.

Titan provides:

  • visible lengthening of the penis;
  • Sex prolongation;
  • solid erection;
  • Libido growth;
  • Tone, cheerfulness.

The composition is neutral, has no contraindications . Two weeks later, the trunk will add 2-2.5 cm. Progress is due to improving blood supply, tissue seals, but it is brief.


Maxisisayz House

Maxi Size cream

Works fermented formula. It quickly absorbs, stretching the cells of the cavernous bodies.

The penis grows on the girth, the length after the daily massage on the full erection. Application for success is impressive - 5 cm in a month. There are no sides.


how to increase a member on self-dissolve

Lubricant is built on plant components. Contains an amino acid arginine.


Improves blood microcirculation, elasticity of smooth muscle cells of vessels. Result - Safe, Fast Size Correction. After a week, the length receives +1 cm.


Increases potency, erection force, seed fluid quality.


PRIUP for home enlargement of penis

Complex vegetable

Growth phallus

and potency. Improves the power of attraction, sex drive. With him, penis successfully adds 4.5 cm per month.

Preparation Priup.

Does not contain chemicals, does not cause dependence, addiction. Suitable for regular applying. Prevents impotence and its causes.

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The product is neutral, demonstrates a rapid action. Spray is applied to the sexual act. Dominator improves the quality of proximity, increases the organ by 35% Compared to the source length. The dominator provokes a strong erection.

Tablets and Bada

Experienced men involve all growth opportunities. Penis needs a specific set of nutrients. While wearing instruments, exercises, massage the body should receive trace elements, vitamins, amino acids. At this time there are their overrun. Loads should alternate with rest.

Bades in tablets - a natural addition of diet. Pharma provides a useful physiological effect.

Tablets and Bada

You'll get:

  • Healthy endocrine glands;
  • faster blood flow through the tissues of a member;
  • strong nerves;
  • Full synthesis of men's androgens.


Hormones are able to break a fragile natural balance. Incorrect reception will violate the normal functioning of the body.

What is more important length or thickness?

Length Thickness

Hormones for men:

  • somatotropin - controls the development of the body. Prescribed by a doctor with problems with development, growth;

Somatotropin for men's power

Testosterone injection

Potency regulators

Effective medical preparations are available in a pharmacy.

The principle of operation depends on the active substance:

  • Vardenafil (Levitra) - Serves in erectile dysfunction therapy. After entering the inside, it works for about 6 hours. Member is increasing due to increased blood supply;

Levitra for homemade member sizes

  • Tadalafil (Cialis) - cuts out those who are not able to achieve natural, high-quality erection. It is characterized by a prolonged action - up to 36 hours. A strong blood flow on the actual increase in size;

Sialis men

  • Sildenafil (Viagra) - The first of the FDE-5 group, the top product for men. Eliminates erectile dysfunction for 4-5 hours.

Viagra potency

Vitamins for growth of length and thickness

Pharmacological means - the main resource for increasing, tensile tissue.

Basic NAPITER Vitamins:

  • selenium - It is not synthesized by the authorities, enters the body only with food. Powerfully holds testosterone, raises the libido, improves the quality of sperm;
  • zinc - Share in the men's body below 3%. Contained in sperm, prostate gland, leukocytes, red blood cells. Requires constant replenishment;
  • vitamins e, with - A good contribution to the upgrade potency, sperm indicators, improve the result of stretching techniques.
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Folk Methods and Recipes

The power of folk remedies has long been proven in practice.

Products and herbs

On the condition of the penny tissues affect:

  • Pumpkin oil - Add to a salad or drink an empty stomach in a teaspoon. A month later, tensile techniques become 20% more efficient;

Pumpkin oil

  • Celery, sour cream, squid, mussels, red fish - Real men's products. Align hormonal background, raise libido, erection;

Red Fish

  • Nuts, seeds (walnuts, almonds, cashews, sesame) - eating separately or with honey. Powerful contribution to male health, state of penis vessels;

Nuts and seeds

  • Herbal infusions, fees (Chair, ginseng, wormwood, ginger). Replace simple tea bags. The decoction drink once a day. Source of tide of strength, strong erection.

Herbal infusions

The list is not fantastic, it makes the body healthy, balancing the testosterone level. For a real increase in the member, not only food is needed - regular training is needed.


Increased soda member

NaCl - auxiliary growth method.

Soda (1 teaspoon) dissolved in warm water, works wonders

. Paths for phallus last 10 minutes. The procedure is made 60 minutes before Intim.

The size will increase due to strong blood supply. Maximum gain - up to 3 cm. Measure is considered to be temporary. Bathing with soda can not be neglected, burn the skin.


Soda and medical

Honey adds to soda, make a daily massage. When rubbing the trunk, the principle of improving blood flow. Honey will soften the abrasive irritation from soda, a bright alkaline reaction. The gentle fabrics of the penis get rid of irritation.

Measure one-time, works with a positive psychological setting . Inside use another product of beekeeping - royal milk. C content.

Nozzles - quickly, for lazy people

Nozzles are available, do not require skills and training. High-quality sex toys in the nearest sex shop.

Basic assortment:

Not all types of nozzles please the partner. Choosing an optimal toy for two, pre-talk with her friend.

Shop sex

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What a way to choose

The choice depends on the ultimate goal.

For example:

  • Stimulation of blood flow, gradual increase in cavern of cavernous bodies, improvement of erection (gel, cream, spray, pump, baths with soda, honey, massage equipment, food, dietary supplements, tablets);
  • Sponge, cavernous fabrics, ligaments (extender, hanger, exercises, dumpling);
  • Combined effect - It is achieved by a combination of methods.

Maximum progress provides the last option. It prevents congestive phenomena, increases the attraction, the strength of the erection. The result is an irreversible increase in the member. C content.

Interesting video on the topic

To which the ladies are not thought up for mutual pleasure:

Security measures

Getting Started to Methods, think about safety, risks and complications.


  • psychical deviations;
  • skin-venereological diseases;
  • Inflammation, pathology of the organs of a small pelvis.


If you want to get to the legal way to increase the member without surgery, Drive regular workouts with devices, practice manual technicians . Organize proper nutrition, vitamin explosion, is the basis of rapid progress.

Article author

Expert in the field of increasing a member. Practice, successfully solved many male problems.

"The size is important," the old truth. Of course, most women, wanting to console their partner, boyfriend or husband, are ready to repeat, as if it was not at all as if the main soul and "just a good man was." For a joint life - perhaps, but for the completeness of pleasure in bed and self-esteem, the men's dimensions are still meaningful. And so, you want to know how to increase the male member at home, but you first need to decide what size is considered normal!

What size is considered normal?

Normal is considered to be the size of at least 8 cm
Normal is considered to be the size of at least 8 cm

Already starting from 11-12 years old, the boys begin to "measure" their dignity, finding out who is longer and thicker. And some adolescents for many years provide themselves with a complex of inferiority, if they decide that they have "less norm". In fact, only less than 8 cm in erected state is considered to be a pathological microcal. Such a "format" of the genital organ is recognized as an anomaly and maybe the cause of male infertility: it does not penetrate deeply during the intercourse, the spermatozoa is not able to overcome the vagina barrier and get into the uterus.

