How to choose an orthopedic pillow - choice algorithm

Thanks to the algorithm below, you can easily select an orthopedic pillow, thanks to which you will feel cheerful after 6 hours of sleep, wake up without pain, and the quality of your sleep will increase by 20-40%.

Before buying, tell consultant about what properties should have a pillow. Ask him about the properties of the proposed pillows.

The correctly selected orthopedic pillow, of course, will not be able to cure diseases. Therefore, the wonders of healing from it should not be expected. But to facilitate the state and prevent the appearance of a number of diseases, including children, she can.

A properly chosen pillow supports the head and the cervical spine, and thus helps to relax the muscles of the top of the body. Therefore, you need to pay attention to what position you are preferably sleeping, on the width of your shoulders, on the material from which the pillow is made.

The width of the thickened roller pillows is selected depending on the width of your shoulders. That wider shoulders, the greater the roller width. If you often sleep on your back, then you need a lower pillow ..

Talk about the materials from which pillows are made

  • Polyurene Foolder - Durable, hygienic, modern material, a long-lasting form.
  • Natural Latex. - foamed rubber. Elastic, rubber, soft material. Natural Latex reduces the risk of respiratory and allergic diseases. Is a natural antiseptic.
  • Material with "Memory Effect" Sensitive to temperature and takes an individual body shape. When you click on it, it slowly adjusts to the physiological bends of your body. When removing the pressure, also slowly restores the form. These materials may be rigid and soft.

Pillows may have perforation over the entire surface, as well as the ribbed surface. This provides optimal air exchange and ventilation in the warm season and maintaining heat in winter.

Indications for the use of orthopedic pillows:

  • headaches, dizziness, increased fatigue, pain in the cervical spine;
  • osteochondrosis, spondyltrosis, spondylosis of the cervical spine;
  • instability of the cervical spine and vertebasilar insufficiency syndrome;
  • rehabilitation after the injuries of the cervical spine;
  • Recommended for the full restoration of the body during sleep and rest.

What to choose an orthopedic pillow?

The main parameter to be paid attention to when choosing such a pillow is the height of the roller. This parameter in different pillows is different - from 6 to 16 cm. At the same time, so that the pillow gives the desired effect, you need to choose "your" roller height. Most people for sleep are suitable for orthopedic cushions of medium height 10-14 cm. High pillows (13-16 cm) are recommended to broadly users, as well as those who usually sleep on the side. Decide on the choice of this parameter is not difficult - it is enough just to calculate.

Pillow memory effect

If you make a strong hand pressure on the pillow and remove after that, it will be seen how the last place is restored slowly. This is this effect.

Repetition of the outlines of the part of the body, which the man put on her, is a demonstration of this effect.

Summary of the calculation of the height of the height of the orthopedic pillow

Cushion height, cm

Preferred Sing Sow

Growth, see


On the back, on the stomach

Large complex



Above 165.


On the side

Below 165.

To do this, you need to measure the distance from the bottom of the neck to the edge of the shoulder. Let, for example, we did 10 cm. After that, it is necessary to add 1-2 cm to compensate for the molding of the mattress shoulder, as a result we will get the size of 11-12 cm. The difference in 1 cm of the roller height is allowed.

A little more complicated to those people whose shoulders are wide. In this case, you need to look for a pillow with a relatively high roller, which may simply be on sale. But there is a fairly simple solution - you can use the existing pillow with the middle roller height, simply laying under the pillow a folded terry towel.

Try to lie on different types of pillows. Pick up the one that is most comfortable.

If the pillow is too low, then there will be a big lumen between the neck and the pillow and the chin will be located above forehead. If the pillow is too high, then the shoulder and chin will be slightly raised below the forehead. Too low or too high the pillow will be called pools and circulatory disorders in the neck area.

The orthopedic pillow can not be put under the shoulders - shoulders should only slightly touch the larger roller. If you buy an orthopedic pillow and put it with a small roller under the neck, then the neck muscles will not receive a proper level of support and on the shoulders will fall extra load.

Pillow rigidity

When choosing the degree of rigidity, you must first take into account your favorite pose during sleep. Lovers sleep on the side will be more suitable for a rigid pillow, providing more efficient support for the neck. Those who are used to sleep on the stomach, it is better to stop the choice on a soft pillow, which will reduce the muscle tension and relieve pain in the neck. And those who sleep face up, the orthopedic cushion of the average degree of rigidity is recommended.

  • A number of moments for which you need to pay attention to when choosing a pillow.
  • In the case when a person usually sleeps on his back, you need to pick up a cushion of medium height, with a roller of 8-10 cm, and a relatively rigid basis;
  • With the habit of sleeping on the stomach, a low pillow with a soft basis is suitable;
  • The height of the roller needs to be increased if the mattress is soft;
  • When a person constantly puts his hand under the pillow or head, it means that the pillow is too low;
  • If the shoulders are treated in the morning, and the neck hurts, then this means that the mattress is too tough, and the pillow is too low;
  • If a person grows a lot in a dream, then it can say that he is inconvenient to sleep, because the pillow is too high;

In cases where a person falls asleep on his side, and then often wakes up in another position (for example, on the back), it is worth thinking about whether it is not too hard mattress. Perhaps he is just uncomfortable, and the body is trying to choose a comfortable position.

Orthopedic pillow for sleep - how to choose?

The spine of man has no direct shape, but bent, especially in the neck and lower back. The spine is held in a vertical position due to the muscles. During sleep, the muscles relax and the neck of the neck requires a convenient support that the pillow serves. How to choose a pillow so that this support is correct, i.e. orthopedic.

Do not buy a pillow right away. Read reviews of people on the Internet.

When a person sleeps on such a pillow, his head and neck are located correctly, the muscles are fully relaxed and resting.

If the bending of the neck during sleep lies in the wrong position, then the muscles of the spine in the cervical department cannot fully relax, there is a breakdown of blood circulation, and a person begins to feel pain. As a result, over the years, people can develop diseases. How to choose a pillow for sleep, tells Dr. orthopedist or consultant in the store, or in the online store.

Manufacturers offer a wide variety of products, from which choose a pillow, which is suitable for a particular person?

What form should the orthopedic pillow have a sleep?

Before buying, find out about the opportunity to return the pillow if it does not fit. The law allows the sellers not to take a back-sold product, but some companies are ready to do this.

Manufacturers produce pillows for sleep square, oval, rectangular, in the form of horseshoe, crescent, even in the shape of a butterfly.

If the product is selected for a long time, the anatomical cushions are recommended rectangular with a pair of rollers. Normal rectangular pillow

Anatomical universal, it will suit each person, but the orthopedic it will be considered conditionally, solely because it has an innovative filler inside, but the form of orthopedic will not be considered. Pillow roller

It may be of different heights, in the middle made a deepening. This is the most suitable model for daily use. Pillows rollers are filled with hard or middle filler. On a small roller, it is convenient to sleep on your back, and on the roller there are more sleeping on the side. Crescent

Designed for those who sleep always on the back. Remarkably fixes the neck, not crushed, does not change the form. Orthopedic Sleeping Pillows With Recess

Popular among large and complete people.

The fillers and sizes were told on this site page, so we will not stop in detail on this article.

Pillows with memory effect Pillow memory effect These products are made from innovative material - foam.

Pillow and girl

- This is what she remembers the contours of the sleeping person's body, and after use, takes its original form. Foam less elastic, compared with latex. It does not give an ejection effect, and takes his head and neck.

Periodicity period of the product - up to 5 years. After that, it becomes more dense and stops flexing to bend correctly.

Orthopedic sleep pillow with memory effect has its own smell that disappears not very quickly after purchase. At first the pillow will seem tough, you need to get used to it. The price of this product is a little more than latex products.

You can buy an orthopedic pillow in our online store. You can also be interested in the pillow under the lower back. With warranty conditions, you can read by going

Link You can also visit our group VKontakte by clicking on the link

Orthopedic pillow - a product of a special "anatomical" form that supports the body in the correct position, reducing the load, relaxing muscles. Special adaptations have a wellness effect, have a small weight, do not absorb the smell, provide increased comfort during operation. The best stores offer to buy classic pillows, anatomical wave-like, recess under the shoulder, cartridges, rollers. Models are distinguished in shape, destination and type of filler. To the selection of pillows should be approached individually.

Types of orthopedic pillows for sleep


  • Orthopedic models for future and nursing mothers are selected by appointment:
  • Wedge-shaped models are convenient to support the stomach, sitting on the side;
  • The elongated rollers (130 cm) allow you to change the position in a dream;
  • arcuate products support belly, lower back;


For neck

The orthopedic pillow for the neck is presented in the market with a small (40x50 cm) crescent or a rectangle compensating for pain, uncomfortable feelings of the vertebrae.

The cushion shape "Crescent" gently covers the neck on both sides, fixes a comfortable position on the back.

Rectangular model. Planning to buy an orthopedic pillow, equipped with two rollers, you should choose the minimum height of the depression under the head.

The soft orthopedic pillow "Wave" with a reduced height of the headboard provides the correct anatomical location of the neck and head in a dream, contributing to the prevention of vertebral pathologies, headaches.

Roller Suitable for relaxing on a side with semi-bent feet, with a cervical osteochondrosis supports the natural bending of the neck.

Fillers orthopedic pillows

Orthopedic products from natural latex - soft, elastic, elastic material, enjoys the greatest popularity, attracting buyers for long-term operation (10 years), the ability to independently change the size. Product forms are anatomical, rectangular, square. Manufacturers also offer to buy two-layer latex pillows, allowing to remove the thin bottom layer.

The Memorix filler with the effect of memory when the pressure and temperature increase instantly takes the body shape, without wasting to the end. Free from the load, the pillow takes the initial shape. Additional advantage of elastic foam - hypoallergenicity, lack of risk of breeding microorganisms. The pillow is useful to choose people subject to neck diseases, backs.

Polyester pillows from China are the cheapest option presented by sliding balls with silicone lubricant on fibers. Due to high mobility, the filler quickly takes the shape of the head, allows you to independently form the sizes of the pillow by removing unnecessary balls. However, polyester has contraindications for allergies.

Polyurethane foam is a hippaliergenic, elastic synthetic analogue of latex, preserving shape with long use, constant washers.

Bamboo - Natural antibacterial filler, is often used in the manufacture of orthopedic products from Italy.

