Mirror decor do it yourself: 10 master classes and 50 photos

Currently, the mirror is an integral attribute of any living room, the purpose of which consists not only to admire its reflection. The mirror is also an important element of the decor and the decoration of any interior. Often, industrial mirrors cannot fully emphasize the individuality of the room design. And here on help comes mirrors made with their own hands.

Mirror decor do it yourself

Naturally, if we talk about a personally decorated decoration of the old mirror, you should not imply a wrought-iron frame or frame made, for example, from a mahogany. There are many ideas for decorating mirrors using easily accessible and relatively cheap materials that will allow their own hands. Make an original decor element.

Decor of the old mirror do it yourself

Decor mirrors of the room

In a modern house or apartment, the mirrors are equipped with almost every room: an entrance hall, bathroom, bedroom or children's. Depending on the location of the house, the destination mirrors can be different, but they are united by the fact that a modern person simply cannot imagine life without a mirror. This item should be in the living room, although many are believed that this is not.

If the room is quite spacious, the absence of mirrors in it of course can be justified, but the presence of this stem industry in small rooms can visually expand the space of the room.

Room decor unusual mirror photo

Room decor with an unusual mirror


Do you like this frame-sun for the mirror? A detailed lesson in this article is the master class "Contemporary frame for a tree mirror".


Here are 3 very stylish mirrors can also be made with your own hands - according to the link Detailed master class - design mirrors with their own hands.

At first glance, it seems that all mirrors are similar to each other. You can avoid this by performing a mirror decor. Consider further the most common decoration options.

Solution to equip the walls of the room with mirrors often leads to the emergence of problems caused by the need to purchase a product of a certain size, form and design, so that it harmonized with the interior of a particular room. Decorating the mirrors with your own hands helps to solve this problem.

It should be noted that this work will require not so much skills and skills in a particular area, and how much the presence of a developed fantasy and good taste, as well as a creative approach to business.

Decor Small Mirrors Wall Photo

Little Mirror Decoration

Several mirrors on the wall

Unusual shape or frame for the mirror - a total solution for the empty wall in the room

Figured mirrors leaves

Such curious mirrors are easy to do - it is necessary to choose the shape and order a cut

Little Round Mirrors for Decor

Composition of 16 mirrors

Feather mirror

Feather-shaped mirror - excellent solution for recreation area

Mirror for the bedroom

Decorative Wall Mirrors Living Room Good Mirror Wall Decor for Room Decoration Amazing Home Decorations Concept - Home Interior Design Ideas

7 Decor Rules Interior Mirrors

When using mirrors as an element of decor, it is necessary to follow the following rules:

  1. Products are better to select one size, preference Suggested with small and medium mirrors .
  2. If a mirror object It is wrong, it should not be placed in the frame .
  3. Rounded or square mirrors advise to enter into a beautiful frame.
  4. So that the composition looked in one way, best Select the same type frames .
  5. Most importantly use the same frames for products of different sizes.
  6. Creating a composition of mirrors on the wall you need to try not to create excessive chopping, sometimes in order to create a harmonious image, Enough and 5 mirrors with spectacular ram .
  7. Frames look great, which are echoing with the room atmosphere as a whole.

Tip! For example, a frame made of wood is perfectly combined with a wooden table. In general, as professional designers say, it will be impressive then the design, which is made personally with the use of fantasy and creative approach.

Mirrors are capable of visual expansion of the space of small rooms (for example, in "Khrushchev"), however, it is often necessary for this not one mirror.

  • Three, six, or even ten products of various shapes and sizes will achieve the desired result. In the interior made in a classic style, for such mirrors, bulk frames made from stucco are suitable.
  • Modern directions in the design of the rooms ideally complement the narrow mirror frames of all sorts of geometric shapes, sometimes with drawings on the surface.
  • When using lamp lighting, bright reflection in the mirrors will contribute to visual expansion of space.
Large mirrors for living room photo

Large mirrors for living room

You can order the manufacture of "curves" of mirrors and place them on one of the walls (as applications or single size in the form of a square).

Light walls will perfectly decorate differing in the form and dimensions of the mirror. Such a "series of windows" will revive the room and even more clarify it.

Mirror over a fireplace photo

Mirror over the fireplace

Beautiful large mirror is perfectly accommodated over a sofa, a table or fireplace. However, the combination of this item with other mirrors should be refused.

Wooden frame for mirrors do it yourself

The tree looks great in almost any interior. This is a very popular and time-tested natural material. Wood products have excellent performance and attractive appearance. therefore The tree is ideal for use in the handicraft decoration of the mirror . Obsolete, square or rectangular, are well framed by conventional borders of the tree, but with a round and oval mirrors, you can experiment.

mirror sun from branches master class

Mirror sun out of branches

Originally for any interior will look so called sun mirror . It is made with the help of brossings or branches made of wood, plywood rim, primer, special glue, aerosol, "sandwich", as well as adhesive pistol.

How to make the Sun Mirror:

  1. To begin with all over the perimeter, the rims are sticking with wedges with wedges, and alternating long and short, so that it turns out the likeness of the sun.
  2. Each shelter is necessary hold 15-20 seconds So that he glued well.
  3. Waving the drying of the adhesive, it is necessary to remove his remnants with sandpaper, and then Apply a primer And leave for 1 hour.
  4. Then you need to cover the frame with paint or varnish.
decor branches mirror photo

Decor with dry branches


Twigs can be replaced with wooden clothespins. So, a few minutes - and the decorative frame-sun is ready!

Mirror decor clothespins lessons

Rama for mirrors

Paper decor

Round and small mirrors can be decorated Using egg pack . Such a solution is very original and requires very small costs. It will be necessary to cut each individual cell, glue the flower and enclose the mirror.

Paper mirror decor

Frame for mirror from eggs from eggs

Decor of the mirror in the bathroom do it yourself

Under the decoration of the subject understands the achievement of the form and color gamut, harmonizing with the style in which the interior of the room is fulfilled, as well as with its destination. When decorating mirrors in the bathroom, it is necessary to provide Resistance to moisture and strong fixation of decorative elements .

Decor of the old mirror in the bathroom

Decor of the old mirror in the bathroom - Painting acrylic

How to make the decor of the old mirror in the bathroom:

  1. For starters need erase . To remove old paint, use liquid to remove paint - it is not expensive and is in any building materials store.
  2. Then There is a primer In order to prepare the base for glue.
  3. After that, to the place of the future fastening of beads, or shells need to be imposed. The decoration can be conducted in random order.

The original idea of ​​the design is a frame made of metal lines, which are also located in the form of the sun.

Unusual frame for mirrors

Rama for mirrors made of metal

Standard rule to decorate walls with mirrors: if the products are volumetric, then there should be a bit. For example, to decorate a large mirror, you can glue to it toy machines, painting them from above. One product, decorated in a similar way, is enough for the room.

Original Frame for Mirrors from Toys Photo

Original frame for mirror from old toys

Fantasizing and using ordinary items at the moment at hand, there is an opportunity to decorate the mirror so that it looks unique and at the same time kept the part of the nested soul and heat.

Dressing Room Mirror With Light Bulbs

Dressing Room Mirror With Light Bulbs

Also in the bathroom, a highlighted mirror looks very relevant - it is very easy to make hand with hands. Here is a detailed master class "Make-upront Mirror with your own hands."

Decor mirror shells

Before starting work, make a drawing of seashells by attaching them to the decorated surface. The composition can both possess and not possess symmetry. Maximum use your fantasy when creating a picture.


  1. In order to avoid pollution of the glass of the mirror, it must be sealed with a painted scotch. After that, you can begin to glue seashells on the frame. For complete drying of the glue, you need to wait for several hours.
  2. Making sure the glue frosting Start painting a frame .
  3. Coloring is made in several layers that apply every 20 minutes In order to give them the opportunity to dry slightly.
  4. The layers are neatly applied in such a way that they are as thinner as possible.

This design of the mirror with the help of seashells will decorate any room, the interior of which is made in the style of "Classic".


Also from seashells can make decorative candlesticks - a detailed lesson: candlesticks from seashells with their own hands.

Mirror decor Mosaic

To properly decorate the mirror in the bathroom, you can use a mosaic of glass or ceramics.

Mirror with a mosaic for the bathroom do it yourself

Mirror with a mosaic for the bathroom

Rama with mosaic diagonally

Rama with mosaic diagonally

If you want to make such a mirror yourself - here's the detailed Master class "Mirror with a mosaic for the bathroom"

Unusual bathroom mirror

Rama decorated with waters

Original bathroom mirror photo

Such an original bathroom mirror can be done by itself, simply by ordering the curly cutting of the mirrors

Decor of a round mirror frame from pipes: master class

A very stylish and modern frame for the decor of a round mirror can be made with conventional polypropylene pipes for water supply.

Decor mirror pipe

Rama for a round mirror of pipes

This will require:

  • plastic pipe;
  • sawing from electricity;
  • skar;
  • Adhesive pistol.

Build technology

Step 1

  • Cut the rings with great accuracy. At the same time, they must have the same width, otherwise the finished product will look inactively.
  • Therefore, the electroly saw "ending", which has small teeth.

In the absence of such a saw, you can use stupid.

Polypropylene pipes for water supply

We take polypropylene pipes for water supply - diameter you can choose any at your discretion

Step 2.

  • Immediately before gluing, sections on each ring processed with fine skins To avoid the emergence of burrs.
  • Since our task is to manufacture an accessory with a beautiful appearance, in it every little thing should look carefully.
Mirror frame assembly

Lay out rings to any form how you like more

Step 3.

  • Rings fasten with a glue gun which will provide an imperceptible fastening. Bonding rings can occur differently, a different method can be used than in the photo.
  • The form of composition may be both square and oval . It is recommended to produce it in the form of a mirror.
Clee gun for decor

Glue the rings among themselves with a gun

Step 4.

The mirror is glued to the rings also with a adhesive gun exactly in the middle. It should be noted that all elements before gluing must be cleaned of dust particles, as well as degrease. You can hang the finished product on the wall for the rings.



So, you can make a product that combines 2 or 3 mirrors, and to give a larger effect it can be supplemented with a glass vase or table.