In other cases, the medical rate. Even small, 10-12 cm, the penis can be perfectly satisfied with the woman.

Several advice on sexual technique:

  1. Do not try to penetrate as deep as possible. Nervous endings are much more outside.
  2. Choose a pose, at which the woman's clitoris will simultaneously occur. A good option is considered "Rider" or Doggy Style.
  3. Do not focus your attention and attention partners at the size of the body. If you try to delight, then the "technical characteristics" will not be significant.

Mutual feelings and attraction - much more important than sizes. On the contrary, overly large penis can cause a woman pain, especially if it is low herself, miniature and not stretched vagina. However, if a man still remains dissatisfied with the dimensions of his full body, can try to use knowledge, how to increase member at home.

How to enlarge sexual member at home?

The story of our reader to increase

Hello everyone! Men! My name is Andrei, I'm 26 years old, I am from Kazan.

Real theme opened! Agree, without a bazaar, have you repeatedly thought that you have a small member?

I, too, so sometimes thought so. Yes, and women when I saw my unit, something was not particularly impressed. Although they did not speak open, but I understood that they understood that they also did not like my dick.

But it came across the Internet on the website of the American porn actor. He, in short, revealed the secret of a huge member of all porn actors ...

Read the article

4 ways to enlarge sex dick at home

Men who wish to change the dimensions of their "dignity" are often sent to the plastic surgeon. However, this method is not cheap, secondly is traumatic. Without the extreme need to produce surgical actions above the sexual member, it is not recommended in view of its increased sensitivity. Some men after surgery complain to reducing the quality of sexual sensations. Dispositive methods are not so fast, but much safer.

1. Dzelking

The stories of our readers

Kirill, 42 years old, Kazan

"I never believed in all these methods to increase, but it was terribly tired of walking with a small member, and the girls shy. And all these decided to try This method . After 1.5 months, the member increased by 5.5 cm, while I paid only 10 minutes of time a day, thanks for the article and the method "

More details

Jelking technology has existed since ancient times - it was used by the Romans and the Greeks, was widely used in the east. The principle is based on the fact that the penis is a cavernous body, that is, it can be increased by regular stimulation.

Jelking technique looks like masturbation, but requires training and a special approach:

  1. Prepare a hot wedow environment. The warm bath is best suited.
  2. Lubricate the penis with a lubricant or special cream.
  3. Massage the body by achieving a mesmer erection.
  4. Make a high-index finger with a dense ring.
  5. Try member as possible without the appearance of obvious painful sensations.

To repeat the exercise you need ten-fifteen times daily, gradually increasing the amount.

Remember that the technique needs to be discontinued if you notice the unpleasant side effects - pain, irritation, discomfort in the groin area.

2. Stretching loads

Special extenders
Special extenders

Properly suspended cargo will increase the domestic member at home by 2-3 cm in a month. To avoid injuries and unwanted side effects, purchase special extensors - special bandages, they are sold in sex shops, you can order via the Internet. The essence of the technique is simple: to bind the load and hold no more than 20 minutes.

Basic Rules:

  1. It is necessary to start with 200 g, no more.
  2. Erection during the exercise is prohibited.
  3. Bring it is necessary only in compliance with safety and with the help of devices.
  4. The maximum exercise duration is 20 minutes, it is necessary to start with 5-10.
  5. Small discomfort is meant, but severe pain and cuts - the reason to stop stretching.

During the exercise it is impossible to walk, sit, rock the organ. You need to stand strictly motionless, you can keep a timer, counting the right time.

3. Massage

Before the procedure, the organ must warm up, applying a special warming cream. Then I grab the penis of the palm, if not enough one - add another. Tighten tightly, but not before the appearance of unpleasant sensations. Kneading, translating from left to right, top down or vice versa. Repeat ten-fifteen minutes. An increase in size up to two cm is supplied by improving the erection by increasing the filling of the cavernous bodies with blood.4. Bades and food

Dietary dietary supplements
Dietary dietary supplements

Some natural substances naturally stimulate an increase in cavernous bodies and breeding cells in them. The result is the elongation and thickening of a member on average for two or three cm. Natural "magnifiers":

  1. Ginseng - you can take in the form of tincture on alcohol, pushed powder.
  2. Ginko Biloba - the plant contributes to improved blood circulation throughout the body, strengthening erection, more complete swelling of cavernous bodies. It is useful equally for the brain, vessels and male health.
  3. L-carnitine. Supplement is well known to athletes and bodybuilders, because in training contributes to the rapid growth of muscles. Not only muscles grow from L-carnitine. Natural amino acid is contained in low-fat red meat.
  4. Watermelons. Citrullin stimulates the expansion of blood vessels contained in red fruits. The main thing is not to rise by watermelon directly before a romantic date.
Demchenko Zhar Ivanovich

Doctor psychologist, sexologist, 11 years old. 2006-2012, National Pedagogical University Idagomanov, Faculty of Psychology, Psychologist.

Ask a Question

Before taking dietary supplements based on vegetable components, you must consult with your doctor. The main contraindications are allergies, heart disease, elevated blood pressure.

A man who wishes to increase member at home is recommended to play sports, stick to a healthy lifestyle. Excess weight visually reduces the penis, and smoking contributes to the spasms and compression of vessels and cavernous bodies. All methods act gradually - the first results will not be noticeable earlier than in two or three weeks.

( 6estimates, average 4.33 of 5 )

The size of the penis is important, no matter how the weak floor representative denied. The small length and thickness of the penis not only negatively affects the psychological state of a man, but also makes sex a poor quality. However, try to increase its size only if there is a deviation from the norm.

Male penis grows up to 20 years. It is necessary to begin to worry about the achievement of maturity. It is harm to health and injury an organ if applying a member increases.

The normal length of the genital is 12-15 cm in the erected state. Thickness in the grip should reach 10 cm. Deviation per 1-2 cm is permissible, more - already pathology.

We will analyze what methods can I really increase the male sexual organ at home.

How to enlarge sexual member at home

Methods for increasing the penis at home

Increase member while at home or in the breaks at work is possible, but before you begin to do it, you need to consult with a urologist. It will be resolved, making sure in the absence of common contraindications:

  • Infectious diseases;
  • Exacerbations of chronic processes;
  • Venereal diseases;
  • Penis Skin Inflammatory Processes.

Effective way to increase a member without surgical intervention, which enjoy porn actors. Read more.

Method with soda

This technique promotes all sorts of "doctors" and "academicians" of traditional medicine. Most of these "guru" does not even have a general medical education, not to mention a degree. This method, according to them, works due to the effects of soda on the karmic connection of people with nature forces: fire, water water and air.

Increasing the male penis soda - is it possible?