The helium filler creates a cooling effect, uniformly divides the load. Not recommended for inflammation of a triple or occipital nerve.

Buckwheat Luzga - 100% natural material characterized by high orthopedic properties. In the neck of the neck, the filler creates a point massage, helping to forget about snoring, migraines, springs in the back, shoulders, neck. The type of orthopedic pillows is recommended during scoliosis.

Wool - creates optimal thermoregulation for residents: in the summer it is not hot, it is not cold in winter. However, provokes allergies.

Hollofiber - Elastic, durable, inexpensive in price on a synthet board basis. Weakly ventilated.

Comforter is a soft, hypoallergenic substitute for a natural fluff.

Liocell - wood composition, well regulating

How to choose the orthopedic pillow for sleep

The key indicator of choice that determines the pros and cons of pillows is an orthopedic effect, calculated by multiplying the coefficients of individual components (maximum indicator - 5). For example, the product takes the form by 4 points, retains to 3, the orthopedic indicator will reach 4x3 = 12 points.

How to choose the right size in height - table

The correct height of the pillow allows you to repeat the anatomical structure of the blades and neck, providing good support for the vertebrae. Breakfast men worth buying a high orthopedic pillow (6-16 cm), the model will also suit lovers to put his hand under the head in a dream, people who feel pain in the neck in the morning, the tension of the brachial joint. Low models are convenient for rest on the back, a soft mattress.

The length of the product ranges in the range of 40 ... 80 cm, width - 30 ... 50 cm. According to the reviews of doctors, the size of orthopedic pillows should not exceed the size of the mattress.

Children's orthopedic pillows

Children's orthopedic objects for sleep are created taking into account the anatomical features of the body of the kids. Pillows create a light massage effect, supporting deep, calm sleep. Parents are offered a huge assortment of baby pillows:

Clamps. Suitable babies up to 12 months. Allow you to fix the correct position of the kid.

The inclined model recommended by children up to 1 year facilitates breathing, helps to jump in a dream. The optimal angle of inclination is 30 degrees. A successful alternative to the inclined pillow will be raised in the headboard mattress.

Anatomical pillow for children up to 3 years has a depression for the head, low sidelights. Creates the correct anatomical position of the spine. Doctors recommend buying a model for a curve, violation of the cervical spine, skull deformation, the prevention of various pathologies of musculoskeys.

A pillow from suffocation for children under 5 years old is made of polyurethane foam with increased pores that provide additional ventilation of the orthopedic product.

Side pillow for children up to the year. The design includes 2 blocks, remotely resembles a mini-sofa, fixing the body of children.

Pillow-butterfly for children up to 2 years old with a deepening in the center, lateral rollers provide the spine correct position.

Sizes of baby pillows

The classic parameters of baby pillows 40x60 cm. Up to 18 months of orthopedists recommend buying a model with 18x25x2.5 cm dimensions. The age of 18-36 months will suit the product 25x29x3 cm, for 3-7 years - 35x39x5 cm, from 7 years - 35x58x8 cm.

Tip: Deciding to buy a children's orthopedic pillow, you should take an interest in the presence of certificates that guarantee the safety and environmental friendliness of materials, check the quality of the seat, the presence of a zipper that simplifies the care of the cover.

How to sleep on an orthopedic pillow

When choosing a pillow, it is important to consider body position in a dream:

Comfortable rest on the back will provide a low cushion (6 cm high), without pursuing vertebral artery. The roller under the cervical spine should be bought by medium stiffness, and the surface for the head is to provide a softer.

Lovers sleep on the side will suit a standard flat pillow with a neckline for the shoulder, two rollers.

Tourists, traveling often forced to sleep on the bus. For relocation, the perfect version will be the pillow "Duma" or Horseshoe.

New Trend - Orthopedic stars, designed to relax on the stomach. Alternative - Round Sofa Pillows or Butterflies.

With osteochondrosis, doctors advise sleeping on her side or back with elongated legs, contributing to complete relaxation. Embryo's posture is also useful, laying a small pillow under the head.

Feeling back pain, it is undesirable to sleep on the stomach. Straightening, the cervical vertebrae and the muscles twist the spine.

Top 7 Best Orthopedic Sleep Pillows - Rating 2021

1. "Ascona"

"Askona" over 25 years occupies the leading position among the goods for sleep. The manufactured products are tested in their own factory laboratories. In 2013, the company is recognized as "brand number 1" in the category "orthopedic pillows".

  • Prices and properties of Askon products complies with customer requests from different ages, sets. Pillow fillers serve:
  • Foam with "Memory" forms;
  • Antibacterial fluff / feather, creating cool sensations in summer, comfortable temperature in winter;
  • cooling gel, often complementing the foam filler "Ascona";

Artificial fibers, providing long-term operation of goods for sleep.

Prices for orthopedic items for sleep "Ascona" - 930 ... 4380 rubles.


TRIVES company for more than 25 years successfully supplies the market for medical products, health goods. He is a laureate of the All-Russian Industrial Prize "Global Industry 2015", owner of the national quality mark "Choice of Russia". Brand products solves acute health problems, used to prevent, improve the quality of life of healthy people.

  1. Orthopedic pillows "TRIVES" are characterized by functionality, scope of application:
  2. Children's models are suitable for kids 2.5-3 years old.
  3. Products under the head are offered to choose massage elements with a corrugated surface, three-layer models with a memorization effect. A series of models is equipped with a C-shaped roller, has a bodie contouring effect, performs universal functions.
  4. Cushion for seating is characterized by a special orthopedic form, gel filler, rotating, cooling, massage effect.
  5. A premium series of pillows includes high-class children's, universal, g-shaped, ribbed options.

Latex orthopedic products allow you to choose the optimal option for your back, legs, seats, classic, ergonomic options, bone shape, with a massage effect. Models for pregnant women, travels are proposed.

Replaceable covers are provided with a complete set of orthopedic products. Budget models exclude the availability of covers. Premium pillows are represented with impregnation of aloe, milk. Sale of orthopedic products "TRIVES" is carried out at prices: 400-2 680 rubles.

3. Trelax

The Russian factory TELAX, established in 2005, is engaged in the development of medical products under its own trademark of Trelax. The product line includes orthopedic pillows and mattresses that ensure the prevention and treatment of spinal pathologies, improving the quality of sleep in adults, children. The quality of the products is confirmed by the ISO 13485: 2011 certificate, as well as nominations in the "Best Children" premiums, 100 best products.

  • Trelax orthopedic pillows with delivery in Russia are easy to determine the size of 70x70, 50x70, composition (latex, polyester, high-elastic foam), format:
  • with roller;
  • memory effect;
  • for travelers;
  • with hole;
  • orthopedic pillows with pregnant women, kids;
  • for auto seems;
  • under the back;

Children's orthopedic pillow designer.

Product prices TRELAX: 700-3779 rubles

4. "Ormaytek"

The Russian company Ormatek was founded over 18 years ago, is a leading manufacturer of high-quality sleep goods recommended by leading bases. The current market share of ORMAEKE GC is 32%.

  1. The price of orthopedic products is determined by the size, shape - classical, ergonomic, cover - removable, non-removable and filler:
  2. Ormafoam well supports the neck and head, providing full relaxation.
  3. Ormagel evenly distributes excess heat on the surface, giving coolness to the hot season. Frequently combined with memorial.
  4. Memorix is ​​an orthopedic filler with the effect of "memory" repeats the outlines of the head and neck, contributing to a comfortable sleep.
  5. Latex. Natural, elastic and elastic composition creates comfortable conditions for sleep.
  6. Microfiber is a worthy equivalent to a natural fluff.

Pooh - natural, soft, comfortable composition.

Buy products "Ormatek" will turn out at a price of 2990-63,000 rubles

5. "Comfort"

  1. Factory "Comfort Line" offers to order an orthopedic pillows for sleep via the online store, seats, waves, characterized by the type of filler:
  2. The foam with the "memory effect" changes under the influence of heat and body weight.
  3. Comfort Line with a polyester packing effectively relieves stress, provides cooling effect with hottings.
  4. Comfort Line Merino with filling from the wool of the Australian Merino - lush, air bedding, contributing to the correct position of the body, softness and warmth of touch.

Porous viscousoelastic perfectly ventifies air in a dream, creates an optimal microclimate.

Prices of orthopedic goods Comfort Line: 4697-6710 rubles.

6. Luomma.

Orthopedic pillows Luomma (Russia / Finland) provide comfortable sleep, rest, sitting and traveling. Excellent used during the period of rehabilitation after operations, childbirth. The memory effect "Memory Foam" helps to achieve the perfect location, repeat the contours, the bends of the human body.

  • Luomma imported pillows catalog with a choice:
  • anatomical products of various sizes (45x25, 31x52, 48x30);
  • orthopedic seats in the form of a ring;
  • model for legs;
  • travel pads;

Baby pillows from 28-30 days of life.

Luomma products are hypoallergenic, absolutely safe for adults, children. Stand cheap: 450-4650 rubles.

7. Hilberd.

Orthopedic products under the Hilberd brand produced by the German factory of Gesundas. Products provide a high level of comfort, therapeutic effect on the spine, thanks to the special high-elastic BASF foam. Pillows contribute to the correct position of the head in any pose. The cloth of pillowers is also thought out - perforated products create a breathable effect, silver threads - antibacterial properties. An additional brand feature is a filler containing vitamins, silver ions, essential oils that contribute to a comfortable sleep. Hilberd orthopedic goods will prefer to buy lyuli, prone to allergies.

In the assortment of the Hilberd brand, elite sleeping pads, seats, travel, children are presented. Products are characterized by a special cast form. The optimal combination of softness, elasticity and memory effect. Hilberd products price range: 5100-6700 rubles.

Popular manufacturers of orthopedic sleeping bags - list

Brands of orthopedic pillows that are popular: Alteco, Altrenotti, Andersen (Denmark), Askona, Aura Fi X, Babysoon, Betis, Bilana, Bitlerbeck, Brec Kle, Come-for, Comfort Line, Comfort Memory, Day & Night, Doctor Health, Donson, Ekon, Elfdreams, Home Line, Ideia, LGLEN, Kamasana, Lighthouse, Lotus, M +, Magni Fl Ex, Matroluxe, Mirson, Neolux, Novita, Othello, Penelope, Omed, Sevi Bebe, Sonex, Tac, Tag, Twins, Viva, Wollwelt, Zastelli, Alkom, Veneto, Healthy Sleep, Runny, Fleece, Trive, Finex.


