TV Transmitter

Equipment rated specification
●Power range: ~AC380V±10;220V±20%
●Frequency: 50±2Hz;
●Designed ambient condition of equipment: Indoor use
●Above sea level height: up to 3500 m
●Atmospheric pressure: 86~106kPb
●Ambient temperature: 0°C to 45°C
General Performance
Working frequency: 174MHz — 223MHz.
Nominal load resistor impedance 50 Ω coaxial, reflection loss ≥ 26 dB.
Rated output power :1KW.
Overall Machine Technology Specification
Specification of vision part
Video input level:
1Vp-p ± 3dB positive
Sync level 0.3Vp-p
Peak white level 0.7Vp-p
Video input impedance: 75 Ω(Coaxial)
Reflection loss ≥ 30dB .
Frequency 0MHz ~ 6MHz
Periodic clutter signal to noise ratio: 50dB(peak to peak)
Continuous random clutter signal to noise ratio:
average root value(no weighted)≥ 50dB
average root value(weighted)≥ 56dB
Useless transmission power of nearby outside channel is lower than carrier 60dB
Useless transmission power of nearby inside channel is lower than carrier 40dB
2T sine square wave distortion Kp ≤ 2 %
2T sine square wave distortion to bar pulse amplitude ratio Kpb ≤ 2 %
Line frequency tilt Kb ≤ 2 %
Field frequency tilt K50 ≤ 2 %
Brightness nonlinear distortion ≤ 10 %
Differential gain distortion DG ≤ 5 %
Differential phase distortion DP ≤ 5 °
Chroma and brightness gain difference ≤ 10 %
Chroma and brightness delay difference ≤ 30ns
Variation of vision output power ≤± 0.25dB
Carrier stability in three months ≤ ± 50 0Hz/ three months
Blanking level stability ≤ 2.5%
Carrier audacious phase modulation: ± 5 °
Mode of modulation: amplitude modulation , negative pole
Amplitude degree ≤ 87.5 %
Difference of sound carrier and vision carrier: 6.5MHz ± 0.001MHz
Radio frequency sync level: 100%
RF blanking level: 75% ± 2.5%
RF white level: 12.5% ~ 15%
Factory Profile
Production center is located in Anshan, Liaoning and adjacent to Dalian, Yingkou. Production center covers an area of 6,000 square meters. We specialize in design, development, manufacture, marketing and after-sales services of different transmitter products.
R&D Team
Our R&D team covering full processes from appearance designing, 3D designing, configuration, electronic, software program and testing.
Management system
Our company have ISO9001:2008 quality management system. With complete reliability laboratory, monitor the product components and product reliability, ensure the quality of the products. Factory all adopt lead-free process, in line with the EU RoHS environmental protection standard and CE FCC.
Q1. Is the Frequency Adjustable?
A1. FM Radio Band Frequency is 87~108MHz, TV Band Frequency includes UHF/VHF band.
For FM Radio Transmitter; Power Below 2KW is all adjustable. Above 2KW would be narrow.
For TV Transmitter; all Frequency Band is very Narrow, only can contain around 3 Channels; so it’s not adjustable.
Q2. Is your Analog TV Transmitter can be upgraded to Digital?
A2. Yes, we can. But the Frequency Band should be the same.
The only difference between Analog & Digital TV Transmitter is its TV Modulator.
After upgrade to Digital, the Power from TV Transmitter reduced 5 times.
For example: 1KW analog TV Transmitter can be upgraded to 200W Digital TV Transmitter.
Q3. How to do installation of these equipments?
A3. For small power station, the equipments are very easy for installation.
For large power station, we can send our engineer to your country to help you do the installation, but you should pay the cost.
We also can do training for your engineer here in our company.
Q4. How to operate these broadcasting equipments?
A4. We provide All-English user manual; All-English operation software in our equipment.
We also can do training for your engineer here in our company.
Q5. What about after sales?
A5. The warranty time is one year after goods leaving factory.
We can provide technical support from internet or in our company.
We can send spare parts to you directly when the equipment damaged.TV Transmitter