The use algorithm may be as follows:

  1. Dissolve in a glass of water half a teaspoon of soda.
  2. After a shower or a bath, pour penis with a solution.
  3. Swells the organ with wet napkins.

The effect of the way will not give, and if you move to food soda, it will be irritation of the skin and itching into the groin. Doctors unequivocally say that this is a frank deception.

Dzhelking method - does it help to zoom

This method came from traditional medicine. It is believed that it has been used in the east for centuries, but doctors do not recommend the techniques to use. Although the effect of exercises is, but short-term, last 2-3 hours. The maximum result does not exceed 1 cm. In terms of use, problems may occur with potency, the soreness of the genital organs and bruises on the penis.

Dzelking - Methods for increasing male penis at home
Methods of increasing the penis man - dubbing.
Dzhelking - Methods of increasing penis man

There are two variations of the technique: dry and wet. When first train without lubrication, and the gel is used in the second. The use of the Jelking method is particularly effective at the same time using titanium gel.

  1. A member before the start of the procedure should be brought to an excited state, by 60-70%, but it should not harden.
  2. Penis wrap with a wet towel to break. From this, the cavernic bodies of the member become elastic.
  3. Clamp the root of the penis with a large and index finger and withstand for about 10 seconds.
  4. Do not sprinkling the ring from the fingers lead them to the head. Having reached her first hand stops, but not cleaned, and the second repeats the move perfect her. When the second was brought to the first hand, it frees the head and starts the exercise.

On the first day they do 50-100 repetitions, for 2-3 weeks increase the number to 200 times . It is allowed to share the procedure on parts with interruptions for 15-30 minutes.

Video with a visual explanation, how to perform movements.

Increase male member vacuum pump

The procedure using vacuum pumps is used in medicine, but the persistent effect of an increase in the member does not give. According to the network reviews, the maximum result is 2-3 cm. The main indication for its purchase is erectile dysfunction. Doctors advise if there is an opportunity, acquire more expensive hydropompa. It is less attendable, since the effect on the penis occurs with water. Both types of vacuum pumps cause blood tide to penis than and their positive effect is determined.

Methods of using vacuum pump:

  1. Place the penis inside the flasks.
  2. Press the base to the pubic.
  3. Slowly pump out air with a pear.

When you first use, it is necessary to stop exposure in 2-3 minutes. The maximum time should not exceed 30-40 minutes.

Using extender

The device is used to stretch a member. The device is used to eliminate, thickening and correcting the curvature of the member. For medical reasons, it is appointed after conducting surgical operations: prostatectomy (prostate removal), implantation of penis and leaguerotomy.

There are three modifications of the device:

  • Zhgutovy . It is rarely used, inconvenient in wearing, greatly squeeze the sexual organ. You can wear no longer than 30 minutes, then must follow the break. The maximum period of wearing is 6 o'clock per day.
  • Strap . Most often are prescribed to wearing in the postoperative period. They tightly wrap the head and cause less discomfort than flagella mechanisms.
  • Vacuum . Based on the operation of the mechanism lies pulling air from the chamber that dresses on the head of the member. It is not recommended for long wearing, contributes to the formation of blisters.
  • Vacuum adhesive . Not only vacuum is used, but also a gel to hold the head. The most famous device, but at that expensive from PenisMasterPro. Price - about 20 thousand rubles.

My immodest story about how I increased a member at 5.5 cm in two weeks. At first, doubted, but then as it got ... Read more

Increase the sterecher

Stretcher to increase the genital man - Application at homeDesign for pulling a member. Often used with extender. Member is fixed using garters to foot or shoulder. In the free clock pants is not noticeable, which allows you to use the counterscher in the workplace.

Biologically active means - creams, gels

At the moment there are many creams, sprays, drops, tools for increasing the member at home. We highlight some actually working.

Titanium gel will be especially effective in combination with dumpling (the description of the technique above)

The following substances are actively working out of ointments and creams:

  • Ant King. - The best remedy for the market for 2021, proven efficacy and hundreds of positive feedback men.

Ant King to enlarge member

The most actively promoted on the network to use the following brands of sprays: Dominator, XL Sperm Spray, Penilux, Peineili.

Increased member surgical intervention

Operations for increasing the size of the penis are divided into those that thicken, and those that lengthen the childbearing organ.

Thickest operations

For thickening, either the introduction of implants under the skin is used, or transplan native human fabrics: fat or muscle.


LipophilingBefore conducting the procedure, taking fat fabric from the abdomen or hips of the client. They are cleaned of impurities (Sukrovitsy) leaving only clean fats. The patient will prealt the hair on the groove area and falls on the surgical table. Doctors anesthesiologist introduces the client into a state of general anesthesia, and only then the plastic surgeon begins the operation.

The organ disinfect and with the needle introduced the prepared composition. The whole procedure lasts less than one hour. At the end, a sterile bandage is superimposed. The effect of the operation is permanent, only 30% fat is dissolved. The method increases the thickness of a member by 2-3 cm.

Gualuronic acid injeces.

Hyaluronic acid injeces - Member Increase OperationThe so-called "beauty injections" increase the size of the penis per 1 cm. The procedure is similar to lipophiling. The most affordable method for increasing the member is carried out even in small cities. The effect lasts about a year.

Implant introduction.

Increased member by means of an operation with implantsWith this technique, gels are used in silicone shell. The doctor, making a puncture in the skin of the penis, fastens it to a protein shell. This eliminates the risk of displacement. The procedure is carried out an allergotroba, which eliminates the risk of rejection.

Muscular transplantation.

For the procedure, a piece of client's muscles from the abdomen is taken. During the operation, it is introduced under the skin of the patient's member, the doctor wraps it around the phallus and sews with adjacent fabrics. The efficiency of the operation is high, healing happens quickly. As a result, the member is increased by 3-4 cm.

Fallos lengthening operations

Surgical operations are carried out only with healthy people. The number of contraindications is greater than when using conservative techniques. The doctor does not take place to operate patients with heart disorders, heart defects, blood flowing violation, chronic diseases in the decompensation stage, AIDS, mental disorders.


Falloprotezing - an increase and adjustment of the penis of a man by operationIf the reason for the small length of the penis curvature, the artificial prosthesis is introduced into it. They are rigid, inflatable, and elastic. Traumatic procedure, the recovery period can reach the year. The operation not only increases the length of the member, but also increases the potency.


Ligamotomy - Operation to increase male penis

Ligamy is a bunch of the abdominal cavity, which is located between the pubic and the fascia of the beech, holds the part of the penis inside the groin area. When conducting a surgical operation, it cuts off, after the doctor pulls out and records a member. Within 2-3 months, the patient will have to wear extender and sterecher.

In the postoperative period of patients, pain is disturbed, and therefore patients perform analgesic injections. In the first weeks are possible bleeding. It is necessary to follow the recommendations of doctors, and to undergo surveys in the rehabilitation period, since the formation of adhesions is possible. As a result, the term increases by 3-5 cm, but immediately after the operation, the effect is weaker - 1-1.5 cm.

