Veterinary Laser Therapy Equipment

鈥?Perfect combination of medicallaser 808nm and home laser 650nm
鈥?Adjustable laser output power
鈥?Creative systemic treatment on large su ace joint and acupoints
鈥?A laser stabilizer specially added to perform with more stability
鈥?Good therapy effect clinical trail proved
鈥?Compact and portable for convenient use
鈥?Metal hand durable and beautiful
鈥?Key switch and emergency stop easier and safer
Applicalion Range:
It can be used for pain relief of acute/chronic injure to athletic system wound healing fracture healing arthritis treatment of skin and mucosal ulcers a variety of chronic inflammation nervous headache dysfunction rheumatism infective/non-infective inflammation and dermatosis.
It also made rehabilitation therapy and adjunctive therapeutic effects to other acute/chronic diseases by non-invasive China Acupuncture.Veterinary Laser Therapy Equipment