Master class: Mirror with lace

A frame of paper lace is very unusual and homely. It can be purchased at any store, where one-time dishes are sold.


We have to:

  • Lace of paper for cake.
  • Double-sided tape.
  • Round mirror.
  • Paper for coating.
  • Paint aerosol.
  • Scissors.

Technology step bypag

Step 1

Take lace from paper for cake and paint their aerosol paint. It is good to dry within 1-2 hours.

Collect lace photos

Stain with lace aerosol paint

Step 2.

The back side of the mirror is punctured by a bilateral scotch. Then cut the protruding end of the scotch.

Scotch on mirror mounting

Apply a two-time tape for a mirror

Mirror decor do it yourself

Cut off the extra tape on the contour

Mirror decor do it yourself photo

Remove the protective film

Step 3.

Remove the protective film, and place the mirror on the lace of paper, previously painted, and press well.

Making an external fastening for a mirror photo

We make external mounts for the mirror

Master Clas Frame for Mirror

In the center of the lace, we put the mirror and press the scotch well

Hide the mirror on the wall photo

Hide the mirror on the wall

The last touch remains, attach it to the wall.


Especially beautiful such frames look if there are several pieces!

Master Class: Mirror Decor Petals

Frame for the mirror can be decorated with artable petals, they are usually sold in packages in products. All for decor.

Mirror decor petals master class

Decor mirrors petals

To do this, we use:

  • Petals of artificial silk flowers.
  • Adhesive pistol.
  • Round mirror (or oval).
  • Paint aerosol (any color).

Order of work

  1. Pray the frame in white paint, how and how to paint the tree - in detail in this article.
  2. We start with the outer edge, a hot adhesive gun, glue the petals.
  3. And so a row for nearby laying petals.
  4. Insert the mirror into the frame. Your amazing mirror is ready!
Decor of the mirror with your own hands in step making

Row for nearby glue petals hot glue in a circle

Ready mirror with petals photo

Ready mirror with petals

Decor of the Round Mirror

Master Class: Mirror Decor Grass Gold

An unusual and modern mirror will work out if its edges have been decorated with tinted gold. If you did not find it - you can take the usual thin foil.

Decor mirror gramal gold with their own hands

Decor Mirrors Grass Gold

We have to:

  • Adhesive pistol.
  • Mirror of any form.
  • Foil or Sustal Gold

Decor technology

  • Take foil and brush it with different figures.
  • The adhesive gun will push the edge of the mirror with pieces of foil or tinted gold, making it tightly, friend in friend.
  • Let me dry for 1-2 hours.
Mirror decoration Gold master class

We glue foil on the mirror with a glue gun

Mirror decoration Gold master class

The mirror is an indispensable attribute of human life, for several centuries. It is difficult to imagine an apartment in which it is not - such a room will be strange, lifeless, devoid of usual comfort. The decor of the mirror adds individuality to any interior, especially if it is made his own, and not at the glass factory. Decoring this item in various ways is made in many styles, more in our master classes for individual methods made by their own hands.

Basic Rules, Mirror Decorating Principles

This design direction uses all the materials existing in nature, the industrial world, their waste. The remains of the plinth and heap of wood, sticks from ice cream and plastic dishes, threads and fabric, shells and pebbles, plastic and eggshell, beads and rhinestones, acrylic paints and paper - from all this is a unique, unique decor. A transparent silicone is usually used as an adhesive composition, and they apply it using a special gun. Silicone is neutral and acidic, they differ in price, time grip. In some cases, PVA glue, "Titan".

Decor techniques have two:

  • Decor beyond the boundaries of the mirror - from cardboard, fiberboard, plywood cut out the basis of the desired form, which should be selected more than the subject of decoration. Decorative elements are glued along the edge, the base is drying out, then the mirror is mounted on it, as if inserted into the frame;
  • Decorating the mirror surface - glue together with decorations is applied directly to the item itself, which allows you to get "Openwork" design.

Decorating mirrors

Industrial decoration of mirror elements is made by etching, crane, engraving, imposition of non-ferrous enamels, lithography, painting, etc.

Shelf on the wall Casket in the dresser Mosaic on the framework Sink on book Lamp on the end

Options for decorating mirrors

The ideas of the decor suitable for different styles, there is a great set, here are just some of them:

  • For the loft style frame for the mirror is made from laminate residues, pieces of brick;
  • In the interior of the marine style, it is decorated with sea shells, flat pebbles;
  • For ethnic - the frame is riveted from the straw, it is designed with dry flowers covered with varnish, dry tubes from the cane;
  • Provence uses linen light fabric, rope;
  • Embroidered picture can be the design of a mirror in a classic style;
  • The industrial interior is drawn up with color broken glass, plastic spoons-forks;
  • For an art note, the mirror perfectly will be perfectly shaped with colored paper tubes;
  • Frame for the mirror in the style of high-tech, mounted from pieces of chrome-plated metal, tubes, bolts.

Mirror Decor in Modern InteriorPot with flower on books White cabinet in the interior Elephant on the shelf Shells in a vase Lamps on the wall

Paper chopsticks or tubes

Paper, one way or another, is in every home. For the decor, the mirrors are most common:

  • glossy magazines - they are not even definite;
  • newspapers;
  • cigarette paper;
  • cardboard trays from eggs;
  • napkins for decoupage.

To make a frame from the tubes, they are twisted from the newspaper, making the desired length, thickness. They are unfolded on an unnecessary substrate, painted acrylic from the canister from all sides. After on the mirror, it is better round, the glue is applied - silicone is bought necessarily neutral, acid can easily destroy a thin mirror coating. Paper tubes are laid out in the form of the sun, flower, day dry in a horizontal position and a new piece of decor hang on the wall. For premises with high humidity, such design is not suitable.

Sometimes instead of the tubes from paper use plastic straws, rods from the handles.

Mirror decor tubes

Plastic spoons

The larger the mirror will be, the greater the amount of spoons will be required. From them you need to cut off the drawers, who later become a "petals" of a flower mirror, as desired to paint into one color or different. Next is cut out a piece of fiberboard, thick cardboard, the main object of decoration is stacked in the middle, which should be broken with a pencil, a marker between this line and the edge of the frame, parts are glued in three or four or more rows. The frame is dried, the mirror is glued to the center, in the day it is hanging on the wall. Such a mirror will perfectly fit into the interior of the light bathroom of Modern style, a romantic bedroom.

Decor of the mirror with plastic spoons

If instead of spoons use a wide part of the forks, the design will be no less interesting, but prickly. In the same technique, a frame of buttons, small CDs, details of the children's designer are made.

Knife and spoons Combede mirror Cut out Glue the first rows of spoons Then the remaining rows


The rope, the lace is chosen thoroughly, the real rope is suitable for the large mirror, thin, but durable twine, parakord. The base is cut out of cardboard, DVP, glue is applied to it, the turn is laid behind the turn. The mirror can be glued at the very beginning, then get the rope around it. For minimalism, use a bright, not too textured rope, for traditional linen.

Decor mirror rope

If you use threads, ropes of different colors, then it turns out a "rainbow", a striped framing.

Cut Pour the ends of the glue Breeping to the mirror We associate the twine We cross the ranks

From wood

The wooden frame will perfectly fit into any modern interior, it can be done from:

  • wooden clothespins;
  • chopsticks for Chinese food, from ice cream;
  • oblique wood sleeping;
  • specks, planks;
  • branches.

If the clothespins can be simply booted around the perimeter of a thin mirror, then other options will require a little longer, effort. When there is access to woodworking machines, tools, the profile required for a beautiful design is cut out of a solid timber independently. Wooden planks, rails are bought in the store, where everything is available for repair. There are sometimes available services for cutting timber - can be asked to cut the planes at an angle of defined length. At home they will remain copold together, paint, write manually, add carvings. For a curly frame made of wood, you will need an electrolybiz.

For eco-style, a piece of plywood, cardboard is cut out, the size of the most mirror itself, which is pasted in the middle. Around, on the basis, stick, slices of wood, pegs, sticks, big sins, thin spins of twigs, squigs - the mirror is obtained as if recessed in the frame. If the decoring object is small, it can be glued to a large wood, covered with varnish - better so that he has a bark. When shelves from ice cream are used for decoration, they should be pre-closed, painted, paint.

Decor mirror tree

The carved wooden frame is suitable for the Baroque style, decorated with the oriental, ethnic - decoration made of thin twigs, intertwined with each other, wooden clothespins with folk patterns.

We supply the mirror on the plywood Cut out the base Cooking Spiles Glue spil Apply glue for the mirror


Shells brought from the sea, "Panciri" of snails used in the preparation of some dishes are capable of becoming an original element of the decor. Most often, they are used to decorate a marine style mirror - then it is hanging on the background of photo wallpapers depicting sea dawn, sunset. The shells painted with bright colors will well fit into the futuristic interior, modern. Place such a frame most often in the bathroom, in the nursery.

If sea, river, lake shells lost color, they are soaked in the usual bleach, then washed, dried, lubricated with sunflower oil, lacate. Next, a mirror is taken, having a frame or plywood, wooden basis. The sinks are glued symmetrically, in a maturity - first large, then, between them, smaller. The frame is dried, lacquered.

Decor mirror shells

As a supplement to seashells, many use pearls, beads, beads, beautiful pebbles.

Preparing the foundation We apply glue Freak smooth shells Then large shells Leave dry

Mosaic, bat dishes

You do not need to hurry to throw off the dish, especially if the "during life" was beautiful - the pieces are easy to apply as decoration.

Usually used:

  • broken stained glass, crystal;
  • fragments of mirrors;
  • Slices of aluminum foil;
  • clay, porcelain shards;
  • Bitu Ceramic tiles.

Mirror decor Mosaic

In the presence of special equipment, the glass is cut by pieces of any desired form. The decorations are glued on the pre-prepared surface of the necessary pattern, the empties between the parts are filled with any grip, decorated with pebbles, sparkles, pearl.

For ecological style, clay shards are used, Provence - faiences, High-tech entrances are decorated with fragments of audio parts.

Gray sofa in the interior

Grass Gold

Artificially aged frame is the best decor of the living room, the bedroom of a dear classic interior, pompous styles of Baroque, Gothic.

Options for "ancient" design:

  • gilding;
  • bronzing;
  • silvering;
  • Patinating.