Any plastic surgery for a member can cause negative consequences:

  • scar formation;
  • nerve damage;
  • Reducing libido;
  • Reducing the sensitivity of the penis head.

Middle CIS Prices

Cost, price for a member increase operation: in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Belarus, Ukraine, KazakhstanThe price of an operation to increase the penis depends on the qualifications of the doctor, the location of the clinic and the materials used: implants and preparations. The price for consumables is not included in the main check.

In the Republic of Belarus For the increase in the member will have to give an average 2500-3000 USD. .

In Ukraine The work of the plastic surgeon will cost about 20 000-35 000 hryvnia .

In Kazakhstan The operation to increase the penis will cost 550 000 tenge .

Prices in Moscow The highest in Russia. The price varies within 20 000-200 000 rubles . (310-3100 $)

В St. Petersburg The price begins from 11 thousand rubles, on average will have to pay 90 000 rubles .

The size of the penis is always a subject of special attention for any man of childbearing age. Success in women, self-esteem and even character depends on this factor. The penis of modest sizes is often the cause of the development of complexes, which invariably affects personal life. Today there is a wide selection of ways to solve this problem: from non-hard tools from stores of intimate goods to complex surgical methods of increase.

What is "average size"

The size of the penis seriously begins to worry boys during puberty. At some time, it falls for 11 years, others - by 14, but on average The growth of the body is activated in 12-13 years. The process is launched by gonadotropin rilizing hormone, produced by the hypothalamus under the influence of leptin. In adolescence (at schoolchildren up to 15-17 years old), an annual increase in the length of a member ranges from 1 to 1.5 cm. In the erected state of the body, the indicator varies from 12 to 16 cm, in calm - from 6 to 9 cm. Then There is an increase in diameter due to a small loss in length. At 16-17, a member still continues to grow, but there will be no significant increase in size.

Another version of the development of events is also considered normal: up to 15 years old a member "freezes", then its rapid growth begins. Finally, the formation of the body is completed by 22 years, but some men continue to 27. The child, in case of obvious underdevelopment of the penis, it is impossible to undertake anything in any way. An objective picture can only be a doctor.

Details of the size of the penis tells the doctor urologist-Andrologist, plastic Surgeon Petrovich Ruslan Yuryevich

Factors affecting the size of a member:

  • The composition of the diet. In men who use enough animal protein and sharp spices, a member more;
  • Testosterone level. The greater the hormone in the blood, the more intense the genital growth is intensively;
  • The state of pituitary glands and hypothalamus (tumors and other damage provoke the underdevelopment of the penis);
  • The presence of diabetes (inhibits puberty);
  • Harmful habits, intoxication. In men who in the youth used drugs (read as the "harmless" grass affects the male organism and potency), alcohol, smoked, the potential of the penis growth is not completely used.

The average length of the erected member of an adult man is 15 cm - The size that is considered optimally suitable for the women's vagina (the standard depth of which is 10 cm), that is, quite sufficient for normal intercourse. but A much more important penis parameter in terms of satisfaction of a woman is the diameter (girth).

A temporary decrease (compression) of a member is usually provoked by cold or stress. When troubleshooting data factors, the size returns to normal. A resistant reduction in length and diameter is possible with some hormonal pathologies, due to damage to the member structures (tissue melting after embodes, injuries).

Methods Zoom

The choice of a member increases method depends on the initial parameters. If you need to significantly increase the length or diameter, only genital surgery can help. From conservative methods, you can try exercises, various devices and preparations.

Are you satisfied with your member size?
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  • I don't have it stupid, what to do * 3%, 39 Votes

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  • Size is not big and not small, it suits me 3%, 30 Votes

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Total votes: 1132



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Instruments for a natural increase in a member used to be used only in medical institutions (Log therapy), now they are available in various versions for home use. Orders such devices usually on specialized resources, but ordinary stores of intimate goods are also offered a fairly wide range.


Extander - Device for lengthening penis . Schematically, its device is as follows: two parallel axes with floating length and in between retainers. One of them is attached at the base of the member, the other - at the head. The principle of operation is the same as the Ilizarov apparatus: the impact force is gradually increasing when regulators are subdued.

As a result of the systematic use of the device, during the year, a member diameter of 2-3 cm can be increased, and a length of 5-6 cm . At the same time, the penis form is corrected (some member during erection acquires pronounced bending or deformed due to Peyroni disease). In the first weeks, the device is used from 1.5 to 2 hours, then wearing time increases to 4.

Types of extenders:

  • Mechanical (loop or strap). Attached under the head with a loop or a wide belt;
  • Vacuum. The tension in the body's body is created by sucking the head into a special chamber (Models of UVIPE Pro, Petech Pro), followed by the length of the trunk, the holding silicone sleeve is rolled;
  • Vacuum-adhesion (Penimaster Pro Extender). Fixed easier and more convenient than vacuum, suitable for small members. The main advantage over ordinary vacuum models is the presence of an adhesive membrane. It covers the head, protecting its surface from the formation of luminary bubbles and damage.

Vacuum and loop extenders

Apply extenders follows without fanaticism, clearly following the instructions. Excessive tension will lead to bundles and the appearance of hematomas.


Hingerie Called special designs, with which the cargo is suspended to a member in order to stretch it . "Hanger" can be self-made or industrial production. The latest generation products are attached to the penis head with a vacuum, include the suspension set (model UVIP Hanger 2018).

Set Hinger

Exhaust equipment with cargo are not recommended to use to master less traumatic exercises . First time you can not hang on a member of more than 1-2 kg and hold weight longer than 20 minutes.


The most efficient and popular means of increasing the penis without surgery is an erection pump . Visible result can be achieved in a month. The main components of the device - flask and pump, which creates inside the negative pressure. Principle of operation: a member is placed inside, the flask is tightly pressed against the groin, with a powerful tide of blood to the cavernous bodies and head. As a result of such exercises in the penis, the large volume of lymph and blood, the walls of the vessels and the protein shell, limiting the volume of cavernous bodies, are stretched.

Varieties of men's vacuum devices

Depending on the scope of member Different types of pumps have been developed :

  1. Wide - to increase diameter.
  2. Narrow and long - for extension of length.
  3. With a special internal limiter (sleeve) - for the volume of the head.

As a filling medium, water (hydropompa or hydraulic pump) may be. Such devices are less traumatic for the head.

There are special techniques and programs for beginners and advanced users. First, it is important to monitor the pressure in the device. Therefore, the most convenient is the pump with tonometers. Most men trust the La Pump brand.

See also:

Extension nozzles

Extension nozzles on the sexual body are designed for temporary, situational increase of its size without drugs and tablets (Detailed overview of extension nozzles). Products are presented in a wide range:

  1. With an open or closed head. The last option will suit men with premature ejaculation due to the increased sensitivity of the receptors. With the help of such a device, you can increase the member at least 10 cm.
  2. With a smooth or embossed surface.
Tryinfinitikami (Japan) - Transparent Soft Nozzle Covered with Small Bumps
  1. With vibration or heating function.
  2. Reusable condoms to increase the member.

