How to make a portal in minecraft: edge, lower world, ether

How to make a portal in minecraft (Minecraft): Edge, Lower World, Ether, Twilight Forest | + Video Overview

How to make a portal in minecraft

How to get through the portal to End, hell, paradise, as well as space, twilight forest, measuring diamonds and dynamite: without mods and with mods.

Portals in the game Minecraft are two types:

  • leading to other dimensions
  • Moving player to a specific point of the usual world

In the article, we will analyze the most famous: like those that can be built without mods, and those for which fashion is needed.

Portals without mods

There are many legends and rumors about the construction of passages to secret measurements without using mods. Of course, it will be great if Mojang programmers add new locations to the game. But while only two of them are available in the original version of Minecraft - NETHER (Nevel, Lower World) and End (End, Edge).

As a rule, the construction of the gates in these locations is interested in beginners. (Because experienced minecraftters know about them), so below we give detailed instructions with illustrations.

Nether Measurement (Lower World, Nevel, Hell)

How to make a portal in minecraft: edge, lower world, ether, twilight forest

This location consists of hellish stone, gravel and sand shower. Lava waterfalls are pouring on top, bunches of luminous stone (Glouustone).

Here are generated steep mountains, small caves, open plateau with lavva seas and lakes, as well as unique structures - hellish fortresses. Mushrooms grow, hellish growth. There are no shifts / night - only dim lighting.

To get to the lower world Build an obsidian portal at any point of the usual world and activate it.

What is needed for the portal to the lower world

How to make a portal in minecraft: edge, lower world, ether, twilight forest


Obsidian. It is formed when connecting the source of lava with water. In order to be obsidian, it is important that the source of Lava is connected with water. If you connect the current lava with water - it turns out a stone.

How to make a portal in minecraft: edge, lower world, ether, twilight forest


Diamond Kirk for Obsidian . It is crafted from three diamonds and two sticks.

How to make a portal in minecraft: edge, lower world, ether, twilight forest


Floor (lighter) to activate the portal. It is spoiled from the ingot of iron and coal.

How to create a portal in the lower world

How to make a portal in minecraft: edge, lower world, ether, twilight forest

Full and economical version of the portal in Nether


Build an obsidian frame. The minimum size is 3x5 blocks, maximum - 23x23 block. To save obsidian, lateral blocks can be removed or replaced by others.


Activate the portal by flashing around the space inside it. Sometimes to ensure that the gates earn, you need to put them on at several points. If everything is done correctly - an animation appears inside - purple vortices with snowflakes. Now you can move to the point of the lower world, which is conditionally "under the installation site.

In the figures below - Examples of ready-made designs in the world of minecraft.

The gates in the background can be used not only for direct purpose, But for rapid movement on the map. To do this, you need to place a few new frames in the planned movements of the movement. At the same time, the second portal can be associated with the first and make it separate from it.

End measurement (edge, end, Ender World)

How to make a portal in minecraft: edge, lower world, ether, twilight forest

Location is a variety of islands, the largest of which is located in the center. They consist of a special stone, the Corus is generated on them, as well as unique structures - cities of the edge. Between the islands - emptiness. There are no day / night shifts.

On the central island are: Obsidian platform - The point of teleportation, the abode of the dragon, as well as obsidian pillars with crystals of his healing.

The whole edge literally tends to Endermen.

The frame of the edge portal consists of special blocks. You can only get them through the creative mode. In survival mode - you will have to look for a finished passage, and then activate it.

Of course, you can use mods that add craft block blocks. But since we are talking about creating portals without mods, we will not consider this option.

How to create a portal of the edge (Creative mode)

You will need:

  • Blocks frame - 12 pcs
  • Ender's eyes - 12 pcs

Create a square from the blocks so , as it shown on the picture.

How to make a portal in minecraft: edge, lower world, ether, twilight forest


Note that put the blocks / insert the eyes in them. . In order to do everything right - pay attention to their textures.

How to make a portal in minecraft: edge, lower world, ether, twilight forest


If the location is right - The passage is activated automatically after you insert the latter edge window in the slot.

About how the easiest way to do is You can learn from the video below.

Video: How to build a portal in Ender Peace in Minisfat | How to make Ender portal in minecraft ne

How to make a portal in minecraft (Minecraft): Edge, Lower World, Ether, Twilight Forest | + Video Overview

How to build a portal in Ender Peace in Mininfest | How to make Ender portal in minecraft ne

How to make a portal in minecraft (Minecraft): Edge, Lower World, Ether, Twilight Forest | + Video Overview

How to find and activate the edge portal (survival mode)

How to make a portal in minecraft: edge, lower world, ether, twilight forest
How to make a portal in minecraft: edge, lower world, ether, twilight forest

Collect the eyes of the edge (Ender's eye, Eye of Ender) . Only with their help you can find the location of the passage and activate it.