Where to buy an orthopedic pillow?

Buy orthopedic salons, pharmacies, furniture stores are offered to sleep. Several online stores with adequate price, selection of pillows, guarantee:



How to wipe the orthopedic pillow with a memory effect?

To save properties, it is not recommended to wash the product. Water destroys the structure, the beneficial properties of the material. It is enough to 1 times / month to air the pillow in the fresh air. Removable product covers are washed.

What if you are inconvenient to sleep on an orthopedic pillow and sore neck?

Be sure to visit the doctor, determine the cause of pain. Perhaps the pillow is chosen incorrectly or required to relax more often, improve health.

What material is the best for orthopedic pillows?

The best orthopedic pillow is made of natural latex based on foam rubber - resin tropical trees Gevei.

What is the difference between an anatomical pillow from orthopedic?

Anatomical is customary to call pillows equipped with small and movable fillers repeating the bends of the human body. Orthopedic models form a position contributing to the recovery of the rest.

Is it possible to return the orthopedic pillow to the store?

According to paragraph 1, the list approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 55, textile products providing prevention and treatment of diseases at home is not refundable or exchanged.

How to measure the height of the roller of the orthopedic pillow?

Rollers orthopedic pillows are of different heights (8-14 cm). The calculation of the height of the roller for sleeping on the side is carried out as follows: measured the length of the shoulder from the base of the neck to the edge of the shoulder and add 1-2 cm to join the mattress shoulder.

How many cm is a comfortable height of an orthopedic pillow?

The selection of height is determined by the favorite Sleep Sleep Sleep. The height of the pillow corresponds to the clearance between the neck and the bed. A comfortable rest on the back will provide a low pillow (6-10 cm), on the side - a high version (12 cm), on the stomach - a flat model. An additional criterion is the mass of the user. The more weight, the higher the pillow.

Orthopedic pillow of latex or polyurethane foam - what is better?

Polyurethane foam in comparison with Latex wins in price, but inferior to orthopedic and operational properties.

Which side to sleep on an orthopedic pillow?

For rest on the back, under the neck, a small roller should be located, on the side - a large roller.

How to sleep on an orthopedic pillow with two rollers?

Higher roller should be located at the level of the shoulder, to the low - put the face or head.

How to care for an orthopedic pillow?

The efficiency of operating an orthopedic pillow is determined by the initial properties and conditions of content. Choosing a "memorial" from Austria, it is not recommended to cover the pillow with a blanket, periodically ventilating the product, preventing the formation of a suitable environment for microbes into microbores. The material with the memory effect is contraindicated machine washing. The surface of the pillows is enough to rub with a damp cloth or a sponge dipped in a soft detergent, caustious water. Then you need to gently comprehend the material between two dry towels, dry in a dark place.

Washing accessories from natural latex passes manually, in warm water, with the addition of liquid detergent or powder. Caring for packing from buckwheat husk is limited by periodic ventilation. It is forbidden to knock out, wet the product.

The rules for selecting a sleeping accessory with an orthopedic effect are determined by the characteristics of the structure of the human spine. In the natural position, it has a curved shape, and the larger bend falls on the cervical department. In a vertical position, the muscles correspond to the correct support of the spinal column, but in a dream all muscles are relaxed, so the cervical department may require additional support.

When should I use an orthopedic pillow?

  • The decision to purchase a pillow with orthopedic properties is made individually. However, in some cases, experts strongly recommend sleeping on such a model:
  • Violations and diseases of the upper spines. In this case, the orthopedic pillow supports the body in the correct position, which allows to remove pain and overvoltage.
  • Fatigue, headaches, problems with the back. Most often occur during sedentary work or excessive physical exertion. In this case, the sleep on the model with an orthopedic effect helps remove the pinching of nerve endings and restore normal blood circulation, including the brain.

Difficulties with falling asleep. Often, the insomnia is connected with the problems of internal organs, stress or inappropriate sleeping parameters. Those who sleep restlessly at night, such a pillow will help relax and make a lot of rest.

What are there?

  • Over the development of the form of orthopedic pillows, orthopedic doctors and vertebrologists are working, facing the task of achieving the most successful combination of comfort and the benefits for the spine. Today manufacturers offer the following models:
  • Rectangular. The classic shape pillow, which provides an orthopedic effect exclusively at the expense of the filler. Suitable for those who do not have health problems and seeks to secure a comfortable sleep.
  • Wavely pillow. The model as if consists of two different rollers in the height with a small deepening in the central part. One of the most popular solutions for orthopedic pillows, because it can adapt to any body position: a smaller roller is convenient for sleep on the back, more - to sleep on the side.
  • With a notch under the shoulder. Particularly comfortable for those who prefer to sleep on the side, as well as for people with overweight.

"Crescent". They differ in the greatest softness and create comfortable support for sleep on the back.

The size

One of the key criteria for the answer to the question how to choose an orthopedic pillow is precisely size. From how precisely the dimensions correspond to the needs of the owner, directly depends on the possibility of adopting a comfortable and anatomically correct posture for sleep.

Today, the width of orthopedic models for adults oscillates in the range of 30-50 cm, the length varies within 40-80 cm, however most manufacturers adhere to the standard 50x70 dimensions for conventional airbags. With regard to children's products, the most popular parameters in this case - 50x40 for Schoolchildren and 20x30 cm for kids.

What should be the height of the product?

The thickness of the model is another major parameter. The price of the correct answer to the question of how to choose an orthopedic pillow height - absolute comfort, correct support and, as a result, a healthy spine, so this indicator needs to be suitable with all seriousness.

Today, the height of the orthopedic product ranges in the range of 6-16 cm, but the selection must be carried out individually in each case. To do this, the distance from the edge of the shoulder is measured, its most protruding part, to the base of the neck. At the same time, the permissible error in the value may be no more than 1-2 cm.


  • Just like the mattresses, the degree of rigidity of orthopedic pillows varies from particularly soft models to high elasticity products. The choice of sleeping accessories for this parameter depends on the following factors:
  • The usual posture for sleep. Sleep lovers on the back will fit a low and pretty soft pillow. The lowest and soft models recommend those who rest on the stomach, and to sleep on the side should look at the models higher and ridicule.
  • Mattress rigidity. Under the mattress of stiffness is average and higher, high orthopedic pillows are selected - to create a natural bend and the necessary depreciation. For a softer mattress, a model of a smaller thickness is suitable.

Roller Suitable for relaxing on a side with semi-bent feet, with a cervical osteochondrosis supports the natural bending of the neck.

Personal sensations. Suitable rigidity can also be determined by the level of its own comfort. If there is no shoulders, and the desire arises to put a hand under the head - the pillow is too soft, if pain in the neck and the chin arise almost touching the chest - the product is too tough.

  • The basis of the effect of such pillows is fillers. The following materials are most often used today:
  • Latex. Foamed rubber tree juice is distinguished by the average degree of rigidity. Such pillows are well kept form, elags, silent, effectively dismissed moisture and serve 5 years or more. Some models can also have a massage effect at the expense of tubercles. Of the disadvantages - a fairly high cost.
  • Buckwheat husk. The husk from the grains of buckwheat is considered one of the most environmentally friendly and affordable fillers. Provides good support and unobtrusive natural massage. Easy discomfort can cause a tangible product weight and rustling when used.

Foam with memory effect. High-tech material, less rigid than Latex, but still enough elastic. Repeats the contours of the neck and head, providing comfortable support and forms the most natural bend of the spine. It is necessary to get used to the material because it causes unusual enveloping sensations.

Tips when buying an orthopedic pillow

  • With the right selection of sleeping facilities, it is important to consider all possible nuances. By purchasing an orthopedic pillow, it is worth abide by several simple rules:
  • If you can test the product - you should not miss it. Today in most stores sellers give customers the opportunity to lie down on orthopedic pillows to assess the degree of rigidity and the height of the products like.
  • Compliance with the mattress pillow is an important condition. High-quality and functional, chosen under the individual needs of the owner of the mattress in combination with such a pillow will provide the optimal organization of the bedroom. If the mattress is damaged, it was not enough or uncomfortable, even the dear model itself will not provide the desired comfort.
  • Balance price and quality. When thinking about how to choose an orthopedic pillow, it is important not to make the cost of priority. Too cheap products very quickly come into disrepair, and if the premium category model is selected incorrectly, it will not give the necessary relaxation. Today it is recommended to pick up pillows from proven manufacturers and navigate first of all to our own needs - especially since during the period of shares and discounts you can purchase a model from a higher price segment without going beyond the budget.

Do not consider orthopedic pillows as a healing agent. They serve as effective prevention of diseases of the spine, make it possible to remove pain and unpleasant symptoms. However, such a pillow still remains part of a complex for taking care of his own health.

Even if the cushion with the orthopedic effect initially seemed comfortable, it would take several days to get used to it. But you should not worry because of unusual sensations: if the model is chosen correctly, the feeling of absolute comfort will come quickly.

Good afternoon, dear readers! Many messages comes to me by mail with problematic issues, for example: "Why is the headache in the morning?", "Why will the neck after awakening?" etc. I do not assume to say 100% that the case is in the pillow, but on your own experience, I will say, pay special attention to it. From the old age, the filler ceases to perform its functions properly, it becomes softer, rolled into the corners, etc. All this affects your health and mood. In the overwhelming majority of cases, the problem is solved by buying a new orthopedic pillow, which has several advantages over the usual.

1. Some physiology. 2. What are the forms? 3. Pillow sizes. 4. What inside? 5. Who needs to use orthopedic pillows? 6. Conclusion. 7. Customer reviews.

A little physiology.   How to choose an orthopedic pillow?Before talking about the form and filling of orthopedic pillows, I want to pay attention to the physiological features of the human body. It so happened that the body has specific bends in the cervical, chest and lower back. Whatever muscles, and the body as a whole, have fully rested, it is necessary to create correct support for the head and spine during sleep. It is this feature that performs a high-quality orthopedic pillow - supports the head during sleep at the proper level. Otherwise, poor-quality support, creates prerequisites for the development of the cervical oestiothondrosis and violates arterial blood supply, which affects the quality of sleep.

Proper body position during sleep.

What are the forms?