Decor Mirrors Grass Gold

The decoration of the grade gold frame allows you to create a unique, luxurious object. Susal - the finest gold film, which is glued to the surface of the subject in decorative purposes. It is produced in the form of squares with a side of 91.5 mm, but in thickness there are different. To decorate furnishing items, the finest is used - with a ligature weight of 1-2 gr.

Susal gold color happens:

  • White - contains palladium, silver;
  • lemon - has a big percentage of silver;
  • Green - alloy of silver and gold;
  • Yellow - contains 75% gold, silver, copper;
  • Orange - alloy copper with silver;
  • Red - has a lot of copper in the composition;
  • Pure - almost one hundred percent.

The material is sold in notes, packs, rolls, shut-off with tissue paper. Creative gold is produced in the form of a powder that needs to be breeding, combining with Susal.

Table opposite the sofa

From materials, instruments will need:

  • Wooden frame is best carved, in size of the mirror;
  • Golden Sheets;
  • glue - a meter, on an oil, alcohol basis;
  • Paint for the background - if the gold coating is not solid.

Initially, the frame is applied to the frame, dried, carefully glue with gold sheets, polish so that there are no seams, the mirror is fixed in the middle.

If it is necessary to save significantly, instead of gold sheets, it is used potal - thin foil, externally similar to gold, but without precious metals in the composition.

Books on the chest

Decor in the mirror

This finish is applied in the form of painting directly on the mirror surface, a variety of stickers on it. You can adjust the door of the wardrobe in the dressing room, oval, rectangular in the corridor, the lobby, the plasterboard partition decorated with mirrors.

Materials, tools are most often used:

  • Glass paints;
  • various stencils;
  • pebbles, beads;
  • beads, sequins;
  • textile, polymer lace;
  • Thin, thick brushes.

For the style of minimalism, modern, you should use a mirror without frame.

Mirror with patterns

Transparent stones

In the "stone" decor should follow certain conditions:

  • Do not place them too close to each other;
  • It is recommended to use pebbles of different sizes, colors;
  • You can lay out them in advanced traphant;
  • Print not only along the edge itself, but also locally in one or all corners.

The decoration, fully composed of the same transparent stones, is suitable for the style of minimalism. In combination with plastic flowers, plants - a romantic style room, buttons, beads - for eclecticism, avant-garde. The glue is used transparent, it should be applied very carefully, carefully removing the surplus. Typically used special - to work with glass, rhinestones.

Such pebbles are often sold in stores - pieces, whole sets.

Mirror decor with transparent stones

Decoration of painting

The painting makes wall mirrors, glass doors, tremor. In the presence of certain artistic skills, the surface is easily painted with wonderful patterns, with the help of acrylic paints, brushes of various thickness.

The most popular theme:

  • New Year's patterns - like in winter on the windows;
  • Fantastic birds, animals;
  • undersea world;
  • Spot, "Kudrinskaya" painting;
  • geometric figures;
  • Plant ornaments.

Painting on the mirror

For mirrors in Children's Style Provence, light paints are used. In the classic teenage girl's bedroom, the surfaces are decorated with flowers of pastel tones, industrial kitchen - shapes of steel colors. The manual painting of such a plan will require at least an hour.

Another way is to color by cans with a dye through special stencils. Perforated napkins for decoupage will be perfect on this role. Napkins are chosen rubberized - so that they are easy to shoot. They simply laid out on the surface, and the paint spray is applied on top, then it should be dried for several hours.

When performing fine hand paintings, designers recommend using a special contour to work with glass.

Flower and leaves on glass

Edging beads

The most "home" interior is obtained using the design of mirror surfaces beads. Often it is combined with pictures, sofa pillows, embroidered beads, glass. For the traditional, neoclassical bedroom is one of the best solutions.

Beads, beads ideally selected glass - so that the lights are well missed, not too clinging the surface. The color scheme should fit well into the interior of the room, without creating a dissonance with him. It is possible to glue into a transparent silicone sealant, separating the decorated surface with a tape. Separate volumetric elements made by hanging beads on a wire, a fishing line, thread.

Decor mirror beads

Popular topics:

  • Sea waves of turquoise-white shades;
  • African, Old Russian ornaments;
  • butterflies, dragonflies;
  • Geometric abstractions.

Perfectly look at accents from large transparent beads, against the background of smaller details.

Beads on the frame

Mirror frame made of ceiling plinth with their own hands

From materials will need:

  • Furniture plywood;
  • scissors, sharp knife;
  • ruler, pencil, square;
  • Glue "Titan", PVA;
  • acrylic dye;
  • Lower rope or twine;
  • Fissure sponge.

Step Frame is done like this:

  • Based on, they make slits where the strong cord is inserted for hanging the design;
  • The mirror is glued on the paneur;
  • Cutting the ceiling plinth, carefully working out the corners;
  • Their ends are lubricated with the "Titan" glue, tightly press each other;
  • A special primer is applied to the plinth, and when it will dry - acrylic paint;
  • Further, individual fragments decorated with gold, silver, bronze paint;
  • From the rope residues, the lace is laid out the floral ornament, which is complemented by contour, point painting, sparkles, rhinestones;
  • The frame is glued to the base, sucked - after a day, the design is fixed on the wall.

Mirror with a frame from the ceiling plinth

As additional elements, any infringement materials suitable for stylistics are used. Sandricks, angular parts, outlets are also used (they are cut into several parts), fragments of ceiling ornaments, moldings, etc.

If possible, the pattern in the corners of the frame should be good to choose - it will be so much more beautiful.

Orchid in the sink


The design interior, decorated with mirrors, looks spacious, alive - any room is filled with light, becomes more. The creative design of large and small mirror surfaces can be a kind of highlight of any room, pleaseing the owners for one year. When the mirrors in the room are several, all of them are made in a similar manner, a color scheme that is suitable for this space. Many of the ideas of independent decoration of the old mirror with infirred means, even a child, under the supervision of adults or with their help.

To refresh the interior, it is not necessary to buy expensive decor items and completely redo repair, you can renovate old things, for example - mirrors. In this case, it is not possible to be a designer, an artist or skillful master: thanks to the abundance of step-by-step master classes, a huge range of modern materials and technician can be created, quickly and with minimal efforts to create a unique mirror.

Registration of mirror rims using beads

The decoration of the mirror is first of all the game of fantasy and imagination

The ideas of the decor of the old mirror: the benefits of the procedure

To breathe new life into an old mirror, you can completely replace the frame or update the existing one. The following popular techniques will be helped: decoupage, gilding, making up and many others.

Original frame for suspended mirror

Simple wicker rope frame

Advantages of homemade decoration set:

  1. Creating a mirror decor with your own hands, you can get a product of any shape and size.
  2. The ability to get a subject that 100% will harmoniously complement the interior of the room.
  3. Cash savings - buy materials and personally decorated the product will cost 3-4 times cheaper than when buying a finished mirror.

Each mirror, reorganized manually, is a unique work of art that will not have analogues.

Decorating round mirrors by ordinary paper

Spectacular bulk frame from paper strips

7 interior decor rules mirrors

To properly decorate the room with mirrors, you should adhere to such recommendations:

  1. To create a single harmonious composition, when using multiple products, it is necessary that their frames are made from one material or in a single (adjacent) color scheme.
  2. Mirrors of non-standard form do not need to be framed.
  3. The best mirror frames fit into the interior, the style of which echoes the overall setting.
  4. It is not necessary to clutter the space - it is enough to use the composition of 4-5 mirrors of the middle form.
  5. When choosing a frame necessarily need to be repelled from the style of the interior.
  6. You can play add-ons: For example, from one tree of wood to make frames for a mirror composition and a coffee table, stands or other decor items.
  7. Large mirrors are appropriate only in spacious apartments - more than 25-30 square meters. m.
Decorating the mirror frame with motley cloth

Old frame you can simply overtake a beautiful cloth

Homemade branches from branches on an oval mirror

Or fix over the old frame new, for example, from branches

With the help of correctly selected and arranged mirrors, you can achieve various visual effects: the expansion of the space, the visual "raising" of the ceiling. To make a room a little more spacious, you will need to position the mirrors on the walls opposite to each other, and the composition of 3-6 elongated vertical mold mirrors will help to make the ceiling above.

Mirror frame made of wood or ceiling plinth

The simplest thing can be done with a mirror - make a wooden frame for it. In the range of construction stores today you can find many suitable materials: natural wood boards, door platbands, ceiling plinth. Pluses of these materials: availability, a wide palette of colors, simplicity. The main "trick" when creating a wooden frame for the mirror with their own hands is the current selection of wood color under the interior of the room. In the manufacture of the blank frame, you can cut under the angle of 45 (diagonal) and 90 degrees (perpendicular plane).

Application of glue on the planks for a mirror frame

Painted planks are fixed with liquid nails

Fixation of the ridge of the mirror frame scotch

At the time of drying the glue, the plank fix the scotch

Black Plinth Frame on Mirror in Bathroom

The mirror in the frame from the ceiling plinth - stylish and beautiful

Mirror formation techniques

You can give the frame an unusual proportioned view using acrylic paint. To do this, you need a ready-made mirror framing to cover with light paint, wait until it dry and apply over another layer, but already a darker shade. Immediately after the creation of the second layer, it needs some places to erase with the help of a regular sponge. To preserve the color, the finished aged frame must be covered with colorless varnish. You can also not wash at once the top layer of acrylic paint, but give it to dry. In this case, the effect effect will have to be achieved using emery paper.

Artificially aged mirror from a brick wall

The mirror will perfectly fit into the loft style interior

Stencil painting on the mirror

Even children under the power decorate a flat glass surface, including the mirror with their own hands using purchased or homemade stencils.

Mirror screen painting materials

We need acrylic paints, stencils from cardboard and acetone or lacquer removal fluid

So that the procedure has a successful result, it is necessary:

  1. Degrease the decorated surface (for example, using a liquid for removing varnish).
  2. Pick up the shades of paint.
  3. Tightly attach stencils to the mirror to avoid spreading paint.

When all the requirements are observed, you can proceed to work: attach stencils to the mirror surface and put paint.