How much will you need - It depends on where the portal is located, how many points on it already installed. If the structure is not very far from your home, 15-20 pieces will be more than enough. The eyes fall out with Endermen (edge ​​wanderers) after the murder.

In versions below 1.9 they are cracked from Ender Pearls ( Ender Pearl) and fiery powder ( BLAZE POWDER) . Pearls can be obtained from the same Endermen. Fire powder - from the cavity rod. It is thrown from the cavity - the very dangerous creatures of the lower world.


Find the finished edge portal. The room where it is located can be found among the labyrinths of the structure called the fortress. The fortress itself is deep underground, there is a chance to stumble upon her by chance when digging mines. But to find it for sure, use the eyes of the edge. Throw the eye (select it, click PKM), while track where it flies. After throwing, there is a 20% chance that the eye will disappear, as well as a 5% chance of the appearance of the scales of the edge.


Move in the direction of the flight by the eyes until they start to go underground. On this block, start digging until you reach the hidden fortress.


Insert the eyes of the edge into the blocks of the frames. Pay attention to them to be right. After installing the last Odo, the portal will earn.

Read more about how to look for a fortress, you can learn from the video below.

Video: Ender World - how easy it is to find the portal of the edge - Minecraft Survival [7 series]

Teleport using the command block

This, of course, did not quite portal. But the topic of teleportation through the command unit still echoes the main topic of the article. And too interesting to not mention about it.

Details on how to get a command unit, set up teleport ,You can learn from the video below.

Video: Teleport / Elevator using the command block

How to make a portal in minecraft (Minecraft): Edge, Lower World, Ether, Twilight Forest | + Video Overview

Teleport / Elevator using the command block

How to make a portal in minecraft (Minecraft): Edge, Lower World, Ether, Twilight Forest | + Video Overview

Portals with modami

And now consider portals to locations for which you need to install mods. Before installing any Fashion, make sure that they are compatible with you already installed.

To do this, make a backup copy of your card or create a new world - Everything can be experimenting.

Measurement Aether (Ether, Paradise)

How to make a portal in minecraft: edge, lower world, ether, twilight forest

Location is over the main world, It is a lot of soaring among the clouds of the islands. There are new blocks, mysterious structures are generated, fantastic creatures are found.

Despite the beauty, there is quite dangerous on the air The mobs dwellings are strong here, and when moving between the islands, the risk fall to the ground from a huge height.

To travel for this measurement, Need to install Maud The Aether. II. . We recommend using it, because The first version is outdated.

How to create a portal of ether

How to make a portal in minecraft: edge, lower world, ether, twilight forest

Almost the same as the portal in Nevel. Just use when creating you need not obsidian with a fire, but a lightweight (Glowustone) and a bucket of water.

Build the frame at least 3x5 blocks, click on it with water bucket for activation. Animation will appear inside the frame: water vortex light blue color.

Detail about the location of "Ether" and other changes, which makes mod The Aether II. ,You can learn from the video below.

Video: Fashion Overview {AETHER 2} on Minescraft 1.7.10 | DOH

How to make a portal in minecraft (Minecraft): Edge, Lower World, Ether, Twilight Forest | + Video Overview

Overview Fashion {Aether 2} on Minescraft 1.7.10 | Doh

How to make a portal in minecraft (Minecraft): Edge, Lower World, Ether, Twilight Forest | + Video Overview

Measuring Twilight Forest

How to make a portal in minecraft: edge, lower world, ether, twilight forest

This is not just a new location, And actually a whole new world.

Here you will find unusual biomes, unique trees, some of which are torn to the sky. New mobs are both hostile and not hostile, very dangerous bosses.

The mysterious twilight reigns here. Sometimes there are hills within which the caves can be found.

To add a measurement of the twilight forest, Download mod Twilight Forest . It adds the location itself, as well as unique features and objects.

How to create a twilight forest portal


Having cut the yam 2x2 block among grass. It is important that there is precisely her grass around, and not just earth


Pour water into the pit. To fill it out, you will need 4 buckets of water. You can also create a frame from the ground in the middle of one of the lakes and wait until they striking the grass.