  • Manufacturers do not stand still and carefully study the peculiarities of the human body. For different people, cushions of various shape are being developed. The most popular are the following: Classic rectangular pillow without rollers
  • . There are no features of the pillow features, the orthopedic effect is achieved by special elastic filling and removing in the center of the product, which is found in some models. Horseshoe (crescent)
  • . The pillow is horseshoe, mostly put under the neck when traveling in various types of transport, however, some people use such pillows in everyday life. Wave shape with two rollers
  • - The most popular orthopedic pillow with two rollers placed along the long side. Various height of rollers allows you to use a pillow in all poses. Little roller is used in the back position "on the back", and a larger roller "on the side". Today, this pillow received the greatest popularity, because More accurately repeats the contours of the body during sleep. Pillow with a notch under the shoulder
Orthopedic pillowsConvenient for people sleeping "on the side", as well as for complete people. Often, a pillow with two rollers is complemented by such a recess, providing the most comfortable position for the shoulder while sleeping on the side.  

The appearance of some orthopedic pillows.

The voiced list is not determining and can be supplemented. Some manufacturers make cushions of decorative shape, but they are much less common, so we will not consider them. If you have an unusual pillow, be sure to write in the comments.

Pillow size.

The second important characteristic of the orthopedic pillow is the size. Before buying, be paid attention to it. The size range varies from 30 to 80 cm long and from 20 to 50 cm in width. If you boast wide shoulders and high growth, then you should choose a larger cushion: 50x70 and 50x80, if the physique you have the usual, then the sizes of 40x60 and 40x65 are perfectly suitable. For children, as a rule, choose pillows smaller: 20x30, 40x50, 40x60.  

Orthopedic sleep pillowThe height of the pillow varies from 5 to 16 cm and must correspond to your shoulder width. For the right choice, we advise you before purchasing to measure the distance from the edge of the shoulder to the bottom of the neck. Try to make measurements more accurately, with an error of no more than 1-2 cm, otherwise you can encounter discomfort during sleep. The picture presented below shows the points of the beginning and end of measurement. Follow it for better measurement.  Correct shoulder measurement.   Forms of orthopedic pillowsAlso when choosing a height, consider the pose in which you fall asleep and wake up. Lovers sleep on the back require a pillow of less rigidity and height, and for people sleeping on the side, a pillow is needed higher and hard. Below is the table of characteristics of the orthopedic pillow depending on the posting position and the width of the shoulder, read it, and boldly use when choosing.  

The dependence of the pillow size from the posture and width of the shoulder. Important!

The correct cushion must exercise optimal support for the head and neck. If discomfort and pain occurs during the neck, you want to put your hand under the head, then the pillow is too low. If, on the contrary, the back of the back, and the chin is close to the chest and discomfort in the cervical department, it means the pillow is too high for you. With an optimal altitude, there is no discomfort, and the muscles are completely relaxed.

What is inside?

  • Natural Latex. The third main point when choosing orthopedic pillows is a filler, which should have good elasticity, elasticity, moisture resistance and ability to adapt under the shape of the head and neck. Below are the most popular fillers for orthopedic pillows: «- one of the most popular orthopedic fillers consisting of rubber juice »GEVE
Memory effect pillowand synthetics. Synthetic fibers give the material additional elasticity and wear resistance. Latex does not absorb moisture and smells, has high elasticity and exactly repeats the contours of the body. Absolutely safe and hypopllergenien. In general, the pillows made of natural latex have a complete set of orthopedic properties. With proper care and careful operation, the pillow will last for more than 5 years. I want to draw your attention to the fact that in the first days after the purchase, loosex products, may have a specific smell that disappears after 1-2 weeks. Otherwise, there are no complaints on the pillows, the material and the truth is very good.
  • Elastic pillow of latex. Memory Foam «(viscoelastic polyurethane foam) - material with memory effect. Distinctive feature of the pillow »Memori. In the fact that when exposed to the material of the warm object, the filler is exactly repeated its contours, and after removing the load, the material smoothly and easily restores its shape. In comparison with latex, filler "M. »Emory «(viscoelastic polyurethane foam) - material with memory effect. Distinctive feature of the pillow »Soften and less elastic, head falls into the pillow, without creating additional efforts. The service life, with proper care, is 4-5 years, after which the filler begins to lose its orthopedic properties and becomes more dense. Some buyers complain that pillows «(viscoelastic polyurethane foam) - material with memory effect. Distinctive feature of the pillow », as well as Latex, at the beginning, it may have a specific smell, however, I sank myself on such a pillow, and the smell did not notice. Otherwise complaints on an orthopedic pillow
Proper body position during sleepNo, the main thing is to select the desired size and enjoy sweet sleep.  

Pillow with memory effect. Useful «(viscoelastic polyurethane foam) - material with memory effect. Distinctive feature of the pillow ». Latex pillow manufacturers and

  • They advise before the first use to wash the cover, thereby getting rid of unpleasant odors much faster. Buckwheat husk «(viscoelastic polyurethane foam) - material with memory effect. Distinctive feature of the pillow »- 100% natural product. The buckwheat pillow is very tough and has good air ventilation. Sleeping on such a pillow in the heat is a pleasure, however, the increased rigidity does not have to taste. Consider this when you buy. Due to its structure, the particles of buckwheat husk have a micro-massage of the cervical department, which contributes to muscle relaxation and improving blood supply. The filler adjusts to bending the neck and supports the head in the desired position. The pillow is usually packaged in a two-chamber case that can be unbutted. If desired, part of the filler can be removed or added. Service life up to 3 years, after which the pillow should be changed. The price of a buckwheat pillow is significantly lower than on latex pillows or
How to choose an orthopedic pillow, orthopedic pillow. Before buying a pillow of buckwheat, make sure that there are no allergies on natural fillers, and only buy after that.  

Buckwheat pillow, appearance. Important

! New buckwheat pillows make a specific rustling. After 2-3 weeks of use, when the filler particles proverd to each other, the rustling decreases, but still remains for the entire period of use. Consider this moment before buying a product.

As for their usual pillows from a natural fluff, a pen, sheep and camel wool, as well as synthetic materials like holofayber, artificial swan fluff and syntheps, then such fillers cannot be considered orthopedic, because They do not carry out the necessary support for the head during sleep.

Who can use orthopedic pillows?

I want to immediately make a reservation that the children up to 3 years sleep on orthopedic pillows I do not recommend, because At an early age, physiological bends are only beginning to form and the orthopedic pillow can harm, however, if you were 3 years old and the spine is already formed, you can safely sleep on an orthopedic pillow. It doesn't matter what kind of equipment you have and what width shoulders, the main thing is to correctly choose the product. Make the selection carefully, decide on your dimensions, consider the physiological features of the body, take note of the posture, in which you fall asleep and wake up if there is a personal doctor, then you will surely consult him, and only after that make a final solution in favor of a particular product. Some orthopedic salons or textile shops allow you to test the pillow personally, in no case do not refuse such an opportunity and try everything that they advise. The more you try, the more information will be about the convenience of specific products, and the more correct choice you will do.


In conclusion, I want to note that the orthopedic pillow is not a panacea from headaches and osteochondrosis. Moreover, if you have pain in your neck, you first need to be eliminated, and only after that start buying an orthopedic pillow. The orthopedic cushion is used to prevent such diseases, as well as to increase your comfort during sleep. I have everything on this, I hope the article will help you choose the right product and enjoy a healthy sleep. If you have questions or amendments on the topic I will be happy to listen to them in the comments. Coach you and your home!

Healthy sleep is very important for normal human well-being. At the same time, it is important that the head during sleep was in the right position. Not always the usual casual pillow can provide such a position. Also harmful to sleep and completely without using the pillow. As a result, the spine deformation in its cervical department, vessels and nerves are clarified, which worsens the blood supply of the brain and leads to the occurrence of pain. All this leads to the formation and progression of osteochondrosis. Especially harmful such a dream mode is to people who already have this disease. Therefore, it is recommended to use an orthopedic pillow under the head.

Do not buy a pillow right away. Read reviews of people on the Internet.

Its application makes it possible a healthy night rest. Orthopedic sleep pillow can be called an effective solution for the prevention and prevention of the progression of the cervical osteochondrosis. If you will know exactly how you choose the right orthopedic pillow for sleep, the useful effect of its application will be maximal.

When the use is shown

  • Before, to deal with which orthopedic pillow it is better to choose, it is recommended to determine the readings for its use. Products of this category can be recommended when:
  • The presence of a cervical osteochondrosis;
  • Often disturbing pain in the neck zone and periodic headaches;
  • displacement of the vertebrae, injuries in the cervical department;
  • excessive tensions of the muscles of the neck;
  • presence of vertebro-basallast failure;
  • pain neuralgic etiology, mositis;

Different types of sleep disorders.

Often they are recommended to be used in the complex treatment of the problems of the spine, and in particular the cervical department, methods of physiotherapy, manual therapy, etc.

Sleep on such a pillow is completely harmless to the body. The only contraindications can be called sharp inflammation or lesions of the skin in the neck zone, as well as the presence of allergies on the material from which the product is made.

The useful effect is based on the maintenance of the upper spine during sleep in the correct position. Due to this, the load is reduced, which affects the spine, the muscle tone decreases, the blood circulation is functioning normally. As a result, pain is eliminated, a normal healthy sleep is provided, pathological processes are eliminated, leading to the development of osteochondrosis of the neck and many other diseases. At the same time, it is extremely important to choose the right orthopedic pillow, because its basic parameters must fully approach a particular person.

Varieties of products

You can select the right orthopedic pillow under the condition that the product type suitable for you is determined. They are produced in various forms. The simplest is suitable for almost the entire rectangular pillow. However, its effect is relatively low compared to more complex models. They can have one or two rollers that provide a convenient location of the neck. The pillow can have a special notch intended for the shoulder.

Shoulder measure for choosing an orthopedic pillow

Separately, it is worth saying about special pillows intended for travel. They are enclosed during a trip to the car, bus, train, other transport. Also there are orthopedic baby pillows, a dream on which contributes to the correct formation of the child's spine.

What parameters you need to pay attention to when choosing

  • It is important to correctly determine which orthopedic pillow is better to buy. In order for the product to be optimally suitable for a particular user, the following main characteristics must be taken into account:
  • dimensions (product length and its width);
  • height;
  • stiffness level;
  • the form;

Type of filler used.