When choosing such "toys", it should be considered not only length, but also width. Too narrow nozzle sake the vessels, which can provoke a member tissue hypoxia.

See also: Overview of popular appliances for increasing the member.

Manual techniques

There is a whole system of various techniques of manual impact, with which you can achieve an increase in the size of a member without surgery, tablets and creams. The effect is achieved by gaining blood flow and mechanical tissue stretching.


Exercise is aimed at increasing the diameter of the member . Performed after the jelique. Equipment : OK-capture with reinforced pressure is fixed at the base of the member, then gradually, periodically, dried, moves forward (without reducing pressure). Without reaching the head, the capture returns to the base. Exercise is repeated 4-5 times.

The task is to maximize the girth of a member due to the discharge and holding blood in it. The head should not be black and no longer.


Dzelking - Complex of repetitive movements (by type of milking) aimed at strengthening blood flow to sexual member and stretching its tissues . This is a fairly simple way that gives the fastest and most significant results. You can lengthen a member for several months.

Before starting classes, the penis should be heated and erected at least 50%. Main technique:

  • The barrel of the member clams up at the base of the OK-capture (ring from index and thumbs);
  • The ring is compressed and moved to the head (the process should continue at least 3 seconds);
  • On the shift one hand immediately comes the other.

When the trunk is directed up, a protein shell stretches, the work is aimed at an increase in the member in the thickness. When the downward direction, the load falls on the upper ligaments, due to the stretching of which the length increases.

Jelking Exercise Technique

Main types of Dzelking:

  1. Wet. Lubrication is used to increase sliding, both hands are involved, the capture slides along the barrel.
  2. Dry. No ointments and lubricants. The capture is fixed on the dry skin of the member and slowly moving due to its tension down-up: to the head with an effort, to the base without it. One hand is involved.
  3. Tensile. Performed with two hands: one grip at the base, the other at the head. One capture member is slightly stretched, the blood is injected to the head to another.

After exercises from the cluster of the lymph can wake up the extreme flesh. This effect is empty after a few hours.


Clamping - The technique of finding a member with the help of clamps in order to increase its girth in both erected and calm condition . Only external veins overlap, and blood continues to enter internal arteries.

Newbies can not keep the clamp longer than 10 minutes. Immediately after removal, it is necessary to make a light massage. The skin of a member should not black, tingling is also unacceptable. The clamp should not be put on a naked skin, be sure to need a soft gasket.

Details about the manual techniques of increasing a member, as well as advice of experienced nonupers (from the phrase "natural increase in penis") can be found on specialized forums by reference.

Masturbation is also a type of manual stimulation, but does not affect the member size . This is the opinion of specialists and most men. Too fast movements up-down are aimed exclusively for irritation of the head receptors. Rhythm and pressure force do not contribute to neither the inflow of blood nor the tissue stretching.


Increase the size of the member and heads injections of hyaluronic acid. This substance is a relative human body, therefore it does not cause rejection and allergies. Procedures are conducted in specialized clinics. By time, they occupy no more than half an hour, the patient can immediately go home. Sex life is allowed in 2-4 days. Within 6-12 months, the filler will dispersed, the member will return to the previous sizes.

Instead of hyaluronic acid preparations, an increase in the member size can be introduced by its own purified and stabilized patient fat . The procedure is called "lipophiling". It takes about an hour, after which the patient is at the hospital for another 5-6 hours. Sex life is allowed no earlier than in a month.

Use of lipophiling to increase the member

Some men leave negative reviews about the results of the lipophiling procedure - a member becomes unnaturally glad. About a year later, the fat is absorbed, several lumps under the skin can remain. Injections of hyaluronic acid give elasticity and smoothness, the substance is biodegraded uniformly. Both procedures give an increase in the diameter of a member of 1-1.5 cm. From complications, a violation of the vessel structure is possible, the formation of fistulas, the melting of tissues.

As for Botox, Syntola, Silicone, their introduction to a member for the purpose of its increase is prohibited . Botox provokes loss of sensitivity, silicone can cause embolism and death. Vaseline in clinics is no longer used, but some are still trying to increase their member at home. The result becomes lumps under the skin, inflammation and deformation of the organ.

Surgical methods

Operations to increase the size of the penis combine the term "phalloplasty". In genital surgery, the following types of interventions are distinguished:

  1. Legalotomy is to increase the length of the member due to the cutting of his ligaments. As a result, 1-2 cm trunk is released. The operation takes about an hour. It will take 2-3 weeks for recovery. Within 6 months, the patient must wear a special extender. The operation is not recommended for erectile dysfunction.

Learn more about the operation tells Plastic Surgeon Bakirchanov Sarvar Kazimovich

  1. Muscle tissue transplantation - an increase in the diameter of the member due to the impact in its tissue trunk taken from the abdominal wall or fascia. As a result, the girth increases by 3-4 cm. The operation lasts about 3 hours. The result remains forever.
  2. Falloprotezing - an increase in the size of a term with the impact of the patient's own cartilage tissue or the installation of elastic materials (about how phalloprothetics is used to treat impotence).

The above manipulations provide a real increase in the member. Produced under general anesthesia . Previously, the patient passes the examination from the urologist, gives blood, urine, makes ECG, X-ray. After operations are possible complications in the form of infection, rejection and displacement of materials.

Other funds

Local means ( gels, sprays, creams ) themselves are not effective to increase the penis. They can be used to get the greatest result from exercises, as well as to temporarily enhance sensations immediately before sex. Examples of funds:

  • Penilux gel;
  • "Rasputin";
  • Power Life;
  • "Dominator";
  • "Titan gel.

The basis of the above lubricants is the ceiling substances that ensure blood flow to a member and enhancing the sensitivity of the head . Visually, the penis can slightly increase in volume. Approximately the same short-term effect can be achieved with a slight rubbing of soda and water member in the skin (more about the use of soda to increase the member). Water can be replaced by honey, aloe juice. An additional stimulant will serve a drop of Balzam "Star". Citrus or mint essential oils also possess stimulatory properties.

Power correction in the direction of increasing the share of product-aphrodisiacs will also not lead to an increase in the size of a member . You can eat products beneficial for blood circulation, but the positive effect will be only in relation to potency (the quality of the erection will improve, the sexual attraction will increase). The same result will be from physical education and yoga.

Grass I. Bada , as well as the PDE-5 inhibitors ("Viagra") on the size of the penis practically do not affect . Possibilities of these funds are limited to the enhancement of erection and improve potency. Preparations based on male hormones increase penis also do not cause. Testosterone participates in the development of the authority, but only during puberty.

Some are trying to "grow" the penis bee bite, with the help of lubricating with iodine and even warming ointments for joints. Such experiments can end the irreversible deformation of the body or loss of sensitivity.