Plant around the perimeter of 12 plants or mushrooms. They are suitable for any, most importantly - so that they are from the Origan Minecraft, and not other mods


Throw into the water diamond. Just before this go away: as soon as the diamond affects the water, the passage is activated, with the earth around it can catch fire, and the player - get damage

If everything is done correctly - lightning and passage in the twilight forest will open in the place of creation of the portal.

Video review Location Twilight Forest, You can learn from the video below.

Video: Fashion Overview: Twilight Forest 1.12.2

How to make a portal in minecraft (Minecraft): Edge, Lower World, Ether, Twilight Forest | + Video Overview

Fashion review: Twilight Forest 1.12.2

How to make a portal in minecraft (Minecraft): Edge, Lower World, Ether, Twilight Forest | + Video Overview

Any Dimension: dimensions from diamonds, dynamite, other materials

How to make a portal in minecraft: edge, lower world, ether, twilight forest

Imagine space, Fully consisting of any material of the Vanilla Minecraft chosen.

Diamonds, Metal, Gold, Emerald, Redstone - All these resources can be produced here in almost unlimited quantities. Well, or create a location fully consisting of TNT and blew just for fun.

To gain access to such measurements Download and install mod Any Dimension Mod. .

How to create a portal Any Dimension


Build a standard 3x5 frame from the material from which you want to generate the future measurement


Create an activation staff using a block of selected material. Its recipe depends on the installed version of the Fashion


Click Stake in Design

With this mod, you can build gates from a wide variety of materials and traveling several dozen dimensions.

Journey into space, on the moon, on Mars

How to make a portal in minecraft: edge, lower world, ether, twilight forest

Want to visit the moon or neighboring planets? For space travel there are several mods.

Displacements are carried out either through portals or with rockets. It depends on the installed mode and its version. In addition to travel, they add new things and opportunities. Be careful - on some locations you will meet unique strong monsters.

The most famous modifications for flights beyond the limits of the orbit, on the moon and Mars:

  • Galacticraft.
  • Astrocraft
  • Marsplanetalfa.
  • MarsplanetMod.

Portals for moving on the map

To quickly move on the map, use the capabilities of any portal fashion. Scaffold portals added by modes are usually much simpler than those that offers vanilla minecraft. Here are some such modifications.


Wormhole X-Treme. Allows you to change the settings of the form and blocks of future portals. You can create several designs for different purposes.


Portal Gun. There are versions for both PCs and Minecraft PE. Adds weapons, creating passes, as well as other pleasant little things.


Nether Portal MOD. Expands the possibilities of building hellish portals for minecraft on Android.


Of course, in this article we considered far from all existing portals of minecraft. Multi modifications, many of them have their own unique opportunities. We hope our article will inspire you to find new interesting modifications and still unknown worlds!

And what modes do you use to move? Tell us in the comments.

Full and economical ways to create a portal.

The portal can be activated from any combustible block.

For the construction of the portal frame, you need at least 10 obsidian. It must be positioned by such a scheme:

If there is a sufficient amount of obsidian, you can build a version of the portal with corners. It does not differ from the previous one except for the appearance.

From version 1.7.2, it was possible to create portals of any size from 2x3 (standard portal) to 21x21.

Creating a portal of the lower world without a fire [edit | Code ]

There are three ways to light the portal without a fire.

In order to ignite the portal without a fire, you need:

Step 1. Install 2 blocks behind the portal at the first level (so that they are blocked by the portal):

Portal without lighter1.png.

Step 2. In front of the installed blocks, put the distributor and put in it a fireball:

Portal without lighter2.png.

Step 3. Activate the distributor. Portal Ready:

Portal without lighter3.png.
  1. Drop the groove in 2 blocks in front of the portal.
  2. Pour lava (1 bucket is enough).
  3. Over the lava in front of the portal window to install a combustible block (tree, wool).
  4. Wait. Lava flames the combustible block, and the one is the portal. There may be several attempts.

3 way

Put the board next to the portal close, just not in the portal itself. Then pour the lava bucket or remove the lava stream to the board so that the lava concerns. After a while, the board will light up and activates the portal.

Construction of the portal with lava [edit | Code ]

The portal can be built, even if you do not have a diamond kirk. It is impossible to do in the lower world (since the water is immediately evaporates there). For this it is necessary:

  • 2 buckets of water.
  • 10 Wedder lava.
  • The wall, next to which the portal will be built.
  • Punch in the wall of a hole 2x1 at a height of 5 blocks from the floor; Under it make a recess in 1 block.

  • Pour the lava to the places marked with orange wool.

  • Pour lava on green wool. At this stage, the water will spread so that it does not happen, it is necessary to put the limiter.