Application of paint on the surface of the mirror through stencil

Stencil fixes on the mirror using painting tape

Experienced masters advise to use paint in aerosols for these purposes, which is evenly sawing and quickly dries if the usual paint is used, it is better to apply it with a clean sponge, not a tassel.

Decorating the mirror using stencil painting

If you use waterproof paints, this mirror can be put in the bathroom

What materials can be used

To perform the mirror decor with your own hands, you can use any materials, the main thing is that it is beautiful, stylish and practical. The table shows the decor items that are most often used to convert the mirrors:

Material Features of the material In which styles of the interior can be used
Natural tree Rich appearance, environmental friendliness Classic, Art Deco
the cloth Easy work, environmental friendliness Provence, classic, postmodernism
Natural materials: Dry plants, shells, stones Accessibility, the ability to create the most unusual variations, environmental friendliness Provence, Loft.
Decorative elements: beads, beads, foamiran, pieces of broken multicolored glass Beauty, Street and Modernity Pop Art
Various household items (disposable dishes, clothespins) Low cost, simplicity in work, the ability to create a very original product Modern, Eclectica
Wooden frame for wall mirrors do it yourself

Unusual frame of wooden pegs

Mirror in Steampunk technique (master class)

The more unusual - the better, if we are talking about the subjects of the home decor. To create an original mirror, you can rely on the steampunk - the direction of science fiction, inspired by the steam energy of the 21st century. To create a mirror, you will need levers, valves and gears from metal, which can be purchased in stores for needlework or borrow them from mechanics, adhesive gun and personal fantasy.

Steampunk Mirror Frame Decor

To decorate the frame you can use a variety of items


  1. Declaring the decorated surface.
  2. Gluing parts.
  3. Apply the protective layer of transparent varnish.
Frame for mirror in Steampunk style with their own hands

It will look stylishly a frame covered with paint under the old copper

A similar mirror will perfectly fit into the interior of a teenager room, an office study, a fantasy bedroom or a living room.

The most interesting options for the decor of the mirror frame

Using sweater materials, a glue gun and decorative items can be made of a unique mirror frame.

  • Art Deco Sun Mirror-Sun is a stylish interior object that is easy to make from bamboo sticks. To do this, it is necessary to glue the bamboo product along the contour - in the original form or, painting it into golden color. It is important that the base of the mirror is round. Decorating mirrors bamboo do it yourself

    Bamboo Frame on Round Mirror

  • Mirror from mosaic pieces. There are two mosaic options - all mirror or just frame. To make a frame, you need to leave the edges of the mirror by particles of multi-colored glass, after which they apply a layer of colorless varnish on them - in order to extend the service life of things and safety. Decorating the mirror frame with mosaic

    Desktop Mirror with Blue Mosaic Frame

  • Mirrors with stucco. The use of moldings is relevant in the interior styles, as a classic, baroque, art deco. Create a mirror with a stucco is a simple procedure that is devoid of even beginners in the field of needlework. As a frame today it is best to use moldings from plaster, foam or expanded polystyrene foam. The main thing is to carefully cut 4 parts at an angle of 45 degrees and smoothly glue to the surface of the mirror. Mirror in a white frame of stucco

    The appearance of such a mirror will depend on the beauty of the selected stucco

Optionally, you can paint stucco, to form or don. An even more embellish the mirror frame will help floral arrangements from Foamiran, bead or paper flowers.

Disposable mirror frame

No less unusual will look a mirror frame from disposable spoons. It is easier to make it simple: you need to attach the upper part of the spoons to a predetermined surface using a glue gun, and if you wish to paint the composition of acrylic paint. For the frame to be neat, you need to cut off the "hats" of spoons with a sharp object - scissors or a stationery knife.


Normal round mirror not large

Take a small round mirror

Packing cardboard markup for mirror frame

Draw two circles on a piece of cardboard - one on the size of the mirror, the other sewn is about 5 cm

Cardboard blank for decorating mirrors

Cock the edges of cardboard scissors

Preparation of disposable spoons for mirror decor

Cut the lower parts of plastic spoons

Sticker plastic spoons on cardboard

Stick spoons in three rows using a thermopystole

Coloring frame for mirror in red

Paint spoons and carton aerosol paint

Decorative frame for disposable mirrors

Fasten the pendant on the back wall for the suspension, and in the front ride the mirror itself

Video: Mirror decor without frame

50 photo-ideas of the mirror decor

1. Mirror in the frame with rays: master class

Decorating the mirror: 7 master classes

Photo: Catiescorner2.blogspot.com.

Such a decor for the mirror is simple, and it looks like a work of a famous designer.

You will need:

- a small round mirror in the frame;

- packing of wooden sticks for kebab;

- universal glue or adhesive gun;

- loop to hang the mirror;

- silver paint in the cylinder;

- Malyary Scotch.

one. Turn over the mirror and with the inside stick to it with "rays" sticks. Start with two rays opposite to each other, then glue two sticks perpendicular to the first, then - at an angle of 45 degrees and so on: so the rays will fall evenly in a circle. You can make all the rays of the same length or some leave a little longer.

Decorating the mirror: 7 master classes

Photo: Catiescorner2.blogspot.com.

2. Get off the offside of the loop for which you will hang the mirror.

Decorating the mirror: 7 master classes

Photo: Catiescorner2.blogspot.com.

3. Capture the front of the mirror by paint scotch, so that the paint does not hit the glass. Paint the frame and rays with silver paint from the can, let's dry and remove the tape. Ready!

Decorating the mirror: 7 master classes
Decorating the mirror: 7 master classes

Photo: Catiescorner2.blogspot.com.

2. Mirror in the frame from rings: master class

Decorating the mirror: 7 master classes

Photo: Thriftyandchic.com.

Another simple, but spectacular option, which is suitable including for rooms with high humidity, for example, for the bathroom (most importantly, use waterproof adhesive).

You will need:

- Round mirror;

- pair of PVC pipes (such used in plumbing);

- glue for plastic, adhesive gun or other durable waterproof glue;

- Lobzik, hacksaw or strong maquet knife;

- sandpaper;

- ruler and pencil or marker.

one. Seam PVC tubes on segments of the same thickness (1-2 cm). Slip the tubes on the ringlet on the saw or cut the battle knife. For the edges to be smooth, process them with sandpaper. The number of rings depends on the size of the frame you want to do.

Decorating the mirror: 7 master classes

Photo: Thriftyandchic.com.

2. Spread the rings on the work surface, observing the shape of a circle with a hole in the middle. The hole in the circle should be a little less than the diameter of your mirror. Bear mug sides, observing the drawing. When everything is ready, leave the glue dry.

Decorating the mirror: 7 master classes

Photo: Thriftyandchic.com.

3. Now glue the frame to the back of the mirror. When the glue dries, the mirror can be hung on the wall: one of the rings of the frame can serve as a loop.

Decorating the mirror: 7 master classes

Photo: Thriftyandchic.com.

3. The mirror in the frame from wooden "rounds"

Decorating the mirror: 7 master classes

Photo: jaimecostiglio.com.

To create such a frame, you may need male care - or not if you deftly know how to manage with a saw. The result, however, it is worth it - especially good such a mirror will look in a country house or in an apartment decorated with natural materials.

You will need:

- Round mirror;

- sheet of plywood;

- several branches of the tree of different diameters (for example, branches remaining after trimming trees or found in the forest);

- Pillet or Lobzik;

- sandpaper;

- Durable glue;

- Pencil, line.

one. Put your mirror on the plywood sheet and circle it in a circle.

Decorating the mirror: 7 master classes

Photo: jaimecostiglio.com.

2. Over the entire length of the circumference, measure the equal distance (it will be the width of your frame) and spend another circumference.

Decorating the mirror: 7 master classes

Photo: jaimecostiglio.com.

3. Dispise Phaneur for the greater circle.

Decorating the mirror: 7 master classes

Photo: jaimecostiglio.com.

four. Slip the branches on the same thickness. The edges are treated with sandpaper.

Decorating the mirror: 7 master classes
Decorating the mirror: 7 master classes

Photo: jaimecostiglio.com.

five. On a portion of the plywood base, designed for the frame, glue a rugby. In the middle, leave the space for the mirror.

Decorating the mirror: 7 master classes

Photo: jaimecostiglio.com.

6. Place for the mirror Lubricate glue and glue the mirror in the center of the frame. Leave dried.

Decorating the mirror: 7 master classes
Decorating the mirror: 7 master classes

Photo: jaimecostiglio.com.

7. It remains to attach a loop from the inside and hang the mirror on the wall.

Decorating the mirror: 7 master classes

Photo: jaimecostiglio.com.

4. The mirror in the frame, covered with a cloth under Zebra: master class

Decorating the mirror: 7 master classes

Photo: Justagirlblog.com.

You can take the tissue of any color or monophonic - for example, you can use tissue residues from sewing decorative pillows or curtains.

You will need:

- a rectangular mirror in a wooden frame;

- fabric for tosing a frame;

- scissors;

- glue;

- Malar tape and paper to protect the mirror.

one. Clay the mirror with paper and paint scotch, protecting it from glue.

Decorating the mirror: 7 master classes

Photo: Justagirlblog.com.

2. For decoration of the frame, 4 bands of the fabric will be required: doash them to the desired length and width, without forgetting the bending allowances.

Decorating the mirror: 7 master classes
Decorating the mirror: 7 master classes

Photo: Justagirlblog.com.

3. Bending the edges, gently glue the fabric to the frame. Ready!

Decorating the mirror: 7 master classes
Decorating the mirror: 7 master classes

Photo: Justagirlblog.com.

five. Mirror in the frame from the cord: master class

Decorating the mirror: 7 master classes

Photo: RestorationBeauty.com.

As the basis, you can take Phaneru (it will have to be cut under the size of the frame) or durable plastic (then you can do the battle knife). The frame itself can be made from a thin or thicker cord.

You will need:

- Round mirror;

- the base of the frame size (carved circle of plywood or durable plastic with a diameter of more than the diameter of your mirror);

- rope or cord;

- Durable glue;

- scissors;

- Peel to hang the mirror.

one. Enclose the mirror exactly in the center of the base. By his edge, start laying out the cord, gluing it to the base.

Decorating the mirror: 7 master classes

Photo: Theshabbycreekcottage.com.