The size

Buyers should have an idea of ​​how to better choose an orthopedic pillow in size. To get involved in too large dimensions. It is enough that only the head of the sleeping person and his neck be on the pillow. Do not forget to consider that the posture afternings changes many times. The optimal size of the orthopedic pillow is recommended to pick up so that the head during sleep constantly lay on it and did not roll.

  • Each person has a unique physique. Therefore, ideally the size of the orthopedic pillow for sleep is selected individually. However, such an opportunity exists far from always. Therefore, depending on the physique, when choosing a product, you can follow the following universal recommendations:
  • Children's pillows and teenage models must have a size of 20 × 30 cm to 40 × 50 cm;
  • For the average physique - 40 × 60 cm;

For a large set - 50 × 70 cm.

Using these recommendations, you can easily determine the required size of the orthopedic pillow.

Optimal height of the product

It is necessary to understand well how to choose the right size of the orthopedic pillow in height. In this case, the decisive moments are the posture of sleep and the complex of a person.

Determining with the moment how to choose an orthopedic pillow height, it is necessary to take into account that with any posture, the head should not be neither lowered or raised. It should be with a body on the same line. If you prefer to sleep, lying on your back, then for this posture, the optimal height of the pillow is 6-11 cm. If you prefer a sleep on my side, it is better to choose a model with a height of 9-13 cm.

If you need to know how it is better to choose the height of the orthopedic cushion on the user's physique, then the size can be called 9-14 cm. People of large build and broadly, it is better to use a pillow with a height of about 14-16 cm.

Stiffness and form

The cushion of this type must be comfortable to use. In this case, its rigidity also depends on the posture of sleep. Lying on the back is comfortable on a tougher pillow, and on the stomach - on the soft. Orthopedic pillows with medium rigidity are more versatile. They can be chosen if you like to sleep on my side more.

The form of orthopedic pillows produced today may be the most diverse. The most common are rectangular, round pillows, products in the form of single rollers. They can have special protrusions and recesses for more convenient use.

Varieties of fillers

  • The following main types of orthopedic pillows can be distinguished by the applied filler material: Latex
  • . They differ in the long service, perfectly retain the original shape, they have good elasticity. Latex is usually used in small and medium hardness pillows. Polyurethanistanova
  • . This filler provides good support, the optimal air exchange and does not roll. With memory effect
  • . A special filler is used sensitive to the heat of the human body. Thanks to this, he "remembers" his form, which allows to achieve an excellent combination of high orthopedic efficiency and comfort. Polyester
  • . Available at their cost orthopedic pillows, characterized by simplicity in care, which allow you to independently adjust the height, make sleep comfortable and healthy. Polystyrene
orthopedic latex pillow

. The filler serves a plurality of polystyrene balls, which are evenly distributed inside the case. It provides effective support.

Recommendations when buying

By choosing an orthopedic pillow you like, it is recommended to lie down before buying on it. At the same time, you need to take the position in which you usually prefer to sleep every night. In this position, the spine must be direct. If, when lying on this pillow, even a small discomfort is felt, it is better to give up from her purchase and pick up another option.

Ksenia Petrov

Choose an orthopedic pillow

I have time sores, so I decided to buy an orthopedic pillow. On quarantine, I began to work more at the computer, and sometimes the pain in the neck did not pass even after sleep. The fountain pillow, on which I slept half aim, began to seem a piece of stone. As if

I neither of her meal, anyway could not find a comfortable position to relax. Voltage and pain intensified.

I decided to figure out how effective orthopedic pillows are and for what parameters they need to choose.

How not to go on health

Tell me in the mailing list "This is the norm". Twice a month we send letters on how to check the appointment, choose a high-quality medicine from a dozen analogues and return money for treatment

The orthopedic pillow differs from the usual When a person stands or sits, a head, neck and shoulders in calm condition are on the same line. When the head deviates forward, backwards or sides, the muscles are strained. because of

Long tension in the muscles arises spasm, and after him pain. Also

The most happens when we sleep if the head lies on the pillow above or below the spinal line. During slow sleep, which takes up to 80% of the time, the muscles do not relax completely. It is necessary that in a dream we can unconsciously change the pose. And in the rapid sleep phase, only the muscles responsible for the position in space are completely relaxed. They are called antigravitational. These are usually large muscles, such as breast-curable-bed-like muscles in the neck. But the muscles that do not belong to antigravitational, relax only partially. For example, the subcutaneous muscles of the neck. Therefore, if the pillow is chosen wrong, the neck muscles will strain most of the night. When a person stands or sits, a head, neck and shoulders in calm condition are on the same line. When the head deviates forward, backwards or sides, the muscles are strained. Ordinary pillows fill with materials that are chaotic coming and repeat the body shape. For example, pen, syntheps or bamboo.

This neck is bent during sleep, the muscles are strained - and in the morning a person can feel headaches, pain in the neck and numbness of the hands.

Orthopedic pillows are made from materials that repeat the bending of the head, neck and shoulders, supporting their position on the same line.
The farther from the straight out of the head, the muscles are stringent. The tilt of 45 degrees adds about 20 kg to the weight of the head. With such a tilt, we most often look into the smartphone

Ordinary pillows are coming and losing the form. On them, the spine deviates from the line. The orthopedic pillow returns to its original position, how many ends of her

When you need an orthopedic pillow

If there are no pain in the muscles, you can replace the usual pillow to orthopedic as prevention. But if there are already problems, the orthopedic pillows are not enough. The pain can be a sign of the disease, injury or overvoltage of muscles during the day - for example, while working at the computer. Therefore, before buying an orthopedic pillow, you should consult with your doctor: it will help to find out the cause of pain.

  1. The orthopedic pillow can be used as an auxiliary treatment method if the following states are worried:
  2. Headache, pain in the neck and shoulders. At the orthopedic pillow, the muscles relax overnight, so the pain decreases.
  3. Insomnia and fatigue in the morning. You will be easier to fall asleep and wake up at night if the pillow is comfortable and the muscles do not register on it.
  4. Snore. The pillow lifts his head, and the air is easier through the larynx. It is recommended to use not only an orthopedic pillow, but also raise the entire mattress. Apnea is when during sleep breathing stops on 10-30 seconds.
  5. More often it worries people sleeping on his back. Orthopedic pillow can help get used to sleep not on the back so that the respiratory tract is free.

Heartburn. At night, the symptoms of heartburn decrease, if you sleep on the left side and with a raised top of the body. Orthopedic pillow will help to sleep in this position.

When doctors recommend an orthopedic pillow

Valentin Panov

orthopedist traumatologist Although pillows are called orthopedic, they are not included in the official list of orthopedic and medical devices. Orthopedistian

Does not appoint an orthopedic pillow and does not presize for her - there is no benefit on her purchase. But this does not mean that there is no indication, which would

Required the use of orthopedic pillows. Depending on the patient's complaints, the doctor can recommend it in words.

For example, if the patient is bothering pain in the neck, the main method of treatment will be the treatment of physical education under the supervision of a rehabilitologist or physical therapist. And orthopedic pillows - auxiliary method.

How to choose a pillow


The height of the pillow is the distance from the lower to the upper edge of its highest part. This means that if the pillow has a roller or climb, then the height of the entire pillow is determined by its height. If the pillow is homogeneous, then its height is the same anywhere. The orthopedic pillow will keep the head in the right position, if you choose the height, taking into account the characteristics of the body and how you sleep. If buying at random, then during sleep neck will be curved also , as well as on the ordinary pillow. By Same The cause of the pillows should not change: people with one and same

Growth and weight can sleep in different poses. Therefore, the pillow that is suitable for one may be too high or soft for another. Measure the length of the shoulder.

To do this, stand in front of the mirror and the tip of the finger at the top of the shoulder, click on the place where the bone acts. Measure the distance from the neck to the protrusion using the ruler. Pillow manufacturers are recommended to consider the stiffness of the mattress. If it is soft and easily puzzled - add to the resulting length 1-2 cm.

My shoulder length is 10 cm. The mattress of medium stiffness, the shoulder sues a little, so I added 1 cm, and the recommended height of the pillow turned 11 cm. Determine the pose in which you sleep. A person rarely remains in one pose all night, but everyone has a position in which he falls asleep and sleeps most of the time. Some pillow manufacturers indicate an approximate height for different poses in the sizes table: for sleep on the stomach - cushions height 5-10 cm , on the back - 10-14 cm Pillow manufacturers are recommended to consider the stiffness of the mattress. If it is soft and easily puzzled - add to the resulting length

, on my side - from 10 to 16 cm. Compare these data with the height of the pillow, which you have turned out after measuring the length of the shoulder. It will help you adjust the height on

I prefer to sleep on the stomach, a little less often on the side. And the height of the pillow on the shoulder turned out to be 11 cm. The high pillow may be too lifting the head and create this burden on the neck. Therefore, I took 2 cm and bought a pillow with a height of 9 cm. She is slightly lower than the old pillow, but it turned out to be much more convenient, it did not have to get used to it.

For example, if the patient is bothering pain in the neck, the main method of treatment will be the treatment of physical education under the supervision of a rehabilitologist or physical therapist. And orthopedic pillows - auxiliary method.

If you choose a pillow in the store, you can additionally focus on comfort and visual straight. This is a line that passes through the middle of the nape, neck and spine. In any position on an orthopedic pillow, it should be straight. This means that the muscles in a dream will be relaxed. Ask a consultant to look from the part or take a picture of you to visually evaluate the direct


Orthopedic pillows support their heads, neck and shoulders on one line thanks to the filler. If the manufacturer writes that the cushion is orthopedic, but in its composition only the fluff, feather, holofiber, syntheps or bamboo, then the pillow will be badly maintained. Polyurethane foam. When a person stands or sits, a head, neck and shoulders in calm condition are on the same line. When the head deviates forward, backwards or sides, the muscles are strained. The pillow has the effect of the memory of the form: under pressure of the foam repeats the contours of the body, the head is immersed in the pillow to one level with the neck, and the spine is aligned. When the pressure disappears, the foam returns to the previous form. Minus - low air permeability. Р.

This, at low temperatures, the pillow becomes tough, and in the heat head on it will sweat. On average, pillows with such a filler are 3000 Soy foam. Р.