  • Use a bucket with lava on purple wool and remove water. The portal is ready.

Note . An empty frame is not considered the portal and does not participate in the connection.


Portals are not combined in "Bundles" - the game does not set a correspondence between the two portals in different worlds. Instead, when moving through the portal, the game every time the most suitable portal in another world defines, if not, then a new one is created. When switching, this sequence of actions is performed:

  1. The coordinates of the destination - x and z are multiplied or divided by 8 (they are divided into the lower world and are multiplied by the transition to the upper world), y remains unchanged.
  2. The nearest portal in the "radius" of 128 blocks is determined - the 257x257x128 rectangle with the center at the destination point. If such a portal is located, the player teleports to it.
  3. If there are no portals nearby, a new one is created. The optimal position is determined for the new portal in the "radius" of 16 blocks (33x33x128). The game will try to save the orientation of the portal.
  4. If there are no suitable places to create, blocks on destination coordinates will be forcibly changed to the portal with "steps" - 2 of the Obsidian blocks on each side (see the gallery).

Portal Networks for Superdigal Travel [edit | Code ]

You can create a portal network, with which you can move over long distances, but only one way. The coordinates are given only for an example and an ideal case.

  1. Select the transition direction. For example, in + by X.
  2. Create a portal in the usual world to 0.80.0, with a passage through it in the lower world, a portal is created by 0.10.0.
  3. Break this portal, then go to no more than 128 blocks in the desired side (focusing on the debug screen).
  4. Create a portal in the lower world by 200,10,0, while passing through it in the usual world, the portal is created by about 1600,10,0
  5. This portal breaks down, continue to move in the selected side and not more than in 128 blocks, create another portal.

Thus, the distance of 1600 blocks is less than 30 seconds.

It is possible to create a portal in the lower world, a teleportive player for two portals in the usual world depending on the block to which the player gets up. For example, there is a portal in the lower world, turning into the X axis. Then its "workers" blocks have coordinates x, y, z and x + 1, y, z. If the player gets on the northern block, the game will look for the portals around x * 8, y, z * 8, and if on the south, then around x * 8 + 8, y, z * 8. And if you put the portals in the usual world so that one of them is closer to one point of the transition, and the other to the second one, one small step in the lower world will be equal to a large jump to 128 + 128 + 8 = 264 blocks in the usual.

Portals in Minecraft

If you are already familiar with minecraft, I perfectly realized that this world is great and implained. How to move in it quickly over long distances? Well, let's say, in creative mode, you can take off and moving to the flight without any problems, but in survival not long to get lost and the abyss in search of your city. What to do if you need to urgently get there, where do you need? Will help us make portals. Just need to be built and activated.

What are the portals in minecraft without mods

The newcomer is useful to know that in any version of the game the portal can only be in hell and back, but you can use this portal and need to move to the city or in the point of the world where you built it. There is still a portal in Ender, but it cannot be built on survival mode, you can only find. But in creative it can be done, this will be discussed below.

How to make a portal in hell without mods

As mentioned above, this is the only portal that can be built without mods. For him, you need at least 10 blocks of obsidian (economy version of the portal, and in general, it is built from 14 blocks) and a lighter. I spread the rectangle from Obsidian in 4 horizontal blocks and 5 vertically with an empty middle.

How to make a portal in minecraft

Gilt the lower unit and the portal is activated. Now, entering it, your character will fall into hell from hellish stone and lava. Build a portal to hell possible and in creative mode, but on the minecraft PE (android) there will be no such portal, in the version of the game for the tablet, the portal replaces the reactor of the lower world, which is done completely differently. So, to build a portal in hell, first we obtain the obsidian, bay Lava with water from the bucket (or vice versa lava water).

How to get obsidian

Then we produce the blocks of Obsidian with diamond pickles (and only diamond, no other Kirk will fit). We are preparing fire.


We lay out the frame 4x5, you can even without corners. Here are 2 options of the frame, choose any of the two.

Portal to hell

We set on the lower unit and everything: the portal is ready to move you to the fodder of hell.

Portal to hell

In hell you will leave the same portal, which will be created there by itself. To go back to your world, log in to it.

Portal in hell

In versions of Minecraft PE 0.12. And above the portal in hell is built in the same way. But in versions below - completely differently: from gold, cobblestones and reactor. It looks like this:

Portal in hell in old versions of Maincooft PE

How to do: First, we need to put 4 gold blocks (you need to put together opposite each other). Between these blocks of cobblestones (cross). The second layer: in the middle of the reactor, on each golden block we put on a cobblestone. The third layer: on top to the cobblestone reactor, it is sticking to another 4 cobblestones in the same way as below.