Alexander, 31 years old: "My problems with a length of a member decided with the help of leagueotomy, the girth was then adjusted by hyaluronic acid. Before that, I had a long time with Djelkom and other exercises. "

Paul, 37 years old: "The normal increase in the size of the penis has achieved regular compound with the periodic use of the Persian Shah cream. Studies still continue, so it is not known whether the result will disappear after their termination. "


It is absolutely safe and for a long time to increase the penis impossible. The only relatively harmless and effective way to increase the size of the body without chemistry and surgery is manual or hardware stimulation. Before applying any way, it is desirable to consult a doctor.

The size of the genital organ is an anxiety for a teenager, but after 20 years, when the body ceases to grow, men are worried, and whether the penis is enough to satisfy the beloved. Operational intervention is allowed only by testimony. Therefore, other ways are unhappy with themselves. How to increase member at home and that for this it is necessary - methods and technologies for self-elongation a lot, it is important to choose the most appropriate.

How much really increase member at home?

On the Internet you can find information that it is quite realistic to an independent increase of up to 5 cm in diameter and in length.

Male dignity size

The result depends on several factors:

  • Physiological features - if a man is inclined to rapid growth, then the childbearing body will increase significantly when using various ways;
  • Persistence - the process of stretching fabrics is non-burst, so you have to spend time to achieve the result;
  • Regularity - regardless of which method is selected, it must be resorted regularly, and the procedures should be done without skipping.

Sometimes it is possible to increase the sexual body for 1-2 cm, but it is also a significant achievement, besides, not all women are focused on size.


Special exercises are useful for increasing the genital organ. This option is ideal for allergic, avoiding application on the penis of various compositions.

Preparing for Penis Exhaust

Three exercises are considered the most effective, each of which will be discussed in detail below ...


The easiest way to increase the sexual member at home is stretching. Penis must be taken behind the head and pull it out. It is recommended to conduct a procedure at different angles. Impact strength It is important to increase gradually to avoid tissue damage.

The stretching session should select 10-15 minutes, only on this condition it is possible to achieve the result.

Pulling sitting

For this exercise, it is necessary to bring a penis to a semi-egypt state. The essence of the method is that the penis is delayed down and back, after which the man sits on it.

Such gymnastics makes it possible to increase the base of the sexual organ, lengthen it and increase the size in diameter. The mechanism of action is to increase the pressure on the cavernous bodies.


This gymnastic method also requires incomplete erection. It is necessary to bend a penis in different directions, listening to your own feelings - it is important that there is no strong discomfort.

If the manipulations deliver pain, then such an exercise should be immediately stopped. The next time you need to act more careful to avoid tissue injury.

Sprays and gels

The cream designed to increase the sexual organ allow this procedure independently without harm to the body. All means are made of organic components, which minimizes the number of contraindications for men.

Cream to increase the penis at home

By the method of action, drugs are divided into 3 groups:

  • Long-term - require cocked applications, after which the sexual body retains the acquired sizes forever;
  • Short-term - the action lasts a few hours and helps to increase the penis for the time of intimate proximity;
  • Auxiliary - their use enshrines the effect of other drugs intended to change the length and thickness of the critical organ.

Black Size

The cream is designed to increase the sexual body, increase sexual attraction and renewal of the act of proximity due to the rapid absorption into the blood of the active components of the composition. The Black Size cream consists of natural substances - Agua, Nuts of Cola, Lagenarium, Ginkgo Biloba, Allicin and Milk Acid.

Easy to use means. The composition must be applied 1 time per penis and array it about 10 minutes. It is recommended to carry out a procedure 20 minutes before the sexual act. According to the manufacturer's promises, the first effect appears after 7-14 days.

Impact is expressed in:


PRIUP natural tool allows you to change the size of the penis.

Moreover, the drug has an additional influence, expressed in:

  • Improving local metabolism;
  • Reduction of fatty layers in a native body;
  • Stretching the dermis and epidermis phallus;
  • Activation of testosterone production;
  • Stimulation of blood supply.

The complex effect is achieved due to the composition, which contains: almond oil, barbaris, echinacea, extracts from seaweed, iron wood, ashwaganda, aloe and ginger, ginseng root, caffeine, bioflavonoids, D-panthenol and L-carnitine.

The result can only be obtained if you use the tool correctly:

  • It is necessary to carry out all hygienic procedures and thoroughly dry the skin;
  • Achieve erection;
  • Apply the composition along the entire length of the member from the head to the base and wait for absorption;
  • Apply no more than 1 time per day, after the procedure to wash your hands with soap.

Stand Up Gel.

The phytostreality acquired popularity not only because it can be increased by a male member, but also due to long-term effects on the body, which is ensured by a special formula of the drug, which includes lichen extract, thistle, burning and Peruvian poppy.

To get the desired result, it is important to accurately comply with the recommendations set forth in the application instructions:

  • Before use, take a shower;
  • Apply a substance on the sexual authority by rubbing movements;
  • Resort to the medium about 30 minutes before the intended intimacy.

The result is visible after a monthly medical course. In addition to the positive impact on the sizes of a critical organ, with the help of a cream possible:

  • Make an intimate act longer and more diverse;
  • Cope with complexes associated with an intimate sphere of life;
  • Strengthen potency;
  • Enhance emotional and physical attraction to partner.

Titan Gel

The action of the gel is divided into 2 stages. During the first 14 days, the erection is improved and the sensitivity of the critical organ increases. Since the third week, the first signs of increasing the penis appear, and as a result, changes in size up to 7 cm in length and 2 cm in grip can be achieved.

A rich composition of the means has a comprehensive positive effect on the male organism. The gel includes thistle, extractor from lichen, Siberian contagious and fruits of amur velvet, burning, Peruvian poppy, musk, Siberian cabaga, bear bile, elastin, protein hydrolyzates and amino acids, triethanolamine.

The proper use of the gel is the following actions:

  • Use the tool before an intimate act;
  • Apply the composition for the sexual organ after hygienic procedures;
  • The sexual organ must be in the erected state;
  • Wait until the gel substance is absorbed.

In addition to changing the size of the phallus, Titan Gel helps:

  • Improve the quality of the erection and increase its duration;
  • Increase physical endurance for a long interview act;
  • Raise libido;
  • Make sensations during sex sessions brighter and rich.

XL Sperm Spray.

With the help of a spray for several weeks, the size of the penis increases, besides the tool positively affect male health and changes the quality of intimate proximity for the better. The preparation includes fully organic components.

To achieve effect it is recommended:

  • Spray the means along the length of the penis;
  • Rub, while the composition does not absorb, it is important that the tool does not fall on the head;
  • The course of treatment is 1-1.5 months.

The main advantages of the drug:

  • Improving the quality of seed fluid;
  • Enrichment of an intimate act and orgasm with new experiences;
  • Increasing potency and male endurance;
  • Activation of testosterone sex hormone synthesis.

Increased penis by folk remedies

In addition to exercises and innovative natural developments, it is possible to increase member by folk remedies.