To the touch, soy foam soft, looks like a sponge for washing dishes. Due to the porous structure, it is lighter than polyurethane foam and best passes air. Most models can be washed in a washing machine. The effect of memory is, but is inferior to what polyurethane foam gives. Soy foam is easier to get, so there are pillows with it cheaper - on average 2000 Water based gel. The gel is softer polyurethane foam, therefore it does not exactly repeat the contours of the body. But in practice it is not felt. The main advantage is the cooling effect: at the point of contact, the pillow cools the body on 1.5-2 ° C. Р.

. Minus - fragility. If the pillow is damaged, gel will not follow, but it can lose the form. Therefore, it is better not to sleep on it in earrings and keep it away from pets. There is a pillow with such an average of 3000 Latex.

To the touch, the latex pillow is similar to a polyurethane foam, but it is better cool, so the head will not sweat in the heat. Such pillows are durable and dense, so more suitable for sleep on the back and on the side. Those who sleep on the stomach, they may seem hard. Р.

Latex does not electrify and does not attract dust. However, there are also cons: latex does not have the effect of memory and has a specific sweet odor. After five years of use, Latex shrinkage occurs, and the pillow decreases in height. When the height decreases more than 2 cm, the pillow will have to change. The average price of such a pillow - 4000 Independent mini springs. Р.

The springs are made of soft metal and are surrounded by polyurethane foam, so do not felt cheek. They react to the movement of the body and spring is uneven, depending on severity. Thanks to this, the pillow repeats the body contour and after changing the posture immediately restores the form. But such pillows are poorly passed air and are short-lived. They are not suitable for sleep on the stomach due to rigidity. Price such a pillow on average 2000 Buckwheat husk Р.

Well absorbs sweat and dispels heat, so it will not be damp and hot in summer. Some compare their feelings from her with those that gives a chair. Minus - Luzga Slastite Over time, everything is stronger: after each cleaning and drying, the husks will be less, emptiness - more, and the sound is to resemble the noise of foliage. The noise level affects the pillowcase. In the synthetic fabric, Luzga will rush louder, in cotton - quieter. This is the cheapest filler. On average, a pillow with buckwheat luzga costs 1500 Adjustable filler. РIn orthopedic pillows it is a crushed polyurethane foam. The price is slightly higher than that of the pillows from the solid piece of foam, - on average 3500

. The air permeability of such pillows is better than the pillows from a solid piece of polyurethane, and the head will sweat less. The height of such a pillow can be adjusted independently: to reduce or increase to 5 cm. Therefore, if the length of the shoulder is 10 cm, the pillows 5, 10 and 15 cm are equally suitable. And this is a good option for children who have the length of the shoulder will change.
Pillows with buckwheat husk are tightly fastened on the castle. But you can use another pillowcase from above, so that the husk will probably get on the bed. Source: Good Night Rest

For example, if the patient is bothering pain in the neck, the main method of treatment will be the treatment of physical education under the supervision of a rehabilitologist or physical therapist. And orthopedic pillows - auxiliary method.

Included with a pillow with adjustable filler there is a packaging with chopped polyurethane foam. If you add it all to the pillow, the height will increase by 5 cm. Source: Amazon


Orthopedic pillows can be with separate sections or with a homogeneous surface. Pillows with separate sections

Designed for different positions in a dream. They need to be turned over at night the right side or shifting their heads to a certain section. Therefore, these pillows do not recommend those who sleep hard or accept sleeping pills. Pillows with a homogeneous surface

No need to turn over or change their position to them consciously. The orthopedic effect in such pillows is achieved due to the roller under the neck or filler, which responds to the change of position.

For example, if the patient is bothering pain in the neck, the main method of treatment will be the treatment of physical education under the supervision of a rehabilitologist or physical therapist. And orthopedic pillows - auxiliary method.

Today, the height of the orthopedic product ranges in the range of 6-16 cm, but the selection must be carried out individually in each case. To do this, the distance from the edge of the shoulder is measured, its most protruding part, to the base of the neck. At the same time, the permissible error in the value may be no more than 1-2 cm.

The pillow with the memory effect can only be the contour under the shoulders. This option is suitable for sleep in any pose. Source: Amazon

The more you weigh, the more harsh pillow you need to choose: the more weight, the stronger the pillow is presented and its height is reduced.

You can define stiffness to the touch in the store. To do this, remember the pillow in your hands, and it is better to lie on it. If you buy online, look at what they write about the stiffness in the manual for the pillow. Some manufacturers indicate the rigidity of the abbreviation of the ILD - INDENTATION LOAD Deflection. This is a scale for which rigidity is rated: from 1 - very soft up to 14 - very hard. Consider your habits: if you like softer, but the head is greatly pushing the pillow, pick something

Average: sufficiently solid, but what will be easy to get used to.

What pillows are allergic

People with allergies more often suffer from insomnia. At night lays her nose, tears flow and it becomes difficult to breathe. The reason can be dust pliers, dust, mold, dandruff and pet wool. So that the symptoms of allergies are not intensified at night, choose an orthopedic pillow of polyurethane foam or gel. These materials do not accumulate dust and do not cause allergies. In orthopedic pillows with buckwheat husk can start mold if they do not dry at least

semiannually. Long tension in the muscles arises spasm, and after him pain. Latex is obtained from natural material, the juice of the GEVE tree, and it can also cause allergies. Do not buy a pillow with such a filler if you have allergic to Latex or there was an allergic reaction to rubber products, such as gloves.

The most applies pillows from soy foam. They are made of natural soybeans, therefore rarely, but cause allergies.

How I bought a pillow

I love soft pillows, because all the childhood slept on the feathers. And I can freeze even in the summer. Therefore, I really wanted to have a cloud pillow, but orthopedic. So I immediately shared all the pillows from a solid piece of filler. Buckwheat husk too: I'm lazy to care for her. Selected in the online store between latex mini springs and adjustable filler. Chose the last. According to reviews, crushed polyurethane softer crushed latex. Р.

After the feat pillows on a new one unusually spring head. But in the first night I had a feeling that I slept like never. I bought two pillows at once, each cost 3000

I was confused by pillowcase: she is from bamboo and a little rude. But under the usual pillowcase it is not felt. The height I did not regulate using the filler. I was arranged that there is. Source: Aliexpress

How to care for orthopedic pillow

It depends on the type of filler. Included with orthopedic pillows always goes to care. But there are general recommendations. Shake the filler. , as well as on the ordinary pillow. By If the filler is loose - shake it every day so that the pillow retains the form. WITH

The goal if the cushion shape allows you to turn it over once a week. Minimally a week erase pillowcase

At a temperature of at least 60 ° C. This will reduce the likelihood of skin irritation, appearance of acne and dust mites, which live not only in the filler, but also in bed linen. Check the pillow without pillowcase on the balcony or on the windowsill with a shit window one two , as well as on the ordinary pillow. By 3 times a week to 30 minutes so as not accumulated dust and unpleasant odors. By

The reason is not covering the pillow after sleeping the coat.

To air the pillows from latex, gel, polyurethane and soy foam costs away from batteries and sun rays. After a long heating, they may lose their orthopedic properties. Erase the pillow, as written on the label.

If the washing machine is allowed, do not exceed the temperature mode. If the washing is prohibited, such as for pillows from a polyurethane foam or gel - rent a pillow in a dry cleaning every two or three years or as dirty. Manual or machine washing destroys the filler, it becomes loose and loses orthopedic properties. You can wipe the pillow with a rag moistened with soap solution, and then clean water. After that, see the pillow well. Consider your habits: if you like softer, but the head is greatly pushing the pillow, pick The pillow with a buckwheat luzgoy can also be simply wrapped in a typewriter. Only the pillowcase is erased, and buckwheat dries in the sun. If on such a pillow shed

In addition to the water, it will have to order a new one: a buckwheat husk cannot be washed, it loses its properties. Keep the pillow in the petchat case, which passes air if some kind

Time do not use it. Mold and unpleasant smell may appear in the polyethylene packet. Then only dry cleaning will help. Change the pillow when the signs of wear appear:

Dumpness, unpleasant smell that does not disappear after washing and cleaning, if the pillow has become flat or its height has changed more than 2 cm.

If you choose a pillow in the store, you can additionally focus on comfort and visual straight. This is a line that passes through the middle of the nape, neck and spine. In any position on an orthopedic pillow, it should be straight. This means that the muscles in a dream will be relaxed. Ask a consultant to look from the part or take a picture of you to visually evaluate the direct How much is an orthopedic pillow pros Minuses
average price Latex Mini Springs Softness Over time, lumps may appear Р
5000. Latex Strength After five years, shrinkage occurs Р
4000. Adjustable filler Suitable to growing children You can incorrectly adjust Р
3500. Polyurethane foam Memory effect Low breathability Р
3000. Gel Memory effect Low breathability Р
Cooling effect Soy foam Most models can be washed in machine Memory effect is weakly expressed Р
2000. Latex Independent Elasticity Memory effect is weakly expressed Р
The springs are made of soft metal and are surrounded by polyurethane foam, so do not felt cheek. They react to the movement of the body and spring is uneven, depending on severity. Thanks to this, the pillow repeats the body contour and after changing the posture immediately restores the form. But such pillows are poorly passed air and are short-lived. They are not suitable for sleep on the stomach due to rigidity. Price such a pillow on average 2000 Short-lived, do not fit for sleep on the stomach Better than others pass the air Difficult care Р





How much is an orthopedic pillow

Adjustable filler


Suitable to growing children


Memory effect


Memory effect

How much is an orthopedic pillow

Soy foam


Most models can be washed in machine



How much is an orthopedic pillow

Short-lived, do not fit for sleep on the stomach


What to pay attention to if you want to save A combination of several fillers. In reality, it may not be felt, but there is a pillow with several fillers on Р2000-3000

more expensive. To feel the difference or her absence, try to lie in the store on the pillows with one filler and with several. Additional effects: Рcooling, warming, aromatization is added to the price of 1000 Рup to 5000. . Think need Lie

They are constantly you. For example, a cushion with a cooling effect is good in summer, but not in winter. And the smell of the flavored pillow may interfere with the fall, but not to get rid of it. Massage surface makes a pillow more expensive on Р1000-2000 . In fact, if on such a pillow put on the pillowcase, the massage effect may not be felt. A massage surface that is felt through the pillowcase is suitable for temporary use, but not all night. There is a risk that you will often wake up due to

inconvenience or gain pain. And if you fall asleep in such a pillow, traces will remain, which will be held for several hours. Unusual form . In fact, if on such a pillow put on the pillowcase, the massage effect may not be felt. A massage surface that is felt through the pillowcase is suitable for temporary use, but not all night. There is a risk that you will often wake up Pillows can double its price

Production complexity. This option may be suitable if you sleep predominantly in one position and want to pick a pillow, which is perfect for this suitable.