Portal in hell in old versions of Minecraft PE

Then go to survival mode, tadam over the reactor and if you did everything right, then you will be taken to hell. The portal is activated when they touch the sword to the reactor. By the way, good execution does not hurt. And this is in hell:

Portal in hell in old versions of Maincooft PE

How to make a portal in the city without mods

The portal in the city is, in fact, the same hellish, just not the entrance, but a way out. No matter how much portals in hell you have created, you will get out of the one that built the very first, so you need to make it where your home is, that is, in the city. If you make the first portal in the forest, then you will always go to the forest.

Portal in the city

There is no other way to get into the city without mods there is no and should not believe those who claim to be. Tested in practice, all other portals can be made only after installing mods.

Portal in the edge (Ender)

The edge is the world in the form of the island, on which the wanderers of the region live in large numbers, as well as the dragon (boss), after the destruction of the dragon, the player can see the final screensaver of the game. In creative mode, it can be built from 12 frames + 12 eyes of the edge. All frames should be parallel to each other and face inside (it is better to put blocks from the inside, being in the center of the portal).

Portal in Ender

To activate teleport, put in each frame of the region of the edge. The portal in the edge on survival is not created, it can be found only in the fortress with the help of an eye. It consists of 12 frames in the form of a square ring. To search for the portal to the edge and its activation, a large number of items "Oco of the region" will be required, which is cracked from the "pearl of the edge", which in turn falls out of the endmans (edge ​​wanderers). The edge wanderer appears in dark caves and at night, and quite rare. The edge recipe (eye): Fire powder + pearls of the edge of the fiery powder is made from the fiery rod, which falls out of the cavities (Iprit is inhabited in hell, there you can find them spawn. You need to throw the Enderman eye in the air right-click and watch where it fell, from there where the eye fell to throw the following. When you see that the eye goes down underground, you need to start go down there - the portal in the edge is right under it. Be careful, scales are spawn next to the edge portal, and there may also be other hostile mobes. The portal lacks some kind of eye, they need to be inserted with the right button, then the portal in the edge is activated and it will jump enough to get into the edge.

Portal in Krai.

You can get out of the edge only by killing a dragon or dies.

Edge (Ender)

Fashion on portals

Want more portals? Wormhole X-Treme - This is a plugin in which the Minecraft portals functionality is implemented. To create a portal in Minecraft, you need to build a specific figure from certain blocks. In the settings, you can change the form of the Minecraft portal to any other, and you can simultaneously have several forms for different purposes. Resources of which are built by the Minecraft portal, too, can also be changed. The Minecraft portal also put the control panel.

Portals in Minecraft

Maud Portal Gun. For the game Minecraft PE will allow you to get everything that was available in the PC version. After you download and install it, you will have a weapon, creating portals, and many other pleasant little things.

Nether Portal Mod. For Android will add portals to hell. And more precisely, the possibility of building them as as in the PC version. Well, of course, fashion for paradise and twilight forest.

Portal to paradise

Paradise in the official game minecraft no. There is an ordinary world, the lower world (hell) and the region, and in order to appear paradise, a special mod must be set, which is called Aether. . If the mod is not installed, the portal in paradise is not activated. It can be done, but it will work only with a mod. Charlatans offer a bunch of ways to build without mods, but none of them acts! How to do: Make sure you have AETher mod installed, compatible with the version of your game client. Lay out the glowing stone frame 4 on 5 blocks and pour water from the bucket to the portal.

Portal to paradise

Welcome to Paradise.

Paradise in minecraft

Portal in the Twilight Forest

Twilight Forest - Mod on the twilight forest. We put the mod and build a portal. For the portal, you will need 1 diamond, a bucket with water, a shovel and 12 flowers or mushrooms. Copier 2x2 hole depth in one block. Pour it with water. We will add blocks around the perimeter with flowers or mushrooms. We throw diamond into the water and move away so that lightning does not hit us. We go to the portal.

Portal in the Twilight Forest

Immediately build a reliable refuge, best underground, in this world hostile mobs are always active.

Twilight forest in minecraft

Portal in space

Its construction without mods is possible only in version 1.2.5. For later versions of the game in order to get into space, one of the following mods should be installed: Galacticraft or Astrocraft . And using mods Marsplanetalfa or MarsplanetMod. You can make a portal for Mars. And do not forget that before flying to Cosmos you need to still scaffle the space.

GalacticRAFT mod

Enjoy your travels on the endless world of minecraft!

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