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Characterics Copeland Hermetic compressor:
1. Energy efficient
The use of advanced technologies 鈥?jet boosting systems, efficient heat exchanger technology, efficient fan motors, and optimized hood design which makes the perating costs during cooling and heating are greatly reduced.
2. Performance rises under severe cold, safe and reliable
The jet-enhanced series realizes heating operation from -25 掳C to 29 掳C, and increases the heating capacity of the compressor under severe cold by jet blasting. The heating capacity at -10 掳C is improved by nearly 20%. "Strong heat and cold" era. When the outdoor temperature is very low, the heat exchange capacity of the outdoor unit is reduced, the return air volume of the normal return port of the compressor is reduced, and the power of the compressor is lowered, and the best effect cannot be exerted. However, the refrigerant gas is replenished through the intermediate pressure return air injection port, thereby increasing the displacement of the compressor, and the circulating refrigerant amount of the indoor unit heat exchanger heating is increased to increase the heating capacity. Therefore, it is more suitable for cold areas.
3. Control simple and powerful
Multiple hosts are combined into a variety of modules, and functions such as parameter setting and air conditioning status inquiry are realized through a computer to reduce the line cost and realize automatic management of the air conditioner, so that the control is simpler.
4. Health and environmental protection
The system does not need to change the power frequency when the system is running. The compressor is simply a mechanical movement of load and unloading. It does not cause interference electromagnetic waves to cause power pollution and radiation pollution, which affects the normal operation of other equipment and does not generate electromagnetic radiation to the human body. The high-order harmonics generated by the inverter air conditioner during the frequency conversion process are very harmful to the human body and the precision instruments. The environmentally friendly refrigerant R407c R407c is used to replace the R22 environmentally friendly refrigerant, which will not destroy the ozone layer and conform to international conventions. Montreal Protocol
5. Flexible and beautiful shape
On-demand heating is not restricted by the heating season. The cost is generated according to the actual heating situation, and the billing is reasonable. Direct use of central air conditioning system, no need to connect to the city pipe network or set up a boiler room, saving investment in other equipment. There is no need to increase the electrical capacity compared to an air conditioning system that uses an auxiliary electric heater. It is easy to install and integrates with the home decoration to create a comfortable and beautiful home and office environment.
Hermetic Refrigeration Compressor for Copeland will keep your refrigeration system runs well at all time, contact us for more information now.
ModelHPCondensing temperature. 掳CCooling capacity (W) R22Input power (W)
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