An example of a pillow of an unusual form. It is convenient to sleep on the stomach, but not on the back or side. Source:

Is it possible to return the pillow to the store

  1. If the pillow did not approach you for any reason, according to the law on the protection of consumer rights, you have the right to return or exchange the goods within 14 days, not counting the day of its purchase. At the same time there are conditions:
  2. The pillow retained the source view.
  3. It has factory labels on it, while the presence of packaging is not necessary.

You have a check, which confirms payment, or a receipt of a transaction from the bank.

However, in the usual orthopedic store you may refuse return, explaining that the pillow is a medical device. But this is not the case: only an anti-strike pillow applies to medical devices. Therefore, you can challenge the refusal.

Some brands give a warranty for a few years. If during this period you will find a marriage, for example, notice when removing the fumes cover on the surface, which they did not feel with it, refer to the hot line of the pillow manufacturer. He will appoint an examination that must confirm that this is exactly the marriage, and not you yourself spoiled the pillow. Only after the examination will be returned.

  1. Remember
  2. The orthopedic pillow will not get rid of pain, snoring and heartburn. But it can be used with the main treatment, and not instead of it.
  3. If nothing hurts - use an orthopedic pillow for prophylaxis.
  4. Orthopeda does not appoint an orthopedic pillow, but can advise her.
  5. Decide the size of the pillow. To do this, measure the height of the shoulder and remember the pose in which you sleep. Compare your calculations with the pillow size table.
  6. You can determine the desired softness of the pillow to the touch or using the ILD index if the manufacturer indicates. The more you weigh, the tougher there should be a pillow.
  7. The surface and filler cushion depends on individual sensations. Test a pillow. It is better to do in the store.
  8. To keep the cushion of orthopedic properties, take care of it: check, shake and erase according to the instructions on the label. If you do not use, keep it in a petchat case. If the purchased pillow in First same

The night did not give you to sleep and you can not endure - return it to the store or exchange for 14 days.

We all accustomed to brushing your teeth since childhood, there is a spoon, sleep on the bed, putting a pillow under the head and boded with a blanket. Think, is it just a habit?

The sleep on the pillow is necessary for the correct position of the body during sleep. In other words, sleep completely without pillows is harmful, because the spine takes an unnatural position for himself.

And if you ever thought if you were convenient for your pillow? Is she suitable for you?

For example, if you often turn around in a dream or even wake up to beat the pillow - this is a sure sign that it does not suit you.

Most of us from childhood were used to sleeping on a fluffy or feat pillow of a square shape: the main thing, there is something to put under the head - so we usually argue.

However, orthopedists and sonologists do not agree with the fact that all adult pillows are equally useful.

Most medical professionals and sleep experts for a fully rest recommended choose an anatomical pillow.

  • How to distinguish an anatomical pillow from ordinary
  • Now let's figure out how to find out an anatomical orthopedic pillow among the usual. Imagine: You go to the big store, and in front of you the shelves with large and small, square and rectangular, flat and convex, soft and rigid, - in the word with a variety of pillows. Here even an expert can be confused!

To immediately determine where an anatomical, and where is the traditional pillow, you need to pay attention to 2 points:

What a pillow is made;

What form is it.

Traditional pillows are fluff / feather, holofiber, sintepon, foam rubber - that is, natural and synthetic materials that do not have support. The shape of such a pillow is usually classical - square or rectangular.

However, attention: Sometimes unscrupulous manufacturers are trying to mask ordinary pillows under anatomical, giving them a bizarre form. Do not get on this trick! Inside anatomical pillow should be a unique material with an anatomical effect. And the cost of anatomical pillows usually exceeds the cost of traditional. So remember, the miser pays twice!

What material should be inside anatomical pillow

We list the most common fillers of anatomical pillows: anatomical foam with the effect of "memory memory", latex, wiccolatex, pillows based on independent mini-springs, with a roller insert with a special-shaped roller, with a unique cooling gel, latex mini-springs. The most common excipient of the anatomical pillows is the material with the effect of "memory memory". This is when you slightly pressed on the pillow, after which it gradually restores its shape. This material when touched, even something resembles plasticine, because it is able to memorize the shape of your body.

What options to navigate when choosing an anatomical pillow

Now that you can easily distinguish an anatomical pillow from usual, you have to understand what form / height / width / length should be your sleep companion. Here the most important thing is to lie down into several different models, in the pose, in which you usually fall asleep, and feel the difference.

Tip: Follow your feelings, as well as listen to the recommendations of the consultant - and the chances to choose the perfect pillow - 99 out of 100!

When choosing a pillow, you need to remember that a good pillow supports the head and the cervical spine, helps the entire top of the body relax. In the store, follow the head to lie in the body to keep the natural bends of the spine.

Pay attention to the width of the shoulders, the favorite position during sleep, the softness of the mattress and the material from which the pillow is made.

The wider shoulders, the higher the pillow is required for good sleep.


If a person sleeps on his back, then he needs a lower pillow than with a dream on his side.

ЛIf the mattress is soft, the pillow must be lower than with a dream on a quieter surface.

The filler and the material of the pillow is the most important parameter to which you want to pay attention to it. It is from their properties to fully depends the supporting ability of the pillow, as well as the ability to ensure the correct position of your spine during sleep.

Pay attention to the bottom of the pillow. If you sleep on your side, you will fit the pillow with rollers of different heights, if on the back is a classic form. Square pillow - in the past. Orthopedic specialists in 1 voice declare that the pillow should not fall under the shoulders. She must support the head and cervical department.

A little more about the filler ...

In addition to the material with the effect of "shape memory" (the names of this material - anatomical foam with the effect of "memory", Wiscolatex, "Memoriphos") there are other fillers for anatomical pillows. For example, Latex. Latex pillows are quite elastic, they seem to "spring". They will enjoy sleep lovers on the back, as well as those who prefer high pillows.

Atcus mini springs

Another variation of latex pillows - pillows with latex mini-springs. They are also elastic enough and hold well, they are hypoallergenic and pass the air well. From the collection of the anatomical pillows of the ASCON factories is a Mediflex Revolution pillow.

Independent mini springs

Among the elastic models, pillows based on independent mini-springs have a good anatomical effect. For clarity - pay attention to the Mediflex Spring Pillow pillow. It has mini-spots, unusually sensitive to the load, while perfectly restoring the form. They react to your movements, giving excellent support. Pillows are recommended for sleep in any position.

Gel - Innovative Material

Another unique material that is gaining increasing popularity is a cooling effect gel. It distributes the load, has a micro-massage and cooling effect due to the special technology of 3D deformation of the liquid. In the collection of anatomical pillows Askona is the cushions of Technogel. Among them there are models of classical shapes suitable for sleep on the back, as well as pillows of a particular shape, ideally suitable for sleep on the side and on the stomach. The cushions on the basis of the gel are far from all and not immediately falling to the soul: some get used to them for several weeks. But after that, they no longer exchange their favorite anatomical pillow!

Pillows with adjustable filler


Another interesting version of the pillow was proposed by Protect-A-Bed: a pillow with a protective pillowcase with eucalyptus fibers. Its feature is that you yourself can adjust the filler level! Perfect, right? This pillow is very elastic and "breathable": you seem to be parry when lying on it. So they say the happy owners of the Protect-A-Bed pillow.

Orthopedic Pillow Memory Foam

As you can see, today the market can offer you a huge variety of anatomical pillows.

Our farewell

We are confident that now you are hidden well and you can choose the ideal night companion you know. But still do not neglect the recommendations of specialists. And do not be afraid that the pillow will have to get used to the first time: this is a normal phenomenon, because all unusual and useful organism at first can perceive "in the bayonies". But then your joy will not be the limit: you will wake up with ease and good mood, and rescued with bed, fly towards a new day!

We wish you to find that very, our only, most correct anatomical pillow. Sweet dreams to you and cheerful awakening!

A good pillow allows you to sleep due to what keeps the head and neck in the right position. Muscles relax and rest. Bad pillow hurts. Here's how to choose a soft and comfortable pillow for comfortable sleep.

Do you have a neck in the morning?

An unpleasant feeling of pain in the neck is familiar to many people. It may arise due to diseases: arthrosis, intervertebral hernia, lymphadenitis, osteochondrosis and other diseases. Most often, the cause of pain in an uncomfortable pillow or mattress that do not support the spine. Muscles are in suspense all night, and pain is pain. In this case, it is possible to solve this problem with an orthopedic pillow. With her, you will feel a light sleep from the first nights and you can fall out for 9-10 hours, but for the necessary 8.

If after buying an orthopedic pillow of pain will continue, it is better to seek help to a doctor.

The pillow changed the rigidity since the purchase?

  • It is necessary to honestly admit that people rarely change bedding. Sometimes they are even inherited. Recall that with most moves you take a mattress, a blanket and a pillow with me. Sometimes their age can reach 20-30 years. Even the highest quality pillows for the years lose their properties. For example, feather pillows cease to keep a magnificent shape and squeeze with their rods, and foam rubber - crumbs. All this leads to the fact that the head in a dream almost comes into contacts through the pillow with the mattress. Over time, because of this, pain arises.
  • Is there a strange smell from your pillow?
  • Smoke your pillow. What does it smell? If the smell is unpleasant, then it can talk about the process of rotting various bacteria. They fall into the pillow from the head or together with dust, which is even in the pure room itself. In the pillow can be dust pliers, up to 16 species of various fungi, dead skin particles, dust and other contaminants. Even the most thorough dry cleaning is unlikely to make your pillow perfectly clean, so an unpleasant smell is one of the reasons to throw the pillow. Do not regret it. Health is more important.
  • What pillows are useful for sleep
  • Perfect pillow:
  • Supports your head and neck in the right position;
  • Pleasant to the touch;

does not cause allergies;

  • has a protective case that is easy to erase;
  • has a memory effect and quickly adjusts to the contours of your body;
  • has a square or rectangular shape (50 to 70 cm);
  • Has a quality certificate.
  • Harmful pillows:
  • those who are over 10 years;
  • dirty;

have an unpleasant smell;

do not hold the form;

too hard or very soft;

The springs are made of soft metal and are surrounded by polyurethane foam, so do not felt cheek. They react to the movement of the body and spring is uneven, depending on severity. Thanks to this, the pillow repeats the body contour and after changing the posture immediately restores the form. But such pillows are poorly passed air and are short-lived. They are not suitable for sleep on the stomach due to rigidity. Price such a pillow on average 2000

Little - the head is not placed on them;

Do not have a protective cover.

