Marinated Minego - Culinary Recipe

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  • January 18, 2012, 9:51
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This is a dish for gourmets that give tribute to exotic dishes. If you are squeaming and do not like experiments in food, this is not a dish for you, unfortunately. Mine ends, like Koryushka, in St. Petersburg - seasonal dishes. Midhoga is not a fish, but a parasite. And the attitude towards it is special.

Ideally, the media should be alive. But, if they are asleep already, nothing terrible, the main thing they should not be bright. Dark media - fresh.

The medault is covered with a poisonous mucus, so before cooking it must be carefully removed. To do this, squeeze every mediot of a large salt and give to lie down for 5 minutes. After that, we wonder the mucus together with salt. The procedure must be repeated several times until the Mine ends cease to be squall. I sometimes still help a brush or a rough sponge to wash them carefully.

Further, the funds need to be cleaned. Delated the Mashkahka and, together with your head, pull out a small thin empty gut. Photographed for clarity, even the photo and it turned out not very :) In the photo it is clear that in the caviar of caviar, they just go to spawning, this is the season of their catch. I do not remove caviar, I do not cut the belly. And I pull out the intestine in this way to leave the abdomen the whole.

The fact is that Midnog in the belly has nothing more, and they do not eat anything. Who is interested, you can read the literature on the network, it is described in detail about it.

Next, you need to cut the funds into pieces, cut into flour and fry on a strongly hot frying pan on vegetable oil, 4-5 minutes from each side to crust. Midhog is very fat, so the oils should not pour on the pan, it will give her fat when roasting. IMPORTANT MINOGO WORD to fry on high heat, because Only in the roasting, the poison contained in the mucus will not go into meat. And then the vinegar in the marinade, also neutralizes the remnants.

Put the funds in the dishes, where you marinate them. On the same fat, fry the onions and carrots, and add to the minors, I have burned vegetables in the photo :) You can only use onions, and not even roasted, and chopped rings, I did it, it's also delicious. Fat from the frying pan also drain there.

Cover the saucepan with a lid, we put on the middle fire, bring to a boil, after which we drain the fire to weak and Tim 2 hours. Actually, the fish is ready - we get it out of the pan and get cold to room temperature.

Next, we will make marinade. Marinade is a matter of taste. Someone loves farthetern, who is a message. You can experiment with marinade.

The cooled pieces of media lay out on bread. Snack ready!

I make on 1 liter of water: 2 tbsp. Sugar, 1 tbsp salt, laurel sheet 2-3 pcs, peas pepper 3-4 pcs, you can scented 3-4 pcs, carnations buds 3-4 pcs. Board, let's get drunk 5 minutes, add 9% vinegar 3-4 tbsp. Boil 1 minute, remove and pour hot marinade. Vinegar can be added and more to your taste.

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Give cool marinada, close the lid and remove into the fridge for a couple of days. It was not necessary to eat. I always carry out 3 days for loyalty. Instead of marinade, a delicious jelly is formed. Mednog must not eat, but to savor!

Important! The video may differ from the text of the recipe!

Be careful: you should not eat for one sit down a couple of dozen pieces, it is fraught with poisoning. Alcohol also aggravates the effect. But 4-5 things under a glass, nevertheless bring the true pleasure of delicacy to the gourmets;) a pleasant appetite! (Sharing Midnog did not have time;) Midhog in such a marinade can be kept in the refrigerator for a very long time, almost up to a month. This is checked by me. Therefore, do not worry if you made a kilogram and eat it in a couple of days. A mediog is served cold with frozen jelly as a snack.

Medica in Olive Oil - Photo Step 1

The first thing we will do is be a good promotion of the mine, put in a bowl, hollow water. We will add salt to the bowl and leave the mineogu for about 20 minutes - this is done to clean the fish from the mucus.

Midhoga in Olive Oil - Photo Step 2

Then every fish is rinsed well under running water from salt and the remaining mucus.

Midhoga in Olive Oil - Photo Step 3

It is not necessary to gut the mineogue, so we simply cut off the head, and the carcasses are cut into pieces with a length of 8-10 cm.

We put pieces of media into a pan tightly to each other, a solid layer. Top sprinkled with fish salt (to taste), put several laurel sheets and sliced ​​bulb rings.

Then lay out another dense layer of fish, it is also salt, seasoned onion and laurel sheet. We form layers until the fish end. Put a little lemon on the top layer, and then begin to pour all this business with olive oil. We leave the oil until it sees it to the upper layer of media.

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