2. You can upload the cord on the spiral, and you can trim the end of each turn, gently gluing tips.

Decorating the mirror: 7 master classes
Decorating the mirror: 7 master classes

Photo: Theshabbycreekcottage.com.

3. When you lay out the cord with the whole base, let another turn around the edge. It will remain to give glue to dry and attach the penetration on the opposite side.

Decorating the mirror: 7 master classes
Decorating the mirror: 7 master classes

Photo: Theshabbycreekcottage.com.

6. Mirror with lace pattern

Decorating the mirror: 7 master classes

Photo: PaperNstitchBlog.com.

The frame for the mirror can be drawn right on the mirror itself - moreover in seconds!

You will need:

- Round mirror;

- Round paper napkin with a lace edge (the size of the napkin should be less than the size of your mirror);

- double sided tape;

- Paint in the canister.

one. At the napkin, glue two-way tape and attach a napkin to it exactly in the center of your mirror.

2. Paint the mirror of paint from the canister. Give the paint dry and remove the napkin. Ready!

Decorating the mirror: 7 master classes

Photo: PaperNstitchBlog.com.

7. Mirror in a frame from multicolored clothespins: master class

Decorating the mirror: 7 master classes

Photo: modpodgerocksblog.com.

To decorate the clothespins, you can take contrast or suitable for the colors of the flap of the fabric or trimming of the wrapper paper. Option - Newspaper or Journal sheets, Foil Paper, Felt, Silk ...

You will need:

- Round mirror;

- Wooden clothespins;

- Fabric or paper for decoration;

- Ruler and pencil;

- glue.

one. Measure the length of the clothespins and cut off the paper or tissue strips, according to the width corresponding to this length.

Decorating the mirror: 7 master classes

Photo: modpodgerocksblog.com.

2. Cut narrow strips from paper equal to the side of the clothespins.

Decorating the mirror: 7 master classes

Photo: modpodgerocksblog.com.

3. Stick strips on the clothespins and leave dry.

Decorating the mirror: 7 master classes
Decorating the mirror: 7 master classes

Photo: modpodgerocksblog.com.

four. Wear clothespins on the mirror. For loyalty, they can be glued. Ready!

Decorating the mirror: 7 master classes

Photo: modpodgerocksblog.com.

Almost any old thing can be given a new life. It is not worth a hurry to throw a beloved mirror in the dump, which collapsed, and it spoiled at the edges itself. Even in this state, the product can be easily turned into something original by making it a unique designer thing. The decor of the mirror with their own hands is the opportunity not only to decorate the interior with an unusual product, but also give it a second life.

Mirror decor do it yourself
Mirror decor do it yourself

Options for registration

You can change the appearance of any mirror in two main ways - to issue a glass canvas itself or create an unusual and original frame for it. Most often, of course, the wizards and needlewomen choose exactly the second option - it is much easier to consider a new format of the frame and insert a mirror in it or directly glue a new framing directly.

On a note! In the event of a frame creation, the decor may be outside the mirror and directly on it.

How beautifully decorate the mirror
How beautifully decorate the mirror

However, you should not be afraid to make the decor and on the mirror canvas. Now there are plenty of all kinds of materials and tools that will allow to make unique applications and even make a mirror in the right places.

On a note! Mirror matting and creating all sorts of patterns in recently very popular. It turns out that this can be done independently, without resorting to the services of the masters.

Artistic matting
Artistic matting

What materials are pleased

What can be used to turn the usual boring mirror to this miracle? Here you can only say that it is possible to apply everything - you need to give the will of your fantasy. Children's toys, corks from bottles, paper, fabric, all sorts of natural materials, ranging from pebbles and ending with cones - absolutely everything will be used. The main thing is to choose the option that it will be done depending on the skills of creativity in humans, as well as such that will simply harmoniously fit into the interior.

Rama for mirrors do it yourself
Rama for mirrors do it yourself

Most often to create original frames Since it is simply in processing and suits almost every interior style. The material is tested by time, durable and environmentally friendly. Yes, and looks very beautiful.

For registration of mirrors of square, rectangular and similar shapes, the easiest way to use ordinary wooden curbs, lumps, plinths. Round and oval canvases are the perfect option for experiments. Here you can apply wooden spatulas, and natural squals, twigs and much more.

Original mirror framing
Original mirror framing

On a note! Round mirrors with a tree often turn into original sun or peculiar sockets.

Some craftswomen who loving work with paper use it for designing mirrors. Often there are packaging from eggs, easily turning into flowers. Special stickers can be used or Decoupage technique . Do not think that paper - the material is completely nickdy. With the right technique of work, it will not lose a quick look. But the mirror will be very unusual.

On a note! Sometimes there are completely unusual items - metal rules, children's toys. In the first case, the ruler can be arranged around the mirror as the rays of the sun, in the second toys, on a certain pattern, pasted around the perimeter of the mirror. This is an excellent option for the children's room.

Homemade Mirror with Metal Rama
Homemade Mirror with Metal Rama

As for natural materials, it is possible to put stones, cones, shells into the move. The latter will look great in the bathroom. Moreover, the product can be glued both symmetrically and in different places depending on the desire.

In any case, the design of the mirror with infirred materials is a truly creative process. You just need to weigh all your wishes, strength, opportunities and think about what option to choose in one way or another.

Decor rules

The decoration of the mirror is simply made, but it is necessary to observe a number of rules so as not to spoil the mirror base - then it will be necessary to throw it out. But it is not difficult to follow the rules if you know them.

  1. If products that have volume are used to design a mirror, then it is important to ensure that they are not very much, otherwise the finished design will look cumbersome.
  2. When decorating a bathroom mirror, it is better to use moisture-resistant materials.
  3. Any decor must be harmonized with an interior style.
  4. Stick any items on the mirror are needed using a transparent silicone or adhesive gun.
Rama for the mirror. Master Class
Rama for the mirror. Master Class

Attention! Silicone may be acidic or neutral. The first until the moment of drying has an unpleasant acetic smell, it is necessary to work with it only in a well-ventilated room. Also acid silicone is capable of corroding the paint, which the product could have previously be covered.

  1. Mirrors of the wrong form are not recommended to be placed in the frame. Best round or square mirrors look at the frame.
  2. If a composition of several mirrors will be formed on the wall, then it is better to choose the same type of the same type.
Mosaic mirror frame
Mosaic mirror frame

Master classes for creating beautiful mirrors

Technicians and options for designing mirror surfaces There are a huge set. For readers, the most interesting options are collected here.

Do not be afraid to implement unusual and bold ideas
Do not be afraid to implement unusual and bold ideas

Floral stencil on the mirror

To create a mirror with beautiful bright colors on the edges, much time and time will not need. For work, brushes, acrylic paints, pencil, ordinary sponge, selected pattern stencil, greasy tape and lacquer removal fluid, which can be replaced with acetone can be used.

Attention! The usual tape for working with the mirror is better not to use. Sticky traces that remain after removal, it is very difficult to launder.

Step 1. Everything is being prepared for such design of the mirror. At the same time, it is desirable to get everything at once so that later not to be distracted from work to search for something missing.

Preparation of all necessary
Preparation of all necessary

Step 2. Stencils for the decor are used ready, purchased in the store or made independently from dense cardboard. They can be printed on the printer or translate with tracing. A drawing for design can be used absolutely any.

Ready stencil
Ready stencil

Step 3. Paints are recommended to check on a separate piece of mirror or glass. This can be done in the correctness of the selected color.

Paints need to be checked in advance
Paints need to be checked in advance

On a note! Acetone will be used if, when applied, the drawing was spoiled and requires removal.

Step 4. Stencil is attached to scotch straight to the mirror in the selected place. If he assumes the use of several colors, the part of the pattern is also rushed with scotch, so as not to apply the paint not there. Only sites of the stencil, which will be painted in one color are left open. The location of stencils is scheduled in advance.

Painted open parts of the stencil
Painted open parts of the stencil

Step 5. The pattern is painted with a brush or sponge. When the places of one color are painted, you can move to other sites, gradually removing the tape. The contours of the pattern in some cases can be additionally drawn by a thin brush after removing the stencil.

Contours are additionally drawn by brush
Contours are additionally drawn by brush

Step 6. In this case, the mirror is additionally decorated with pink dots, which are applied with a brush around the perimeter. Decoration completed. This mirror can be hung in the bathroom, as acrylic paints will not be afraid of water. If desired, the drawing can be changed, just erased old acetone.

Additionally apply pink dots
Additionally apply pink dots
Decorating the mirror completed
Decorating the mirror completed

Sometimes stained glass paints are used to decorate the mirror. It is better to buy those that do not require baked. They are sold at an artistic store.

Trumpet decoration

Probably, few people would guessed to use for the design of the mirror ... Polypropylene plumbing pipes! It turns out that they can very originally issue any mirror, the main thing is that this option is combined with the interior style. To work, cutting pipes of one or different diameters, sawing or cutting tool for their cutting, sandpaper and adhesive gun.

Step 1. Of the polypropylene pipes, neat smooth, one rings width are cut. The easiest way to do with a skeletal with small teeth.

Polypropylene pipes
Polypropylene pipes

Step 2. Slices of rings after cutting are grouped by sandpaper to be neat and smooth.

Gotate rings turned out
Gotate rings turned out

Step 3. All rings on the selected scheme glued together with a glue gun. The final form of a peculiar frame can be both round and square - the main thing is that it is in the form of a mirror.

A glue gun is used for fixing
A glue gun is used for fixing

Step 4. The mirror itself is glued to the rings in the selected place with a glue gun. Handling the finished product is only for the mirror itself.

Ready mirror
Ready mirror

We mature the mirror with your own hands

A mirror with a matted pattern looks very original. To work, it will take a pattern created on the adhesive film on a stencil, a piece of mounting film with a mirror size, a special paste for matting, a sponge.

Step 1. To get a stencil for a mirror, with a sticky film where the pattern is applied, the details of this picture are taken. In this case, these are leaflets, grapes and other elements. In order for the drawing to be already cut, such a stencil is better to order and print in a specialized company. You can cut the pattern and ourselves, but this will require the use of a stationery knife. It is important to work in this case very carefully. The fact that on the image is highlighted in white - this will be the finished matte pattern on the surface of the mirror.