  • Fillers
  • The filler is the base of the pillow. Thanks to him, it has a certain rigidity, keeps the shape, conducts or does not heat and has other properties. The pillow can be natural or artificial materials. Most often use fluff or feather, wool, bamboo, syntheps, buckwheat husks, latex, foam rubber and other materials.
  • It is important that you have no allergies to the materials from which the pillow consists. Most often, allergies occur on natural materials, for example, feather or wool.
  • Many love there is a buckwheat porridge, but surprise learned that this croup is also added to the pillows. Used the nuclear kernels themselves, but dried and purified scales. They have the shape of a small pyramid.

Pillows from buckwheat husk:

  • absorb moisture;
  • support comfortable temperature;
  • During sleep, the back and neck muscles relax;
  • Possess a massage effect.

Among the flaws of the filler can be called:

The noise of husks due to friction;

increased rigidity;

  • There is a risk to scatter the filler at night or when cleaning;
  • Large weight (up to 5 kg).
  • Latex
  • Latex is a natural material that is made from the juice of Brazilian Gevei, growing mainly in Southeast Asia. Juice recycle and make a monolithic pillow. It looks like a foam-rone, however has more advantages.

Among the advantages of latex pillows:

  • convenience for sleep (elasticity and elasticity);
  • antibacterial effect (dust does not accumulate in them and microorganisms do not reconcile);
  • air permeability (pillow "breathes", removes moisture);

Durability (can be used for 10 years).

Minuses can be:

The smell of milk (with time it is weathered);

  • Allergy in some people;
  • High price (from 4000 rubles).
  • Smoke your pillow. What does it smell? If the smell is unpleasant, then it can talk about the process of rotting various bacteria. They fall into the pillow from the head or together with dust, which is even in the pure room itself. In the pillow can be dust pliers, up to 16 species of various fungi, dead skin particles, dust and other contaminants. Even the most thorough dry cleaning is unlikely to make your pillow perfectly clean, so an unpleasant smell is one of the reasons to throw the pillow. Do not regret it. Health is more important.
  • Memory effect foam
  • The cushion is based on a modified polyurethane foam, gel or other substances. They react to heat and pressure. This allows the pillow to adjust the shape of your head and neck.

Her advantages:

  • Orthopedic effect (head and neck are in the right position);
  • Antibacterial effect (dust pliers will never be charged and they will not multiply bacteria);
  • Noiselessness (when pressed there is no effect "whistle");

Durability (you can use more than five years).


  • a specific smell that you need to weave within a few days after purchase;
  • the viscosity of the material (you need to get used to it);
  • Some fillers can heat up and cause sweat on a hot night.
  • Choosing an orthopedic pillow: Main characteristics
  • When choosing an orthopedic pillow, you need to pay attention to:
  • size (for children it is better to choose a small size, adults - standard, for example, 50 * 70 cm);
  • shape (rectangle, square, wave, horseshoe, etc.);

filler (latex, foam with the effect of memory, fluff, etc.; it is important that the material does not cause allergies);

rigidity pillows (medium or high);

  • the presence or absence of pillowcase (it will protect the pillow from dirt);
  • manufacturer (it is important to choose a company that takes care of the quality of products);
  • Cost (the cheaper, the lower the quality).
  • Size and height pillow
  • The most common sizes of pillows:

50 * 70 cm;

50 * 60 cm;

50 * 50 cm;

60 * 60 cm;

70 * 70 cm.

Many sizes. It is necessary to repel from the purpose of the pillow. If it is decorative for the sofa, then there may be small, for example, 30 * 30 cm or 40 * 40 cm. If it is for sleep adults, it is better to stay at an option 50 * 70 cm. It is important that the pillow is not too small and not Too big - it can cause discomfort and lead to greyrs in the neck.

The height of the pillow also matters. For adults, the optimal height is 10-15 cm. Your ideal pillow size is equal to the length of the twist.

Stiff pillow

Pillows can be soft, have an average rigidity or being rigid. Which option is needed to you - this may be a matter of taste or recommendation of the doctor if you have diseases.

The basis of soft pillows can be fluff, cotton, holofiber, foam rubber and other materials. Pillows of medium rigidity are often filled with wool or materials with a memory effect. And hard pillows are often consisting of buckwheat husk or latex.

The degree of rigidity is also chosen by posture. If you often sleep on your stomach, then you need a soft pillow. The average hardness for those who are more sleeping on the back, and the hard one will fit the lovers to sleep on the side.

Pillow cost

Often it is one of the most important criteria for choosing a pillow. People determine the amount and want to choose the perfect option under it. The simplest pillows on the Internet can be found at a price of 70 rubles per piece. However, you should understand that I will have enough of it for a few days, most likely, it wants something better.

Standard inexpensive pillows with a size of 50 * 70 cm cost 300-2000 rubles. From 3000 rubles you can purchase pillows with a memory effect or latex.

The cost of the most expensive options can reach 170,000 rubles. They are made from Icelandic goose fluff, and the case consists of 100% natural silk.

What is the feature of the orthopedic pillow?

  1. That she supports her head and neck in the right position. This allows blood to circulate normally and not to be stated, relaxes muscles. Due to this you are pouring, and in the morning there is no pain in the neck or back.
  2. Ordinary pillows do not have such an effect, so the cervical vertebrae can be curved, clamp the nerves or maintain muscles in voltage all night. Incorrect position may cause a disease. Therefore, it is better not to save on the pillow.
  3. Check the orthopedic effect of the pillow is just enough to click on it. If it is rigid, then orthopedic. Soft pillows can not be called orthopedic.
  4. Why the orthopedic pillow is not suitable
  5. There may be a lot of reasons. For example, such:

The small size of the pillow is uncomfortable to sleep on it.

A small or high height - does not allow the neck to keep the right shape (the head is above or lower).

You are not enough on it - on the pillow you need to sleep about a week to get used to such a type of pillows.

You have neck disease, at which it is not recommended to sleep on hard pillows. The pillow does not treat the disease, but applied to prevention.

  • Soft mattress - the pillow fails and the orthopedic effect is lost.
  • How to care for an orthopedic pillow?
  • Correct care can increase the service life of the pillow, save it from unpleasant odors, microorganisms and dirt. It is important that the pillow is used in a special protective case, which is easy to wash in a washing machine.

The cleaning method of the pillow depends on the type of materials. Care rules must be specified on the product label. According to the general rules, the pillows from synthetic materials can be washed. If the natural filler is based on, then manual or chemical cleaning is required.

Orthopedic buckwheat pillow

When cleaning is better:

use less chemical cleaners;

Do not dry the pillow in the sun;

Do not cover other wet objects.

  • Depending on the material, the pillow is recommended to be cleaned at least once every 3-6 months.
  • What to pay attention to when choosing an orthopedic pillow?
  • If you decide to buy an orthopedic pillow, then it is important for you to solve the problem: prevent the development of neck diseases or have a good product on which it is easy to get enough. In any case, you are important to buy a quality product. To do this, before buying, read the reviews about it from other users.
  • However, do not forget that all people are different and a good pillow can not approach one person and solve everything in the other.

It is important that the pillow:

fit in size;

Do not cover other wet objects.

  • was the necessary rigidity;
  • had a protective case;
  • did not cause allergies.

For children

The first cushion for the baby must be purchased aged about 1.5 years. Hardness must be average. It is impossible to use a pillow for adults, because it can harm the spine. The approximate size is 30 * 40 cm, the thickness is 3-6 cm (the less age, the less the pillow is needed).

did not cause allergies;

was breathable (I missed the air well);

I absorbed and easily evaporated moisture.

  • Latex, comforter, bamboo, polyurethane foam are well suited as a filler for children's pillows.
  • Before buying a pillow, check the certificate of conformity. It is important that the product is safe.
  • For traveling


In a long trip by car or aircraft you can take a tourist pillow. It will relax and sleep even in a sitting position. The effect is achieved due to the fixation of the neck. Muscles rest, and you can relax faster.

Pillows can be:

  • inflatable or self-adequate (occupy a minimum place, comfortable in foreign trips);
  • with filler (polymeric balls, buckwheat luzga, octoral, foam with the effect of memory and other materials);
  • with additional properties (massager, musical player, hood, etc.)
  • For lower back / back
  • Such pillows are needed to fix the spine in the correct sitting position. They are fixed on chairs or armchairs. It reduces the load on the back and relaxes the muscles. Most often apply when:
  • back diseases (osteochondrosis, neuralgia);

chronic back pains;

in the postoperative period;

long exercise;


In order to prevent back diseases.

  • Pillows are not recommended to use with skin diseases, wounds and swelling on the back.
  • They can be made from various materials: latex, foam with memory effect, polyurethane foam.
  • For legs
  • Our legs also need protection, but few people comes to buy a pillow for them. They are rare on sale. The use of pillows in the removal of voltage, relaxation of muscles and improving blood circulation.
  • They can help in such cases:
  • in varicose veins;

edema legs;

With poor blood circulation (when the legs are often cold);

Poles in the legs;

  • in muscle spasms;
  • during pregnancy.
  • Pillows for legs are wave-like, in the form of cubes, roller, beveled cube, etc. Preference is better to give natural fillers or synthetic analogues, for example, with the memory effect.
  • For pregnant and nursing women

During pregnancy, many women get harder to fall asleep on a regular bed. They are tossing in search of a comfortable posture for sleep. Often because of this are not poured. Solve the problem can be a pillow for pregnant women. She is:

Reduces the load on the spine;

  1. relaxes back muscles and legs;
  2. helps to fall asleep faster;
  3. It can be used after the birth of a child.
  4. Such pillows may have an unusual form in the form of the letter U, C, L, I, G. fillers are expanded by polystyrene foam, hollofiber, satin, buckwheat husk and other materials.
  5. Act the algorithm:

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