Used for the growth of the soda penis

In the first place is the usual food soda, phytotherapy is also helped - means on the basis of herbs and medicinal plants can be used both externally and drinking infants and decoctions.


Food soda is sold everywhere and worth a penny, so methods that include its use are not only effective, but also do not have a serious impact on the budget.

  • Compresses with soda. For cooking should be mixed with soda powder with honey and apply for the entire length of the sexual organ, avoiding the head;
  • Baths with soda mortar. With their help, it is possible to improve blood supply and prevent the development of inflammation. The procedure is recommended to be carried out before a sexual act, having previously achieved an erection;
  • Soda scrub. Increases the sexual organ and provides prevention of urological diseases. Manipulations should be carried out only after a hot soul, it is important to apply a moisturizing cream on the penis;
  • Massage using soda. First, a base or olive oil must be applied to the member, then soda and make a massage with a soft sponge for 5 minutes. Wake out 2 minutes and thoroughly rinse.

Drugs for reception inside

Some herbs and spices help lengthen the sexual organ if they regularly take inside the infusions, tincture and ragners:

  • Broth of wormwood. For 10 minutes, cook 5 g of hollow seeds, covered with cold water. Wait until the remedy cools and profile. Consumption 100 ml daily 2 times;
  • Garlic tincture. On 250 ml of high-quality alcohol to insist 200 g of garlic, pre-crushed into a thick mass. Leave in a closed jar in a closed day for 10 days. Drink in the morning and in the evening 25 drops for 3 months;
  • Infusion with a chamber. 100 g of dry grass pour 300 ml boiling water and wait for cooling naturally. Skip through gauze and drink after awakening and before bedtime for 120 days.

Means of external use

Phyto-media helps not only when used inward, but also with external use. The known method is the use of aloe juice. It is necessary to squeeze the liquid from the "adults" leaves cut from the roots, and rub the floor organ with juice.

The same effect has a tincture of horse chestnut, which can be purchased at the pharmacy or prepare himself. Water infusion from ginseng root, ginkgo leaf biloba and hawthorn fruits are recommended to rub in the skin of the penis to increase it in size.

Other methods

Change the volume and length of the penis can also be used by pump, extender and nozzles.

Discussion of penis girl with a girl

The first method increases the penis due to the placement of it in the vacuum environment. It activates the bloodstream, the blood sticks to the phallus, as a result of which not only the length is changing, but also the diameter. It is important to adjust the pressure level so as not to cause yourself the harm to excessive zeal.

Extander is a special device that is attached to the belt or hips. The device is called an alternative to surgery, it helps not only change the parameters, but also to eliminate the curvature of the organ. The device should be worn a few hours a day, at this time the body tissue is stretched and starting to grow to get rid of the voltage. Wearing extender helps to increase the size forever.

Nozzles - option for men who need to lengthen member at the time of sexual intercourse. Silicone fixture is put on a phallus, due to which it changes the dimensions. There are various models on sale, allowing you to independently determine the necessary parameters.

One of the ways to change the length of the sexual organ with the help of progressive means is to hang out goods. The method is quite controversial, because in the desire to achieve the results of a man in the desire to achieve the results of men often injure fabrics and caverning bodies. The mechanism of action lies in the molding to the ultimate body, under the action of which a member extends.

Sometimes men are unhappy not by the total size of the penis, but seek to increase the head of the penis. For this, there are various exercises, one of which is as follows:

  • It is necessary to sit on the edge of the chair and spread legs wide;
  • Squeeze a phallus at the base;
  • Alternately hit them by the thighs.

An important condition is the absence of pain or discomfort. Changes in the size of the head occur due to its solidification.

Each man independently chooses the method suitable for him, and it should be fully understood: the elongation of the penis - the procedure is long. To get a steady effect, it is necessary to make an effort and remember the regularity.

Some men are not satisfied with the size of their member. This can lead to various types of disorders, especially in the sexual sphere. Too little member often becomes the cause of the loss of confidence and fear of the sex act. But is it an unsuccessful situation?

Natural ways

Many wonder: how to increase men's celentano at home? There are many interesting and proven ways to safely increase the size of male dignity. These include dietary supplements to increase the penis, special exercises or accessories, such as pumps for penis or extenders, folk remedies.

Member continues to grow about 20 years. And although in time, growth stops, modern reality allows the correction of this body. An increase in the penis at home is quite a real task.

There are many specialized methods and techniques designed to increase the penis. A man can choose only the most convenient and most suitable for a particular case. For example, you can increase your dignity without leaving the house by reading several thematic lessons that can be found in this article. In addition, most of the following methods are not only help to change the size of the penis, they can also help save and improve the erectile function in the future.

Pills and gels to increase penis

This is the most popular and preferred method of increasing the penis. Gels and capsules, differ in their natural composition. Their work is aimed at stimulating various processes in the body, thanks to which the blood reaches a penis faster, which leads to a faster erection and increases its length. It is enough to observe the dosage indicated by the manufacturer, and the sexual member will become more, stronger and longer than a few months.

Usage of pump

The principle of operation of this device is to exposure to the low pressure organ. For this, the penis is inserted into a special adaptation, called POMPAY. Thanks to the piston-eye movements of the device, the blood is strongly rushing to the sexual member and weakly move away from it. Pump for penis is a very suitable device among men who do not know how to increase the male celentano in thickness and in length.

Extander for Penis

As a result of the use of this unit, a penis is elongated, although users of such accessories do not immediately notice that it becomes thicker. Under the action of the force generated by the device, the sexual member is stretched and adapted to the load . It is recommended to wear extender a few hours a day that does not inspire many men.

Short action techniques

The temporary increase in the penis is easier to achieve blood flow by local stimulation. Strengthen the effect help various means that can be found in home covers.

Heparinovaya ointment

Popular and inexpensive way to improve erection and increase penis. It is sold without a recipe and is available in any pharmacy. Promotes blood liquefaction, prevents the formation of blood clots, activates local blood flow.

It is used by one course: rubbed into the skin of the penis 2 times a day during the week. Then you should take a break for 10-14 days, if desired, repeat the course. If the rash, itching or burning, needs to be stopped.

Sodium bicarbonate

Soda has a locally annoying effect. When applied to the skin, it enters cells and fabric of the penis, causing redness and a small swelling.

To increase the penis, the soda can be used as an active ingredient in the preparation of homemade ointments (in a mixture with aloe, honey, olive oil), as well as in the form of baths or compresses. More information about the methods of increasing the penis with the help of soda.


Natural preservative with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. When applied to the skin softens, tones, improves blood circulation, accelerates regeneration and is filled with vitamins.

Thanks to these properties, it can be used to massage a penis even a teenager in order to increase it. This is the safest way. The only contraindication is individual intolerance to beekeeping products.

To increase its efficiency, honey is mixed with food soda, aloe juice, beeswear with a "asterisk" by the bee wax or balsam. The last medicine is taken in an amount not exceeding the matchhead. The mixtures are rubbed into the skin of the penis genuine with light massage movements for 2-3 minutes and then washed off. During massage, light movements are performed, such as stretching, twisting and pushing, so that the active ingredients have absorbed faster.