The details of the picture are taken out
The details of the picture are taken out
Stencil for mirror matting
Stencil for mirror matting

Step 2. A mounting film is superimposed on the film. The lower protective layer is removed from it and the film is sticked up to the surface of the pattern and rolled the roller. The assembly film is necessary to easily transfer the pattern on the mirror.

The assembly film is superimposed
The assembly film is superimposed
The pattern rolled roller
The pattern rolled roller

Step 3. Now the lowest protective layer is gradually separated from all this film cake. The film is glued to the mirror, the protective layer is separated in stages. The film is well rolled with roller.

The lower protective layer is separated
The lower protective layer is separated
The film stages is glued
The film stages is glued

Step 4. A mounting film is removed from the pattern of the pattern. It is important to trace so that the drawing does not stretch over it.

Removal of mounting film
Removal of mounting film
Film removed
Film removed

Step 5. Next, the paste is taken for glass and sponge matting. The paste with the help of a sponge by missing movements is applied to the drawing and left for 15-20 minutes.

Matting paste is applied with a sponge
Matting paste is applied with a sponge
Pasta is inflicted
Pasta is inflicted

Step 6. When the required time passes, the paste is removed by a plastic scraper. It is reusable, it can be just scraping and remove to the jar.

Pasta is scraped
Pasta is scraped

Step 7. The mirror itself is washed with water.

The mirror is washing
The mirror is washing

Step 8. The film with the pattern is removed from the surface of the mirror.

Film removal with pattern
Film removal with pattern
It looks like a matted mirror
It looks like a matted mirror

Video - we mature the mirror with your own hands

Making a beautiful frame

A very beautiful frame for the mirror can be made of ceiling baguettes. This will require a dense cardboard or plywood, ceiling baguettes (pair of pieces), square mirror, acrylic putty, foam glue, acrylic paints (black and silver), cord decorative silver color, brush rigid and soft, masticin, or kitchen knife, and also knife stationery. In order not to stain your hands, you can put on gloves.

Step 1. Focusing on the size of the mirror, sliced ​​4 identical parts of the part - parts of the frame. Corners for docking are cut through the coal with a stationery knife.

Conditioning ceiling baguette
Conditioning ceiling baguette
Ready elements of the frame
Ready elements of the frame

Step 2. Details are glued together with glue to get a blank for the frame.

Details are glued
Details are glued

Step 3. After the glue gets dry, the frame turns over and with the inside of the junction between its separate parts is sweeping. Due to this frame will be stronger.

Putty jigs
Putty jigs

Step 4. Outside the frame also puts off, but not completely, but in the places of jacks of baguettes and in the inner edge.

Application of putty on the inner edge
Application of putty on the inner edge

Step 5. When the putty dries, the frame is painted in black. The inner curb is also well scorched.

Painting Rama
Painting Rama

Step 6. When the black paint is driving, it will be necessary to apply silver paint to the convex parts. It is applied with a sponge so that the frame remained black in the deepening patterns.

Silver paint sponge
Silver paint sponge
Application process
Application process

Step 7. After drying all the layers of paint, the frame is covered with acrylic varnish. It is white, but after drying it will become transparent.

Acrylic varnish is applied
Acrylic varnish is applied

Step 8. In a piece of cardboard or plywood, carved in the form of a mirror, but having a frame allowed, a hole is made for hanging the mirror.

A hole is done
A hole is done

Step 9. The mirror itself is glued to the center of the base.

Clay is applied
Clay is applied
The process of applying glue
The process of applying glue
Mirror is glued
Mirror is glued

Step 10. To be between the frame and the mirror there is no emptiness, a decorative cord is pasted on the inner curb.

The glue is applied to the inner curb
The glue is applied to the inner curb
Stowing a decorative cord
Stowing a decorative cord

Step 11. The frame is glued to the base on which the glued mirror is already located.

The frame is glued to the base
The frame is glued to the base

Step 12. After the entire design is driving, a layer of putty, black paint and silver is applied to the side side of the frame. All layers are applied in stages, after pre-drying each of them.

On the side of the frame is applied with a layer of putty
On the side of the frame is applied with a layer of putty
Next black paint is applied
Next black paint is applied
And at the end - silver
And at the end - silver

How to make a mirror-sun

The original and beautiful design of the mirror can be made of wooden sticks from ice cream or spatulas. This is the perfect option for a round small mirror.

Step 1. From thick cardboard, the circle of the size of the mirror is cut. A markup is applied to it, which will allow gluing all the sticks smoothly and symmetrically.

Carved circle and sticks
Carved circle and sticks

Step 2. Chopsticks with glue glued to the cardboard base on the markup. First glued long "rays".

Long "rays" are glued
Long "rays" are glued
Photo of gluing "rays"
Photo of gluing "rays"

Step 3. Then glued in the remaining gaps shorter "rays". Corners are cut by scissors.

Gaps close short chopsticks
Gaps close short chopsticks

Step 4. The remaining small gaps between the chopsticks are closed even narrow chopped chopsticks.

Larger sticks
Larger sticks

Step 5. From the sticks are cut "drops" with scissors. They are 2 pcs. glued on the longest rays and 1 pcs. - For short.

Scissors such drops are cut
Scissors such drops are cut
Punking droplets
Punking droplets

Step 6. "Sun" is ready, it remains to paint it. First, the workpiece is painted with gold paint from the cylinder, then additionally decorated with bronze with a brush.

"Sun" is ready to paint
"Sun" is ready to paint

Step 7. A mirror is glued to the center, around it - edging from plastic painted in the same gold color as the "sun" itself. As edging, the remains of the old frame from the mirror can be used.

Ready decorated mirror
Ready decorated mirror

Some other options

Finally, some more options for designing mirrors. It is simple and do not require special training.

Mirror decor with cotton chopsticks
Mirror decor with cotton chopsticks

The cotton sticks are glued to the mirror and simply paint.

Decoration paper for scrapbooking
Decoration paper for scrapbooking

Paper for scrapbooking is pasted on the surface of the mirror, it creates the desired pattern. After that, the surplus is removed.

Use tray for eggs
Use tray for eggs

Flowers are cut out of the eggs for eggs, which are painted in any color and glue around the perimeter of the mirror.

From fruit vase
From fruit vase

As a frame used just a fruit vase.

Decor mirror foil
Decor mirror foil

And this is just glued along the edge of the foil.

Video - Mirror design with bottles

Decorating the mirror with your own hands is an excellent opportunity to give a new life with an old product, unusually decorate the interior or make someone a pleasant festive gift. The main thing is to give the will and the worst of your fantasy.

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The mirrors have long become a stylish element of the decor of any room. Surely you paid attention to that the designer options of unusual shapes have a fairly high cost. This is not always justified, besides, many simply cannot afford to acquire such an expensive decor. Therefore, today we propose to make original and no less attractive options with your own hands.

63. 64. 65. 66. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72.

Pipe mirror frame

The beautiful frame for the mirror does not necessarily have to be made of familiar materials. In this master class, we will make an interesting, no less stylish design using the simplest polypropylene tubes.


We need:

  • plastic tube;
  • glue pistol;
  • electric saw;
  • sandpaper.


Gently cut the plastic tube on the rings of the same thickness. If necessary, you can make marks on it. We proceed with emery paper. It is necessary in order to make them smooth and without different burstles. 52.

We glue parts with each other so that their combination fit in the form of a mirror. We glue the parts directly to the mirror from the back.


We leave the product to dry. After that, feel free to hang the mirror behind the rings.


Original mirror decor


Prepare such materials:

  • mirrors - 2 pcs.;
  • Gift packaging or wallpaper;
  • pen or pencil;
  • glue;
  • Scissors, stationery knife or scalpel.


Unpat the wallpaper and gift packaging to determine what to use for decor. Cut out the rectangles of a small size so that they were easier to place on the mirror. 3.

Carefully cutting the paper in the form of a mirror. In this case, a scalpel is used, but you can use scissors or a stationery knife. four

We apply a few drops of glue and apply a prepared paper cut.


We repeat the same with the other paper or wallpaper. It is best to have a different drawing. Due to this, you can create an interesting design of the Mirror in the style of Patchwork.


As a result, it turns out a rather unusual hexagonal pattern, which is perfect for the decoration of a round mirror.

7. 8

If you wish, you can make a few more mirrors with a similar decor. To do this, we propose to use paper in another color scheme.


Cutting paper in the form of a mirror, then glue it.


Stylish mirrors are ready! By the way, with time you can change the decor. To do this, you will only need to separate the paper and glue the other one.


Mirror with lace frame

Many believe that the mirror must have a classic wooden frame. Of course, this is true if the design of the room is made in the appropriate style. Otherwise, there is always a place for experiments and unusual combinations.


Necessary materials:

  • Round mirror;
  • lace napkins for cake;
  • scissors;
  • Double-sided tape;
  • parchment;
  • Spray paint.

On the working surface we settle parchment to protect. On top of it we put a lace napkin and stain with spray-paint. We leave until complete drying, not less than an hour.


To the back of the mirror glue two-way tape. Gently cutting the protruding ends.

57. 58.

Remove the top of the film and glue a colored lace napkin to the mirror. We press it well to glue the entire surface.

59. 60. 61.

Stylish decorative mirror with an unusual frame is ready! It remains only to consolidate it on the wall. If you wish, you can make several mirrors in one style. Together they will look like a holistic composition. 62.

Creative design of the mirror

So that the mirror looks more original, does not necessarily do an unusual frame.


Prepare the following:

  • mirror;
  • glass cutter;
  • adhesive paper;
  • Spray paint in gold color;
  • Metal ruler;
  • varnish;
  • Scotch;
  • protractor;
  • sandpaper;
  • marker;
  • knife;
  • gloves;
  • protective glasses.

First, wipe the mirror and put it on a stable working surface.


We apply the shipping to the corner of the square and make a serif. We repeat the same thing on each of them. We wear glasses and gloves for protection. Apply the line and spend the glass cutter.


Slightly press the piece of the mirror to split it. We repeat it with each angle.


We wipe the surface of the mirror using detergents and napkins.


