Discount Water Cooled Screw Chiller

A. Product overview銆€
Milk cooling water cooled screw chiller is suitable for the large milk processing plants, milk production needs rapid cooling water chiller to 2-4 鈩?preservation, milk, pasteurized milk production line, using pasteurization sterilization, milk cooling water cooled screw chiller
The entire cooling to keep milk at 4 鈩?and 10 鈩?refrigerated.Maximize the retention of nutrients in milk.
The milk with shorter shelf life is much for pasteurization method disinfection "homogeneous" milk, with this kind of method disinfection can make the nutrient composition in the milk obtains more ideal preservation, it is one of the most advanced milk disinfection methods in the world at present.
B. Product Parameter
Freezing capabilityKcal / KW113004 / 131.4
Power sourceV3鈭?380锝?80V- 50HZ锛?40V-60HZ锛孋an be customized锛?/p>
Motor ipuptKW46.4
Electric currentA82.3
RefrigerantKindR407C銆丷404A銆丷134A锛圕an be customized锛?/p>
Power of compressorKW46.4
Quantity of compressor
Cooling water flow rate m鲁/hm3/h40
Cooling water inlet and outlet pipe diameterMM65
Power of water pumpKW4
Refrigerated water flowm3/hr30
Diameter of freezing water pipeMM65
Overall dimensionL锛坢m锛?/p>2230
Weight of machinekg1000
C. Product description
Milk cooling water cooled screw chiller use temperature of 5 鈩?below zero to minus 10 鈩? can very good the milk temperature control quickly to 2-4 鈩? maintain the freshness of milk;Milk cooling water cooling screw chiller USES low-temperature ethylene glycol circulation to exchange heat with milk food heat exchanger indirectly, and the temperature will be better controlled.
Q: Is this milk cooled water cooled screw chiller water way stainless steel?
A: It is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which fully meets the requirements of food grade.Discount Water Cooled Screw Chiller