An increase in the penis by folk remedies implies the use of not only therapeutic herbs. At home you can find various means that is used to increase the dignity. One of the most popular is Vaseline, with the help of which injections are made under the skin.

It is distributed in a very small space and the penis is attached to a more beautiful view. To carry out the procedure, you must block the body at the base, dial Vaseline in the syringe, gently enter under the skin and distribute over the entire length.

This method requires careful care, and it is best to perform in the presence of a specialist with medical education.

Incorrect vaseline distribution can lead to serious injury. But, doctors do not approve the increase in the penis for the following reasons:

  • the risk of foreign bodies under the skin, which can lead to inflammation;
  • Without a proper level of disinfection, the virus or infection can fall into the bloodstream;
  • Vaseline can cause severe allergies with excessive use;

The popular expression claimed by women and claiming that "the size does not matter," is somewhat hypocritical when a man knows that women are first delighted with a big penis. If the genetics in this part of the anatomy did not turn away, that is, a natural solution - a folk remedy for increasing the male body.

Folk Methods

Of course, from a variety of ways to increase the phallus at home, it makes sense to choose those that will act on the body, without causing side effects and does not harm organs and systems. For this reason, men wishing to increase their dignity are choosing folk methods. Recipes of traditional medicine have long been used to restore the former force and regulating the size of the penis. Along with other methods, it is possible to use herbal infusions in parallel to quickly achieve the desired result.

  • Thyme. Improves the condition of the whole organism and the urogenital system separately. For the manufacture of infusion, petals and stems are used, the roots are not suitable for this. Basic recipe: pour 100 g thyme glass boiling water. Create already chilled and enclosed fluid on a half package twice a day.
  • Absinthe. The composition of the components of the plant brakes the development of inflammation and has a stimulating effect on the functionality of the circulatory system, which contributes to an increase in the penis. For cooking, you need to take 5 g of chopped absinthe and pour 1 l of cold water. Boil 10 minutes and take a drink daily cooled, 250 ml 3 times a day. This procedure strengthens blood vessels and makes the penis stretch and fill with blood.
  • Garlic. He is recognized as an aphrodisiac capable of raising the male libido. With it, you can effectively increase the member right at home. The product is best to use in the form of tincture: chopped garlic (10 teeth) pour 0.5 liters of alcohol and mix thoroughly. Increase 10 days and take 20 drops per day for a month.
  • Aloe juice. A powerful bioprocesses stimulator positively affecting the body systems. Make a tincture to increase the male member is not so difficult. In the appropriate capacity, pour 0.5 l high-quality vodka and add several tablespoons of honey and chopped aloe leaves (500 g). The tincture will be sent to a cool place for 7 days. The finished product is consumed by 2 tbsp. l., an hour before meals 3-4 times a day.
  • Ginseng. The root of the plant is often used to increase libido. Inside there is a whole list of biologically active drugs necessary for high-quality activation of sexual tone. The most common way to eat ginseng is the preparation of an alcoholic product from its root. Even the rulers in antiquity used this natural means to ensure the likelihood that their wives will be satisfied for a long time. In the manufacture of tinctures, 60-70 g of dried roots are used, refueling 250-350 ml, vodka or 40% alcohol. Then the bottle is covered well and placed in a cool dark room for 4 weeks. At the end of this period, the tincture must be good to shake, after which it is ready to use. For a couple of months you need to use 15-20 drops per day.

What exercises will help increase penis?

Before you increase the male celentano at home, the exercises need to be applied, based on effective events. In fact, to increase the penis noticeably and forever, and at the same time improve the erection, there are enough three simple exercises. All other exercises are based on the same basis. The exercises described here are enough to achieve an effective increase in the penis.

Penis is muscle, As in sports, it is extremely important to pay a warm-up time to achieve good results in the following exercises and minimize the risk of injury. The first thing you need to do is heat the fabric to bring penis to a good "starting position" before training. You need to warm up the fabric "Celentano" with a towel, having finished it in hot water. It is good to squeeze and wrap around the penis. Wait about 3 minutes and repeat the procedure again - then you can start training.


Dzelking is the most popular method of increasing the penis. This exercise trains the length and thickness of the penis and improves the erection. On the Internet, you can watch video lessons on the use of exercise.

Here are the main steps of Jelking exercises:

  1. Connect the big and index fingers together to make the gesture "OK".
  2. Cook your fingers penis near the belly.
  3. Slightly squeeze the penis and slowly spend the hand forward - this should take about 3 seconds.
  4. Loosen the grip when the hand will slide on the head of the penis. When Delking should not be pressed on the head.
  5. Let go of the hand.
  6. Repeat all steps to 20 times 5 times a week.

It is very important that the large and index fingers surrounded the penis stem. It is necessary to find such a position of the hand in which the man would feel most comfortable. It is also good from time to time to change your position.


Growth due to excessive stimulation is the motto stretching a penis. To perform this exercise, the limb should be in an absolutely sluggish state. As in the case of Dzhelkin , you need to form formize the sign "OK". The ring obtained from the fingers is compressed and fed to the head for 4-6 seconds. Member, in a stretched state should be perpendicular to the pubic bone (parallel to the floor, if the exercises are performed standing).

The work with alternating hands should be symmetric with the same pressure on the body of the phallus, which eliminates the probability of curvature. It is important to perform all movements in accordance with the rules, because not every man knows how to make a big member at home, so in addition you need to consult with a urologist.

If during the exercise exercises, the degree of erection increases sharply, it is recommended to make a short break until the excitation falls to the required level.

Exercises of Kegel

One of the most famous exercises to increase the penis - this is definitely a series Kegel exercises for men which includes the strengthening of its lobkovo-coccular muscle (the one that is reduced when urinating) in order to better control the erection and regulate problems with premature ejaculation.

The idea is to strengthen the pelvic bottom, it is better to control the ejaculation and achieve a more massive erection. To practice this exercise, first will need to perform abbreviation sessions (from 10 to 20 each time), holding the abbreviated muscle for about 5 seconds.

It is better to take a comfortable position, keep the penis, cutting the LK-muscle in a vertical position. It is important to adapt the practice of this exercise to the desired level. Initially, of course, it will not be possible to keep the muscle shed 5 seconds, it is normal, so you do not need to force yourself so that the opposite effect does not go. Gradually, your LK-muscle can strengthen, and you will see the difference, the purpose of which is to improve and control this muscle during sex.


Sexuality is an elemental component of human life. Since time immemorial, male penis is considered a symbol of power and power. The average length of the penis is 13 - 12 cm. But if it is less than the norm, and the girl needs an impression already in this ... Is it possible to zoom in 10 cm per month?

Of course, if you do this question close and reunite all the above techniques. But the choice depends individually from the man. The main rule is to gain patience and perform exercises regularly to get a steady effect.

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