On the front of the mirror glue the adhesive paper. We make marking on it, as shown in the photo. With the help of a special knife, which do not leave traces on the mirror, cut the strip.


Gently process the emery paper edge of the mirror.


We apply spray-paint to the surface and leave it to dry. After that we apply varnish. We remove the adhesive paper from the mirror, wipe it and install in the most suitable room in the style. 19 twenty

Rama from the wire


In the process of work we will need:

  • mirror;
  • scissors;
  • sheet of polystyolster;
  • pencil;
  • thick golden wires;
  • glue pistol;
  • acrylic paint gold color;
  • nippers;
  • knife;
  • twine;
  • nail.


On the sheet of polystyolster put the mirror and supply it with a pencil. We retreat literally 2 cm and get another circle. Carefully cut out the knife blank. Color it in a gold color and leave up to dry. 23.

With the help of bruises, cut the wire on the segments of the required size. Bend each of them in half. 24.We insert the wire on four sides of the workpiece, after which we fill the gaps equal to the amount of rays.

25. 26. 27.

On the back of the mirror we apply glue with a rather thick layer and glued it in the center of the golden blank. Click to more reliable fixation and leave up to dry.

28. 29.

We take a small segment of twine and make a knot. thirty

Through it, we wake the carnations and fix hot glue.


Insert the carnations into the workpiece on the back of the mirror.


The mirror with the original, unusual decor is ready! It will become an emphasis in each interior.


Mirror design ideas

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Each may create an interesting design of the mirror. For this you need only a little practice and the result will not make yourself wait. Implement ideas and share your work in the comments.


Tired of the usual framing of the mirror? Try to play the designer and change it yourself! Even without having experience in the decor, you can make a cool frame for the mirror with your own hands and below there are necessary instructions.

Decor rules

Before making a mirror frame, it would be nice to know the basic rules, without which you can not do.

Their little:

  1. Volume. Many want to make the design of the mirror, as much as possible. Use various bulk decorations, artificial pebbles, etc. Remember, the mirror surface is ephemeral, but the framing is quite tangible and can seriously put on the eyes.
  2. Type of material. The framing of the mirror in the bathroom is made by appropriate materials. They should be moisture-resistant, preferably plastic. If this is a mirror for the kitchen, then it should not be afraid of fat and oil.
  3. Harmony. Do not forget about the interior design, which should be in a tandem with a mirror edge.
  4. Glue. To make the decorations do not disappear, use moisture-resistant, structural silicones. By the way, note that silicones are based on acetic acid salts and have a very unpleasant smell.
  5. Combination. If a composition is planned from mirrors, there must be a motive, style or color.


The mirror decor begins with the choice of material.

There are several of them:

  1. Wood. Frame for the mirror with their own woods always looks spectacular. Especially if you have skills to work with it. By burning and thread, you can create Petrikovsky, Polynesian, Khakass or any other ornament. If there are no skills - do not be sad too. Even 4 rudely, the boards look good, if you come up with designer.
  2. The cloth. You can arrange a mirror with a cloth if its edging is already in place. Slend to the textile! It is worthwhile to know that the fabric does not tolerate the wet environments and this mirror is not a place in the bathroom.
  3. Leather. The noble decor for the mirror will create leather or leatherette. And no matter what color you use. The material is not afraid of moisture and practically does not lose its qualities with time.
  4. Polyurethane. The material is durable, light and moisture-resistant. Suitable for any room and perfectly tolerate temperature changes. In addition, it will be able to collect a polyurethane frame for the mirror with their own hands. You just need to take the ceiling molding.
  5. Gypsum. Often they make stucco. It is not difficult to do this: on sale already there are ready silicone forms. The plaster is easily poured and dries quickly, so there will be no problems.
  6. Paper. Yes, you can make with your own hands and paper decor of the mirror. It's easy, but unreliable. It is advisable to put it in the corridor or bedroom, away from the door and windows.

Original mirror decor

It's time to consider on the examples how to reorganize the mirror. Below will be several master classes that you can take the basis.

Mirror with lace frame

A very interesting way to decorate the mirror with your own hands.

Not even special skills are required, only a sense of taste.

It will take:

  1. Medium round mirror.
  2. Mixed lace napkins, in size of the mirror.
  3. Scissors or stationery knife.
  4. Good bilateral scotch (buy in a construction store).
  5. Bakery parchment.
  6. Aerosol paint.

So now you can go to the decor:

  1. On the table spread the parchment paper so as not to blur it with paint. It is possible to replace it with a newspaper, film, etc.
  2. On top of the bed, the napkin and hide the paint from the canister. On average, the setting occurs in an hour, so this time is not even touching the tissue.
  3. From the back of the mirror you need to glue two-way tape.
  4. Cut it around the perimeter.
  5. It remains only to glue one to another.

Please note that Scotch is gaining strength not immediately. Some do it within an hour, others - several days. This can be read on the package. If you do not comply with the shutter speed, the framing for the mirror will fall off.

Such a mirror can be hung in the hallway or bedroom, but it is not recommended in the bathroom. The fabric can dance and fall behind the glue.

Floral stencil on the mirror

How to decorate a mirror without a frame? This is not a problem if you even know how to draw a little. It will take for this technology the following:

  1. Art brushes, better soft.
  2. Acrylic paints.
  3. Soft pencil.
  4. Kitchen sponge.
  5. Painting tape.
  6. Stencil.
  7. Acetone or lacquer washing means.

When everything is prepared, you can start:

  1. Stencils can be bought already ready in the store. Disposable are less and manufactured from paper. If you are going to do this professionally, you can take silicone.
  2. The template must be fixed on the mirror using a painting tape and paint paint. It is better to take a wide brush so that the strokes will not be noticeable, which will spoil the decor of the mirror made by their own hands.

In general, it's all. If the flows appear, you can remove them using a conventional acetone.

Instead of acrylic paints, you can take stained glass, they are also sold at an artistic store.

It is better to take those that do not require baked.

By the way, stencils can be made independently.

To do this, print this drawing on thick paper (better, coated) and cut it along the contour - it turns out no worse.


What is just do not make decor.

If the plate crashed - it is definitely fortunately.

From her fragments, you can make a mosaic that is interesting to decorate the mirror surface. Any porcelain dishes with painting or colored glass will suit this role.

You can glue them to ordinary thermoclay or silicone.

If the pieces are flat, the bilateral tape is suitable.

Another option is to buy a stained glass mosaic.

This is a transparent film with self-adhesive layer.

It will be much easier and more convenient. So you can form a rectangular mirror.


Simple decoration of the mirror can be made with their own hands from textiles.

To do this, you need the usual lace or braid meal. So there will be no clearance and places of gluing.

To fix the tape, use a thermoclause or transparent bilateral scotch.

After sticking, press the press.

This is a good option for the living room where there is no moisture and dampness.

So you can form a long mirror, with which it is uncomfortable to work with a tree or mosaic.


You can decorate the mirror with your own hands with paper. In the hallway or bedroom, where there are no drafts and moisture, this is a completely working version of the decoration.

Methods are several:

  1. Egg packaging. If you cut the cells from the package, you can make roses and glued to the mirror using a thermoclayer or silicone. Please note that this cardboard copes well with moderate humidity, so the decor will last longer.
  2. Self-tech. Not bad and fast option. In a constructionman or shop for needlework, buy self-adhesive paper with a picture like. Take the one that is made of vinyl. After it is enough to stick it around the perimeter and is ready excellent frame.

It copes with humidity well, and if it turns out - you can always change.

Stock Foto Mirror design ideas

Below you will find even more ideas how beautiful to decorate the mirrors.

One way to give home individuality is to decorate it yourself made things. A wide field of activity opens when decorating. The most common thing can be turned into at least in the original one. For example, the mirror decor turns the usual piece of glass into the stylish and original thing.

Basic principles of decoration mirrors

The decor of the mirror do it with their own hands using the most different materials, including those that are usually sent to the garbage container, and if you are bought, then there are quite a bit. For example, tubes from old newspapers or magazines. In some cases, they are used without staining, in others paint. It is more convenient to paint in the form of spray - applied with a smooth thin layer, staining occurs at times faster than when using the brush. You can still use a bit of porcelain dishes, a mirror, stained glass, shells, pebbles, rhinestones, glass drops, buttons, ropes, plastic bottles, branches, wooden planks and sticks, plastic spoons and other strange things.

Mirror decor with your own hands can be done under any style.
Mirror decor with your own hands can be done under any style.

All this wealth is usually pasted on transparent silicone. It is sold in construction stores, there are in small tubes or more volumetric cartridges for a construction gun. It is more convenient to work with a gun - it is easier to control the effort and get the desired portion of glue, which is problematic with a conventional tube.

Note that silicone is acidic and neutral. Acid so far does not dry very smells with vinegar and it is possible to work with it only in a well-ventilated room. Neutral silicone sealant does not smell anything, but it is more expensive. Another acid, until it freezes, can eat paint, which is applied to the decor. When buying, pay attention to the time of setting. This is the time during which you can still fix something, move. As soon as the glue begins to polymerize, nothing can be done - it is covered with a tough film. The average for the formation of the surface film is 10-20 minutes, but there are more "long-playing" compositions.

Use the most unusual materials
Use the most unusual materials

There are two decoration techniques:

  • The decor is outside the mirror. In this case, from a thin fiberboard or dense cardboard, the base is cut out, which is the size of more mirrors. In shape it can be any - round, square, arbitrary shape. The decor is glued on the base, after the glue dries, a mirror is inserted into the finished frame.
  • Decorating the mirror around the edge. In this case, glue and all fragments are applied directly on the mirror surface.

It seems, small differences, but it looks for design in different techniques in different ways. The second allows you to get an opening decor of a mirror, which is highlighted by reflection.

Examples of the decor of the round and oval mirror

First, let's talk about the decor, which is "built" around the mirror. The circle is perfectly decorated. From it you can make the sun, flower, star, etc. Many options. Most often, the decor is also built in the form of a circle, but there may be a square, multipath star or any arbitrary shape.

Examples of decoration of a round mirror
Examples of decoration of a round mirror

From chopsticks or tubes

You can decorate a round mirror with chopsticks for Chinese food or tubes twisted from a newspaper or magazine sheets. If the tubes roll out of the newspaper, they will have to paint. Made from fine glossy paper on which the logs are typing, can be used without painting. Sticks can also be painted, you can leave as it is.

For painting, find the acrylic paint of the desired color in the cannon, spread the tubules on the sheet of unnecessary paper, color from the distance 20-25 cm on one side. After drying, turn all the tubes / sticks and apply paint on the other hand.

Decor of the mirror with their own hands in the form of the sun
Decor of the mirror with their own hands in the form of the sun

Next will be needed silicone. On the back of the mirror we apply glue. It is possible - a short-hearted strip (so that it does not have time to frost, while you will lay out the rays), you can drop. If the rear side of the mirror is not protected, silicone must be neutral. Acid solution to the amalgam and the mirror will be spoiled. I spread the rays on the glue, waiting for the glue to grab. After 24 hours, you can safely hang a unique mirror in place.

В той же технике, но использованы палочки от мороженного и веточки
In the same technique, but used sticks from ice cream and sprigs
Если добавить на лучи зеркальные капли получается очень красиво
If you add mirror drops on the rays, it turns out very beautiful
С другими материалами вид получается другой
With other materials, the species turns out another

The mirror can be with a rim or without - on your choice. Instead of sticks / tubes, you can use strips of glass, wood, plastic, etc.

From plastic spanings

In this embodiment, a larger diameter circle is cut out of a thin fiberboard or dense cardboard. How much more - choose yourself. The center is placed in the mirror, blaming it with a pencil or marker. There should be no decor for this line.

We take plastic spoons, cut off the handles from them, and the draws are glued along the perimeter of the mirror. These layers make three or more. They look like petals. When trying to put them very tightly to each other, so that the substrate does not shine. They can be placed directly or slightly turn into one of the sides.

For a better effect, you can also paint. Paint can be with a metallic effect, you can paint the entire decor in one color or in different ones.

Decor of the mirror with your own hands: Use plastic spoons
Decor of the mirror with your own hands: Use plastic spoons

After the framing is ready, we glue the mirror to the center on the same silicone and admire. After drying, you can hang on the wall.

Using the same technique, you can decorate the mirror with buttons, shells sliced ​​on the circles with branches of different diameters. Equally use trains and models machines. They are painted in some unusual color and also have a circle.

Украшение этого зеркала - игрушечные машинки
Decoration of this mirror - Toy machines
Сразу и не поймешь, что декор сделан из деревянных бельевых прищепок
Immediately and do not understand that the decor is made of wooden clothespins
Разные варианты двух описанных техник
Different options for two techniques described

Something similar can be done with a rectangular mirror. In any case, with sliced ​​on the mugs, branches and buttons look good. The remaining options are unlikely to suit.

Variations on the topic
Variations on the topic

From plastic or cardboard rings

It is possible to re-establish a mirror with rings. They can be chopped from plastic pipes or glue from cardboard. The sizes of rings can be one diameter or different, their width is around a centimeter or a little less.

Another way to decorate the mirror
Another way to decorate the mirror

If the rings are made of cardboard, you need to need the base on which they will be recorded. For these purposes, a plastic cover is a little smaller diameter than the mirror. We will glue the first row of rings. The second and all subsequent are attached to them. One of the heads of the first row is additionally secured with a ring with a ring. On him then hang our mirror.

After the whole design is glued, we take sequins and glue them to the ends of the rings. Dropping work, takes time and patience. It's easier for sequins to keep and moving tweezers and better with thin tips. Such a decor of the mirror is universal - in the winter it is associated with snowflake, in the summer - with the sun.

Options with rings
Options with rings

On the same technology, swips made of plastic pipe. But they do not need to be founded, since they themselves are quite tough. Of these, we collect the ring of the desired diameter, glue. When choosing glue, see it to be designed for plastic. Actually, there is a special adhesive gun and glue in rods for it. It is much more convenient for them, but you can adapt to the usual silicone.

The edges of the rings are not necessarily saked. They themselves look good. But in this case, they must be processed from irregularities and burrs that remain from the saw. If they were cut by special scissors, irregularities almost will not be, but the edge will still be straight, and the rounded looks better. Processed ends sandpaper with small grain. Then rubbed from dust, degreased (wash in water in detergents, wipe dry or dry). Only after that you can start working with glue.

From rope

Top rope. It can be synthetic or hemp. With large sizes, you can even use the rope. From cardboard or fiberboard, too, cut out the base that is greater than the size of the mirror. It is applied to this base with a thin layer of glue, the turn is laid out behind the turn of the rope.

Mirror decor from rope
Mirror decor from rope

In this case, it may be better to first glue the mirror in the center, and around it "wind" ropes around it. So it turns out to be recessed in the frame.

Decor in the mirror

I do not always want to make a border around the mirror surface, and the decor that is applied to the mirror, due to the reflection it turns out more voluminous. Therefore, mainly there is another rule - there should be free space between the decor elements. These techniques will allow the decor of a square or round mirror - almost no matter. The main thing is to choose correctly drawing or decorating method.

Decor of the mirror without frame
Decor of the mirror without frame

Transparent stones

The simplest technique is to recruit the decor you like, lay it along the edge of the mirror. You can first decompose without gluing - so that there is an opportunity to correct something, move. When the result satisfies you, we applied a drop of transparent silicone to each fragment and return to the place.

Gluing transparent and translucent stones
Gluing transparent and translucent stones

Best with this design of the mirror looks like using transparent and translucent stones. They can be colored, transparent, monophonic.

Decoration of painting

For this work, special materials will be needed. We will be needed:

  • Contour on glass. This is a transparent or color composition in a tube with a sharp spout. It is applied on the glass and a mirror in the form of a thin strip. Typically outlines the contours of the pattern, because it is called. The contour on the glass can be firing and without. Naturally, at home it is easier to use those that without firing.
  • Stained glass paints. From the usual distinguished by the fact that after drying, they become transparent. They are applied with tassels or squeezed out of the tube in the contour, after which they are distributed using the same tassels, tampons, cotton sticks.
  • Glitters. These are brilliant small fragments in the form of hexagons, strips, circles, etc. Used in decorating. Add to paint, varnishes (including for nails).

We also need conventional materials: alcohol for degreasing, wool, cotton sticks, tassels (better with artificial bristles), toothpicks. You will also need a drawing that you are going to transfer to the mirror, copied, tape.

Apply contour
Apply contour

On the mirror put a copy of the copy, we put the drawing on top, fix with the help of the tape, we supply the pattern by contour. Carefully remove paper and copying. Take a tube with a circuit and supply the lines applied. Nearby is a solvent, cotton wands and toothpicks. They clean the flaws that appear when working.

Mirror decoration with stained glass
Mirror decoration with stained glass

Next, the contour must dry. This requires several days, and you can speed up the process using a conventional hair dryer (not construction). After the contour is dry, we take stained glass paints, pour out of a little bit into the contour, spreading tassels, straightening the toothpicks - so that inside the contour there are no non-cross-stained places. After stained glass paints are dried, they become transparent. If there is a desire, add glamor can be used with glitter - sequin.

First, the drawing is applied, then stones are glued along the contour
First, the drawing is applied, then stones are glued along the contour

It looks very good for mixing the two described technologies - murals and stones. One example in the photo above. The work is painstaking, but it turns out very beautiful.

Edging of the mirror of beads

In this technique, it will not be possible to use ready-made drawings - a lot of accidents and predict the result is far from always. But it is important to have a picture in the head that you go to see (or a photograph of the prototype). For this work, transparent glue (the same silicone), multicolored beads, stones and other decor, which you plan to use are required. We still need greater tape and tassels, toothpicks.

On the mirror we stick at some distance from the edge of the scotch. It separates the finish from the rest of the surface. The border does not have to be smoothly, maybe any arbitrary form. The width of the decorative kayma is usually not very big, since the wide looks rude.

How to apply beads on the mirror
How to apply beads on the mirror

On the separated plot of the mirror surface, the snake is applied silicone. At once I smear a small piece - strand 5 cm. Quickly distribute glue over the entire surface. You can make it a piece of plastic bottle. On the sheet of paper, beads in bulk, and dispel it from it. We press the tassel, toothpicks. It is not worthwhile to wash your fingers. Apply glue on, continuing decoration. As soon as they went around the contour, remove the scotch and leave to dry.

Sample decor beads
Sample decor beads

The time of complete drying depends on silicone, but usually it is 72 hours or more. Then your work will not spoil anything, but it can be carefully hanging in a day.

A few examples
A few examples

Several practical advice. If you want to get displaced bands from different colors (as in the photo), glue, apply the same plots. So you will have a clearer separation of colors and work will move faster. If the boundaries should be blurred - with a smooth transition of color - to laid various colors of the beads on different pieces, pour it slightly shook out of the side to the side. Well, immediately after application, it is possible to fix it with a brush or toothpick.

Beautiful frame for mirrors

This method of decorating the mirror is already described - we take the decor and glue it. But not on the mirror surface itself, but on the frame. Frame can be made of the same piece of fiberboard, and you can buy a mirror in a plastic (for example) frame.

Decorate the frame for the mirror
Decorate the frame for the mirror

From mosaic

To create a mosaic, you will need pieces of mosaic, you can use clemaners of ceramics or stained glass, mirrors. We also need glue (silicone) and grouting for seams of ceramic tile (may be white, color).

From the fiberboard (the cardboard is not suitable, as the decor will be heavy) cut the frame for the mirror, place it in the center, the contour is driven. Next, we appline the strips of glue on the frame, we lay the mosaic tile or pieces of glass on it.

Mosaic mirror frame
Mosaic mirror frame

After everything is laid and the glue dry (three days), take a grout, bred it up to the state of thick sour cream (the proportions are written on the package) This composition fills the gaps between the tiles. When all the gaps are filled, the surplus is cleaned with a damp cloth. So that the mosaic does not look dull, it is necessary to remove the entire grout to make the tiles clean. And it is necessary to do it before drying the grout.

Homemade mirrors from mosaic
Homemade mirrors from mosaic

This mirror decor is perfect for the bathroom. The decor can be washed, it fits well into the concept of the design of the bathroom. Especially decorative will look such a mirror if the mosaic is chosen in tone tile.

In the bathroom looks organically
In the bathroom looks organically

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